Hyaluronic acid Evalar: reviews of doctors and patients

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In the last decade, hyaluronic acid has become increasingly popular among women - it is used for a rejuvenating and firming effect, both in cosmetic salons and independently at home. Hyaluronic acid is a kind of biological substance that is naturally synthesized in human tissues - for example, there is a lot of salivary and articular fluid in the epidermis cells. However, many experts advise additionally taking such a drug as hyaluronic acid in tablets: why is this necessary and is it necessary at all?

Pros and Cons of Hyaluronic Acid Evalar

The Russian company Evalar began to produce preparations with hyaluronic acid recently. But the domestic product is not inferior in quality to more expensive foreign counterparts. The benefits of the drug from Evalar include:

  • increased concentration of hyaluronic acid,
  • the absence of impurities in the composition,
  • compliance with international GSP standards.

The pluses include the convenience of reception. The use of 1 capsule covers the daily need for hyaluronic acid.

But the remedy for Evalar also has drawbacks. All preparations containing hyaluronic acid are addictive. Upon receipt of this substance from the outside, the process of its production worsens. After you stop taking the signs of aging begin to manifest faster.

The disadvantages include a large number of contraindications to admission. When using hyaluronic acid, caution should be exercised. It is a powerful biostimulator, which increases the risk of developing autoimmune or exacerbation of chronic diseases.

Brief instructions for hyaluronic acid tablets

The successful addition of hyaluronic acid to facial skin care products dates back to the last century. At the same time, studies of this substance are still ongoing, as scientists are sure: at the moment, not all useful properties of hyaluronic acid tablets have been established.

Today, experts highlight such positive abilities of the drug:

  • hyaluronic acid forms an invisible protective shell on the surface of the skin, which does not allow external factors to exert their negative effect,
  • "Hyaluron" does not allow the necessary amount of moisture to leave skin tissue,
  • hyaluronic acid improves the structure of tissues in the area of ​​wrinkles and folds, which makes them less noticeable,
  • thanks to hyaluronic acid, dryness and peeling are eliminated, the softness and tenderness of the surface layers are restored,
  • despite age-related changes, with regular use of hyaluronic acid, it is possible to restore skin elasticity and radiance,
  • Hyaluronic acid helps the rapid healing of small cracks, wounds, scars, and also quickly relieves acne.

But we can not ignore that hyaluronic acid is a chemical substance that can bring not only benefits, but also harm to the body. Here are the harmful properties of the drug:

  • may cause allergies
  • can cause tissue swelling,
  • may cause redness of the skin,
  • continuous use can cause the effect of "addiction."


Why is this needed?

As can be seen from the reviews of doctors about the composition, hyaluronic acid in tablets is not able to work miracles, but it positively affects the appearance of the person taking it. Both manufacturers, doctors and buyers agree that the use of tablets solves the problem of dry skin and slows down the formation of wrinkles.

Often, such age-related changes become the cause of depressive disorders, and the use of beauty-supporting drugs helps prevent unpleasant conditions. As noted in the reviews of doctors about the use of hyaluronic acid in tablets, the remedy allows you to eliminate the feeling of inferiority among clients of cosmetic surgeries.

Advantages and disadvantages of acid tablets

In the recent past, cosmetologists used the so-called “beauty injections” with hyaluronic acid to maintain skin tone. They gave a good result, but they gave customers unpleasant, painful sensations and discomfort.

The injection was replaced by hyaluronic acid in tablets (reviews of this form of the drug are more positive), which is a painless and more convenient to use tool. A positive point is that if injections act locally on a specific area of ​​the skin, then the tablets have a rejuvenating and healing effect of the whole body.

The condition of the dermis improves, crunching in the knee and other joints gradually disappears, problems with the spine fade into the background, where there is a thinning of the interdiscal cartilage, vision improves, hair roots are strengthened, curls acquire a natural shine.

The only thing inferior to the injection pills is the time to obtain a visible effect. The drug in ampoules acts immediately, and tangible results after taking the tablets will be visible in 2.5-3 months: first, the body is restored from the inside, and then the appearance of the skin, hair, and nails only improves.

The composition of hyaluronic acid Evalar

According to the instructions for the capsules of hyaluronic acid Evalar, each of them contains 150 mg of the active substance. The composition includes low molecular weight and high molecular weight compounds in a combination selected in accordance with the bio-formula. They are obtained by removing nucleotides, proteins, lipids from the molecules of hyaluronic acid. This allows you to reduce the size of the molecules while maintaining their water-holding properties.

The amount of active substances contained covers 300% of the daily requirement for hyaluronic acid. But it does not exceed the permissible level of consumption.

No extraneous chemical or synthetic substances are added to the composition. The carrier for hyaluronic acid in the preparation is cellulose. The daily dose of the active substance is contained in 1 capsule in the form of a powder. Silicon dioxide and magnesium stearate are present in the shell. They are needed so that the structure of the capsules does not change, it does not cake, and quickly dissolves under the action of gastric juice.

Safe and reliable

As can be seen from medical statistics, the problems of rejuvenation recently concern a rather large percentage of the fair sex, especially if the age is average or older. Stereotypes that condemned maintaining oneself in impeccable form are gone; every lady wants to be beautiful, young, radiant.

However, you do not need to immediately resort to the most cardinal form support measures - surgical interventions. According to doctors, the hyaluronic acid in Libriderm tablets (or another reliable brand) will initially give an excellent lifting effect. Even those ladies who have already almost decided on surgery, note significant positive changes in appearance, which makes drastic measures unnecessary.

The mechanism of action of drugs

Hyaluronic acid is a drug whose action is aimed at restoring water balance at the cellular level, to replenish joint lubrication, rejuvenate both the skin and the entire body.

This substance is divided into a low molecular weight variety, medium molecular weight and high molecular weight. All of them have different degrees of assimilation and their area of ​​action.

A substance with a low molecular weight index acts on tissues with trophic ulcers, fights inflammation, regenerates tissues after burns, with a medium molecular weight it slows down cell division and localizes cell migration, with high molecular weight it activates processes at the cell level, starting the deep rejuvenation process.

Each particle of this dietary supplement is associated with the right amount of fluid and delays its removal from the body, thereby contributing to skin hydration and tissue regeneration, collagen and elastin contained in the substance also act as assistants. THyaluron also restores the quantity and quality of lubrication in the joints, restoring them and eliminating unpleasant sensations.

"Evalar" hyaluronic acid: reviews and the real effect of the drug

What is Evalar hyaluronic acid, what reviews are there, does the drug really help? Such questions were probably asked by many ladies who heard about the existence of such a tool. In the modern world, procedures with hyaluronic acid for the skin have a very good reputation, since they help prolong youth and beauty.

Relatively recently, scientists have stepped even further by developing a drug with hyaluron for oral administration. To date, the most popular tablet version of hyaluronic acid is considered a product from the company "Evalar".

The manufacturer promises an amazing effect after applying the product. But is that true? Is a tablet of eternal youth invented? From our material you can learn in detail about all the nuances of the use of hyaluronic acid "Evalar", reviews about it.

Hyaluronic acid - what is it?

This polysaccharide compound was isolated and described back in the 30s of the last century. It is in the cells of the skin, joints, eyes and other body tissues. Helps retain water at the cellular level, prevents skin aging, maintains the elasticity of the dermis by activating the production of collagen and elastin. It is also important for the normal functioning of joints, organs of vision.

Over the years, the natural production of hyaluron decreases, which manifests itself in the form of the first signs of aging. Doctors recommend after 25-30 years to pay attention to the diet in order to get the elements necessary for its synthesis with nutrition. An alternative way to maintain balance was the use of HA through cosmetic procedures locally or internally.

Indications for use

Hyaluronic acid It is indicated for use with symptoms such as:
- dry, atonic and aging skin
- "tightening", smoothing small wrinkles and their prevention
- restoration of the skin's natural state (tone, elasticity, moisture) after peeling, resurfacing, mesotherapy and other procedures in dermatocosmetology
- vitreous destruction
- complex treatment of retinal dystrophy (after laser coagulation and without it)
- prevention of complications after plastic and eye surgeries (infections, adhesions, scars)
- dry eye syndrome
- complex therapy of ulcers, burns and other injuries of the cornea
- wearing contact lenses
- complex treatment of degenerative and inflammatory diseases of the joints and spine
- prevention of the development of age-related deformations of the musculoskeletal system

What is the benefits of hyaluronic acid Evalar

With regular use of drugs with hyaluronic acid, the general condition of the body improves. Beauticians say that their use contributes to:

  • the formation of an invisible protective film on the surface of the skin, due to which the negative impact of aggressive external factors is reduced,
  • improving the structure of tissues in areas where wrinkles, folds appear,
  • moisture retention in the dermis,
  • eliminate excessive dryness of the skin,
  • healing of scars, cracks,
  • reduce acne, rash.

Women note that the feeling of dryness, tightness decreases, the skin ceases to peel off, it becomes more tender and soft. Hyaluronic acid entering the body contributes to the natural hydration of the skin. It fills the intercellular space with collagen fibers. Due to this, the skin frame is formed, the contour of the face shape is maintained.

Low molecular weight compounds of hyaluronic acid from Evalar are intended for the face. They increase the elasticity of the skin, moisturize it. Hyaluronic fibers fill the intercellular space, smooth small wrinkles. High molecular weight compounds are needed to maintain mobility and flexibility of the joints, increase the amount of synovial fluid.

Hyaluronic acid is an important component of cartilage and intraarticular fluid, with its lack of friction increases, the joints are gradually deformed.

The use of drugs that contain hyaluronate allows you to comprehensively deal with age-related changes. Regular intake has a beneficial effect on the state of the dermis, hair, joints, organs of the cardiovascular system. Some people note an improvement in vision - this is achieved by restoring the vitreous volume.

How to take hyaluronic acid

It is recommended to take a drug based on hyaluronic acid in the evening for better absorption. Reception is preferably carried out on an empty stomach or 2 hours after a meal. The tablet should be washed down with water.It is not recommended to use the product before going to bed, as swelling may occur on the face. To increase the effectiveness of hyaluronic acid, it is advisable to use it in combination with vitamin C.

How it all began

The first reviews of doctors about hyaluronic acid in tablets were formulated by the Japanese: it was in the Land of the Rising Sun that such drugs for rejuvenation appeared. Power was a pioneer not only in such a method of keeping fit: from Japan cocktails, ampoules, and collagen drinks came to us. Many people are surprised at how old Japanese women look good - up to 60 years, most of them cannot be given more than 30, and mothers are often confused with children, sometimes mother and daughter are called sisters. Enviously? And how!

According to doctors, hyaluronic acid in tablets, injections, masks has become a literal breakthrough in cosmetology. The first developments involved the subcutaneous administration of a substance - not the most pleasant manipulation, what is there to hide, and there were quite a lot of contraindications. But hyaluronic acid in tablets is available today. Doctors' reviews confirm: with a sufficiently high efficiency, the option is preferable to injections. In addition, it is painless, not associated with unpleasant impressions. On the other hand, although there are many positive reviews of doctors about hyaluronic acid in tablets, the general public, accustomed to dubious offers among products for rejuvenation and dietary supplements, is not ready to immediately trust the opinions expressed.

When to drink pills

The human body is able to independently synthesize hyaluronic acid, but its production decreases with age, which entails a number of problems. The use of drugs with this component becomes relevant as a prevention after 35-40 years, as well as after operations or when signs of a lack of hyaluronic acid in the body occur:

  1. Dehydration of the skin, manifested by their dryness and loss of elasticity and thinning.
  2. Slow recovery of skin cells, connective tissue.
  3. The appearance of sagging skin and wrinkles on the face.
  4. Fragility, hair loss, their fading and lifeless appearance.
  5. A predisposition to complication after eye surgery.
  6. Symptoms of the destruction of the vitreous body.
  7. Predisposition to cataracts of the eye.
  8. The threat of loss of vision or lower percent vigilance.
  9. The occurrence of problems with the joints and spine due to a decrease in lubrication and the destruction or thinning of the cartilage surface.

If you have one or more symptoms, you need to consult with the appropriate specialists - therapist, cosmetologist, ophthalmologist, surgeon - and determine the duration of the course.

What is the drug?

Capsules are one of the forms in which hyaluron can enter the human body from the outside. Unlike the usual liquid options designed for injection and hardware procedures, oral tablets are a relative novelty, especially for our region.

In countries with a higher level of development of medicine and cosmetology, the administration of tablets or capsules with hyaluronic acid has long been part of a set of procedures aimed at preserving the health and beauty of the skin, hair, as well as vision, and the functionality of the cardiovascular system and joints.

One of the first domestic companies to introduce an anti-aging product for oral administration was the country's largest pharmaceutical company for the production of dietary supplements Evalar.

It is this brand that most often appears in reviews of the fair sex, carefully monitoring their health and appearance and recommending capsules as a complement and even an alternative to hardware cosmetology.

Advantages and disadvantages of hyaluronic acid in capsules

Several years ago, injections with hyaluronic acid were the most popular procedure in a beauty salon. The patients were happy with the good result, but the procedure itself caused pain and discomfort. Now women can choose between injections and hyaluronic acid in tablets. According to reviews on the forums, this form of the drug is more convenient to use and is not accompanied by unpleasant sensations. The advantage of tablets is also considered to be that they have a healing and rejuvenating effect on the entire body, and not locally on the problem area of ​​the skin, as in the case of injection.

The use of hyaluronic acid is useful for crunching in joints and diseases of the spine, when there is a thinning of interdiscal cartilage. It also improves the condition of the skin, strengthens the hair and gives it a natural shine, normalizes visual function and protects the cardiovascular system.

The disadvantage of hyaluronic acid in capsules is the time to obtain the desired result. The action of the drug in ampoules occurs immediately, and the visible effect of taking the pills occurs after 2-3 months. In the first weeks of intake, the body recovers from the inside, then the appearance of hair, nails and skin begins to improve.


As can be seen from the reviews of doctors, hyaluronic acid in tablets is preferable to injections, since the substance is evenly distributed throughout the human body. This reduces the risk of adverse reactions. Many people know from their experience that injections can trigger an overdose. Subject to the instructions for use, hyaluronic acid in tablets (doctors' reviews confirm this) does not provoke such an effect. But, of course, everything should be in moderation. An excess of substance will not only not delay old age, but will only worsen the condition of the body.

What forms are produced

Hyaluronic acid has long been used in cosmetology to achieve a rejuvenating and restorative effect. For such manipulations, HA is used in the form of capsules, liquid, injection gel, powders. Hyaluron is also added as an ingredient to makeup cosmetics: various creams, masks, serums, lotions.

Not so long ago, a new form of release appeared - tablets for oral administration. This form of release is becoming increasingly popular among consumers, as it acts internally on the whole body, and not locally. The most popular company for the production of tableted HA in the domestic market was Evalar.

The tablets contain artificially produced hyaluronic acid in Swiss laboratories. A feature of this brand is a complex of high molecular weight and low molecular weight hyaluron, each of which is absorbed in different parts of the digestive system. Part penetrates into the blood even in the stomach, and the other part is absorbed only in the intestine. Such a gradual absorption of the drug brings it closer to the natural synthesis in the body.

Evalar tablets (in each 150 mg of HA) are taken one per day, for at least a month. To achieve the best effect, a prescription is usually prescribed for up to two months.

The principle of action of tablets

For the body, hyaluronic acid is a kind of molecular sponge that allows you to retain moisture in the cells, as well as contributes to the production of collagen and elastin, thanks to which tissues and skin have elasticity and elasticity.

But with age, the level of this vital substance is becoming lower, which affects the appearance and well-being of a person.

Many experts believe that in order to fill the hyaluron deficiency, it is necessary to monitor the diet and take supplements with its content in a timely manner. According to Japanese scientists, artificially enlarged molecules of the substance become more stable and well absorbed by the body.

It is to compensate for the deficiency of hyaluronate capsules developed by Evalar. The manufacturer indicates that although the acid in the tablet form has the same formula as in liquid form, it works differently: unlike injectable drugs with a local effect, tablets act in a complex way, that is, on the whole body at once.

In the instructions for use, it is noted that taking this drug will affect the body in approximately the following way:

  • the necessary level is restored, as well as the quality of the lubricant in the joints, due to which the crunch gradually disappears in them,
  • the balance in the soft tissues and skin is normalized,
  • vision improves (by the way, hyaluronic acid was first found in the vitreous body of the eyeball in 1934),
  • the production of collagen and elastin fibers resumes, they are fixed in the necessary zones.

Is this true, it is worth sorting out. So far, one thing is clear that a quick cosmetic effect is not worth the wait.

And the manufacturer, in turn, claims that this approach to rejuvenation guarantees the body not only external, but also internal health. Visible results will become noticeable after about 3 to 4 months from the start of taking the pills.

Contraindications for use

Reviews of experts warn that hyaluronic acid in tablets is a dietary supplement of a wide spectrum of action. This provides, on the one hand, a comprehensive treatment, but, on the other hand, it can cause a number of contraindications.

Doctors do not recommend taking a dietary supplement during pregnancy and lactation, partly so as not to disturb the already unstable hormonal background of a woman, partly because systematic serious studies have not yet been conducted on the positive or negative effects of hyaluronic acid on the well-being of the fetus or child .

Pediatricians do not advise giving the indicated dietary supplement to children under the age of 18.

A certain category of patients has individual intolerance and experiences allergic reactions to the components of the drug, therefore it is recommended to seek professional advice.

It is not recommended to use dietary supplements for various chronic diseases in the acute stage, for autoimmune diseases, problems with blood coagulation (high and low).

Due to the fact that when taking this food supplement, it is recommended to consume a lot of fluids, you need to know that in the presence of diseases associated with the heart and kidneys, an increase in water intake can be harmful.

How to take Evalar hyaluronic acid

Adults are advised to take Hyaluronic Acid Supplement from Evalar daily 1 capsule while eating. For the appearance of the results of therapy, you should drink the drug for at least 1 month. The manufacturer does not indicate restrictions on the maximum duration of admission, but cosmetologists say that you need to take breaks.

When undergoing treatment, it is important to observe the drinking regimen. The body should receive at least 1.5-3 liters of water daily.

Some women dilute the contents of the capsule with water until a sour cream is obtained and apply the mixture to problem areas of the skin. So it is hydrated inside and out.

Where and where is it done?

The most famous manufacturers are Japanese and French, American companies. If products from an Asian power are very expensive, and French are represented by a small assortment, then goods from the USA in our market are a rather wide choice. According to doctors, hyaluronic acid tablets "Solgar" is a good option for people who want to stay longer youth, health and beauty. However, do not forget about domestic companies. In our country, there is also a well-established company - Evalar. Testimonials of doctors about hyaluronic acid in tablets confirm that the products of this company are not inferior to many foreign competitors, but the price is much more affordable.

The action and benefits of the tablet form

HA pills are taken to overcome the lack of a substance in the body. Tableted hyaluron has the same molecular structure as the liquid form, but acts somewhat differently. The effect of taking the pills extends to the whole organism, and not only in places where anti-aging procedures with hyaluron are performed. The manufacturer highlights the following advantages of the tablet form:

  • the body’s hydrobalance is restored - in all cells and tissues,
  • anti-aging effect for the whole body,
  • collagen synthesis in skin cells increases,
  • improves lubricating fluid in joints that stop “crunching” when moving,
  • visual acuity increases
  • taking capsules is simple, does not cause discomfort - tablets without taste or smell.

Important: Hyaluronic acid from Evalar is not a medical medicine, but a dietary supplement (BAA), so it does not lend itself to rigorous quality checks, like conventional medicines.

To achieve a noticeable anti-aging effect, it takes a long time to take pills. But numerous reviews indicate that a positive result is worth it.

Hyaluronic Acid Tablets

The pharmaceutical market has a wide selection of drugs with hyaluronic acid. In addition, each medication has its own composition and varies in price.

When choosing a dietary supplement, it is necessary to take into account the amount of element in the preparation:

  • tablets of 150 mg or more - contain an increased amount of hyaluronic acid (there are no additional substances other than auxiliary),
  • 120 mg - tablets, where ascorbic acid is added to the main ingredient (for some it may be an allergen), as well as other components, for example, vitamins E, B5, beta-carotene,
  • smaller forms can most likely be attributed to vitamin-mineral complexes containing hyaluron.

Precautionary measures

Before you start taking dietary supplements, you need to make sure that there are no contraindications. When using capsules, it is important to monitor health: if side effects occur, the course will have to be stopped.

Doctors recommend taking hyaluronic acid not constantly, but in courses lasting 1-2 months. 2-3 courses are enough per year. Otherwise, there is a risk of addiction: if it occurs, the body will cease to independently produce this substance. In such a situation, when you stop taking drugs with hyaluronate, the condition immediately worsens.

What's inside?

In a classic filling, the preparation contains:

  • vitamin complexes (A, B, C, E),
  • hyaluronic acid
  • additional substances.

As can be seen from the reviews of doctors, hyaluronic acid in tablets (Solgar, Evalar, Libriderm and other manufacturers) consists of only 15% of the actual acid, and sometimes the proportion of this component is even less. Nevertheless, this is enough to have a positive effect when using capsules according to the instructions for use.

As auxiliary substances, waxes, oils, collagen and extracts of natural origin, useful for human health, beauty, are usually used. Thanks to the rich vitamin complex, the intake of dietary supplements helps to strengthen the body's natural defenses and eliminate free radicals. According to doctors, hyaluronic acid in tablets from Evalar, Solgar, Libriderm and other reliable manufacturers not only helps to maintain youthfulness and beauty for a long time, but also positively affects the state of the body as a whole.

Advantages of Evalar Hyaluronic Acid

Today, Evalar is considered quite popular. Why is this happening? The popularity of the product of this company due to several reasons:

  • each capsule contains the maximum possible amount of hyaluron - 150 mg, as in similar Swiss-made preparations,
  • a combination of low molecular weight and high molecular weight acids is used, which provides deeper hydration of tissues and skin,
  • product quality guaranteed by GMP standard,
  • the cost of the drug is half that of foreign analogues,
  • tablets should be taken only 1 time per day.

Tableted hyaluronic acid is not a medicine and, accordingly, does not pass a rigorous quality check, as is the case with medicines.

Therefore, when buying "Evalar" capsules, it is necessary to verify the information about the manufacturer: the registration data and address, as well as the method by which the active substance was obtained, must be indicated on the package.

Hyaluronic Acid Procedures

In cosmetology based on hyaluronic acid, the following procedures are performed:

    Biorevitalization. Designed to moisturize the dermis and improve its condition. The positive effect of the procedure lasts up to 4 months, while hyaluronic acid is stored in the skin for up to 14 days. Women note that dryness and sagging are noticeably reduced, the complexion becomes even, skin tone is restored. Biorevitalization is indicated for young women to prevent the formation of wrinkles and moisturize the dermis and older women with the aim of enriching the skin with useful substances, eliminating sagging and wrinkles.

Facial biorevitalization moisturizes the dermis and improves its condition

  • Mesotherapy Saves from wrinkles, cellulite, age spots, nourishes and moisturizes the skin. She is also prescribed for acne and hair problems. The procedure is effective not only in cosmetology, but also for the treatment of diseases of the back and joints, muscle discomfort. The effect of mesotherapy lasts for 6-10 months. A course of procedures for gallstone disease, kidney disease, and pregnancy is contraindicated. In some cases, mesotherapy can cause bruising, redness, and even bruising.
  • Bioreparation. One of the modern injection methods for skin rejuvenation. During the procedure, the doctor introduces biosynthesized hyaluronic acid preparations in combination with amino acids and vitamins into the skin. They start the skin’s regeneration process, tighten it, improve color and promote resorption of scars. Bioreparation is recommended for women after 35-40 years. It is shown to owners of dry and dehydrated skin, with scars, wrinkles, acne and rosacea. The procedure is prohibited during pregnancy, in the presence of autoimmune disorders, oncology, high body temperature, skin infections and colds. The duration of preservation of hyaluronic acid in the skin after bioreparation is up to 20 days, the effect is 6 months.
  • Contour plastic. It consists in filling in wrinkles and increasing the volume of the treated area. The procedure is prescribed for wrinkles and atrophic scars, for the correction of the nasal bridge and an increase in the volume of the lips. The composition of the drug penetrates directly into the problem area to a considerable depth. At the injection site, hyaluronic acid lasts up to 14 days, the result from the procedure is up to a year.
  • Note!After injections of hyaluronic acid, every second patient complains of temporary side effects. These include bruising, swelling, and a change in skin sensitivity. Such symptoms can last up to 3 days, then pass on their own.

    In rare cases, more serious complications arise, for example fibrosis. Gradually, it can grow and capture vast areas of soft tissues, changing the person’s appearance for the worse.

    The whole truth about the magic "hyaluron"

    In recent years, the use of hyaluronic acid for cosmetic purposes has gained widespread character. Many women are ready for any procedure in pursuit of beauty, often exaggerating their need and neglecting the possible consequences. As a result, we are increasingly seeing "terribly beautiful" women with unnatural facial features and cosmetology clinics, enriched by such clients.

    The so-called “beauty injections” are especially popular today. These are injections of certain compounds in various areas for smoothing wrinkles, increasing volumes, correcting the shape, etc. Most often, in such procedures, it is hyaluronic acid or complexes with it that are used.

    Intrusive advertising from all sides leads to the fact that among those who want to try this procedure an increasing percentage are young girls aged 20-25. Although, by and large, at this age there is still no particular indication for the use of hyaluron in any form. After all, the main purpose of its use is considered to be the fight against signs of aging and facial wrinkles. Such changes may require correction after 30 or even 40 years.

    So it turns out that often GK is not always used for its intended purpose and where it is not needed. And it is also worth considering the fact that the effect of this substance produced synthetically on the body is not fully understood.

    From taking the tablet form, women often expect too quick and overt effects. But you need to understand that this is not a magic pill, but only an adjuvant. Therefore, the visible effect can occur only after 2-3 months of constant use.


    The Russian manufacturer of drugs Libriderm offers consumers its version of anti-aging hyaluronids in tablets (Librederm Hyaluronic Ac />

    Additional components for the body are vitamin C (for better absorption of the drug itself), potassium glucosamine sulfate (responsible for increasing immunity and slowing age-related changes), sorbitol (positively affects intestinal motility).

    The drug contains three types of hyaluronic acid - high molecular weight, medium molecular weight and low molecular weight, which allows this tool to work in different directions (in connective tissue, cells, dermis, joint bags, bones).

    The package consists of 30 tablets of 120 mg each - this amount is enough for a monthly course. The expected effect is an increase in skin tone and hydration, an improvement in the condition of the hair, and a slowdown in the aging process.

    It is used once a day during meals with plenty of water due to the fact that when there is a lack of fluid, hyaluron will draw it out of the body itself, provoking progressive dehydration.

    According to reviews, the prices of hyaluronic acid in tablets from Libriderm are very affordable compared to foreign counterparts - about 900-1160 rubles per course.

    How to take the drug?

    30 capsules are packed in a box, that is, it will be enough for a month - this is the minimum course of taking hyaluronic acid inside, after which, according to the manufacturer's promises, there will be improvements in the condition of the joint tissue.

    To achieve the effect of rejuvenation, the period of use of the drug, as a rule, requires an extension (at least up to 2 months).

    An adult should take 1 capsule once a day with meals, washed down with water.

    Often, the manufacturer recommends not to swallow, but to dissolve the tablets so that the hyaluron molecules bind to saliva. The viscous mass obtained during resorption is less susceptible to processing by gastric juice, in connection with which more of the necessary substance will be delivered as directed.

    Other features of the reception:

    1. Vitamin C promotes the absorption of the drug. Therefore, it is worthwhile to take them in parallel (it is not recommended to drink capsules with freshly squeezed juice).
    2. It is necessary to follow the drinking regimen and drink about 3 liters of fluid per day, mainly pure drinking water. Neglect of this rule will adversely affect the condition of the skin.
    3. At the end of the course of administration, it is important to take a break so that the body does not get used to outside help and continues to independently produce natural hyaluronic acid.
    4. Hyaluron has the property of gradually accumulating in the body, so it will act for a long time.

    How to apply?

    Each manufacturer attaches to the product instructions, which describes the use of their product. Mostly tablets are intended for daily intake twice or thrice. As can be seen from the reviews on the World Wide Web, after a couple of weeks from the beginning of the course, the appearance becomes better, the skin acquires radiance, and immunity is enhanced.

    Top 5 Hyaluronic Acid Tablets

    In the pharmacy you can buy domestic and foreign drugs based on hyaluronic acid. The most effective include:

      Laura. Means of the Russian company Evalar. Contains natural estrogens, peptides and panthenol. It has an antioxidant effect thanks to vitamins E and F. The drug improves metabolism, has a beneficial effect on the circulation of oxygen in the body and the condition of the skin, and is involved in the synthesis of collagen. The price of tablets is 410-1020 rubles.

    Laura - a domestic drug based on hyaluronic acid, has an antioxidant effect, improves skin condition

    Solgar. In addition to hyaluronic acid, the composition of the drug includes vitamin C, which contributes to the synthesis of collagen. The drug also contains chondroitin, which helps retain water in the cells. Its price is 2000-2300 rubles. Country of origin - USA.

    Solgar's Hyaluronic Acid is manufactured in the USA; Vitamin C is also included.

    Doppelherz Lifting Complex. German preparation containing vitamins C and E, pantheonic acid and beta-carotene. It has an anti-inflammatory effect and accelerates the skin repair process. In addition, the composition of the drug includes biotin, a positive effect on the metabolism of lipoid acids, and selenium, which is involved in the formation of antibodies. The price of the complex varies between 550-900 rubles.

    Doppelherz Lifting Complex - a German drug, has anti-inflammatory effect, improves skin condition

    Doctor’sBest. American drug, which includes hyaluronic acid and glucosamine. They relieve the inflammatory process and have a chondroprotective effect. With systemic administration, regeneration of articular cartilage occurs, pain syndrome decreases and quality of life improves. Patients note a positive effect of the tablets during the first week from the start of the administration. The price of the drug is 1000-1200 rubles.

    Doctor’sBest - an American drug that has anti-inflammatory and chondroprotective effects

    KWC. It has an immunomodulatory and anti-aging effect. In addition to hyaluronic acid, it contains biotin. The drug normalizes the water balance of the skin and improves its appearance. The price of capsules is 4200-4400 rubles. Country of origin - Japan.

    KWC - Japan-made hyaluronic acid, has anti-aging effects


    Overdose Hyaluronic acid possible with individual intolerance, which can occur on one of the active or additional components of the drug itself.
    The harm from an overdose of hyaluronic acid in tablets is very slight in comparison with ointments, ampoules and injections, which are administered subcutaneously. Hyaluronic acid in tablet form is evenly distributed throughout the body and does not lead to complications, in contrast to problems associated with injections: overdose, local exposure.

    Contraindications and side effects

    Before taking preparations containing hyaluronic acid, you should familiarize yourself with possible contraindications. It is not recommended to take capsules and tablets with this substance in such cases:

    • pregnancy and breastfeeding,
    • established intolerance of components,
    • increased blood coagulation
    • digestive disorders, in which nutrients are not absorbed from the digestive tract.

    People prone to allergies should be careful and closely monitor the condition. With the development of a hypersensitivity reaction, capsule administration should be discontinued.

    When planning to take Evalar hyaluronic acid for joints and skin, you need to familiarize yourself with the list of possible side effects. Most often, such complications arise:

    • itching, redness of the skin,
    • swelling
    • insomnia,
    • weight jumps
    • muscle and joint pain
    • dry mouth, nose, and eyes
    • white spots on the skin
    • fatigue increase
    • violation of thermoregulation.


    A dietary supplement with hyaluronic acid - Solgar - in America, where it is manufactured, is considered a premium product, since the quality and technology of its production have been improved for over 60 years.

    The manufacturing company itself promises its customers that they will feel the effect of taking the pills already in the 3rd week - dry skin will decrease, bruises under the eyes will disappear, stiff joints will begin to pass.

    The drug is also valued for its lack of preservatives, GMOs and gluten.

    In principle, the composition of these funds is not much different from our domestic counterparts, it can only be supplemented with chondroitin sulfate, which makes a certain emphasis on problems with joint mobility and pain in them, as well as on the rejuvenation of ligament tissue and cartilage.

    The course of treatment is designed for 30 days and, accordingly, 1 package contains 30 tablets of 120 mg, which are taken 1 time per day with food.

    Solgar preparations can be purchased in the Russian Federation at a cost of about 2000 rubles, if you use the services of online pharmacies, you can find a product at a lower price.

    Beginner Mistakes

    In order not to be disappointed in the tablet preparation and get the desired result, you should familiarize yourself with the important rules and tips that will help you avoid the most common mistakes:

    1. Insufficient period of use. It is recommended to drink 1 tablet per day, packaging (30 tablets) is enough for 30 days, but this is a short time, which will not give a tangible result. The manufacturer suggests taking about 2 months, in some cases the course may be extended.
    2. Incorrect use. Many do not know that vitamin C is needed for better absorption of hyaluron by the body. Therefore, it must be consumed in parallel with tablets. In addition, it is necessary to reduce the time spent in the open sun, since ultraviolet radiation adversely affects HA molecules.
    3. Disturbed drinking regime. During the course, you need to drink up to 3 liters of liquid per day, ideally ordinary water without gas.
    4. An additional extension of the pill will lead to the opposite result. The instructions say that after completing the intake, you need to take breaks. In the opposite case, due to the constant intake of substances from the outside, the natural formation of hyaluronic acid molecules in the body ceases. Hyaluron accumulates in the tissues and after completion of administration begins to be consumed. But after some time, these reserves are running out, new ones are not being produced, so there is an acute deficiency of HA, which immediately manifests itself on the skin condition.
    5. Dosage increase. This technique will not give the best results, but it can provoke unforeseen consequences. Therefore, such a risk is not justified: it is better to follow the instructions and the recommended dosage.

    Application Results

    Regular intake of Evalar hyaluronic acid capsules helps to achieve the desired result, which implies:

    • improvement of joints
    • restoration of damaged tissues,
    • vision improvement
    • reducing the influence of the age factor: strengthening the contours of the face, reducing the number of wrinkles on it, as well as their depth,
    • noticeable rejuvenation of the whole body.

    This is the promised effect from the manufacturer. But as reviews of people and doctors show, often the use of such drugs is meaningless.

    Promised Result

    Mostly manufacturers of such tablets in the instructions mention the following effect of regular use:

    • uniform skin tone
    • improvement of joint tissue
    • moisturizing the skin,
    • wrinkle smoothing (not earlier than two months after the start of regular intake),
    • peeling prevention
    • lack of burning, swelling,
    • a positive effect on the gums, oral mucosa.

    According to experts, the pills are safe, because they can not cause infection, which is possible when applying for injections in a clinic that provides poor quality services. In addition, the use of the drug orally does not interfere with daily life, there are no side effects for the appearance, no one will even guess about the therapy undergoing.


    After reading the instructions and reviews on Evalar hyaluronic acid, each person can independently decide whether to purchase this drug. It helps to improve the condition of the skin, saturate it with moisture and increase elasticity. A positive effect on the condition of the joints. High-molecular compounds restore cartilage, increase the amount of intraarticular fluid, and low-molecular compounds improve appearance. But the effect of the drug Evalar does not appear immediately, so that the changes become noticeable, the necessary amount of hyaluronic acid must accumulate in the body.

    Contraindications and possible consequences

    Hyaluronic acid from Evalar, like any other biologically active substance, has its contraindications:

    • pregnancy:
    • lactation period
    • clotting problems
    • allergy to the components of the product,
    • autoimmune diseases
    • oncology,
    • diabetes,
    • inflammatory processes, infections,
    • reception with incompatible drugs.

    It is not recommended to drink tablets before bedtime, as there is a risk of edema.

    Given the above, it is advisable to consult with your doctor about the possible risks before starting the course. It is worth noting that the effect of tablets worsens in combination with alcohol. It is also not advisable to start the course after hardware peeling (you need to wait about 30 days).

    No cases of overdose and side effects have been identified. The only consequence may be a violation of the synthesis of hyaluronic acid molecules in the body due to prolonged use. As a result, addiction to the tablets is observed, since the completion of the administration leads to dryness, sagging and depletion of the skin.

    Tablets with HA from Evalar have been perceived by many consumers as a panacea for beauty, smooth and supple skin. Indeed, this substance is necessary for humans, it is involved in the regulation of hydrobalance, and this is the key to the normal functioning of all organ systems. Hyaluron deficiency stimulates the natural aging processes that become noticeable on the skin. Taking tablets with hyaluronic acid helps to retain water in the cells, maintain skin elasticity, and delays the appearance of wrinkles on the face.

    But do not place too high hopes on the drug. In any case, age will make itself felt, and no pills and procedures can completely stop this process. A full rest, a positive attitude, a healthy diet and limitation of addictions will be much more successful, and the effect will certainly affect your appearance.

    Laura from Evalar

    Quite popular is the Laura kit from Evalar (tablets and cream). Anti-aging pills, according to cosmetologists and consumers themselves, give an effect after 1-1.5 months of use (skin elasticity increases, wrinkles decrease, complexion becomes fresh).

    They contain additional components of wild yam (which includes phytoestrogens, similar in nature to hormones that affect female sexual functions) and vitamins E and C (as antioxidants), contribute to the production of elastin, as well as collagen.

    Using the cream included in the “Laura” kit allows the skin to begin to recover somewhat earlier than when taking only tablets.

    Laura tablets (36 pcs. In a package) contain 1.2 g of substance, they are used for 1-1.5 months once a day during meals. The negative side when taking dietary supplements is the large size of the tablets themselves, so it is difficult to swallow them for those who do not want to dissolve them.

    The average price of one course is approximately 400-450 rubles.

    When to use?

    According to the manufacturer, tablets are recommended, if necessary, warnings:

    • joint diseases
    • inflammatory processes
    • postoperative complications
    • vitreous destruction
    • imbalance of the skin,
    • corneal lesions
    • dryness of the epidermis,
    • dry eye syndrome
    • age-related negative changes.

    Hyaluronic acid is recommended for use as a cosmetic product during various manipulations - grinding, peeling and others, since it increases their effectiveness.


    On the Internet, you can find different reviews about the drug. Some women report a clear positive effect, others are disappointed in the pills because they did not see any result. Note that there are still more positive opinions. Consider a few more reviews taken by tablets and specialists.

    Irina, 42 years old:

    Capsules "Evalar" was recommended to me by my beautician when I underwent rejuvenation procedures and made injections. I can not say with confidence about the obvious effect of the tablets, after all, the procedures were carried out in parallel. The skin really in the end became smoother and tighter, peeling disappeared, a healthy color appeared. I note a noticeable effect on the joints: for many years, there was a crunch in the knees when squats. After 2 months of pills, he almost disappeared. Now I took a break in the appointment on the advice of a doctor, after some time I plan to continue the course without cosmetic procedures. I want to check the clean result on the skin.

    Olga, 37 years old:

    On the advice of a friend, she decided to purchase tablets with hyaluronic acid. I always had dry skin, so I hoped for the promised results. In addition, the price of a course of tablets is much more affordable than injections and other procedures in salons. After 2 months, I noticed a positive trend, the skin on my face became more even and fresh, small wrinkles and a nasolabial fold became less noticeable. As a result, I have been taking capsules with interruptions of 2-3 months for about 2 years, the result is very satisfied.

    Anna, 36 years old, practicing cosmetologist:

    I am normal about taking a tablet with hyaluronic acid. It makes up for the deficit and, in principle, positively affects the general condition of the body. Although some of my colleagues are skeptical about such a "rejuvenation."

    Of course, the effect of this method is not comparable with the local injection of hyaluron in the form of injections or, as is now customary to say, “beauty injections”. In this case, the result is noticeable immediately, and the tablets act after some time. I think that their intake can be combined with other methods of rejuvenation for a better effect.

    Vitamins "Doppelherz"

    In addition to hyaluronic and ascorbic acids, the Doppelherz vitamins of the German manufacturer Kweisser Pharma GmbH and Co. contain vitamin E, beta-carotene, pantothenic acid, zinc, selenium and biotin.

    Such a complex has a pronounced antioxidant property, therefore, it positively affects the body's metabolic processes, tissue regeneration, skin condition improvement, and protects against the effects of excess ultraviolet radiation.

    Due to the fact that vitamins contain a large number of ingredients, this drug is more positioned as a multivitamin.

    The course of treatment is designed for 30 days. The average price of vitamins is 450-500 rubles.

    Hyaluronic acid in tablets: contraindications

    Reviews of doctors confirm that there are some cases when it is not worth resorting to such ampoules. Absolute contraindications:

    • the period of gestation,
    • lactation,
    • too high blood coagulation
    • intolerance, hypersensitivity to the components of the active additive.

    Allergic reactions are possible. If this effect occurs, the intake of dietary supplements is immediately stopped, symptomatic therapy is conducted, and if necessary, seek medical help.

    Supplements from KWC

    Supplements of the Japanese brand KWC are tablets containing a well-selected vitamin-mineral composition and hyaluronic acid.

    Bioadditive is designed to slow down the manifestations of the aging process of the skin, a positive effect on the musculoskeletal system, mucous membranes and human vision.

    Available in capsules of 550 mg, in one glass jar contains 90 pcs. the drug.

    It is consumed for at least 1 month, 3 capsules per day with breakfast, lunch and dinner.

    The prices of one minimum rate range from 3000 to 5000 rubles.

    There are nuances to which you need to pay attention: a cheap drug may turn out to be a fake, but the remedy from the manufacturer is now not easy to find.

    Believe it or not?

    On the expanses of the World Wide Web there are quite a lot of responses about taking hyaluronic acid. Some note that the tool works great, but others are faced with low efficiency. Much depends on the general condition of the body. Manufacturers warn: the drugs on sale are active supplements, not drugs. This means that no clinical trials have been conducted, no one can say with certainty exactly what the probability of a positive effect is. Only the fact is known that a positive influence is possible.

    Some are convinced that the absorption of hyaluronic acid is difficult due to the peculiarities of its composition, and the components that come into food will simply be excreted by the intestines without any real benefit to the body. One can argue with this opinion: hyaluronic acid used to be made from cocks, raw fish, that is, completely natural products, which means that the human body does not represent anything too alien. As can be seen from a number of responses, the use of such drugs really helped many to maintain youth, to improve skin condition. But here the buyers who were expecting a definitive rejuvenation, literally a miracle, were disappointed.

    How is the drug used: instruction

    To obtain a positive effect when using tablets with hyaluronic acid, experts recommend that you follow a few simple rules.

    Firstly, the drug is taken only with meals, 1 or 3 times a day, depending on the manufacturer's instructions.

    Secondly, doctors recommend not swallowing the pill right away, but keeping it in the mouth until it is completely absorbed, so a larger amount of the substance will be absorbed and will reach problem areas.

    Thirdly, this dietary supplement should be washed down with plenty of water (or orange juice) and make sure that the total fluid intake per day reaches 2-2.5 liters.

    The last rule is of great importance, since with a lack of fluid in the body, hyaluronic acid molecules will attract water contained in the cells, and thereby cause the opposite effect - dehydration.

    Experts do not recommend drinking the pill immediately before bedtime, it is better to do this in advance, in about an hour and a half, to avoid swelling of the face in the morning.

    In order to start taking a dietary supplement, you need to consult a specialist. As a rule, the usual course lasts a month, but if the goal is to seriously improve the condition of the joints or rehabilitation after surgery, then, in agreement with the attending physician, the time of taking the drug is extended.

    Between courses you need to take breaks. Continuous use of dietary supplements can lead to addiction, and the body will cease to synthesize hyaluronic acid on its own.

    Modern approach

    When people became aware of hyaluronic acid, it was possible to identify its positive effect on the human body, advanced laboratories began to study this compound, to determine the mechanisms of influence on the tissues of the human body. At the same time, scientists discovered how the substance can be synthesized in the laboratory. This has made the preparation of acid easier and the product more affordable for a wide range of people.

    The synthetic product presented in modern pharmacies, as manufacturers assure, is completely analogous to natural hyaluronic acid, it is impossible to notice any difference with a natural product, including its effectiveness. According to a number of scientists, hyaluronic acid is perfectly absorbed.


    “I decided to try hyaluron tablets as an alternative to injections, for which I did not have enough free funds.

    In general, I didn’t set myself up for a wow result, but the effect definitely pleased me: it seems to me that the skin on my face has become smooth, soft, tender.

    In my case, the course lasted 2 months, during which I simultaneously applied almond and argan oil, applying a small amount to my face. Also used various age creams, masks.

    In general, I do not know what gave the effect. I’ll probably recommend a remedy, it won’t harm, even if the effect of rejuvenation is not noticeable. ”

    Side effects

    According to reviews, hyaluronic acid in tablets does not always have a positive effect, in addition, it causes adverse reactions.

    Experts note that improvement may not occur due to short-term use of the drug - the body did not have time to be saturated with a hyaluron to successfully overcome existing problems and therefore did not respond as expected.

    Among the side effects, individual intolerance is noted, manifested in the form of allergic reactions. It is important to determine what caused the allergy: the acid itself or the secondary components included in the tablets.

    If the allergy is caused by additional ingredients, then it makes sense to change the manufacturer of these dietary supplements, having previously familiarized themselves with the composition proposed in the newly selected dietary supplement.

    With an excess of the drug in the body, one can observe such side effects as puffiness (due to an excess of not removed fluid), redness (as a result of increased blood circulation), the appearance of acne (as a result of a temporary malfunction of the sebaceous glands of the skin).

    Trust but check

    Having decided to try the effect of hyaluronic acid on yourself, you need to be careful about the acquisition phase. Listed above are several trusted manufacturers. Japanese products are on the market, although their prevalence is not so great due to the high price. As manufacturers warn, there are quite a lot of fakes on sale, so it’s better to buy the drug at a pharmacy, on the manufacturer’s website or in a large store that officially cooperates with a reliable manufacturer.

    In some retail outlets, hyaluronic acid in tablets is presented at a much lower price than the market average. You should not be led to such an offer, it is better to refrain from unreasonable spending: it is probably either a fake or a drug from an unreliable manufacturer. If you really want to take a chance, you can first look for reviews about this particular tool, but study them extremely critically in order to figure out where the real opinions are and where is the seller’s advertising move. If there is no response to the product you are interested in, it is better not to spend money on it: there is a possibility that there will be no benefit, but an allergy, for example, will begin if something dangerous is added to the recipe.

    OLGA, 38 YEARS:

    “When choosing pills for rejuvenation from the inside, I decided to support the domestic manufacturer, that is, our Evalar, I read a lot about it in reviews on the forums, found out prices, contraindications.

    Within a month from the start of use, she noticed how the skin began to moisturize, and, as the advertisement promised, the condition of the joints improved.

    I doubt that this remedy moisturized the skin well, since I also visited a cosmetology office, where I underwent various gentle procedures in the form of masks. I also read about the meaninglessness of the reception in reviews of specialists and doctors. ”

    Interaction with other medicines

    Preparations with hyaluronic acid, as a rule, do not enter into confrontation with other drugs, since the acid itself is an integral component of the body itself. But, given the possible individual response of the patient, experts recommend making an interval between doses of various drugs and hyaluron in 1.5-2 hours.

    The topic of the interaction of dietary supplements and antibiotics has not been fully studied, therefore it is not recommended to take dietary supplements simultaneously with antibiotic treatment.

    With the combined use of hyaluronic acid and vitamin C, the effect of treatment becomes more noticeable and comes faster than taking the drug without this vitamin.

    Hyaluronic acid, like any drug, requires a careful and disciplined attitude when used.

    Only compliance with the rules for taking this dietary supplement, the optimal determination of the duration of the course can lead to a positive result.

    MARIA, 42 YEARS:

    “I used hyaluronic acid in tablets as an additional measure for rejuvenation in parallel with injections. As I expected, my skin smoothed out, became smoother and firmer, and my face contour became clearer.

    Objectively, it is difficult to assess by what percentage this is the merit of the capsules. The downside is that the capsules are not convenient for swallowing, but this is my subjective opinion. Most likely, I will continue to drink pills with hyaluron from time to time, fortunately, they have an adequate price. ”

    Injections and pills: is there a difference?

    Indeed, one can sometimes hear such a question. What is even more surprising, some buyers, when buying pills, expect from them exactly the same effect as from injections. Meanwhile, the instructions in black and white spell out that the performance is different. Once in the digestive system, hyaluronic acid has a complex effect on the entire body, there is no pronounced effect on a specific point, as is observed in the case of an injection. The drug is evenly distributed over the systems and organs, there is no noticeable difference, as is possible in the case of injections, when the difference is striking: the face is young and the neck is covered with a net of wrinkles.

    In order not to be disappointed in the effect of the drug, you must first carefully study the instructions of the drug that you are interested in, only then spend money on it. As many have noted, tablets are better than injections, but in some cases, clients of medical salons require exactly the result obtained by injection. You need to be aware that tablets do not give the same effect.

    Beauty and more

    As noted in some reviews, taking hyaluronic acid in tablets can provoke swelling. This is more common when using capsules before bedtime. Faced with such a problem, buyers decided it quite simply: the last dose of the day gets into the food a few hours before falling asleep. If the reception was started and such a reaction of the body was found, it is necessary to shift the schedule for using capsules.

    Technical points

    Hyaluronic acid is a polysaccharide normally found in living tissues of organisms: not only humans, but also various animals and even microscopic life forms. Acid is a carbohydrate compound, first obtained during laboratory tests in 1934. The authors of the scientific method of extraction were Meyer, Palmer, who studied the human eye, in particular, the glass body. This was precisely the reason for choosing the name: in Greek, “glass” sounds like “hyalos”. The development of a biotechnological method for the production of compounds has become the reason for its popularity, which has grown so much recently. Hyaluronic acid is a white powder, soluble in liquid (a gel is obtained).

    On sale is presented not only capsules and powder, but also a ready-made liquid solution.

    Practicing beautician

    I learned about the Evalar product and began to read more information about it. The instructions indicate that in order to achieve the effect, it is necessary to take tablets for 2-3 months. I can say with confidence that even if the reception lasts twice as long, a person will not be able to achieve the same effect as after injections. I consider such a tool a marketing ploy. The fact is that hyaluronic acid cannot be absorbed through the digestive tract, as it destroys gastric juice. Therefore, a colossal rejuvenation after taking the tablets is out of the question.

    Plastic surgeon

    Maybe these pills do not do harm, but they are of little use. I see no reason to use hyaluronate inside, because its absorption in the stomach will not happen. To increase the amount of hyaluronic acid, to rejuvenate the face, you should pay attention to procedures such as biorevitalization or, for example, mesotherapy. Well, they will definitely be of use.

    Where can I buy, what is the cost?

    Evalar tablets can be freely purchased at the pharmacy. Product prices range from 1,000 to 1,500 rubles. Do not immediately run after the purchase, it is recommended to read the reviews and make sure that this tool really helps, as the manufacturer promises.

    Hyaluronic acid "Evalar" is a tablet form of a substance that promises to provide youth and beauty to the body. This is a promising drug that has attracted the attention of women, because in the dreams of every woman, to have a means of eternal youth.

    But, unfortunately, Evalar will not be able to return the clock back, rejuvenate for a dozen years, which is confirmed by the reviews of doctors. Maybe the drug has a positive effect on the body. But for radical changes in appearance, for colossal rejuvenation, it is worth leaning towards the injection of hyaluronic acid.

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