What to meet and what color to choose for the New Year 2019

It remains a little more than a month before the magical New Year's Eve. In what color to celebrate the new year 2019? How to choose shoes and jewelry? Learn 6 rules for choosing a New Year's outfit to impress the Yellow Pig.

New Year 2019 is coming, the year of the Yellow Pig or Earthen Boar. A pig is an animal peaceful and inquisitive, shares family values ​​and knows a lot about savoir vivre - how to eat, where to relax and what to have fun. She is frugal in details and reasonable in large expenses. She will definitely appreciate your style on New Year's Eve. How to celebrate the new year 2019 in order to please the sacred animal and secure success and prosperity for the coming year?

We offer 6 rules for choosing a New Year's outfit to successfully celebrate the new year 2019.

New dress

The pig loves new things. Putting on last year’s dress to celebrate the new year 2019, you run the risk of falling out of favor with the “mistress” of 2019. However, you still have time to decide on the New Year's outfit. In German catalogs and online stores presented on our website, you will find many evening dresses of different colors, styles and styles, from popular brands and famous designers: cocktail dresses and extravagant models to the floor, blouses, skirts, trousers, overalls, tops and tuxedos . Prices - for any wallet: from 20 euros to 1000. Choose now in which color to celebrate the new year 2019.

Luxurious look

When purchasing an evening outfit for the celebration of the new year 2019, it is worth considering the happy feature of the Pig. As a sustainable prototype for a piggy bank, a pig can attract financial fortune for the whole year. For this to happen, give your best: let your dress be worthy of you. Shine in a stylish and comfortable way, for example, in a velvet trouser suit, in a dress with a full skirt, in elegant jumpsuit or in a blouse with a complex decor. How to celebrate the New Year 2019 - choose in the elite catalog Madeleine on our website.

Fashion ideas

The extravagant Yellow Pig is well versed in fashion, she is endowed with a flair for good things and a delicate taste. She certainly will not be impressed by a modest plain-looking outfit for such an important event. It makes sense to look at the collections of fashionable dresses from creative brands such as Sienna, REKEN MAAR, CINQUE. You will find models of these brands in the Christmas selection of the Impressionen catalog on our website. Choose now in which color to celebrate the new year 2019.

Yellow and brown

It is believed that in the new year it is necessary to enter the clothes of the color of the totem animal. Does this mean that, meeting 2019, it is worth dressing in yellow and brown? Of course, the "native" range will contribute to the favor of the Yellow Pig. Following the stereotypes, choose "boar" shades: pink, peach, golden, ivory, beige, coffee with milk, orange, terracotta, chocolate. This also includes the colors of nature: green grass, clear blue water, lilac-blue tones of the dawn or sunset sky. Choose now in which color to celebrate the new year 2019.

Black and white

The Yellow Pig, which has a tolerant attitude to the world around it, can very well afford liberties. It is no coincidence that, in addition to the pink-gold palette, designers included black and white in their New Year's collections and achromatic tones. They can be used both independently and in combination. Choose now in which color to celebrate the new year 2019.

Brilliant details

The final shoes and decorations will help to appease the Earth Boar. As for shoes - it is better if it is made of soft leather or suede with beautiful details (buckles, banks, flowers, rhinestones). Beige shoes are a win-win option that leaves the Pig no doubt: you are of the same suit!

Jewelry can be either jewelry made of precious metals, or fashion designer jewelry: spectacular, large, with complex decor. Popular brooches in the form of award ribbons and bows, as well as hair accessories (headbands, hairpins, tiaras). Choose now in which color to celebrate the new year 2019.

In what color to celebrate the new year 2019, so that it brings good luck and prosperity - decide for yourself. To help you, German online stores presented on our website. Scroll through virtual catalogs, leave your favorite models in bookmarks and place orders. We will deliver your order from Germany as soon as possible. Prepare for the new year 2019 gorgeous outfits and good mood.

What to celebrate the New Year (colors of the Year of the Pig)

The coming year will pass through the eastern horoscope under the sign of the Yellow Earth Pig. And to understand what clothes to choose for the festive evening, it would be nice to sort out the characteristics of the sign itself.

The mistress of the year is modest and a bit naive. But this does not stop her from following the fashion and keep abreast of all the new products. Pig is very kind to itself, and always selects an outfit carefully and pragmatically.

For her, everything should coincide - and the color, and the style of the outfit, and the price. She does not like wasting money in vain, so she chooses a dress that is stylish, beautiful, fashionable, but preferably not too expensive. And she almost always succeeds.

Endowed with super-powerful intuition, she feels what she really needs and what is better to give up.

Pig in any business for which she undertakes, certainly waiting for success, so she often can work in the business sector. And she will never look at work with a gray mouse. She will want to stand out always and everywhere, therefore, the outfit for this will choose not catchy, but stylish and elegant.

You also need to pay attention to the color of clothes. In the coming year, the pig will be born in the earth element, which means that all earthly colors will not be alien to it. And here, of course, the widest choice is presented. Which - let's consider below.

One can only say for sure that all the colors of the year will be incredibly beautiful and delicate. And I think that everyone can choose it correctly in accordance with the color of their eyes, hair, and simply according to their taste.

For example, I have long wanted to pick up for myself a bright evening yellow dress. And this year there is a great reason to look for such a robe.

There are many options, slightly lush long, for example. How do you like it? I think it's so cool! In general, the whole image is amazing, so take note.

Or fitted maxi. A stunningly elegant dress, I really like it. If you have a good evening without dancing until you drop, then maybe this is exactly what you need.

By the way, choose a style according to where you plan to celebrate. For example, if it is a youth cafe, then most likely such a dress there will not be entirely appropriate.

But is this short with a flared skirt very suitable? See how sunny and beautiful! I am delighted with this style of dress, I have been eyeing it for a long time.

By the way, this does not have to be a dress, you can also consider trousers. Why not, it looks very beautiful, and even with fashionable frills and bows this season.

In my opinion it is very feminine and elegant.

Yellow, of course, is good! But unfortunately, it does not suit everyone, someone simply gets lost on his background, or vice versa, even merges. Especially these are girls with fair skin and blond hair. For them it is worth looking at other shades. Perhaps the gold one will suit you.

It can also be attributed to the category of warm sunny colors, but of course it is more elegant. In such a dress at any party, you will be the queen. On this occasion, you can choose it from brocade, or a fashionable pleated with elegant delicate overflows.

Or embroidered with small sequins and decorated with fashionable tassels, both of them always look luxurious in their own way.

What about the color of mustard? It is always perceived especially extravagantly and interestingly. Consider such an outfit, maybe you will like it.

However, the hit of the season will be two colors - this is lavender, and pistachio.

Therefore, designers have already compiled this palette for all seasons of 2019. These colors in a wide range of shades are even considered “happy”, and bring good luck.

At some fashion shows, men shone in lavender-colored suits. And you know, it looks just great!

Lavender color as if specially created for a delicate, sophisticated woman. In this outfit, she is airy, gentle and graceful.

Thin fabrics are beautifully draped and create magnificent stylish images.

Pistachio creates a similar sensation. Flying free silhouettes captivate and capture the eye.

Even such a minimalist execution caresses the eye. And the outfit is perfect for a corporate party. In it, you definitely will not go unnoticed.

Do not discount all sky blue and azure shades. They are also directly involved in 2019 fashion. These colors are quite earthly - rivers, forests, lakes, the sky above our heads, all these are integral parts of our earthly life.

Therefore, in outfits, these colors also consider. Especially as beautiful as these.

The blue color is not aggressive, but gentle and flowing.

Look at this color, such a beautiful green, agree? It seems to me that it is the best suited for solemn moments, and the New Year is just such a case. What gorgeous outfits are obtained with this divine color. Here, for example, emerald wonderful dresses in different styles.

Both feminine and sensual, emphasizing all the charms of the figure.

Of course, there are many shades of this color as in others, from gently light green to dark emerald, see which one you like best and which one is best for your character.

Beige color or coffee with milk is also a great option. Only choose very carefully so that the image does not turn out to be completely pale. We still need to stand out at the holiday, and not get lost.

Notice that this year's fashionable technique is used here - the original cloak. And the dress itself is made in the beloved “case” style.

Dresses of brown color look very noble and chic, of course, if the fabric is chosen correctly and the designer with imagination is all right. I really like satin dresses, or taffeta patterns in chocolate colors.

If solid colors seem a little boring to you, then consider an outfit, such as polka dots. This coloring resembles the familiar dress of the heroine of the film "Pretty Woman". You can look similar and in different lengths.

This year, the feminine midi length is very relevant.

Well, pink color, preferably gentle light shades, as without it in the Year of the Pig. You can of course and bright pink, this is at your discretion.

The fabrics used vary from light flowing chiffon to heavy printed jacquard.

Color can flow smoothly in this range from the most delicate pink to deep burgundy, crimson and even purple.

Black evening dresses - this is of course an unforgettable classic forever in demand. How, without this majestic color, to meet the most important holiday of the year.

As for other colors, black outfits can be used in any style, within the framework of a course of healthy imagination. Beautiful dresses "fish" or short, with a train or lush, guipure or a combination of different textures.

Or a timeless little black dress ... It can be both magnificent, and direct, a little playful and refinedly refined.

Or such a wonderful combination of brown velvet with black chiffon.

By the way, it is not necessary to choose an outfit as a dress. It can be a skirt with a blouse, or a pantsuit.

A great option for the holiday will be overalls. Yes, you heard right, a good and tastefully selected similar outfit will look super stylish. I admire these forms of clothing.

Use gray color in your outfit, and even all its fifty shades. Mostly, in evening gray dresses, they most often use material with the effect of a “metallic" sparkle. This always looks spectacular and beautiful.

Since we hooked on gray, which one can also be considered? Of course, a silver outfit! Such dresses are certainly luxurious, they attract the eye with their brilliance and radiance, like gold ones. I, like many, are delighted with them.

Here are such insanely beautiful colors that I suggest you consider for meeting the holiday with the Yellow Earthen Pig.

Start thinking through the image today. Then, until next year, or even from year to year, to be able to admire yourself in the New Year's pictures, and with admiration to remember what wonderful outfits you had!

New year 2019 how to meet signs

  1. To attract prosperity and good fortune to your home, be sure to get a mumps: plush, porcelain, crystal, ceramic or even lively. During the celebration, the pig should be seated at the most honorable place, it will not remain in debt,
  2. Be sure to arrange a general cleaning of the house on the eve of the holiday. Just deal with this issue a little ahead of time, at least for a few days, so as not to sweep the luck, which will already be on the doorstep,
  3. Do not take out the trash on December 31 to avoid cash losses,
  4. Also, on the eve, get rid of things that cause you unpleasant emotions, so that as they say bad things to the future do not carry,
  5. Carry out an audit of Christmas toys, toys with chips, cracks and defects are not allowed in this new year,
  6. Exclude from the New Year's menu crayfish, lobster and dishes from turtles, if you, of course, planned to cook them. So that neither that nor anyone pulls you back and does not interfere with your rapid successes,
  7. Also exclude pork dishes, replacing them with poultry, veal or lamb, so as not to anger the good-natured mistress of the coming year,
  8. Meet the New Year with loved ones, then there will be no lack of friendship and love next year,
  9. It’s necessary to distribute all debts before the new year so as not to multiply them in the future,
  10. Do not get drunk on New Year's Eve to the state of a pig or to a pig's squeal - such behavior is offensive to a pig. Which is generally against alcohol, despite the comparison with it,
  11. To attract wealth during the celebration of the new year, you need to have money at hand, in your pocket, purse, shoe, not to spend it, but to attract wealth,
  12. Pig - an animal simple-hearted, ingenuous, not suffering fraud. Therefore, the Christmas tree needs to be dressed up live, real,
  13. It’s better to accompany the New Year’s desire with the chiming clock, then luck and the mistress of the year will be on your side,
  14. Be sure to put a pair under the tree - three tangerines, which will also help attract good luck,
  15. Give each relative, friend on New Year's Eve, albeit a small but mandatory gift. Even mandarin tied with a ribbon or a small figurine of a pig will be relevant.

How to celebrate the new 2019 year?

A guide to choosing a New Year’s image can be a children's poem by Vladimir Orlov: Piggy is offended. When a pig wants a new purple beret, she wants a new satin vest, she wants a bow, boots ... Well, and probably, golden earrings. So be it, do not limit yourself in choosing your outfit, neither for celebrating the New Year, nor for choosing images in 2019. The image can be bright, creative, shocking, but at the same time it should be as convenient and comfortable as possible. If you feel uncomfortable in a too bright or open outfit, prefer something closer to you in spirit. Choose outfits in gold, yellow, green, mustard, brown from light and airy materials: chiffon, silk, brocade.Or, on the contrary, heavy velvet, leather, satin in red, blue, violet, orange. And also classic colors are always in fashion. If for some reason the proposed gamut is not pleasant or suitable for you, then you can add to any outfit, for example, a scarf, gloves, a strap or a bag of these colors. With this outfit choose the color that you like.

The outfit itself, jewelry or accessories should shine in the literal sense of the word, using stones, beads, sequins, sequins, lurex. Jewelry should be made of gold, if jewelry, then yellow.

Ladies can choose a dress with a full skirt, jumpsuit, shorts or trousers. Men should prefer a suit in dark blue or brown tones. And no “training” and tracksuits. Unless, of course, this is not a fashionable sportsman. The holiday must be met in a festive attire. If you think the costume is too formal, you can choose a shirt with an interesting print that repeats the color scheme of the dress of your chosen one and trousers or straight-cut jeans. Again, gold is welcomed in accessories such as a bag, watch, belt. Shoes are selected for the outfit: for girls with heels, for men, shoes with a slightly pointed toe. Makeup should be bright and rich, but fit into the color and stylistic decisions of the outfit. The hairstyle may be slightly sloppy. A man does not have to be clean-shaven.

What to celebrate New Year of the Pig in the Zodiac

In order for the coming year to become happy, and his Mistress to be supportive and help in this achievement, it is customary to reckon with what is proposed to be dressed for New Year's Eve according to the signs of the Zodiac.

This is a fiery sign, and therefore all bright, saturated colors are loved for him. But in the year of the "modest" Pig, excessive brightness will not be entirely appropriate. Especially it will be necessary to refuse bright red shades. But since fire is compatible with the Sun, you can safely choose all the yellow shades. Gold will also be a priority here.

If it seems to you that something is missing, add a brighter accessory to your created image. It can be some kind of accessory, handbag or a fashionable wrap.

This sign is earthly, therefore absolutely all colors presented today are suitable for it. Rely on your natural sense of taste and it won’t let you down.

This year, Boar and Taurus will be friendly, so the year may promise success. And to create a successful look, expensive jewelry made of natural stones and gold is perfect. Moreover, gold jewelry this season will be a fashionable addition to creating an image.

But do not wear jewelry; in this case, the Pig may misunderstand you. She will just think that you are not ready for success, and as a good friend, she will not bother you.

If you are looking for a couple for yourself, and want to find it in the coming year, then this will be the most suitable time. The pig itself is an excellent faithful wife, and Boar is a reliable husband, so they will be happy to help.

And maybe a meeting with the bridegroom will happen even on New Year's Eve. Think of a fashionable stylish outfit that will be both feminine, stylish, romantic and a little even sexy. Listen to your intuition, she will tell you which dress is worth choosing.

To make a wish come true, make a wish under the chiming clock. And so that it is surely fulfilled, do not forget to wear two rings, or use any two accessories in your hair style. Two bracelets on one hand can also play a role.

Rakov is also waiting for a romantic meeting this year. Therefore, in order to attract good luck, it is worthwhile to think over your image very well. For you, the trend will be femininity and elegance. It is worth abandoning models of mini, overly extravagant fashion solutions. But models in the style of fashionable retro and romanticism are perfect for you.

Colors are also better to choose clean and calm. Especially pay attention to high-quality manicure and hair. Both that, and another together with the selected faultless dress will make you the real queen.

Like it or not, a lion in any year of any animal will remain the king of animals. Hence, the outfit must be selected appropriate. It is appropriate to consider long dresses made of velvet, or chic outfits made of printed fabrics. It is better to choose noble colors - gold, silver, chocolate, saturated emerald, or sensual crimson are in favor.

Do not neglect jewelry. It will be appropriate to decorate the hair with a diadem, or to think up stylish massive hairpins in the hairstyle.

Lavender and pistachio color as if specially for the coming year were invented for the gentle Maidens. New colors, and therefore new pleasant changes for the better in life.

Choose delicate flowing fabrics of chiffon, delicate silk. Also consider tulle skirts with an elegant lace top, this is your style, and you will feel great in such outfits.

Scales are looking for balance in everything, and often find it in contrast, so they especially carefully choose an outfit for themselves. Do not make fast purchases, first go shopping, look at the dress and shoes for them so that nothing will knock you out of a thoughtful image.

Do not be afraid of contrast, the fashion of the coming year offers many solutions for this. Here, there are various contrasting colors, fashionable asymmetry, and a combination of heavy and light textures in fabrics. You can consider various fashion prints, or light fabrics next to feathers and fur details.

This zodiac sign loves to be admired. And I must say that he always manages to achieve such an effect. For you, you can choose quite bold outfits in the color scheme and in terms of style. The natural ability to look luxurious should be emphasized with the appropriate outfit.

Feel free to choose chic flounces, magnificent sleeves and leather dresses. You can demonstrate all this like no other.

This Token is quite calm in life, and adheres to the same style in clothing. And in the models of the coming year, there is everything for this. Pleasant flowing fabrics, delicate earthy colors, ruffles, frills, flounces.

You can choose a midi or maxi dress in a sheath style. A modest flower and peas will be very appropriate here. Choose light shades in the outfit. They will be in perfect harmony with your mood.

For representatives of this sign, you can choose an outfit in green colors. Or opt for a dress with a floral print, embroidery. For them, dresses embroidered with stones and rhinestones are perfect.

Be sure to use jewelry in your outfit. If you can find them made antique, this addition will add charm and the right slice of unobtrusive coquetry.

Try to create an unusual image for yourself, where there is some contradiction, or the opposite. So, if you opt for a black dress, then pick up the usual red, or not very familiar yellow high-heeled shoes. Match jewelry to the tone of shoes. Place a few contrasting color dots.

You can also think of such a dress, where in front it is strict, almost to the very neck, and the back has a deep neckline. Or consider a dress on the floor with very open shoulders.

Consider also jewelry, they can be very, very bold. It will be appropriate here and beautiful jewelry, and natural stones, gold and silver.

If you do not like brightness, tinsel and pomposity, then do not force yourself in this regard to follow all the fashionable parameters. Moreover, there are a lot of possibilities for the embodiment of the desired image.

This and the whole palette of blue and blue colors, and delicate silver, and even gold. What if the fish turns out to be truly golden! Fashionable sequins, medium-sized Swarovski stones, gold or silver embroidery on the hem will be appropriate here.

But look for harmony in everything. Too much gold and silver is useless, and all the more it is not necessary to collect everything together. Moderation, sophistication and style will help to cope with your own indefatigable energy and direct it in the right direction.

Fashion trends and colors for the festive dress in the New Year 2019

Every new year, fashionistas are also waiting because they can make a dress for themselves, taking into account new fashion trends. And fashion does not stand still. She offers more and more new solutions for creating a stylish image.

In all the fashion houses in Europe and Asia, shows have already been shown collections of clothing that is proposed to be worn next season. And if someone is following these new products, then they probably already know what will be fashionable in the New Year 2019.

And if you have not figured out this issue yet, then I will try to help you with this. We will not consider today the proposed collections for all seasons, but confine ourselves to a festive outfit.

And if we have already partially considered the colors, here we will focus more on styles and individual details.

The style of the dress is, of course, a very individual matter. We, as a rule, wear what suits us and what is convenient for us. For many, this is the main criterion for choosing a dress. Recently, color has also been taken into account. And if the dress fit perfectly in the figure, and the color turned out to be suitable, then the woman often leaves the store very pleased with the purchase.

But still, many sellers themselves track what is fashionable and what is not. And sometimes they offer a dress with a large bow, or frills throughout the hem, or ruffles. And we look at all this magnificence and do not understand whether it is really fashionable, or is it a model three years ago.

Let's look at this issue.

Stylists offer quite modest and calm models this season. However, they must be feminine and very sensual.

Dress Sheath

At the peak of fashion, a sheath dress has been around for a long time; it will not lose its popularity this season. This dress is very practical and always looks expensive and stylish. You can add an exquisite accessory to it, and be prepared to catch the glance of admiring men all evening.

In this case, various styles with open shoulders or the back, with a slit, or an emphasis on some part of the body in the form of drapery will be appropriate.

See how exquisitely looks in such options, the length below the knee.

To create a mood, in this case, you can use fabrics with sequins, rhinestones, nets, or lace inserts.

The convenience of such a model is that it is suitable for absolutely any age and for any complexion. She, like a lifesaver, knows how to emphasize all the main advantages and hide flaws.

And equally well used in small sizes and delicate large ones.

Midi Length

Relevant in this season will again be the length of the "midi". She continues to squeeze "mini" from year to year. She simply strikes on the spot with her sophistication, femininity and elegance.

This season, when modesty, romanticism and retro are in fashion, such a length will be most welcome. The owners of this outfit will only emphasize their impeccable taste and sense of style.

All the tricks that will be considered below will be fashionable here. In the choice of style and fabric there are no restrictions.

Limitations can only be in the features of the figure. A short girl can wear a dress with such a length only having shoes with very high heels. Otherwise, it will be quite difficult to create the desired proportion of the figure.

Mini length

It is worth noting that the length of the mini also does not leave the honorary pedestal. And this season she becomes even more impudent and unpredictable. This style was called "supermini", that is, from the name it is clear that there is nowhere to go above.

Despite the fact that there’s nowhere to go for a walk, nevertheless, the style of cut uses the techniques of asymmetry, a daring neckline.

Especially fashionable will be a dress - a blazer, a cross between the dress and the jacket. A mandatory attribute in this model will be a deep neckline and buttons, which is also a trend.


This technique began its march back in 2018, and it surely enters 2019. And it is by no means accidental that the models of such dresses are incredibly feminine, flirty, sexy and tender at the same time. In this outfit, every girl and woman will feel like a real queen.

Dresses in this style can be different - here you can see both a laconic strict outfit and a delicate romantic one. And even so free.

Asymmetry can occur in any part of the dress. It can cover only the hem of the dress, or just the bodice, shoulder line, or sleeves. And it can appear in various details. So, for example, wedges on skirts will be very fashionable.

And this year, another fashionable trend in the form of frills, quilling, drapery can be supplemented with them. Or embroidery, applications in the form of contrasting in color, or texture fabrics can be used.

It also includes the styles of dresses with a smell. In the summer of 2018, such models were simply at the peak of popularity, and will now follow the red carpet of fame in the future.

Such models look feminine and very stylish. They are offered in the maxi this season, and it also looks great!

Asymmetry touched the hem, it is of different lengths in front and behind. And of course, the idea is not new, but if you look at other details of the cut, it becomes obvious that we have a new one.

The same smell, the use of mixed fabrics, open shoulders ...

And of course, these are incredibly feminine and romantic images that you can only come up with.

In general, there is where to roam. The main thing is not worth much to get involved in. If you have a choice, then it is worth measuring several things and choosing the one that suits your figure, your type.

Ruffles, shuttlecocks, frills

In the latest fashion shows, you can increasingly find collections in which there is a certain improved retro style. And it manifests itself in the form of various kinds of ruffles, frills and shuttlecocks of different sizes.

Such things are also very feminine and romantic. Wearing any of them, the girl will be unusually sweet and charming.

Shuttlecocks and ruffles look great in dresses made of fine silk, lace, organza, chiffon, as well as heavier ones, such as satin, taffeta, and thin costume fabrics.

Shuttlecocks and ruffles can be used on the hem of the dress, and on the sleeves, on the neck and neckline. They are actively used in asymmetry, which was described a little higher.


Last season, a voluminous sleeve was fashionable, which stood out especially on a not too voluminous dress.

This trend continues this season, except that the splendor of the sleeve becomes more restrained and calm. This year, splendor can be created by fashionable ruffles and frills. But in any case, it is moved to the shoulder area, which slightly increases this line.

Flashlights and lush ruffles are also appropriate in a cut sleeve. It looks pretty impressive.

And not only in small proportions, but also in XXL sizes.

The length of the sleeve can be different, in principle, as well as its cut.

Leather dresses

One of the trends of this season will be a leather dress. Trendy - of course the classic black color.

However, other colors should not be discounted.

It will also use asymmetry, interesting sleeves, various draperies, as well as combinations with thin chiffon, mesh, lace, which can be made in the form of frills and frills.

Linen style

The linen style remains in fashion. There are frills, lots of ruffles and draperies. Not everyone will decide to wear such an outfit for the New Year, but it is worth considering a fashionable trend, and it is possible to take something to create your own style in this direction.

Lace is combined with chiffon, organza, and satin, and silk. Skirts can be of uneven cut, with cuts and layers in the form of cascading designs.

Also, things with bare shoulders remain fashionable. Everything related to femininity, sophistication and sexuality at the height of fashion.

Or such an image in dark colors.Stylish, feminine and incredibly beautiful.

As you can see, two styles are immediately combined here - business and evening.

In XXL sizes, the coat hanger is also appropriate and needs to be opened. It does not look at all vulgar, but rather very feminine.

Open shoulders can be used in a very simple outfit, and it will always be beautiful. As proven by many years of practice.

Wrap & Scarf Dresses

A special place in the collections of fashion shows was occupied by dresses with wraps. For a rather long time, boleros were in fashion with which women covered their shoulders in open evening dresses.

Designers have found such an interesting solution. And I like it a lot more. than the old bolero. It looks incredibly beautiful - stylish and expensive.

Dresses are decorated with embroidery, rhinestones, stones, lace, which gives them additional chic.

White dress for the New Year, few will dress, but you can take the idea as a basis.

We examined the features of the style, and now a little touch and fabrics. Velvet is again in fashion - black, burgundy, malachite, brown.

Here we can also see a modern fit and fashionable additions. These are open shoulders, a deep neckline, elegant sleeves in contrasting fabrics.

Bold shades in velvet colors are also welcome. And there is also asymmetry, a fashionable smell and an interesting cut of the neck.

Also consider a dress made of taffeta, heavy silk and satin.

Tulle dresses are still trending, especially at festive events. They have become even more feminine and romantic.

Shuttlecocks and mixed fabrics are also present in the images.

And here is a completely different style, although no less magnificent. Lace, embroidery, fashionable fabrics, sophisticated cut and all this is concentrated in one model.

The floral print is still here. He is still trending. And the elegance of the models leaves no one indifferent.

Exotic prints also take place, especially if the upper part of the dress is elegant and made in accordance with fashion trends.

Stripes, contrast, geometry along with fashionable directions in design look great and captivates the eye.

By the way, since we have already moved into this category, it is worth noting that it is not at all necessary to choose a dress for evening wear. Overalls, a trouser suit, and a skirt with a fashionable blouse will look great.

In a suit and a set, it is best to take into account all the fashionable nuances, about which a lot has been said today.

Accessories and decorations for New Year's Eve

So, finally you have chosen a dress for the holiday, but that's not all. Most of the outfits “want” accessories, and some simply shout about their lack.

For example, if you chose a dress in the color of powder or another very light color and it requires a belt in your kit, then purchase it in a necessarily contrasting color. With this garment, choose brighter accessories - belt, jewelry, handbag, shoes.

When choosing jewelry, you need to remember that each type of person loves different jewelry. For example, chubby girls will not fit large round earrings or rings in the ears, they will visually make the face even more rounded.

It is necessary to choose, for example, earrings-threads. All these nuances must be taken into account and to make it easier, here's a sign to help you.

To make it more convenient and understandable for you what to choose for a dress, I made a selection of examples of an outfit + accessory, so you can clearly see how best to choose jewelry, a handbag and shoes to the image.

The first to consider is of course the yellow dress. It's no secret that with black this color blends just fine. What about red? Of course yes! Bright juicy combination will make others remember you for a long time!

And how do you like this combination - sensual yellow and deep blue?

In my opinion, this is just amazing! No less catchy colors than previous combinations. Accessories of bright green and brown, purple and pink colors, bright orange and white are also perfect.

As you can see, gold is simply perfect for green, as well as for many others, by the way. Of course, it is worth considering with this shade of decoration and additions brown, red and of course yellow.

The combination of a beige outfit and burgundy shoes is just awesome. Do not forget to paint the lips with Bordeaux color in a similar way - it will be unforgettable.

I would also like to offer you a combination of a dress of powder color and emerald accessories. Sumptuously! Most often, outfits of this color, airy and sophisticated and additions to them, you can choose the same.

See how brown, yellow, gold, beige, red, green, and blue shades fit.

Incredibly rich and amazing combination! It can be both powerful and very sophisticated products. It all depends on your dress.

Black color, gold, pearls - an impeccable combination, what else can I say! If the dress is open, then you can pick up a necklace of a more massive size, if the neck is closed, then focus on large earrings.

I want to draw your attention to the combination of gray and silver dresses with burgundy shoes and accessories. This is just an amazing image!

And finally, gold and white - a divine community, magnificent colors!

I want to note that to such brilliant outfits, additional bright decorations are often redundant. A modest pearl earring with a closed neckline will be enough. But if the dress is open, then you can choose a shiny necklace or pearl thread.

Of course, there are an infinite number of options for selecting a combination of dresses, accessories, handbags, shoes, flowers ... But I think that among the few examples provided, you will understand what you need and can easily compose your New Year's image.

I would be glad if I helped you in this difficult matter.

Fashion trends of men's clothing for the New Year

Men's fashion is not as volatile as women's, and therefore many images created in recent seasons are preserved today. And it pleases, because men are not inclined to renew their wardrobe so often.

Although, of course, many chips have been created for them that will allow them to stand out. This mainly applies to casual wear. Today we are talking about the festive season, about the one that a man would want to dress for New Year's Eve.

Therefore, we will not be distracted by weekdays, and focus on the festive image.

Of course, first of all, we associate a costume with any event, and the New Year is no exception. Impeccable cut suits and style are in fashion here again. In the classics, little can be invented, but nevertheless there are novelties here.

First of all, the two and the three are considered, while the jacket in the classic three is not knocked out in color from the main fabric from which the jacket and trousers are made. But any of them should sit flawlessly and attract the eye with their elegance.

The color of the suit can be gray, blue, black, with all the shades in this solution. But mostly the colors are quite restrained, although on holiday you can move away from this rule.

In addition to the strict color, some liberties are also allowed, for example, as in this embodiment, where on all three details of the costume you can see small contrasting strips applied in the form of a complex geometric pattern.

The cell is also in fashion, and it’s mostly bright. This is the influence of the Scottish fashion trend this year. In everyday clothes, it is much more pronounced, but in a festive way this is not entirely appropriate.

At the same time, pay attention that the cage is made not only on a jacket, as in previous seasons, but also on trousers. And this, by the way, looks quite impressive and stylish.

In the season of 2019, a velvet suit will be fashionable. Do not be surprised if you think that such a fabric is exclusively a female prerogative, then you are mistaken. Just look how impressive it looks.

Having dressed such on New Year's Eve, you obviously will not go unnoticed. It looks not only beautiful, but stylish and expensive.

If you do not risk spending money on a costume for the holiday, then you can consider just a jacket. Here, by the way, a mixture of seemingly incompatible colors is allowed.

Although if you take a closer look, you can find a bunch between the top and the bottom - this is a fashionable tie in the color of trousers. Such solutions are quite acceptable, and are a fashionable innovation.

If we consider the fashionable colors of velvet, then it is undoubtedly black, blue with its various shades and crimson. However, these colors can be complemented by mustard and khaki.

And in the next line there are other fashionable solutions.

Here, by the way, not only velvet in fashionable colors, but also other fashionable pieces. Namely turtlenecks, and hats. This year is also a hit. Moreover, it is permissible to wear a turtleneck with a stylish suit.

And hats will be fashionable at any time of the year, so feel free to buy this accessory for yourself.

For example, two completely different male images. Both are very interesting.

The first is refined, elegant, in a fashionable purple design, all the details of the costume are perfectly calibrated. In this form, just right to appear at any significant evening.

By the way, until I forgot, I immediately want to note that the super-fashionable lavender color in women's dresses is also fashionable in men’s, especially in details.

But let's touch on black, in general this is a win-win option. He can be dressed with a shirt of any color, you can play with him with different colors and styles of ties, he looks great with a black turtleneck.

If you have a black suit in your wardrobe, then, correspondingly, choosing other parts of the toilet and accessories, you can put it on a feast and the world.

But if you are categorically against black, and consider it too strict, then in addition to gray and blue you can consider more “funny” colors.

In addition to color, here you can consider other fashionable details. As well as in the women's fashion mini-blazer, here you can also notice the same silhouette with a row of buttons on two sides. Skinny pants are back in fashion, especially for suits in youth fashion.

And here is also a jacket with two rows of buttons in a fashionable gray design, and wide baggy long trousers. This imperceptibly crept into the casual style, and complemented the fashionable silhouette with such an interesting innovation.

Nearby is a completely different style, here is a jacket in fashionable colors with printed fabric texture, and trousers, on the contrary, are shortened, and socks are not provided here.

In this option, it is also permissible to tuck trousers. This is not a find this season, but it remains for this year. Not everyone perceives it properly, but in principle, and not necessarily. Pants can not be twisted.

Pay attention to the second image, here the model focuses on his left hand. On it, on each of the fingers is dressed a little ring. This is the new trend of this season, pay attention to this chip.

Gloves will also be a fashionable accessory, and you can wear them not only when it's cold. Another feature is the combination of casual style with sports. Correctly placing sports accents in a free urban style, and sometimes in the classics - it will be an interesting story. Maybe you can’t get dressed for the New Year, but just know that this trend will be very fashionable and in demand.

And the first photo shows a fashionable jacket. Do not be surprised, a jacket is not only a fashionable part of a woman’s toilet. Men have already mastered it with success.

Fitted models on one button are also in fashion, and quite loose, short and elongated. And if you choose an elegant shirt of the right color for such a jacket, and choose stylish classic shoes, then even without a tie in this outfit, you can go on New Year's Eve.

And the last images to consider are as follows. Here is a fashionable combination of a striped suit and a denim shirt, extremely popular in the new season. And also a turtleneck in a fashionable color scheme. Trousers with a turn-over and footwear with a belt in fashionable Camel color (camel).

In the second image, a new solution for a jacket and velvet trousers of a free style. Stylish and beautiful!

In general, if you notice, then this season in men's fashion there is a wide color palette. We can say that in this direction the unisex trend has crept in.

If a few years ago no one could even imagine a man in a suit of lavender or purple. And nobody even thought about velvet.

But as you can see in today's selection, everything is possible in the Year of the Pig.

What clothes should not celebrate the New Year holiday

This is the year of the yellow earthen pig, which means you should refrain from some flowers in clothes.

For example, not all shades of red will be relevant. Cherry color is in fashion, bright, juicy and cheerful. But the colors going towards scarlet is better not to use.

Also, if you decide to wear red for a holiday, then dilute it with more restrained shades. It goes well with milk, dark blue, black and gold. All these combinations will be much more convincing than the pure red color of the outfit.

Or go into darker shades. Incredibly fashionable will be the color of chili oil. This is a cross between red and brown.

Watermark colors also do not need to be used all in a row. Especially do not be fascinated by overly saturated shades. If you choose blue, then it is desirable that it be gentle and muffled.

It is also worth abandoning the flashy green shades and various so-called “acidic” colors with reptilian overflows.

In general, any color will be good if the gaze lingers on it, if it is not too loud and intrusive.

White is also not quite suitable for the celebration of the New Year. Too solemn and clean. If you decide on it, then consider it in the community with a different color. Or that the white outfit should have New Year's elements in the form of sequins, stones and rhinestones.

But this should not be particularly frustrating. Moreover, there are many options where to wear it next year - weddings, summer parties and even winter ones.

You also do not need to look at too revealing outfits, because a pig is a pet, simple so to speak. Although the defiant outfits are currently at the peak of popularity, but in my opinion, they are completely redundant for the celebration of any New Year.

This holiday is primarily a family, warm, calm. Therefore, it is not necessary to flaunt yourself. And if desired, on other days, such open dresses can be worn at least every month for dinner with a loved one.

Leopard and other predatory tones, this symbol of the year is also not particularly happy. So it is advisable to refrain from your favorite "wild" colors.

It is better to abandon the styles of shapeless, too even - "gray" forms, excessive classics. Do not forget that not all styles are suitable for everyone, whether they are fashionable or not.

It is also very important for a holiday, and in everyday life, to choose things according to size, shape, “to face”. Sometimes you see a beautiful dress in a magazine on a woman “with forms”, or vice versa with a neat, chiseled figure, and want to buy the same. Think first, and your forms or physique will suit him.

Otherwise, the result can be very disastrous.

This does not mean that the clothes are bad or the seller is unscrupulous (although this happens), just this dress is not yours, there is another one in which you will look better and more attractive.

The same applies to size, if you see that the dress is not enough for you, take it off urgently and do not buy! Have you ordered online? Well, then sell, there is someone who suits or presents. In the end, a small dress will not look at you, it is a fact.

Speaking of online shopping. In order not to spoil the holiday, you need to not only make an order in advance, but also carefully read customer reviews.

Follow these recommendations and the earthen yellow pig will be satisfied with you and bring you good luck in the New Year!)

Yes, fashion is not an easy thing. As you begin to understand it, so she will tell us so many things that so much material is obtained. But the most important thing is that nothing can be removed from here, everything is necessary and important.

And I think, dear friends, that the article will be useful to you. In it, we examined both fashionable colors and new trends in the cut of clothes. I learned what fabrics will be used in the new season, and I think that thanks to our knowledge we will approach the celebration of the New Year of the Yellow Pig fully equipped.

We also did not forget about men, we told everything we knew, and even a little more. I really want everyone to be beautiful and happy for the holiday first of all.

With all my heart I wish everyone a great choice of outfit. Let it be right and beautiful!

And also congratulate everyone on the upcoming New Year!

Let the Pig (Boar) bring to your life all the best and positive that only they themselves have. Good luck to you.

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