How to speak water?

Natural pure water is widely used in magic. It greatly enhances directional magical effects and removes negativity. Such properties of a natural attribute have been known for a long time, therefore, we can safely say that all the effectiveness of any rituals with water has been proven and tested by time.

Effective rites with water

A conspiracy of water can be directed to different purposes. With the help of special ceremonies, it is possible to cure diseases caused by the evil eye or spoilage. In addition, water is often used as an additional magical attribute in influences to attract good luck and money.

In order for the water conspiracy to have maximum strength, full concentration is always necessary during the ceremony. It is imperative to exclude any interference during the ritual.

Wish Conspiracy

Rites with water are very popular, which are aimed at fulfilling the most cherished desire. In this ritual, only spring water should be used. It is considered energetically pure. If it is not possible to get such water, then you can use mineral water from a bottle, but first it should be cleaned by a special ritual.

You need to bend over a glass of water and quietly say the following words over the surface of the water:

After reading the magic plot, you should drink the water from the glass slowly and in small sips, imagining that soon your wish will come true. Such a ritual should be performed late at night, and upon its completion, you must immediately go to bed.

Getting rid of the negative

If in your life you often have to communicate with people unpleasant to you, then, of course, your energy field absorbs a lot of negative from them. And you need to get rid of it periodically, conducting a special rite with water. This rite is not only purifying, but also protective.

Collect water for the ritual and read the plot in the phase of the waning moon. Water is poured into a wide bowl so that it can be bent over it.

The magic words are:

Such words are read seven times, after which the water spills onto the top of the head. It is important to leave the water splashed across the floor to dry naturally.

Attractive ritual

Perhaps every woman dreams in the eyes of others to look attractive and beautiful. And a magical rite that involves the use of water can also help.

The rite of beauty does not require a mandatory set of spring water, you can speak magic water with ordinary tap water.

Every morning, before washing, draw water into a bowl and pronounce the following over it:

You should immediately wash your face with charmed water. This action must be repeated every morning.

Raising money

A very popular rite with water, which allows you to attract money to yourself. The ritual is performed during the rising moon in a separate room. Spring water or water collected in the well is poured into the basin.

Then the words are pronounced above it:

You should wash your face with charmed water and wait until the face dries itself. The remaining water should be drained and periodically continue to be washed with it until it runs out.

Any rite with water must be carried out in a calm atmosphere and in a positive mood. Only under such conditions can the success of the ceremony be guaranteed. The conspiracy itself needs to be read quietly, but confidently, thus completely transferring its energy to water.

Tips to help conspire properly

Water has the ability to remember information that you pass on to it through the rite, and can store it for a long time. By deciding to conspire against water, you are confirming that you are able to control your thoughts and emotions. A fiery pessimist will not be able to cope with this, because it will be difficult for him to tune himself to the necessary wave and forget, even for a few minutes, about all the bad things that are happening around him. Such people should not work with water, because it will be dangerous. It will not be possible to verify what property water acquired after your conspiracy until you drink it. But, it’s better not to risk it.

For conspiracies it is necessary to use only spring purified water. It is believed that it perfectly absorbs information. Such water is comparable to a blank paper sheet on which you can draw whatever you want. Tap water can be used for various conspiracies if it is infused. It is necessary to insist it already seven days, therefore, it seems to me that it will be easier for you to go to the spring and get clean water than to wait a week before embarking on a conspiracy.

Do not attempt to conspire, the text of which is complex and incomprehensible to you. When conspiring against water, you must know by heart the full text of the prayer or conspiracy. And all because you must constantly look at the water, speaking the words of the conspiracy, not taking your eyes off it, fill with energy. You cannot do this if you peek every few seconds in the leaflet on which the text of the prayer is written.

Only in a calm and quiet environment can you work normally with water. Any noise will mean that your thoughts will be mixed up, your mood will be lost, and the water will absorb all this and, accordingly, the effect of the conspiracy will turn out to be not what you expect. It is best to carry out a ritual with water in the dark. This will create the necessary atmosphere around you.

Reading the plot is necessary in a very quiet voice, which gradually turns into a whisper. This should be done as if you are telling your secret to water and you do not want anyone else to hear it. Thus, you establish a special connection with water, get in touch with it and it begins to understand your feelings, emotions and desires. Speak the words clearly so that the water can understand what you want and maximize the fulfillment of your will.

The fact that you are going to perform a ceremony or have already done it, no one should know, even the closest people. Do not forget that any conspiracy and ritual is a sacrament, and the sacraments must be kept secret. No wonder they say that if you want to be happy, then you don’t need to tell anyone about your personal life or other details about yourself. So in this case. If you are planning to perform the ceremony, then just do it without sharing your thoughts and feelings with anyone about this.

Be sure to follow each of the above rules and will certainly achieve the result you need. Do not doubt anything and do not be afraid, because it will affect the water. If, nevertheless, you are haunted by some doubts as to whether or not to carry out the ritual, then it is better to postpone this matter by the time you can say for sure that you really need it. Do not do anything of interest or to check if a higher power exists. It exists only for those who sincerely believe in it.

Overweight plot

This is a very effective magic ritual that will help you quickly get rid of extra pounds. The ceremony must be carried out during the waning moon. When night falls, read the words of the conspiracy on a vessel of water:

“Lord, bless, Lord, help the servant of God (name). In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. There was a bed on the ocean, on the sea, on the glorious island of Buyan, on the bed of that downy feather bed. On a downy feather bed lies a pig with nine heads, and with ten mouths. That pig will eat my fat, and seize my bacon, with all its nine heads, and ten mouths. As water leaks through fingers, so the pig will eat my excess weight. I close my words with the key, I throw the key into the pool. In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen. Amen. Amen".

After that, you should wash your face with charmed water every day before going to bed.

Ritual from an unknown disease

If you or your loved one constantly feels unwell, but no doctor can name the reasons for feeling unwell, this universal magic ritual is suitable for you. After sunset you need to speak water with the words:

“On the third day of Easter, Saint Katerina was walking, and Saint Marina was walking next to her. They carried the Sacred Gifts. I, the servant of God (name), will remember those Holy Gifts for three evenings, so that they will help me regain my health. I wash my face with clean, crystal water, I get rid of the cursed disease. Healthy body, healthy heart. May it be so. Amen. Amen. Amen".

So that wishes come true

This plot is very universal, it will help to fulfill any of your pure desire, if it is not connected with harm to other people. Put in a glass of pure spring or charged water, bring the glass to your lips and say your innermost desire over it three times. After that, read the words of the conspiracy:

“Water, voditsa, you are my sister, you give me a wash, you give me a drink. Give me, the servant of God (name), voditsa, three drops for luck, five drops for luck and the sea, for happiness. I close my words with a key, wash the key in water. As water is pure, so are my thoughts pure and desires are clear. As said, it will come true. Amen".

After pronouncing the conspiracy, you need to drink all the water in a glass in small sips. This is a simple and safe magic ritual that will not harm anyone, but it will work only if your thoughts were completely clear during the utterance of the words of the conspiracy, they did not contain anger, envy and other negative thoughts.

Rejuvenation conspiracy

This ritual must be carried out on Ivan Kupala, that is, July 7th. Take a walk to a place where no one would bother you, take water from a stream, honey and fried sunflower seeds with you. Walk for a while when you find a place that suits you - stop and take off your shoes. Let the hair be loose. Turn east and read the spell aloud:

"The sun, warming the mother earth, giving light to its inhabitants, give me your kind warmth, give your bright light, give your little ray to my heart."

Now we need to get running water and pour it over, whispering:

“Water, water, cleanse me from evil deeds, from dashing thoughts, from evil spirits. To help me be, renew my face and my soul. ”

After that, make flowers and make a wreath of them. Now you need to put it on and say:

“Forest branches, wildflowers, meadow grass, give me everything that Mother Nature endowed you with.”

Walk a bit, then sit down, eat honey and drink water. Rise, pick up a few seeds in your hand and throw them forward, saying:

“Everything will be as requested, everything will be as planned. I am endowed with natural silushka. The seeds of a solar flower are witnesses to me. ”

Then you can return home. Do not forget to pick up a wreath, it will be your mascot until the coming of Ivan Kupala next year.

Water plot for good luck

In order for Fortune to become your twin sister (literally Siamese), it is recommended to recall the state when you had a serious win.

For example, you were offered something that you didn’t even dare to dream about. Or you won the lottery. Do you understand what the condition should be?

The sky opened and all the riches of the world fell on you, along with the prince and his white horse.

Now repeat in a glass of clean water three times:

“I am baptized with God as Christ, I will be strengthened by faith, I will be guarded by an angel. An angel sat on his right shoulder, guarding me from night to morning, from sunset to dawn. From the fierce heap, from the stray beast, from the evil word, from the evil plot. Take care of me, my Angel, from punishment and judgment, from a sharp knife, but terrible poison, to evil tongues put a barrier. Cleanse the path, accompany me! Amen!"

Talk every day for a week in a glass and drink immediately. If you continue further, then there will be no evil.

How to talk water to work

Take two glasses. Pour half the water into one key. Now, pouring in the second, pronounce:

“Running water, without barriers. Everyone is happy with her murmur. As the earth parted before water, the sands crumble, the stones crumble, and there are no obstacles in front of me. All gave mine to argue, but again in the hands of asking. And success and luck themselves jump on change! Amen!"

Transfuse seven times. The same amount of spell you need to read. Then drink water.

Do not forget about the condition. It is necessary to get rid of even a hint of past failures and misunderstandings. All thoughts should be directed towards success.

Well, if you can remember something about well-implemented projects. A state of complete confidence in one's strengths and abilities is necessary.

If you managed to evoke a vivid image, then the conspiracy is not necessary to remember. Just the water you need to say what you want to get from your work.

Be sure to emotionally color your story. That is, if you describe the process, then say in detail what you want to feel. For example, delight or joy from a successful decision. So describe all the steps, and drink the water.

For money

The difficulty with income and water is that it does not accept information about the number of tokens in the fee. This is an eternal subconscious problem.

For him, the number (and availability) of notes is an empty image. To start talking about income, you need to create a mental image of what you want to feel from receiving them.

Are you really happy with a lot of bank notes? Or will it be pleasant for you to realize how much all that is pleasant with this heap can now be acquired? Probably the second is more true.

They start talking water for money when they are. This is an important rule. If your pocket is empty, then how many do not imagine yourself as a Rockefeller, related to Rothschild, nothing will work.

Got a little money, immediately pour water into a glass until you spend it. The plot is this:

“Like in the sea of ​​fish, like birds in the sky, like grass in the field, so I would have to share everything so that everything is allowed and the clothes are small, travel enough, but houses and open spaces, all kinds of other gifts. So that gold and stones are not translated, so that everything that is dreamed of comes true, and even a little remains. Amen!"

Please note that during the ceremony, you need to imagine not the flows of money, but the maximum pleasure that you will receive from their presence.

Sometimes it’s advised to imagine money rain or banknotes rushing after a person. There is little sense from this. For the universe, this thought-image is like dust that surrounds you.

She will decide that you have everything.

Rite with gold

There are conspiracies for water for money, the preparation for which is fraught with certain difficulties. So, in the house you should have gold jewelry, and among them - a cross. Procedure:

Collect all the precious things (together with a cross) in a pile.
Take out the golden cup.
Place the cup on the countertop.
Light four candles around the container to form an imaginary square.
Nearby put the image of the Mother of God.
Read the prayers “Virgin Mary” or “Our Father”.
Whisper a plot for money 12 times.

In the above example, we not only consume water, but also regularly use it. It is better to pour the liquid immediately into the vial and add three drops to the drink every day. And the sorcerers advise to moisten the pads of your fingers - then wealth will “stick” to you. Spell text:

“I will bow down to the Mother of God, I will cross and go to the crossroads of seven roads. I’ll get to the eighth field, there I will see a key well. A young month is hanging over that well, silver light is pouring. The Most Holy Theotokos descends along the beam, gathers the Jordanian water. I also came to ask for that kind of water, wash my hands with healing dew, wash my earthly affairs. Those who wash themselves with divine dew, money sticks to that, they are not forever transferred. Amen".

Protection against corruption and evil eye

Sometimes a conspiracy for happiness does not correct the situation, since you have undergone a magical attack from the outside. There are a couple of proven rituals to protect against the evil eye. Here is one of them:

Get some melt water (well, if the ceremony is performed in winter).
Wait for the waning moon.
Exactly at midnight, start conspiring.
Light a white candle purchased in a church.
Take in your hand a saucer filled with melt water.
Say a magic spell.

At the end of the ceremony, you need to cross yourself and read “Our Father” three times. In the morning, make three small sips from the saucer, and sprinkle the dwelling with the remaining liquid. Prayer text:

“Vodichka-voditsa, paradise queen, you came from heaven, went into the earth, began to rule here. Take away, some water, from God's servant (your name) all envious glances and fierce adversities. Take trouble to the earth, let no one find it. May the earth bury them forever. Amen".

Strong conspiracy from fear

Put into a transparent vessel of pure water, read the prayer “Our Father” three times over it, and then utter from memory the words of the conspiracy:

“The divine hour, the good hour, is the Blessed Virgin Mary over the golden bridge. Clean angels stood before her, and bright archangels. They asked where the Theotokos was keeping her path, where she was going. Maria answered them that she was going to the servant of God (name), there was a fright to speak from him, and to speak the language. And with herself, the Mother of God called all the saints angels, and the light archangels. They will help her, they will reprimand from the servant of God (name) fear, with his crown. From the eyes, from the ears, from the neck, from the tongue and sublingual, from the kidneys, from the lungs, from the spine, from the stomach, from the scruff and legs, from the zealous heart, and from the violent head, from all 77 joints. Do not stand here in fright, you shouldn’t make blue ones, don’t break yellow bones, don’t rage in red blood. Stop, fear, leave the servant of God (name). In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen".

After pronouncing the last words, you need to wash the person with the charmed water from whom the fear was removed, and he should drink the remaining water to the drop.

Rite of water for good luck

This is a powerful magical ritual that can be fearlessly performed in any lunar cycle. It is best to carry out the ceremony in the first half of the day, that is, from morning to noon. To carry out the ritual you will need:

a bucket of clean water (charged positive energy),
a pot of earth
three church candles.

In addition, before starting the ritual, you will need to clear yourself of negative energy, concentrate on your goal and discard other thoughts.

First you need to speak water in a bucket. Put a vessel in front of you and say three times the words of the conspiracy to attract good luck. The words:

“Water, you cleanse me, the servant of God (name), wash me from head to toe, take off the burden from my soul and mind. As you, water, wash away dirt from stones, as you clean blackness, so you wash away all unnecessary things, take away everything that I don’t need in my life. Wash me from grief, from loss, from pain. Bring me a new life, water, new luck. May it be so. Amen".

After that, you need to pour the charmed water from the bucket onto yourself, this procedure can be carried out in the bathroom or in the bath. So that the water is not too cold, it can be heated, but only until the words of the conspiracy are pronounced.
After you remove all negativity from yourself with the help of water, you need to charge yourself with energy for a new, successful life. Place the prepared candles on the floor so that they form a triangle, stand in the center of the educated figure, close your eyes, concentrate on the purpose of the ritual and say the words of the plot:

"Holy flame of fire, you have endowed me, the servant of God (name), with your sparkling power, with your quick energy that will never go out, but will burn and warm people for a century."

This conspiracy must be pronounced until you yourself feel that you have repeated it enough. No need to count the number of repetitions, concentrate only on the purpose of the rite.

After that, stand in the triangle for about three more minutes and exit it, leaving the candles to burn out. As soon as they burn out, collect the cinders and throw them into the bin.

The last part of the ritual is work with harvested land. For work, you will need some thing that belongs to you and which is not a pity. It can be an old garment, cheap and unnecessary jewelry, or just a recently taken photograph.

The selected item must be put in a pot with earth. Now go outside, find a tree that bears fruit, dig a small hole next to it and pour earth into it with your own thing. The hole must be sprinkled with earth and returned home. The rite will begin to act quickly enough.

Conspiracy for money

This is a strong magic ritual that can quickly improve your financial condition. This rite is universal, it affects all areas of your activity that can bring you profit, it is good luck at work, good sales, and even the possibility of finding money right on the street.

To carry out the ritual, you will have to read the words of the conspiracy three times on a vessel with water during the growing moon. The words:

“There is a golden well in a wide field, a golden well and the water in it is golden. Under the well, the white key boils, and the earth burns. Just as the white key is boiling under the ground, so the work of the servant of God (name) will boil and argue. As the water of gold is in the well, so the servant of God (name) will have a moshna filled with gold. There is a house next to that well, and that house has a table, and on the table there is bread and salt. Just like bread and salt are on the table, so the servant of God (name) will have a full table, and there will always be something to chew in his house. Behind the golden house is again a field, and in the field is a bull and a cow. Just as a cow runs after a bull, so will God's servant (name) good and wealth run. There is a forest behind the field, spruce grows in the forest, and hops grow on the spruce. Just as hops curl around a fir tree, so around God's servant (name) there will be every right curl, honor, wealth, and good. Behind the forest is a dense meadow, and grass on the meadow, and morning dew on the grass. As the dew itself is born, no one grows and sows it, so the servant of God (name) will have money. He will have money in the mosh, like in a meadow of dew. With a golden key I close my words, I throw a key into the sea. Just as a fish cannot fly in the sky, so no one can get my key. May it be so. Amen".

Love plot

This plot should be read only in pure spring or charged water. Read the words an odd number of times during the growing moon.

“I will arise, God's servant (name), blessed, I will go from home, crossing myself. From the door of the house I will go to the gate, from the gate to the open field I will go out, into the wide field. Jesus Christ, the son of the living God, sits in that field. How Jesus yearns for his church. And for the disciples, the servant of God (name), the servant of God (name) will yearn. He didn’t sleep, he didn’t walk, he didn’t eat, he only longed for me. Only he should think about me, only he should love me. As said, it will come true. Amen".

From a terrible disease

If someone from your loved ones suffers from an unknown terrible disease, you can heal him with magic. Pour tap water into a glass, set in front of you and think about a loved one. Whisper a plot:

“Saint Catherine walked after Easter, and Saint Maryana walked next to her. The Holy Gifts were taken, the sufferer (called the name of the patient) helped. Three evenings I will remember Gifts, health (name of the patient) to wish more. I wash my face with crystal water, I get rid of all evil. My heart is strong, my relative’s body is healthy (name). Amen".

As you can see, water is universal - with its help any problems are solved. The liquid absorbs our thoughts, aspirations and desires. The brighter these thoughts are, the better.

Features and Tips

Water is a powerful tool in the hands of a knowledgeable person. With the help of specially enchanted water, you can cause love, bring good luck into your life, get rid of the disease or get rich. Water is an element with the help of which a person can easily and with impunity transfer his desire to higher forces, the Universe or into space.

Water accumulates negative, therefore, it is often used to determine damage and the evil eye and remove them. But water can also accumulate positive energy, due to which it is widely used in ceremonies aimed at improving well-being and achieving success.

In order for conspiracies for money for water to work properly, you should properly prepare for the ceremony. First of all, you need to find the source. You can speak for your own good only pure water, for example, from a spring, key or well.

Another way to bring wealth and success to life is to conspire against holy water. This method helps to achieve the desired only for believers and baptized people, but black magicians cannot use holy water for good.

In addition, water must work properly. Any dark feelings and negative emotions that a person experiences can harm the outcome of the ritual, as water quickly absorbs negative energy. If anger, hatred or envy of more successful acquaintances has settled in a person’s soul, the ritual for water (for wealth or good luck) simply will not work. With negative feelings in the soul, you can only do black magic aimed at harming another person, but creation is not available in this case.

Thus, before proceeding to the ritual, it is recommended to use the following tips:

  • learn to control your feelings and emotions,
  • discard all negative emotions
  • to have a good rest and relax before working with water,
  • clearly articulate and visualize the desired.

A few days before the ritual, it is recommended to distract from all worries and just relax. Before the ritual, one should cleanse the body by taking a bath, and thoughts by meditating for 20-30 minutes. This will help to tune in the right way.

The ritual to increase wealth is held on the new moon. With the help of water, you can also bring luck and success into your life and achieve the fulfillment of your deepest desire. These rituals are also recommended for the new moon.

Money ritual

A strong ritual for water, which allows you to attract money and career success, is carried out on the growing moon. It is necessary to fill the jug with spring or well water, toss a silver coin into it and read the following words:

“On the island of Buyan, a white-combustible stone stands. On the stone, two birds are sitting - white and black. Silver glistens in the tail of a white bird, gold shines in a black bird. A white-combustible stone has power, and it gives each particle its present. Arrive, birds, drink my water, sprinkle a stone, so that its strength will expand, but I will fall. Fly in, birds, and drop your feathers so that money in my life is kept and never transferred. My heart is pure, my will is strong, so be it. Amen."

These words must be read three times, and then put a jug of water on the window and leave until morning. Every day, you need to drink three sips of water from the jug on an empty stomach, saying: “Hurry up the birds, drink my water to have money in my life, otherwise it will end soon.”

A ritual to attract good luck

This is a rather complicated, but effective ritual that helps to bring good luck to life. It must be carried out on the street. For the ritual, you will need a bucket or basin with water, preferably a well, any personal item (clothing, decoration, etc.) and three church candles. A ritual is held at any time of the day.

First you need to remove the “failure”. To do this, read the conspiracy on a bucket of water: “Voditsa sister, help me cleanse myself. Deliver from diseases, from evil thoughts, from human troubles, from failures and troubles. Cleanse me and renew me to be new to me, body and soul clean. Amen. ”Then you should pour this water on yourself.

The next stage is to recharge the energy of fire. For this, it is necessary to place candles on the earth with a triangle, light them and stand in the center, reading the plot: “I call upon the power of fire - give me your particle! I am tempered by water, charged with fire, I call to myself-I call on you. May good luck come to my light, and henceforth not leave me. Amen."

The next step is to receive the blessing of the earth. To do this, dig a hole, put a personal thing in it and say: “What is dear to my heart, I give you, mother earth,. Do not leave me without attention and help. Bless me, good luck go with me. Amen."

Then you need to go home without looking back, and immediately go to bed. As a rule, a person after such a rite has wonderful dreams of sacred meaning, and the next day life begins to change for the better.

Simple ritual for money

The next conspiracy to attract money does not require special preparation and is very simple. You need to take a glass of holy water, put a coin in it and read the following conspiracy for money: “As water becomes steam, so the poverty of my life will go away forever. Amen."

Then you need to put the glass near the window and do not touch until the water disappears. As soon as only one coin remains at the bottom, positive changes will begin to occur in a person’s life. As a rule, after this rite of passage a person will be promoted, bonus, return of a debt or unexpected inheritance.

Rite for the fulfillment of desire

Water is drawn for good luck and money is carried out in different ways, one of them is a ceremony for the fulfillment of a desire. It is necessary to draw into a glass of pure natural water and whisper your innermost desire into the water, repeating three times. It is better to do this at short intervals, for example, in the morning, at lunch and in the evening.

Then at night you should take a glass in your hands and read the conspiracy: “Voditsa-sister, help the dream come true! I want (here you need to say your wish). Give me three drops for money, five drops for luck, seven drops for love, nine drops for health, and the whole ocean for happiness. My water is pure, so my thoughts are pure and the heart of evil does not know. May the secret come true. Amen."

Then you need to drink water in small sips and go to bed.

About the consequences

Water rituals are safe because they cannot be used to the detriment of another person. If the thoughts are pure and there is no negative in the soul, the desired will be fulfilled and there will be no negative consequences. If the person conducting the ritual is angry, envious and hypocritical, the ritual simply will not enter into force, which means that the ritual will not come true. In this regard, before the ritual should be cleared of the mind of all the negativity that modern people face daily.

How to use water properly

There are some conditions for a water conspiracy.

1. You can start watering at any time. But not in any condition. You must be calm and balanced. If you are overwhelmed by some negative emotions, anxiety, fears, then first you need to calm down. Remember that water takes over from you your state, your thoughts, and they often turn around in our heads uncontrollably. There will be no use (if not worse) if you say one thing to the water, and you yourself think or experience another.

The most filthy is doubt. There is no doubt during work. You must be sure that it will be so and only as you said and desired. That is, if, for example, you want yourself to get rid of a headache, and at the same time you are mentally afraid that water will NOT help, that nothing will work ("what if it does not help?"), Then you should not take up water . Your fears are stronger than your sounds of words, so there is no guarantee that water will not perceive your mental impulses.

You should not consume water to another person if you feel bad, if you have a breakdown, you are very tired or your head is busy with some kind of problem. For example, I do not always start talking water, but only when I have the time and energy to do this, and if I am in good health (without my own pains and other things). This is an elementary “safety technique” for both yourself and other people.You can “accidentally” put your pain or problems into water and transfer it to another person. Therefore, keep in mind that your condition is very important. It’s easier for me to help ourselves through water in such cases, it seems to me (again, I compare by myself).

2. When working with water, you can light a candle (any!), But you can not light it.

Fire cleans the space well (at least around you), which in addition can have a beneficial effect on your energy work.

3. It is better to take a vessel for water transparent. I can’t explain this, but I personally did better when the water was poured into a transparent glass, and not into a porcelain cup.

4. WATER itself. Everywhere they write that you need to take melt water or clean spring water. But where is it to get it in the same metropolis or in the summer ?? No, it is clear that thrifty people always keep frozen ice in the freezer for such cases and simply give it if necessary to turn back into the water (though with a conspiracy you have to wait until the ice melts). Melt water, namely water turned from ice, as you already know from the film, has “updated” properties, it is considered to be cleared of the memory that was in it (although according to the full program, water should first turn into steam, fall into sediment, and then only freeze).

But I do it differently (for lack of ice in the freezer and spring water nearby). I have filtered tap water flowing (this is at least some kind of purification from harmful impurities, but, alas, the water structure is still dead) and it is better to use this (or bottled) rather than boiled.

The fact that this water has no structure (that is, the main information carrier) is not scary, it is you who will create this structure due to your energy.

I bought myself a magnetic stand for water. It costs very cheaply (something about 200 rubles), it serves 3-4 years, and there is benefit from it. As you understand, a magnetic stand magnetizes water. What is it and what does it give?

Here is an extract from the annotation for the magnetic stand:
“There are so many ways to improve the quality of drinking water. And one, perhaps the most affordable, is magnetization. It is proved that magnetic water helps with many diseases and has an excellent healing effect on the whole organism. But in nature, magnetic water is extremely difficult to meet. So you have to look for easier ways to structure it. Magnetic stand is the most sought after device used by millions of people around the world. This method of water magnetization is the most harmless and environmentally friendly, as it does not require the use of chemicals. ”

As a result, the filtered water (if there is no filter, then it is necessary that the water from the tap at least settles for at least a day) I pour into a transparent glass and put it on a magnetic stand for a couple of minutes. By the way, I noticed that my favorite cat is happy to drink water after the stand. And animals in this regard are an indicator for me, because they (especially pets) will not drink rubbish or “bad water”. So I solved the problem with melt-spring water. It may be worse than melt water, but I have no other option.

5. Try to stay in seclusion during a water conspiracy. It is better that no one distracts you, and that you personally are not embarrassed by anyone, so that there is silence and there are no extraneous noises or sounds (remember that water reacts to sounds and music, and its structure changes under their action).

6. Choose for yourself the prayer that you will read in the conspiracy. Any prayer cleanses you, your space, and the water itself. Prayer is always goodness, so my advice is not to neglect it. Get rid of all your doubts and limitations about whether you are baptized or not, whether you believe in God or not, whether religious or not.

This is all not important for sincere prayer. Any person can pray, no “special permissions” are required for this! Do not know any prayers? Find any on the Internet - everything is there. There are prayer guards, intercessors, intercessors.

The “universal” prayer, in my opinion, is “Our Father”, many know it. I’m saying it all the time. ” If you wish, you can say more than one prayer over the water. But with prayer, the effect will be much better, believe me, for I have tried both without prayer. You should know and read the chosen prayer by heart, and not by piece of paper!

7. Water, of course, saves information, but nevertheless it is better to drink it after a conspiracy in 2-3 minutes. So it will be more effective. Although my husband drank the charmed water after 6-7 hours (I spoke to him at night - in the morning) and the result was no worse. It is better to drink the charmed water on an empty stomach or at least 1.5 hours after eating. And better before eating (half an hour or more).

8. You can put a silver spoon or cross in water. But the pectoral cross is still a personal thing, so here I would have been more careful, with a spoon it’s somehow safer. You can also put a piece of shungite in the water.

But I myself do without any additives in the water. And you decide for yourself - you will just have water or you will put something in it to supplement it. The main thing is not objects, but your conspiracy. The item after the plot must be taken out of the water.

9. Do not be afraid that with a conspiracy of water you will lose a lot of strength or energy, this is not so. In the end, this is not some kind of superfood for many hours. Everything is quite simple, this work will not take you much time and will not take power. Personally, I don’t remember something that I was very tired after her. In principle, if you do this with pleasure and desire, then your energy will not suffer and will be completely compensated imperceptibly, if that.

10. And most importantly (regarding the conspiracy of water for other people, and for themselves). Always remember that the healing of the patient depends only on himself.

Water alone cannot help him. A person himself must make an effort in working on himself, his attitude to the disease, he must understand that he needs to reconsider something in life, change something, maybe something or forgive someone (including himself ), let go, remove guilt and resentment from oneself or others (these are the most common causes of illnesses), clean oneself (it doesn’t matter how to go to the temple or read prayers at home, use meditation or cleansing candles, etc.). In general, you understand me.

A water conspiracy is the addition of energy to the process, but only water cannot cure the disease. Even some symptoms (especially if they are chronic) with water can be removed only temporarily, if a person does nothing else for his recovery. All people have different levels of energy. And let's say you have stronger energy than your loved ones whom you want to help. It is wonderful. But you can’t plant people on your energy!

Do not become an endless "donor". The ward whom you are helping must do something else for himself. Otherwise, all your water conspiracies will be only temporary relief for him, but for you they will become a constant obligation, which is wrong. In the end, teach your loved ones to start talking water to themselves - this will be their own work for themselves and for the benefit of their own healing.

11. I do not recommend putting under the vessel with water or next to it a photograph of the person for whom you are conspiring water, especially if this person is sick. Water will take information from this person. And your task is to create a new pure third-party message of healing energy for that person. Therefore, photos of people are not needed here.

Water conspiracy on health. The process itself

Solitude, you can light a candle.

Pour water into a transparent glass or cup and exactly as much as a person drinks with ease and pleasure (that is, do not need a lot of water for a person to drink it later with difficulty).

Water after the plot must be drunk to the end. It is better to start watering a few times over a new one, rather than distributing one amount to several doses.

After you have magnetized water (if there is no other way), place the glass in front of you so that it is convenient for you to bend over it.

Pound the hands actively (palms, fingers), as if you entered from the cold and warm your hands. Brushes should not be as cold as ice, but it doesn’t matter if they are cool. Next, slightly move your palms apart and back. You should feel some attraction between them. It’s as if you have a rubber ball between your palms that you are either squeezing or unclenching (the palms do not touch each other).

Close your eyes and feel how energy appeared between your palms (when you move your palms towards each other, you can feel a slight resistance, as if the air between them became denser - this is the energy field that has arisen). It's okay if you can’t immediately feel it, with time and with a certain workout that can be done without a conspiracy of water, you will succeed and you will begin to feel everything.

If you believe in your Guardians, Angels, Guardian Angel, then call them for help, invite them into your space, ask them to help you talk this water. I always call for the help of my Angels and, in the event of water being consumed for health, I invite Archangel Raphael, who is considered the “doctor of God” and helps in healing.

Then place your palms around the glass with water (as if embracing it with your hands), but not touching the glass itself, just very close to it on the right and left, fingers gently closed with each other.

Lean over the water as close to it as possible (but without touching, of course) and read the prayer “Our Father” (or some other) 3 times in a row (by heart). Eyes can be closed. In general, it is not necessary to look at water. Personally, I rarely look at water during a conspiracy, if I wish. More often I work with my eyes closed.

After the prayer, start listing all the organs of the person to whom the water is being spoken. Say that these organs feel good, work smoothly and correctly. And at the same time try to imagine all this. No need to imagine the internal anatomy, this is not necessary. The main thing is to present at least in a general way. It is necessary that you see the “picture” in bright colors, as if the human body is still glowing inside, as if the sun shines somewhere out there. This is especially necessary to imagine a sore spot of a person or his suffering organ (skin surface, running blood through vessels, etc.). Be sure to mention the name of this person. Think about it, focus and do not be distracted by any other extraneous thoughts.

It is not scary if you forgot to mention some organs or areas of the body, the main thing is that you paid attention to a sore spot or organ, and you say everything else for general health. Be sure to say that such and such a person has excellent good health!
You can start with this.

You must speak in the present tense, as if everything is happening right now, and not in the future ("let such and such have this and that ..."). It is important.

Do not use the particle "NOT" !! All your phrases should be without "NOT"!

To my husband, who often suffers from coughing (that is, is affected by the respiratory sphere), I pronounce approximately the following: “Alexey has excellent, good health! Alexey’s lungs are clean and working correctly, breathing calmly, fully and deeply, Alexey’s trachea and bronchi are clean, they work smoothly and well. Alexei’s breathing is calm, deep, fresh. Alexei's throat is clear, his voice sounds beautiful and pleasant. Alexey’s head is clear, he thinks positively and sensibly, Alexey’s thoughts are bright and clean, Alexey’s mood is wonderful! Alexey's eyes are clear and glow with health and happiness. Alexei's skin is clean. Alexey’s heart feels great, works correctly, beats exactly ... " etc.

Then I talk about the gastrointestinal tract, the genitourinary system, the excretory system, etc. I repeat again that it’s okay if you forgot something and did not mention it.

The main thing is to speak with a wish of good and confidence that everything is exactly as you say.

I noticed (it was not immediately) that at the time of the conspiracy I suddenly began to smile. Not because I'm funny or something else, but because I myself am very joyful and bright from my own wishes. I feel love and my energy message is only positive and very sincere, because I sincerely want it to be that way.

At the end of the conspiracy (as you know, it will take several minutes in total), thank the water for listening to you and accepting what you told her. If you experience a real feeling of gratitude, then you will again feel love - yes, it is to water, as to your assistant, as to a substance that existed before you, which carries life in itself and which is created by something omnipotent, the Supreme Reason and Spirit. Therefore, do not be shy in the manifestation of your feelings, this is not insanity - it is just natural and normal if you turn off your personal perception at least for a while and feel like a cell of a huge harmonious single organism.

“I thank you, living water, for your help, for your abilities and love. I ask you - help Alexei, cleanse him and fill him with new life-giving strength and health. I love you and thank you! May it be so! Thank you Thank you Thank you! "

After that, you can optionally cross the water, you can not do this. Be sure to thank everyone who was with you, whom you called (God, Angels, Archangels, Guardian Angel). After - give this person a drink of water or drink it yourself (if you were talking water yourself). It is better that he drink it on an empty stomach or after eating (after 1.5-2 hours).

And finally, let's talk about why you can even talk about water, how the charm of the water affects the body.

I will not write a study, for on the topic of water, what is it, what can it, etc. and so you will read a sea of ​​miscellaneous clever information.

I will dwell only on a few facts.

Water is the basis of life on Earth. Every day we use water in unlimited quantities, but almost do not know about its miraculous properties. Scientists have long come to the conclusion that water is something about which we actually know almost nothing.

In all religions of the world, bathing before various sacraments and prayers is accepted (let us recall the rite of baptism, for example).

Only water is a unique solvent for various substances and can overcome the pressure of several atmospheres, rising up the trunk of trees, providing them with life.

And there are many, many very different interesting and incomprehensible facts about water.

Many have already heard about the Japanese scientist Masaru Emoto, who conducted water research and revealed a striking thing: water has a memory and behaves like a living organism that not only transfers information, but also is able to store it.

We live in a world of energies, that is, in a world of various vibrations or waves (electro-magnetic, acoustic, etc.). Water, like a person who for the most part consists of water, resonates in the same way on impulses of various waves and energies. But water not only resonates, it can also store the information received and carry it further (for example, to humans or plants).

Watch the film “The Great Secret of Water,” based on the research and experiments of Masaru Emoto, and you won’t have any questions about why you can even talk water.

In general, now many criticize the theory of Masaru Emoto. Believe it or not is everyone’s choice.

Personally, by my own example, I have repeatedly proved to myself and my family that water really perceives and remembers the information, intention and energy message enclosed in it.

Yes, my eyes are not a microscope, and I can’t see what kind of crystals-clusters are there at the moment, but the fact that water can really heal a person is what I know for sure.

And it is proved personally by me, on myself and on others. There are living witnesses to that.Therefore, I am skeptical of Emoto’s criticism, I don’t think that his photographs of water crystals were any dummy or painted. For some reason, it is believed that this is exactly what they look like after certain words or thoughts. And who doesn’t like it - let them look at the wallpaper patterns in their room

By the way, a reasonable question arises: why bother talking to yourself (for the same healing, beauty, fulfillment of desires, etc.), if the same water is then taken inward by the same person who spoke it? Can't we do without water in this case? You can simply do self-hypnosis, pronounce the same affirmations, or even engage in some other practices.

I also thought about this issue. And the first thing I want to say is that it is very difficult to influence oneself through water. In my opinion, it is much easier in this way to influence other people (with a good purpose, of course). When we made water for ourselves, we pressed something on our own water, asked, thanked, we immediately begin to wait for the result. And it may not be there right away.

Then there is a prerequisite when working with water (and not only with it) - this is absolute love. Love for what you say and for someone you are talking to. And love in this case is understood as full acceptance. Tell me, how many you will find such people who fully and unconditionally accept themselves.

It is much easier for us to experience this love not for ourselves, but for another person, since we perceive that other “outside” and we may not know everything about him, as we know about ourselves inside.

You see, the desire will not be completely sincere if we ourselves are unhappy in something, if we do not accept something in ourselves. But you need to work on these and you need to understand a lot about yourself, as a Soul.

And what’s important to understand. If you want to ask for something for yourself, then prayer is best for this. It is through prayer that we often ask for something. With water, however, is somewhat different. There they desire and visualize what they desire. That is, during the conspiracy you need to have a good idea of ​​what you say, what you want.

What for? To experience certain emotions and feelings, because they will strengthen your energy message, your impulse to influence and create a "program".

Yes, a conspiracy of water is commonplace programming (or structuring, as you heard in the movie), in modern language. Your vibration of words, voices, thoughts - this is information that you lay with a certain intention (or desire, in other words), it is the work of several energies at once, so the effect will be the stronger the clearer you manage to organize everything correctly in yourself ".

So, a conspiracy of water for itself gives a certain “prolonged” action. You started talking a little water, drank it and went to go about your business, to work, etc., in general - you forgot about it. In the process of the rest of your life, you may experience some other emotions or the effects of other energies, be distracted by pressing problems and much more, but the information that you “put” into the water and which the water remembered lives in you and has spread for a long time all over the body. And she works.

I must say that a conspiracy in the case of any global desires must be done repeatedly, every day at least once, and preferably two - in the morning and at night. Well, that is, it is one thing to relieve a headache, and another thing is to heal from a serious ailment.

With my serious illness, I used several different approaches, and not just water: I read prayers, did energy practices, worked with chakras, burned candles, used the practice of forgiveness, voice healing, and, of course, I started talking water. That is, with serious things, only one conspiracy of water will not be enough, I say right away.

You understand, “water will find a hole”, therefore, such created living water (that is, water that is “charged” with positive good intentions and energy) must be taken regularly, like all other methods of non-traditional healing.

And further. You can consume water for anything, not only for health, but also for the fulfillment of desires, for self-confidence, for good luck during the day, etc.

I myself use water only for health, I have not tried anything else. But can you try?

Write your comments in the comments, share your experiences and your examples! Remember that each of us can make water alive. This is not difficult. The main thing is your faith and desire.

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Why does it work?

Water can be spoken, and it will not be magic, but rather, physics. A person speaks words in a certain sequence and puts his energy and emotions into action. By performing an action, the speaker sets himself up to the fact that he has already taken an additional step to receive what he asks for. It is this mechanism that underlies the rituals. Each time, performing a strictly defined sequence of actions, a person knows exactly what result pursues, especially if he does everything with all his heart, with the confidence that everything will be fine. A subconscious program is launched, aimed at healing, attracting love, getting a job. Emotions, thoughts and actions of a person move in one direction.

The indoor installation, pronounced above the glass, is absorbed by the water crystal lattice and, entering the human body, interacts with the water inside it. As a result, the water that accumulates in the human body is transformed, changing the internal state and translating the requestor to that frequency of reality, where the desired is already there.

Water conspiracy, contented thinking and negative attitudes

Together with slander, it is recommended to use the technique of contented thinking. That is, if you notice a positive movement in the events and find something pleasant in the little things that are already there, there will be more reasons to rejoice, and therefore the goal will be attracted faster. For positive people, everything turns out much easier than for those who are always dissatisfied with life.

In addition, if something doesn’t work out for you: you cannot make money or attract a worthy partner, do not take responsibility. You are not to blame, but are responsible for everything that happens and does not happen in your life. If you do not have what you want, most likely you have negative internal attitudes about what you cannot pull. Think about what internal beliefs about men, women, money, countries constantly revolve in your internal dialogue? Are there any of these:

  1. "Money is earned only through hard work."
  2. "Money is not lying on the road."
  3. "Only bad people, thieves, scammers can become rich."
  4. "In our country, one cannot be successful."
  5. "Miracles happen only in fairy tales."
  6. "All men are wimps."
  7. "All women want only one thing - to profit from the men's wallet."
  8. "It's too late for me to change my life."
  9. "At my age it's hard to meet a decent person.
  10. "I never succeed, I'm the last loser."

This list can be continued for a long time, follow your negative beliefs and replace them with the opposite in a positive (without negation) way. If you repeat the text of the conspiracy on water, but the rest of the time you live a familiar life, think the same as before, it will not work - the person’s energy flows in the direction of his strongest thought. Get a notebook of successes and write down even the smallest successes in it every day after the conspiracy. In this way, you will set yourself up for the conspiracy to work and bring more positive changes to life.

Basic Rules

There are a few rules on how to use water properly:

  1. Plots use clear water without stones, sand, or dust.
  2. The following rule of how to spell water says that conspiracies are pronounced in complete solitude and silence.
  3. The text of conspiracies is read without a piece of paper by heart.
  4. Do not tell anyone about using magical practices.
  5. You can not swap the words of conspiracies, they must be pronounced clearly and clearly.
  6. The texts are read very quietly, gradually turning to a whisper, as if you are telling the most important secret.

In addition to observing the basic rules of how to properly consume water, you need to constantly think about the ultimate goal, feel it as if it is already in your hands, and not be distracted by extraneous matters, social networks and phone calls.

Technique "Glass of water"

One of the ways how to put water on desire was suggested by the author Vadim Zelandom. We will make a reservation that ordinary tap water is not suitable - there is too much information in it. The ideal option is spring water, but if it is not, you can do the usual clean from a bottle or melt. The whole charm of the method is that a person chooses how to consume water without resorting to any complicated and tangled magical conspiracies. The ritual is carried out in a few simple steps:

  1. Write your wish on paper in the present tense.
  2. Put a glass of water on the sheet.
  3. Close your eyes, rub your hands against each other with your palms and imagine how a warm luminous ball appears between them, which gradually unwinds, becomes denser. Focus on your inner sensations.
  4. Speak to yourself or loudly desire, sending it inside the energy ball. Repeat the wording several times, note that the wording should sound in the present tense.
  5. After the desire is sent to the ball several times, mentally send it along with the request into a glass and drink water.

Use the technique before going to bed and go to bed immediately, it is ineffective in the morning and afternoon.

Money conspiracy

Most people dream of financial well-being, but not everyone knows that you can attract it with the help of water. There is a simple way to talk water for money, it will get rid of material difficulties. Draw water into a small basin and read the words of the conspiracy: "Water knows everything and has power, as the water of the earth washes and dirt cleanses, so my bad luck will forever wash away, give me well-being and a happy life." What to do next with the charmed water? She needs to wash herself without wiping her face with a towel so that her skin absorbs droplets of moisture.

To gain good luck

There is an easy way to charm water for good luck in order to attract luck. It is similar to the previous one, but will require a little paraphernalia. You will need three church candles, if they are not, or for some reason you do not want to use the yellow candles, take the green ones, they are used in money rituals.

  1. Take the largest pot in the house and place it in the center of the table.
  2. With candles, form a triangle around the pan.
  3. When the triangle is ready, light candles and charm water for good luck with these simple words: "Now good luck and happiness are with me, water will drive away my misfortunes." Repeat the plot three times.
  4. After reading the words, you need to go to the bathroom, pour the prepared water onto yourself and leave without wiping yourself with a towel.

The conspiracy against the evil eye

Not all people can enjoy the success of others. Anger and envy often cause plans to collapse and lead to the evil eye. Water can wash away the negative effect of others and turn life back to normal.

The way to properly consume water from the evil eye. You will also need a church candle and a glass of water. You need to light a match and wait until it burns out by half, and then throw it into a glass. Say the following words: "As the match burned out, so did the jinxing me." After reading the words, light a candle, drip a few drops of wax into a glass. Water must be stored for three days, and then drained into the sink.

Love plot

Every girl dreams of meeting true love. Water can also help meet a life partner, the most important thing is not to become attached to the image of a specific person, but to allow the universe itself to bring a lover to you. A simple way to charm water for love. At night, whisper over a glass of water: "I love, they adore me, I have a strong family. I will give birth to many children, I will be a loving mother and a faithful wife." After that, drink water.

Silva Method

Have you ever been tormented by a question that you cannot find an answer to, or an unresolved problem? As a rule, even the closest people are not able to help or advice is not too suitable. Water knows how to deal with what's bothering you. This method, how to make water, is similar to the technique of a glass of water, but refers directly to the subconscious. We will tell you how to carry it out:

  1. Before going to bed, fill the glass with water and close your eyes.
  2. Drink about half a glass and say to yourself: "This is all I need to solve the problem that tormented me."
  3. Cover the glass so that dust and dirt do not get into it, put it on a chair or a table near the bed and go to bed.
  4. Repeat as soon as you wake up, and finish drinking the remaining water.

The answer to the question may come on the same night when the first half of the glass was drunk. In this case, in the morning you need to thank the water, the subconscious, the higher powers, when you finish the second half. If this does not happen - do not be discouraged. The answer may come later in the day with an unexpected insight, you can meet a person who will tell you the necessary information or help with solving the problem.

The Silva method works, although the opinions of experts on why it is effective differ. Some researchers believe that with closed eyes a person activates the brain and puts it in an excited state. The brain's defensive response switches to determining what you swallowed. This helps to program it to get a specific result.

To fulfill a desire

We all have many small desires and one very, most cherished. How to put water on desire? There is a simple and effective ritual that we want to share with everyone who has a cherished dream:

  1. Pour into a clear glass of water.
  2. Speak over him three times what you want to receive.
  3. Read the words of the slander: "Water helps me wash, water helps me get drunk. She will give me three drops for good luck, five drops for luck and a sea of ​​happiness! I close it with a key, wash it with water, as I said, it will be so, so be it!" .
  4. In small sips, slowly, drink the contents of the glass.

This conspiracy does no harm to anyone and makes the life of the person who read it happy.

To health

With the help of water, you can improve your health. All you need is to know how to use water for health. This plot works in cases of constant deterioration of well-being for no apparent reason. After sunset, speak over a glass of water: “On the third day of Easter, Saints Catherine and Marina walked together, bringing holy gifts with me. I (your name) will commemorate these holy gifts for three evenings so that they can restore my health. I wash my face with clean water, I’m getting rid of an evil ailment. My heart is healthy, my body is healthy, as I said, so be it. "

This is not the only way to talk water to health, you can also use the technique of a glass of water by Vadim Zeland.

Rite of luck

This method is good in that it can be used regardless of the lunar phase. But you need to carry out the ritual in the first half of the day before noon. You will need:

  • A bucket of clean water.
  • Bucket with the ground.
  • Three candles.

Before performing the action, make sure that the internal dialogue is stopped and there are no extraneous thoughts in your head, concentrate. After the consciousness becomes pure, you can begin to perform the ceremony.

  1. First, a conspiracy of water is performed. Here's how to speak water for good luck: put water in front of you and say these words: “Water, cleanse me, wash me from head to foot, remove the burden from my soul and mind. As you wash away the dirt and blackness, wash me away, that’s stopping me, and take it with you. Take away grief, misfortune, loss. Bring me a new life, happiness, good luck and prosperity. As I said, it will be so. "
  2. Pour on yourself the charmed water. You can carry out the ceremony in the bath or in the bath. If the water is too cold, you can warm it up, but only before the words of the conspiracy are read over it.
  3. Now that you have cleared yourself of the negative, you can continue the rite further and recharge with new positive energy. Place church candles on the floor so that they form a triangle, and stand in its center.
  4. Close your eyes, focus on what you want to ask for higher powers, read the text of the conspiracy: "Sacred flame of fire, endow me (here pronounce your name) with your strength, energy, brightness, undamped speed, which burn for centuries and warm people."
  5. Repeat the words of the slander as many times as you see fit, until you feel that you can stop. You do not need to keep track of repetitions, the main thing is to concentrate on what you want to ask the Universe, Higher powers, Gods, or that power in which you believe.
  6. After you read the words of the conspiracy, stay in the triangle for about three minutes, and then carefully go out and leave the candles to burn out.
  7. When the candles burn out, collect the cinder and discard.
  8. Now the last part of the ritual with the earth remains. Take one of the things you don’t mind throwing away (an old jacket, hairpin, photo or something else).
  9. Put the thing that you have chosen in a pot with earth, take it to a fruitful tree and bury it near it.


The most important question is: does the charmed water work? The reviews of those who have passed this practice say that it works, but there are several nuances that must be observed in order to get the result.

  1. If you read about how to speak water, and decided to try a way for yourself, you need to have a pure consciousness. In other words, there should not be a wall of internal dialogue between you and the glass, the desire to get what you ask for as soon as possible, doubts about the effectiveness. Before talking water, free your head from all that is superfluous and set your mind to work. You can read mantras or do meditation - the choice is yours.
  2. Some beginner esotericists ask how to properly speak water to desire, and whether it is possible to do this using a voice recorder (record a voice on tape or a smartphone and scroll through the recording for a certain time). Theoretically, you can create a record, but its frequency is not enough to make a wish come true. Water, glass, cup, candles and all other paraphernalia should interact with your personal energy.
  3. Before you start talking about water, think about whether you really need what you ask for, and that fulfilling the desire will bring for the Universe and the higher forces included in the work. If you ask for love, think about what you can give your partner what distinguishes you from other women or men, what is your uniqueness for this person? If these are material goods, then what will you do for the world when you receive them? Maybe you will help sick children or open your own art school, a shelter for homeless animals? Think about why the universe helps you open cash flow?
  4. Water feels the speaker’s mood and emotions. Speak a plot with love and care. Imagine that your loved one in a cold tone says words of love, what do you feel? For water, a similar principle works.
  5. Another important rule on how to speak water correctly: do not swear over water, choose words without jargon and mat, do not wish yourself something to harm others.

Here are the classic methods of how to use water. You can choose any of them or several at once, or you can come up with your own. There is no absolutely accurate recipe for how to properly consume water. Also remember that the human body consists mostly of water, so a lot depends on your own inner spirit of success. What you are tuned to is what you will attract into your life. Do not swear at food and do not discuss problems over a cup of tea, otherwise you will absorb negative information through food and drink, and there will be no less difficulties.

Watch the video: How to Say WATER -- American English Pronunciation (February 2020).