Dreamed a maniac, what does this mean?

Dream serial killers often cause panic and fear. In such dreams, a person usually tries to escape from his pursuer in order to be saved. But this does not always work out. In the article we will consider what does a maniac dream abouthow to evaluate this image depending on the exact circumstances of night vision.


At a subconscious level, this symbol represents danger, the inner fears of a sleeping person. In that dream interpretation run away from a maniac in a dream means that you are trying to hide from your obligations, from any problems. Perhaps you are trying to shift responsibility onto the shoulders of other people.

Sometimes it may seem like you yourself are a serial killer. In this case, a dream indicates latent or overt aggression. It can be caused by some circumstances or the behavior of people around. Remember who the rage was directed against. Did you try to hurt this person or just wanted to catch up with him?

Folk dream book

This source describes the following meanings of what is the dream of a maniac and a killer:

  • experiencing serious fear - actually pay attention to the people around you. Someone from whom you often communicate does not dare to admit their romantic feelings,
  • keep calm at the sight of a killer - a sign that you can handle the most difficult tasks. In the near future, performance will be phenomenal. But do not let others use it for their own purposes,
  • in night vision, you watch how a criminal is arrested - in reality, you will not be able to carry out your plan. This will be prevented by circumstances that you cannot influence in any way,
  • dreaming about killing a pursuer - get ready for big surprises. In the near future your efforts will be rewarded. Perhaps your favorite hobby will start to bring real profit,
  • trying to escape from a killer in a dream - a hint that you do not pay attention to those things that are really important for any person. You waste yourself on the little things
  • Becoming a maniac yourself is a signal of an incorrect assessment of your own talents and opportunities. Do not try to do what you cannot afford. Take on only those tasks that you can actually accomplish,
  • if the criminal had an ax or a knife in a dream, then an obsession will appear in your life or some person will haunt you for a long time. You will be able to turn the situation to your advantage, but for this you will need to show utmost composure and cunning,
  • the gun was a killer - get ready for numerous problems. They will affect both personal life and the service sphere.

Maniac on Miller’s dream book

The interpretation of this predictor is as follows:

  • to see yourself as a maniac - a desire to take revenge on the offender or an intention to commit meanness, a dream wants to warn that the implementation of the plan will not end with anything good,
  • to catch up with the killer in a dream - to lose in reality self-confidence and strength, only friends and hard work will help to return all this,
  • see how the maniac is arrested - soon the implementation of the plans will be realized, the dream predicts that this may require significant efforts, and the dreamer will have to make some concessions.
see yourself as a maniac - desire to take revenge on the offender

Warning in a dream

To some people, rapists dream of just before danger, a fateful combination of circumstances.

If you dreamed that an inadequate man was stalking you and wanted to kill or rape, then in reality there is a possibility of such a dream being fulfilled literally. Especially if in a dream appear places that exist in reality.

Running away from a maniac along a familiar street is a warning of alarm. If you are not afraid of him, then you can defeat not only fears, but also cope with a very dangerous person.

For schoolgirls and students, meeting a maniac in a dream is a warning about a problem. Remember where you saw him. If you dreamed that a maniac attacked you unexpectedly, beware of danger from a drunk or inadequate person.

If you recently broke up with a guy, expect an unpleasant conversation with him. Perhaps he did not come to terms with the refusal and continues to harass and insult you.

If in a dream a rapist chases after your girlfriend or girl who has not yet met a guy, she is in mortal danger. Such dreams are often seen by parents of adolescents who have just begun an independent life or meeting with guys.

A maniac in a dream of mothers and fathers often expresses concern for a teenager, fears that a girl got in touch with an inadequate guy. If your city has anxiety about the maniac, then dreaming with him is most often a game of imagination. After listening to talk about an abnormal person, you can quite see him in a dream. Such dreams should not be interpreted, unless you remember the vision and quickly forgot the impression of it.

However, the dream book advises to take into account night pictures in which the killer suddenly dreamed up and began to pursue you or a loved one.

After this dream, be careful and warn relatives. If possible, cancel night meetings, avoid uninhabited places and dark alleys.

Interpretation of sleep about a maniac in Wang’s dream book

According to Wanga, a dream with a maniac suggests the following:

  • to see a murderer in a dream is a bad sign, symbolizing trouble at work and serious health problems in one of the family members,
  • defend against a maniac - in reality, you have to fight for a long time to defend your position,
  • a maniac trying to catch a dreamer - an unsuccessful operation with financial investments,
  • maniac with a knife - big troubles ahead, unexpected problems.

Effect of presence

Feeling the presence of a maniac in a dream is a bad sign. The dream book writes that you are in danger in life. Escaping from it, fleeing in an unfamiliar room, hiding under stairs or construction debris is an attempt to get around the danger.

If you had a dream about a maniac walking along the corridors - expect an unexpected danger. Such a dream can predict a disease or surgery.

If a maniac attacked you in an unfamiliar corridor and began to choke, be afraid of heart disease. For some people, this dream predicts lack of freedom, trouble, a living embodiment of fears.

The dream of a girl indicates internal anxieties, fears that the future husband will be very jealous and control her.

If you feel persecuted and chasing in a dream, watch out for trouble. Sometimes people such a dream predicts violent interference in their lives.

If a woman escapes from rapists, then she can become a victim of an inadequate person or an arrogant admirer. Possible revenge or persecution by a former lover, a jealous husband. Sometimes a dream means scandal and a fight.

To get into the basement and see the murdered victim of a maniac or several dead girls - to a strong fear and violent interference in your life. Such a dream rarely predicts physical danger, but it can be dreamed of treachery, psychological violence.

Notice who the rapist was in a dream. A familiar person - you are subconsciously afraid of his aggression, a stranger - beware of conflict or aggressive interference in your life.

Becoming a victim of a maniac attack is sometimes a warning sign of physical danger. However, often people dream of an unpleasant surprise and an aggravation of the conflict. To be in the den of a cannibal is to meet with an extremely cruel and imperious person who is able to suppress, humiliate.

Blood, corpses, parts of the body can hint at danger, sometimes a mental disorder of the dreamer himself.If he likes to watch bloody films and play cruel computer games, the dream interpretation is not interpreted.

In other cases, the significance of this nightmare is associated with the exacerbation of existing conflicts, quarrels, drunkenness and fights. Beware of brawlers, unpleasant people, alcoholics and robbers, especially in the dark.

Women's fears

Meet a maniac on the street - to danger. In some dreams, seeing in a dream that someone else's hand kills people and animals is to the evil will of man.

Feeling a strong fear and being afraid to move and move - to an unforeseen and dangerous situation. Most likely, in life, something will plunge you into shock.

If you dreamed that the child was the victim, wait for the disturbing news. But the dreamer himself may suffer from other people's cruelty and aggressiveness.

Seeing a man with an ax on the streets of his city is a physical danger to the sleeper. A dream can predict disturbing news, especially to those who have children. Seeing that this dangerous person is stalking your child is alarming for him.

If the baby escaped and made an escape, in reality he will be able to withstand danger. Parents of teenagers or adult children dream about the fact that they can resist their own anxiety for children.

To a pregnant woman to see a maniac - to a quarrel with her husband, if he is, or a lover. Sometimes a dream predicts an attack of jealousy, pressure from a man.

For some pregnant women, a dream portends complications and illnesses, the danger of an accident, an accident.

To meet a maniac in the forest, which kills animals and people - to a very great danger to health and life. Freud writes that in female dreams a sadist means fear of unknown anxiety and male aggressiveness. The exact value depends on the response to the hazard.

If you notice that a maniac began to follow you in a crowded place, this is a sign that in life someone is also watching you. Tracking down this abnormal person and catching is an auspicious sign. You can put the abuser in place and use his own weapons.

If a girl dreamed that a maniac had entered the house, expect a family scandal, especially with a drunk man. Engage in a fight with him, try to drive out or call the police - a sign that you will try to resist the danger.

To see a familiar person in the role of a maniac is that he is angry with you. If an abnormal guy began to chase in the porch or elevator - beware of trouble from a man.

Lovers of acquaintances and novels should be careful, as they can be brutally avenged, especially offended former fans.

If you went with the guy into the elevator and saw that this is a maniac, wait for danger. Although the virgins have such a dream in an indecent proposal from the boyfriend. Coercion to sex or harassment of drunk people is possible.

To see that an unfamiliar maniac began to pester you in the elevator, beware of persecution. Some people dream about fear of a drunken person, but in life the danger is over.

If the bandit was masked, be careful on the Internet. Dating can be very dangerous. Escape from the aggressor and hit him - you will cope with a difficult situation.

To frighten a man and give him a good rebuff - overcome any difficult situation. Even if someone in life is trying to limit your freedom, you can stand up for yourself and this person will not succeed in harming you.

If your boyfriend turned into a maniac and began to pursue, this is to jealousy and strong passion. But some girls after this dream should be afraid of the revenge of the former admirer. If he takes out a gun, beware of attempted rape and robbery.

Maniac in an Islamic Dream Book

  • if the dreamer is the victim of a psychopathic killer, it means that in real life he is pursued by an obsession, in order to get rid of it, the dream advises him to seriously talk with a loved one,
  • a man was frightened in a dream by the appearance of a maniac - in life he is advised to be guided by the proverb: “Eyes are afraid, but hands do”
  • I dreamed of killing a person in front of our eyes - ahead of grief and sadness caused by the atrocities of someone from the inner circle,
  • the dreamer died at the hands of a maniac - enemies dream of breaking his life,
  • kill a maniac in a dream - a rapid career advancement.

Other sleep meanings

If you find out who the killer themselves began to pursue in a dream, then life will soon become like a detective. Wound him - the guy will fall in love with you. In men's dreams, sleep means a quarrel or a fight.

Chasing a maniac, trying to turn him over to the authorities is an attempt to restore justice. The interpretation of a dream often depends on who it is dreaming of. To save a girlfriend or relative from the aggressor - you can help this person.

If a guy sees in a dream how on the street a maniac begins to choke or pester his girlfriend - the danger of an opponent in love.

Seeing his knife is a betrayal. To fight with a maniac, to kill or just to beat - to cope with your own fears, especially associated with the girl’s betrayal and the appearance of an opponent.

In women's dreams, the killer may indicate a cruel person, an intrusive admirer, or a jealous person. In general, he personifies the fear of male aggression, forced sex and jealousy.

To beat a maniac, to kill him or to chase after him, saving an animal or a child - to big troubles. Such a dream means your perseverance and the desire to put the offender in place.

Being held captive by a maniac and being bullied is an unbearable relationship with a man. Such a dream predicts life with a drunkard, brawler and jealous. Some girls dream of such a vision for unhappy love.

If you had to escape from captivity and release a few more people, you will not worry about the persecution of others and learn how to repulse beautiful, but cruel womanizer.

To run into a maniac in an elevator or in any other place - to unpleasant news, fear and surprise. If you dreamed that you know who the killer was and saw pictures with a maniac in a dream, this means that the dreamer will be able to emerge victorious from the most difficult life situation.

Freud's Dream Book

The psychoanalyst pointed out what does a maniac killer dream of a young woman. He believed that this symbol indicates a lack of passion and vivid emotions. You are likely to change partners often, as you strive for extraordinary sensations that you cannot give (primarily in sex).

I dreamed that you yourself become a serial killer - in fact, you suffer from unrequited feelings and loneliness. This negatively affects the emotional state, provokes stress. In order to find happiness in love, the psychoanalyst recommended to show more coldness in communication with partners.

In a dream, you run away from the pursuer - in reality you prioritize correctly. You constantly discuss the personal lives of others, but your own passes by.

The young man dreamed that he himself became a criminal - in reality, he was not satisfied with his own sexual life. This image may indicate a subconscious desire for betrayal of a partner. Especially if you are pursuing her in a dream. Try to talk with your sweetheart about what exactly does not suit you. It is possible that this will help make a difference.

Miller's Dream Book

In the interpretation of this dream book, maniac may mean the following:

  • dreams that you yourself become a killer - in reality you very often think about how to take revenge on a person, or to commit meanness in his attitude. But you won’t succeed, so leave negative thoughts,
  • in night vision you pursue the criminal - in fact, you don’t feel self-confidence. In order for you to feel like you are the master of the situation, you may need the help of friends,
  • it appeared as if the persecutor was being arrested when you — there would be a chance to carry out the plan.The work will not be easy, but with the right motivation, you will succeed. If you don’t follow the path of ill-wishers and act decisively, luck will not turn away from you.

Dream Wanga

The seer described in her dream book that maniac with a knife - a very bad sign. The image indicates future troubles, obstacles and problems. It is possible that your health will be shaken, and in relations with loved ones everything will go bad enough.

It is worth being prepared for a difficult period and in the service. It is likely that conflicts will arise with colleagues, and leadership will not stand on your side. Also, financial difficulties are not excluded. Now you need to be extremely careful when making any financial transactions. Do not trust people, especially those who have once proved themselves not in the best way.

Modern dream book

In that dream interpretation maniac pursues - This is a sign that you have exhausted all your internal resources. Perhaps you are not sure that you will cope with the obligations that impose on you. However, there are chances to do everything right - if you do not take risks.

In night vision, you yourself become a killer - in reality, you have to change plans. Do not focus on your goal, because you risk making a serious mistake.

She dreams that you hear a message about the detention of a criminal - circumstances will be against you. It will not work out what was planned.

Online dream book

Why dream of an attack maniac in this source? To the fact that you do not feel confident in your own abilities. You think that you will not cope with new responsibilities. It is necessary to be more decisive and persistent, and then everything will work out.

In a dream, you yourself become a dangerous criminal - a sign that you need to restrain evil inclinations. Do not follow their lead, as this is fraught with serious problems.

It seemed as if they were chasing you, and you were trying to run away - in fact, you might be out of work. If you do not show a little more caution and assertiveness, then do not cope with an important matter. And this will negatively affect the rest of my life.

Unmarried girl

For a girl, a dream with a maniac has two interpretations:

  • irritation caused by courtship of a stubborn and unpleasant fan,
  • desire for a romantic relationship with any person.

Attention! If a maniac had a dream about a girl who was going to get married, the dream wants to warn her that the groom is not sure whether he is ready to marry her. The bride is recommended to once again make an assessment of the appropriateness of their relationship.

Married woman

If a married lady sees that her husband turned out to be a maniac - in the near future she will meet good people and will receive a lot of positive emotions from communicating with them.

Important! If a woman dreamed of a sexual maniac - this indicates her dissatisfaction with an intimate life with a specific partner.

Interpretation of sleep in detail

In order to correctly unravel the meaning of dreams with murderers and rapists, you need to remember as many details as possible, since every little thing in this situation can be of great importance.

defend against a maniac - in reality, you have to fight for a long time to defend your position

Maniac rapist in a dream

Such a dream has several meanings:

  • a person from a close circle wants to get a certain benefit from the dreamer,
  • in the near future there will be a person who will radically change the life of a sleeping person.

If in a dream the rapist is on the heels - the dreamer experiences subconscious enormous mental and physical fatigue from continuous work.

Perfect violence means that in reality, a sleeping person often has to do something against desire and will, which makes him despondent. The dream recommends reconsidering this attitude to life, otherwise the dreamer will be unhappy.

For a young girl to have contact with a rapist - in the future to get married by calculation.

Being abused by a married woman is a big scandal with her husband, a possible divorce.

Watch rape - constantly intervene in someone else's life, impose their own opinions on people, put pressure on them.

Important! Fend off several rapists at the same time - spend the evening in a noisy company. The dream suggests that in this case you need to be very careful, because this environment can be enemies.

Run away from a maniac with a knife

Usually, the knife is a dream of losses, problems in business, quarrels and partings. A knife in the maniac’s hand means the following:

  • the attack of a maniac with a knife in his hand - a change for the better in his personal life,
  • to be wounded by a killer’s knife - in front of domestic troubles and intrigues of enemies,
  • in the maniac’s hand, a rusty knife - parting with a loved one, and a new and polished one - upcoming alarms,
  • the killer chases with a knife for a long time - the dreamer needs to be extremely careful with his tongue and try to hold his mouth,
  • if a maniac lost a knife during the pursuit, all fears in real life will be in vain for the dreamer.

See a maniac chasing another man

A dream in which a killer chases another person means that the dreamer it's time to seriously take care of your health. Recently, he completely plunged into work and completely forgot about the rest. In this situation, it is recommended to take a vacation at least a week and relax away from the hustle and bustle.

Seeing in a dream from the side how a maniac strangles his victim - the dreamer has a lot of life problems caused by his self-doubt and tightness.

If a maniac man pursuing another person turned out to be the dreamer's own husband, then in reality she will have a pleasant surprise and an expensive gift.

Important! The killer, who killed a large number of people in front of the dreamer, testifies to the approaching disaster in which there will be victims.

Kill a maniac in a dream

To deal with a maniac in a dream, for a dreamer, means completely ridding himself of the problem that has tormented him fairly. Soon, a person will feel free and happy.

The girl recommends a similar dream to look at her lover as best as possible. If there is a manifestation of cruelty on his part to others, she must immediately part with him, otherwise this connection will bring her many troubles.

attack of a maniac with a knife in his hand - changes for the better in his personal life


The killer that appeared in a dream, first of all, indicates the fears of a person, which are inherent in his subconscious. Having got rid of them, you can forever end the tense situation in which the sleeping person is constantly. In general, the dreamed maniac is not a bad sign, most likely, such dreams have a warning value.

Interpretation of the meaning of sleep depending on its details

Why do maniacs dream? Such dreams are caused not by real events in a person’s life, but by their current psychological state. If you dreamed of a maniac, usually this does not mean that your life and health are actually in danger. Most likely, this is a symbolic warning that an external force is about to invade your usual way of life. In order to interpret the dream as accurately as possible, in which there is a killer maniac, you need to recall the dream to the smallest detail without missing any details.

If a maniac is chasing you in a dream

The dream in which the maniac pursued you means that you have gone astray, some events or proceedings with people have distracted your attention from things that are of great importance. Your moral and physical strength is running out, or you are in constant stress due to a busy schedule. You need to stop and listen carefully to yourself, and then your inner voice will tell you what is really the most important and valuable for you in your life.

If a maniac in a dream could still catch up with you, your subconscious mind advises you not to be so principled and stubborn: your friend, work colleague or just a close person who wants to help you in life does this really well. So stop suspecting him, look for lies and falsehood in his words, but simply accept his help with gratitude. And then everything will work out for you.

If you become a victim of a maniac

The ax in the hands of a maniac is a symbol of an obsession that haunts you.

To dream of a maniac attacking you means both desire and fear of something. You would really like to realize your plans, but you are by no means sure of their purity and decency. You are very afraid of your secret thoughts, and, moreover, you do not know for sure what the fulfillment of your secret dreams can lead to, how all this can affect your relatives and friends. Therefore, you have to make an independent choice, on which not only your fate will depend, but also the fate of other people. Tips in this case will not help, as they can prevent you from choosing the right path.

The ax in the hands of a maniac means that you have some kind of obsession, or you suffer from the obsession of some person. It depends on how you take advantage of such a situation, whether it will bring harm or benefit.

If the maniac who attacked you has a knife in his hands, then in reality you really want to reveal the secret, to publicize some secret information that relates to the other person. You are literally bursting with the impossibility of revealing this secret, because you have sworn to not divulge it. Your dream fully reflects this unrealized desire. If you saw a gun, it means that problems await you both in the workplace and in family relationships. You can also lose the trust of those close to you.

If you were an outside observer in a dream

If in a dream you heard about a maniac from the news, on the radio, from the Internet or from newspapers - expect bad news from your relatives. Soon one of them will need your help. If you watched the program about the maniac on TV, it means that soon you will find out some interesting, but dangerous information that you cannot tell anyone because of its unproven reliability.

If you dreamed of a maniac-rapist, then in real life you cannot fully realize your sensuality: either your sexual partner does not satisfy you, or you are generally alone. If you voluntarily made contact with the rapist - this indicates that the current relationship is completely satisfactory to you, and you are not going to change anything in your life. To dream of a maniac-rapist with his victim at the crime scene - to become a real witness to someone's intimate relationships in life.

If in a dream you don’t panic and chase a maniac yourself, possibly being a policeman, this means that you are perfectly prepared for various extreme situations and can defend your principles, as well as take full responsibility for yourself and others. However, you should not let anyone sit on your neck, as there are surely those who want to use your desire to help everyone, no matter what.

Maniac in the Modern Dream Book

You dreamed that a maniac was chasing you - this is a symbol of the fact that your strength is running out and therefore you are afraid of the responsibility that has been placed on you. Without risk, you will achieve what you want.

If in a dream you understand that you have become a maniac - this means that you will have to give up your desires in order not to make an irreparable mistake.

In a dream, hearing that a dangerous maniac has been detained is a harbinger of the fact that you will not be able to carry out your plan, because objective circumstances will interfere.

East Dream Maniac

I dreamed that you became a victim of a maniac - it means that you are haunted by some kind of obsessive thought, to get rid of which only a heart-to-heart conversation with a loved one will help.

If you are frightened by the news that a maniac has appeared where you live, take the proverb into the arsenal: "Eyes are afraid - hands are doing."

Maniac online dream book

According to the dream book, running away from a maniac - in reality, does not feel enough abilities and skills to complete the difficult task that is entrusted to you. Be more confident in your actions.

We found such inclinations in ourselves - you should not blindly follow your whims, otherwise you will incur problems with irreversible consequences.

If in a dream a maniac is chasing you, and you are struggling to run, it means that in real life, because of doubts in your abilities and skills, you risk not coping with an important task. Therefore, do not doubt yourself and confidently go to the goal.

Maniac on a 21st century dream book

If in a dream you find manic signs or understand that you have become a maniac - such a dream is a warning: you have gone too far in your mistakes and miscalculations, and if you don’t stop now, it won’t end in good.

Running away from a maniac or trying to hide from him but in a dream means that you are too tired of the life race, you have taken on much more than you can do. Now it’s better to think things over, define the main goals and objectives for yourself, and do not waste your time on trifles.

Longo's Dream Maniac

To run away from a maniac in a dream - do not ascribe to some things the meaning that they do not have. Of course, sometimes I want to see the “splashes” of world truth in every trifle. But in fact, this truth lies in very specific things, love, kindness, family. Maybe it’s better to pay attention to this and stop searching for deeply hidden meaning in insignificant things.

Watching a program about a maniac in a dream - you will get acquainted with interesting, but extremely dangerous information. The danger is that you won’t know for sure whether the information is reliable, so you can’t divulge it.

To dream Maniac

If you dreamed that you were being followed by a maniac, then in reality you are afraid of the responsibility that has been placed on you.

If in a dream you understand that you yourself have become a maniac, then you will have to give up your desires in order not to make an irreparable mistake.

We heard in a dream that a dangerous maniac had been detained - in reality you won’t be able to carry out your plan, as objective circumstances will prevent this.

Dream about Maniac

To run away from a maniac: do not ascribe to some things the meaning that they do not have.

Of course, sometimes I want to see the “splashes” of world truth in every trifle.

But in fact, this truth lies in very specific things, love, kindness, family.

Maybe it’s better to pay attention to this and stop searching for deeply hidden meaning in insignificant things.

Watch the program about a maniac: you will get acquainted with interesting, but extremely dangerous information.

The danger is that you won’t know for sure whether the information is reliable, so you can’t divulge it.

What does a maniac mean in a dream

If you find manic signs or understand that you have become a maniac - such a dream is a warning: you have gone too far in your mistakes and miscalculations, and if you don’t stop now, then this will not end in good.

To run away from a maniac or try to hide from him - you are too tired of the life race, you have shouldered much more than you can do. Now it’s better to think things over, define the main goals and objectives for yourself and not waste time on trifles.

Dream Interpretation: to see a maniac in a dream

Dream Book of Gustav Miller interprets a maniac as a need for rest. It is necessary to take a break in business, and restore strength.

By dream book Wangi a dreamed maniac indicates deterioration in life. At work, troubles can suddenly arise, the state of health of someone from close people will cause alarm. If family people dream of a maniac in the house, this is a hint that there is no harmony in the relationship. Quarrels are likely.

By Sigmund Freud's dream book maniac in a dream means the oppressive and rather harsh nature of the dreamer. Excessive tyranny and inability to keep emotions under control can complicate communication with others.

Loff's Dream Interpretation considers the dreamed maniac a warning. Nearby in real life are envious people, ready to inflict a sneaky blow.

What else is a maniac dreaming about in a dream

Why do you still dream of a maniac killer? Perhaps in such a dream your own fears are hidden, from which you are unsuccessfully trying to get rid of. By the way, the dream book gives an encouraging conclusion that when you see the killer in a dream, you will not meet him in reality. This is just a reflection of your inner experiences.

But the maniac with a knife or an ax is a more alarming symbol. First of all, a dream symbolizes an obsession that haunts everywhere. To dream of a sexual maniac is directly related to the intimate sphere of life. Perhaps something does not suit your partner’s behavior, and you feel like a victim.

To dream about killing a maniac in a dream is a good sign. Most likely, in real life you will be noticed and appreciated abilities. It is also a victory over your own fears.

If you witnessed the arrest of a murderer, then your plan may not be fulfilled, and circumstances independent of the sleeping person will prevent this.

The dream book also warns that the appearance of this unpleasant character is more a matter of a psychological nature, rather than real events. So, first of all, you should think carefully about your state of mind. Only high-quality introspection and interpretation of the dream book will help determine what such a dream is about.

Often the interpretation of this symbol depends on whether you were afraid in a dream or not. If you dreamed of a maniac, and you experience real horror, then there is a person nearby who has fiery feelings for your person.

If the maniac pursues, and you are not afraid of him, then perhaps you have assumed too much responsibility. However, such a dream can promise that the matter will end in tremendous success without any effort on your part.

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What a maniac you dreamed

Dream maniac rapist means disappointment due to a boring personal life. Sleep reflects a desire to renew feelings.

Maniac killer symbolizes the dreamer's insecurity. Internal systems interfere with professional development. A maniac who wants to kill, portends the onset of a new stage. Ahead of significant changes in all areas.

When a maniac dreams which is chasing, this is a signal of severe fatigue. The sleeping woman is exhausted mentally and physically tired, after such a vision it is desirable to slow down the rhythm of life, to arrange a respite.

Maniac with a knife, an ax or other sharp-cutting object indicates the presence of the idea of ​​fix. Obsession with the goal can lead to a deal with a conscience, which you later have to regret.

Who dreamed of a maniac

Maniac girl can be interpreted in two ways. On the one hand, she will be annoyed by a stubborn and unpleasant fan, and on the other, she craves a beautiful romantic relationship. For the bride, the appearance of a maniac in a dream is a warning. The groom is completely unsure that he is ready for the wedding, and it is probably better to think about its expediency once again.

When pregnant dreaming of a maniac, this reflects her strongest feelings about the upcoming event. The dream warns that one should calm down so that in fact nervous disturbances do not provoke the occurrence of problems.

If a married lady dreams of a husband who turns out to be a maniac, this is a good sign. Soon there will be a meeting with nice people, and communication will give a lot of positive emotions. If a maniac dreams a woman, this is a game of the subconscious, indicating dissatisfaction with the intimate side of communication with representatives of the opposite sex.

For men the dreamed maniac is a serious warning of impending troubles, betrayal of friends.Married dreamers may experience bitterness due to the betrayal of their beloved.

Actions with a maniac in a dream

Attack a maniac indicates that real tests seriously shook the sleeping system’s nervous system. Seeing a murderer torture a stranger is a reflection of a strong dependence on someone else's opinion.

If a maniac raping to the dreamer, an unpleasant plot tells of dissatisfaction with intimate relationships. Coercive intercourse with another victim is also of similar importance - the desire to diversify the sexual sphere of life.

Long run away from a maniac in a dream - in reality, take up the implementation of numerous tasks. The load will be so strong that it will cause fatigue, but the result of efforts will please. Hide from the attacker behind the door of the apartment, at home - to the support of loved ones.

Failed the escape from a maniac in a dream is a good sign. Successfully solve a difficult problem.

To run from a maniac in an unfamiliar area - to strong experiences in reality. To find a haven and hide in someone else’s housing - you have to ask for help from others. If the criminal caught up and killed the dreamer, this dream symbolizes self-doubt before starting a new life stage.

The pursuit maniac - a warning. The complexes will be defeated at the wrong time.

To catch a maniac or watching an arrest is a good sign. Projects will be successfully implemented.

An excellent plot of a dream in which it was possible to kill a maniac. In reality, it will turn out to take control and cope with a difficult situation.

After you managed to find out why the maniac is dreaming, you can predict the probable life barriers and adjust your plan of action.


I dreamed of several maniacs at once. We were one girl together in a room. As someone rang the doorbell, we went, she opened it. There stood a man who asked her about something, which she went into the corridor, but I was not visible. These people immediately grabbed her, and I slammed the door so as not to burst into the room. She called me to help, but I was silent, did not move, did not know what to do. I could not guess to call the police. It is good that I did not go out to her, because there were many of them. I would fall into the same trap. Although the maniacs themselves did not knock on the door. In the event that they could break the door, I decided to hide somewhere faster. Having convinced that the door is closed, I opened curtains, curtains, a window. And she hid herself in a closet, in the very depths. For some reason, in a dream, he seemed huge. I did so, thinking that they would decide if they came in, that I escaped by jumping out of the window. They entered, but didn’t look for anything anywhere, and simply left, taking it with them. By the way, who this girl is, I don’t understand, she was a stranger, I don’t remember her face.

I dreamed that a maniac cuts different parts of a girl’s body with a knife. There were many victims there, and I and a couple of girls were there in the form of an assistant, wiped something, dragged a bed, etc. But at the same time, I did not feel fear, as if it did not concern me at all. Only when I asked him to go to the toilet, and he was in the bazaar, I walked and thought maybe it’s not worth returning, and suddenly he decides to remove us as witnesses too. While I was thinking, I woke up.

I dreamed that a maniac was wandering around in our school. He kills only at night. The bodies of the victims are found only in the morning. The maniac himself was from the movie "Scream." Our class began to suspect teachers, for they behaved strangely. The school was not closed, it worked as usual. The first victim was Jim Carrey (starred in the movie "The Mask"). I don’t know where he came from in our school. He was in honey. study at night, apparently left something there. Then he began to pursue a maniac. He still managed to kill him and throw him out the window. The next morning, everyone knew that they had killed Jim Carrey, but the school did not sound the alarm. Children and teachers began to notice strange shadows on the stairs in the corridors. My friends and I began to notice something strange in the behavior of teachers. Then we found in the toilet all kinds of pieces of paper that were found in the hands of the victims of the maniac.We were confused when we heard footsteps outside the door. We carefully hid in the closet in the toilet, as it turned out there was a door that leads to another wing of the school. Just there, we needed. Having rushed there, we managed to escape. The lessons went quickly and night fell. I am alone at school. I tried to find out who was behind it. Then, I did not suspect that they were watching me. Suddenly I heard footsteps behind me. Turning around, I saw him. With a scream, I ran, I don’t know where, but he was following me. I don’t remember how, but I managed to hide from him, but he found me. I begged not to kill me, and then he stopped. I looked at him and he killed me. This is where the dream ends.

I dreamed that I was going to school on a minibus driven by an adult boy, and he himself looked about 6 years old, maybe very low overall. And it turns out he took us all the passengers in the wrong place and drove very slowly, because I was late for school, brought him out into the street and gave him in my ears and screamed at him very hard explaining my situation. Then he gets into the car and somehow it turned out (I don’t remember well) that he began to kill people one by one and I filmed it on camera. Then when I wanted to put him in, he began to chase me and blackmail me about that evidence, I give this evidence to him, but soon I get home and throw the evidence thrown onto the computer, I drop it on a USB flash drive and run to file a murder statement. This is the end.

I dreamed that in our city they announced a group of maniacs. When we walked with mom, we saw one of this "group", but he did not "attack" anyone. He looked very strange from a blue sweatshirt with a hood and it was he who covered his face, and in place of his eyes he had white crosses, as if glued with adhesive tape. Then I came to my best friend. And a maniac climbed to us on the 8th floor. I remember how through the glass I felt the warmth of her hands. Then she got down, I showed her the middle finger, and the maniac took the pliers and climbed again, and most importantly for some reason there was a hole in the window. We ran to hide, we ran to some pantry and there was also a hole in the door. I ran to another place, and my girlfriend stayed there. I closed in the toilet, but saw everything that was happening in the apartment through the walls. In the end, I quickly called the police and said the wrong apartment. As a result, I ran out of the toilet, and our apartment was already like an ordinary street, and my friend stood in a white blanket on the floor alive and was dragged by a maniac (like if a maniac is covering you with a white towel, then you become like a dead man). I quickly grabbed my girlfriend and ran there I saw a woman with a girl of about 15 and asked her for help, but the maniac claimed that she was our mother, and my friend and I cried and wept and said: help please, I swear this is not our mother, I beg please save.

I dreamed that I was running away from a maniac with a friend "guy". I am through the door, he is through the balcony, then I and this friend met and went to the police. What is interesting, this friend was a man to whom I do not breathe evenly. What does this dream mean?

I dreamed that I was walking with my friends in my yard, but then one friend called a taxi and drove away in a black car, and suddenly a guy in black clothes appeared beside me, and he talked about the bumper in the car that the friend drove away, and he asked write me down the car number. Then he seemed to have moved 20 meters from me, I was scared, and started to run away, but he started shouting “hey ... wait, I'll give it to the side of the ladder” and he was with a knife. It seemed to me as if it was in reality, and I said, “even if it was a dream, even if it was a dream”, and then I seemed to disappear, and then I woke up. Please tell me what it would be?

But I dreamed that the role of a maniac in a dream was mine.

This is not the first time I have dreamed of a man running after me, I don’t know why, but I feel that his intentions are not good, maybe he needs something, or he wants to kill him at all. In a dream, the weather changes, and with it the obstacles to escape, the same feeling that I can run away, but some kind of fatigue pulls me along. I’m running along familiar places, or then guessing them along the way somewhere.I wake up from terrible fear.

I dreamed that I was a witness, a victim, a hostage, and I almost became a killer. Including there was my family. Only mom and I survived. He killed my friends, but my best friend was not there, and he killed a lot of people and policemen whom I turned to when trying to escape.

I dreamed of watching a murderer from the window, who looked kind of a man, but in reality he lured children and pensioners to himself to kill them, then he lured a crowd of children before my eyes and pretended to have fun with them, but in the end he killed half of them and fled.

I dreamed that a maniac attacked me, I fought off him and ran home, another attacked me on the way, and I fell, but then my mother ran up and detained them, as she was a cop.

I dreamed that the maniac and I love each other, although he was a freak. And then it turned out that he was my dad and I took him away from my mother, someone would say psychoanalysis on this topic. In general, killers often dream, but I’m never afraid of them.

My friends and I went to abandonment (we often go there in real life), a maniac from the DBD runs out of the gate, a friend pushes me, and the maniac slowly approaches me, but I made a stupid decision to run through it. I didn’t succeed, and he caught me and carried me on a hook and hung me on a hook (I was not afraid of him) I said: kill me beautifully! And he is killing me. I woke up outside the abandonment and then comes out and says: do you want revenge? Just help me find him and lure him into one room. I did this, but he didn’t come alone, and he comes in with friends, and the maniac quickly kills him on the spot, and I calmly leave.

I dreamed that my mother and I were walking in the woods near the bus stop and there was a granny walking nearby (about 10 meters), maybe a woman, and then I notice that a couple of meters behind her was a man with a knife, and, in my opinion, picking his nose ! Well, I ran to a stop, my mother, too, like lightning followed me, well, we drove home on the 10th trolleybus, then my mother told me to tell dad to catch the maniac, but he didn’t want to do this, lazy priest, well and the phone rang, at the most interesting moment I remember. 10/22/2017.

Today I dreamed of a maniac. It was as if I met this man, but then I found out that he was a maniac. When I found out about this, I packed my things and hid with my daughter in old houses. But in the end, he was caught, and my ex-husband held him in handcuffs and shot a video with a maniac. Then I look after some time they brought him to the square, and I left there. But then he fled and saw that his heart was ripped out. Tell me what it means?

I only remember fragments of sleep. First, I walk along my street as usual from work, on the street the sun shines day. I feel with my gut that someone is chasing me, I see behind me there is a tall, large man, in all black, I can’t see my face. I understand that he is with a knife. I start to run, run and mentally understand that I can faster, but physically I can’t. He catches up with me, grabs my hair and throws me into a car and brings me to some kind of forest belt. And just like in a horror movie. A bunch of corpses of women, but I did not see them, but only felt horror at the fact that they would kill me now. The dream was colorful and vibrant as in Java. Then I remember how I was lying in the car in the back seat, and he was leaving somewhere, as his black Volga turned right into some wasteland. Then I already see myself from the viewer’s side, as I get out of the car and run across the wasteland, swearing wildly that they say the grass is low and they can notice me, the phone vibrated wildly, which terribly scared me even more. Then I only remember how I was running along the bridge over the river, again I want to note that the sun was shining and it was warm, I could not run fast, although I understood that I could. On this I woke up. How to interpret all this?

I dreamed I was in a closed place like a maze and there 3 maniacs offer to go into the maze, I realized that they wanted a choice, but my mother came and killed the maniac girl, but she left her mark on her forehead, and I added a saber.

I dreamed that I lived with a man at home, along with my dog. He didn’t let me out anywhere.And I started talking to him (the dog is small, so I had it in my hands). I asked him to let me go, but he wanted to curl his dog. Then I tried to run away. And woke up. After all this, my heart was beating very hard. Very scary now.

I dreamed that I, with my brother Pavlik and a friend Lech, go to the shopping center to buy something and see that in one of the departments Jason from Friday the 13th is fighting with a stranger from the film. Jason takes a sword, cuts off a stranger’s head, douses himself with a stranger’s blood, and turns himself into a stranger in a hockey mask. Then he attacks me, and vomits, nibbles, bites me, I could beat it off with forks, openers, a kitchen knife, but he continued to scratch and bite me. I say: friends, help. My brother grabbed a knife, and began to cut the alien jason, but to no avail, he hit him on the head with his tail, and he flew off to another department and hit the iron shelf. Bleeding, I fend off a knife with him, and I’m about to lose consciousness, but suddenly my friend Lech runs into the tool department, takes a chainsaw, starts it, cuts off the tail of the alien Jason, then his hand, then hits the head with a shovel. The stranger flies off to the side, and he takes and plunges a chainsaw in his chest, thereby nailing the alien Jason to the floor, then he helps me up, I get up, and I see that I’m covered in the blood of someone else’s, pouring kerosene on myself and setting fire to it, so as not to turn into a stranger, then I woke up and sighed with relief.

I dreamed that a maniac had caught me, but then released me. After a while I found him myself, as I fell in love with him. She asked him why he let me go, but there were no others, to which he replied that he also fell in love. Then we rode on a motorcycle with him, walked and I was not afraid with him. A few days later he wanted to leave for another country, as the police would look for him, but I said that I would leave with him. This is some kind of nonsense, but I liked the dream, probably because I did not want to wake up.

I dreamed that I went to some supermarket in Turkey, later I saw some strange man, got scared and went out. After me, my best friend and her sister went to the supermarket, I decided to stand on the street. However, when I went in and eagerly wanted to buy something (my friend had already bought and paid), and asked the seller for something in Turkish. A friend said to me: “Let's buy in another store, I want to get out of here faster, faster.” I thought that she was furious that they did not understand Russian and went after her. When we got out of there, I asked her what happened. She said: "Let's go away and say." We went back to the store, and she said: "I saw a man who sews all the time." I asked what was wrong with that. She replied: “What do you not know? This is a maniac who hunts for children. " I was anxious, but I was not afraid. I immediately ran to some assembly hall, and there I saw my brother, who was sitting away from me, I immediately ran to him and later our grandfather came, we all leaned against him, my mother’s nephew was still sitting next to me, but we then it was separated. This maniac later came, and began to persuade her mother’s nephew to go with her to take some sweets. I took his hand and said to the maniac "no." She still called him, and I shouted directly, “No, no, no, no. ". Maniac smiled and left.

In a dream, I walked with my friends, then an drunk came, whom we know and began to climb towards us, we did not pay attention, and then he wanted to beat the guy I like, he was scared, and I grabbed a stick and hit him on the head, and he ran away. After some time, he returned and began to threaten me, and I ran to my house, here I am trying to open the door, and he is standing in front of my door, they woke me further.

I had a very strange dream: I was walking through the forest, suddenly the maniac put a knife to his throat. And he says: die. I smiled broadly and said: mmmmm, a cool knife, but how do you like mine? He took a knife from his pocket and he answered: Yes, yes, very much. Then I ran after him. What is it for?

I dreamed that a maniac lives right on against my house, in fact, there is a house opposite me, he just looked differently. I went home and saw him, it was day. I was not afraid, but I tried to bend down somehow and pass unnoticed so that he would not see me. He was not so close. The face was not visible, just the silhouette of a man, was dressed in a black and white blouse. And he looked about somewhere, I don’t know if he saw me.

I dreamed that I was walking home along the usual road in the evening, and a maniac ran out on me, I started to run in the opposite direction, but to no avail. I was very scared. Behind him was a friend of mine, and taking out an awl from his pocket killed him.

I had a dream, I went home with my friend (a year younger than me), he went on some kind of swing (in life, there are no swings in this place). There were two men walking with beer, and I could clearly see that they had knives in their pockets. I called a friend to me, as they passed near him. A friend ran around them behind, ran to me, and we rushed, they actually ran after us, they fell behind, a friend also fell behind, I stopped so that he would catch up with me, and we would be caught up by the maniacs. I hit one, and we ran on. Then the one whom I hit caught up with us, I hit him again, and he lost consciousness. We ran home (we are neighbors) safely.

I was in the village with a friend, and we decided to go to a local club. They danced there. 3 guys watched us all evening. Then, when we were about to leave one of my acquaintances, warned that those guys would chase me. For some reason, I grabbed a small TV and left the building, and turned around on the street and told them that I knew everything. Then they briefly left me with a friend, we were going home, but I noticed that one was still watching us. Then the panic began, he came closer and closer.

I dreamed that as usual I was going home in the alley in the evening, and I saw some woman, and she was very strange talking, as if crazy, with some children. I did not pay much attention and went on. I turn around, but this old woman is no longer there, and she goes right behind me. Surprisingly, I remember everything vividly and all the details. I was seriously scared. She began to walk faster, then she started to run and I, accordingly, began to run away. I no longer knew where to run, because there were no people to help me, and I ran into a house. I’m definitely not familiar with the house; around is someone else’s furniture and all that. But the old woman was still running after me. And, in my opinion, someone was next to me, and together we ran away. So, we ran into a room and tightly closed the door and we see a window there, but it was in another room, and in that other room there was another window that is already facing the street. We started somehow quietly breaking this window, because if we make noise, we will be precisely tracked down. Well, in the end we broke it and proceeded to the next window, but there the glass was hard and hard to break. I don’t remember why, but for some reason I screamed and then regretted it very much. We almost got out, but then I turn around and see these two killers. They were a man and a woman, and we already realized that they would kill us now and that was the end of the dream. I woke up with tears in my eyes and became very scared. I thought that such dreams could also come from the fact that I really like horror films and watch them often, but somehow I don’t know.

I wonder how I was a fool in love with a maniac? I dreamed that he was chasing my family (I didn’t see mom and dad in a dream), me and my brother, we also had his friend (whom I know by no means, I know all his friends), and my girlfriend. At the moment I’m 14, in a dream I looked at 18. Then everything happened like in a horror movie (I don’t look at such horror movies), but I don’t remember that he killed someone, I just remember how much I was afraid of him at first . My brother and I were not at home at all (in the rooms), but on the outside looked like my house. The hunt for him began, and of course I took part in it. Then I remember how we saw him outside the window, we were in the building (by the way it looked like a school inside, but not like mine), my brother also said: I wonder if we go to that room, we die? Of course we went there as fools. In that class there were many children 7 years old. School desks, teacher, so I decided that this is a school. The windows were open, and I climbed to close them. And now complete idiocy. As soon as I closed the window it became dark in the classroom, even though my eye was poked out. The brother immediately began to open the windows so that at least something we saw. Further I do not remember.Then my girlfriend and I climb over some sort of mountain of scrap metal (stupidly, I know). I went down from her faster than her. Somehow I heard the maniac's voice (before that he didn’t speak at all) I don’t remember what he said, but I remember how I was attracted to his phrase. I said that he showed up, and damn it appeared out of nowhere and without a mask, and then I crushed him head over heels. She asked whether his mask was where, or why he was without a mask. And he showed it to me and gave it to me, and I'm curious, and I put on a beautiful mask. Then a brother’s friend comes out. Ahah, and I decided to play a maniac, and like to hide, you can’t imagine how fast I was in this mask. Just a jump up what it was worth. Then I ran to the park there again I met my “love”. Further I do not remember what happened. In short, everything was in my dream at once, as soon as I woke up, I decided to write. And yes, I rarely dream. And only now I remembered how this maniac held us captive before all this, but I don’t remember the details.

She sat at half past eleven at night with her friend in Pazik, at first he drove past us, as it were, but we caught up with him, for some reason it was like a frosty night, the snow lay on the side of the road. We just went in and I recognized everyone, there were all my friends, a classmate (I’m 10) and his friend of 7, dearest little boys, there was one old friend of mine S. and another N., with whom I stopped talking, just I recently actually met them in minibuses, but in different, in one day, so there was even a school teacher in life safety (he speaks in such a tone as a woman, such a fashionista), I only heard his voice, which means he is there also was. Then, for some reason, Pazik drove off the road and drove along the ice, it was getting light on the street and the ice should have cracked, but everything was fine, he moved us across the river and started asking something, and in general everyone had to answer the question, here it already turns out that I’m sitting with some girlfriend and we clung to each other, this one seems to be my best friend, in a dream (in my life I’m single, in general) and to some kind of question like: the one who values ​​someone ( like it’s clear that we were talking about those in Pazik) I took her hand, made it clear that it was us. After that, as if we all ended up on a not wide type of such a rural road, the color is dark sand such as a clay road, and as if it was light rain, the road was wet and the car drove, but this was not there, but I describe the way . So, my friend and I are squatting and I have somewhere answers to riddles, to mine, I get it and understand that the question was a catch (and judging by the answers completely different), I show it to her, but here already a maniac (driver) is approaching us and then I understand, like everyone who was farther than us, they are not there, they have not disappeared, the maniac supposedly figured out with them, I don’t know what he did, but it happened. Frightened, as if everything had happened very quickly, but the maniac driver had clearly left me his life, and I was going to Pazik again. Then I understand that it is necessary to run away, the doors do not open, but the front of the car is like a half-minibus, there I tried to open the window, but as soon as it opened to one third, I then broke it in half and estimated that I would crawl through. I started looking for clothes because I realized that I would have to swim in ice water, but no, I jumped out in the city, in another place where I sat down. And I realized that there’s nowhere to run at night, but then I found a type of stall, it seems like they’re making shawarma, there was a woman there, they didn’t catch me and I woke up.

Hello! Help explain! My mother went for a walk with the dog, for one, taking me and my brother with me. After the walk, when we went home (you know, at the exit in the entrance, there is an iron door), well, until I started to get up, I saw that some suspicious guy had changed his route. Then I quickly closed the door, and rushed to the elevator, to my mother and brother, well, here you can hear the sound of the opening door, the maniac even passes without looking at us, and he walks so strangely, without turning his back to us, after we heard how the garbage chimney rattles, well, and then in some miraculous way, I had his photo on my phone, and below, was signed MANYAK. Showing her mom she was in shock, but I told her that we would go faster to the elevator, or to the street, out of this entrance. Having said that, I woke up, eating as I caught my breath, at 3-30, now I’m not sleeping. Oh my God. I’ve already dreamed about maniacs, but usually these dreams are about one thing, but here it’s some other, and I’m sure he just got scared of the dog.Although it doesn’t matter! Help me please!

We investigated the killings. And suddenly they realized that the handiwork of a serial killer. In the bodies he left the type of capsules, similar to stakes - this was his signature. Among a considerable number of corpses, I did not know exactly which ones. And could not find. Because it was very dark, and he was among us. No one was looking for him except me. Everyone froze after finding out that the maniac is, and he is among us.

In a dream, a man called me for a few words and said that I should go to study after the 9th grade, I laughed, and soon I was in his car with friends and asked: are you a maniac? And he says, that you like maniacs and starts to paw, and soon I run from him to my teacher and say that it happened, but she said nothing to me and left, closing in her office, and I woke up.

I dreamed that a maniac with a knife attacked me and pierced my heart twice, then I wake up and see that I have seams there.

Had a maniac from a comic book, a favorite character. In a dream, he did not pursue me, but walked with me through a large apartment. We went into a room without a ceiling and one wall. I fell to the wall, and the maniac cut his head diagonally with a fishing line. He smiled a maniac smile in which, to be honest, relief was evident, at that moment half of his head gently slid to the floor. I don’t remember anything further. The dream didn’t scare him at all, on the contrary, his smile ... ... I can’t explain .... she is beautiful. What does it mean? Is this generally normal?

In a dream I dreamed that they went to usual places (familiar to me). Turning around the corner of the garage, I saw a man in a hood and with a knife. I was scared, I ran. Very scared, he ran after me. It caught up with me, I fell, he tried to kill me with a knife, but didn’t hit, because I resisted, I pushed him away, he fell, and I ran away.

And I dreamed that I was standing near the maniac (he is all dressed in black), I started to run away and seemed to be able to run away from him. And so that he wouldn’t find me anymore, I went to my grandmother, and there were other people’s old people there. I explained to them that I was being persecuted. This maniac found me again. They told me to hide. I hid. And then I woke up (in reality).

Hello. I had a very strange dream. I'm being followed by a maniac. Then I somehow find out that he wants to come to visit me at night. Naturally, I call my friends and relatives, I lock the doors, but then something happens that completely confuses me and does not allow me to find an interpretation. The maniac still comes into the house, and for some reason friends and relatives do NOTHING about ANYTHING. It turned out that the maniac WANTS TO MAKE AN OFFER, and those whom I called to help were aware of everything! Please explain (dream from Saturday to Sunday).

And I dreamed that I constantly go home the other way and meet him. He threatens me, but I'm not afraid of him, but I do everything he says.

I dreamed that I was riding a hill with friends and adult men threw snowballs at me. Then I told my friends that I would go home, and you said what you like and said that these men are straining me. Then I went and a man of about thirty followed me, he was chasing me! I ran, he followed me, I hid, he found me and cut me. Then I ran into the building where I studied and hid there, and he found me in the wake of blood! And after sleep I breathed very hard. I found a first-aid kit, bandaged my wound and then I hid, and he came and found me again and started pulling my hair! And after that I woke up and was afraid further for sleeping! What should I do if I have been tormented by nightmares lately.

I dreamed that I went to the abandonment with my boyfriends. They taught me some parkour tricks, but even though I learned, I was bruised + dislocated hands, which one of my friends quickly surprisingly eliminated. Next, we began to leave the abandonment, but decided to go down to the basement, but in vain. Suddenly a maniac from the dark appeared, thereby we were divided into two groups, because he stood between us. We all ran away as best we could, and then I was stunned by the campaign.I woke up tied to a chair, and one of my friends was lying tied on the floor unconscious. Everyone managed to escape, except for the two of us. The maniac was not nearby. I looked around - a small room smelling of corpses, and something was sharp in the room (it was drilled on the table). I jumped up on a chair, got to this sharp and released one hand, then the other, and then untied my legs. Then I released my friend, and after a few seconds he woke up. But out of nowhere a maniac appears, I shout to my friend “Run away!”, He barely blew his legs, because at first the maniac chased him, but then the killer quickly returned to me and delivered sharp blows: to his right hand, left hand, and both legs . Now my movements were constrained, everything hurt hellishly. And then I woke up at night somewhere in a clearing of a forest. And so I woke up from this terrible dream. I have never dreamed of anything like this! Although no, I dreamed how some things with unknown intentions were chasing after me, and so everything is ok. In fact, I even love horror movies and like to get a little scared of them. And that scares me a little.

I dreamed that I was walking with three friends, and instead of going our way that was convenient for us, we went around the parking lot near which there was a restaurant. We are met by a guy in a tracksuit, a hood is put on, and he looks at me, and I, through my hair, at him. Then, when it was about a meter between us, I looked back and saw that he turned in my direction and ran towards me. I screamed “run”, but my friends looked at me questioningly and asked where and why. I ran farther and farther so, and he continued to run after me. Then I ran into my home, but the apartment looked completely different, the door was open in the bathroom and some woman was sleeping there, but I knew her. This maniac was gone for a couple of minutes, but later I heard footsteps and realized that I forgot to close the door and he starts to open it sharply, I hold the door handle so that nothing comes out and looking in the doorway he said “let's see how you will dance when I open the door. " Then I let go of the pen and ran to that woman, started waking her up and saying that a thief had got into the house, started screaming and crying and she woke up, said that everything was fine and hugged me, and that man escaped.

I dreamed of such a maniac who sees fear, and who was afraid he was well you know, but he possessed some kind of magical powers, could read thoughts and move things from a distance.

I dreamed that I was walking late in the night in a dark alley, then I turned around and saw an ugly man. I walked around him and went back where there were a lot of people, and he followed me to the store itself, then he sharply tugged at my shoulders and laughs hysterically, I run away home and hide from him for 4 days.

And I dreamed of Michael Myers and Jason Voorhees. We always went somewhere, it was a lot of fun. Michael was even without a mask and often joked (quite successfully and in the subject), he has an excellent sense of humor. And Jason walked in a mask, and just got away. The three of us had a lot of fun :) and then I woke up. I have a small question .... DOES NORMAL PEOPLE SUCH ABOUT IT AT ALL?

I dreamed about having a rest in a house with my family and my boyfriend, sleeping and for some reason a man was sleeping nearby, he allegedly started stroking me, I immediately woke the guy up and kicked him and kicked him out, but he returned. They wanted to leave, but they stayed, they just made it clear to him more clearly that it was better to get off a fight where even they waved a bat at me, but I was not afraid and resisted, I think such a dream is my own cheating and worries, everything comes from us, even if there is any Someone who is poorly dependent on me (in love), he will not harm me, since there is a future husband nearby))

I dreamed of two very sexy maniacs. Wherever I hide I find almost immediately, and hid in the shower room so one slipped right after and closed the door and let's kiss my neck, chest and I woke up. So almost every night.

In general, I dreamed that the maniac had abducted me and kept me in a hut, and when they came to save me, I stayed with him because I became attached to this maniac.Stockholm Syndrome ... Why Would It?

I dreamed that I was coming from school and some man was following me. Well, I ran, he noticed that I was running and ran after me, but there was nobody on the street and there was no way to ask for help. Well, I’m running already no strength. She ran home and locked herself on all the door locks, and he was banging on the door, I did not know what to do and called the police, he managed to escape during this time. And the next day we had a subbotnik, and I found four gold rings, he saw that I had it. He came up thinking that I did not remember him. And he says: show what is in your hand. I say: why? He put the knife to his hand and said: if you do not give, then you will remain without a hand. I threw the rings to the ground and ran away ... Thank you for your attention.

I dreamed that a maniac lures a child into his networks insidious.

I dreamed that I was a handsome, smart tall guy with beautiful hair in a cascade of Alexei, about 25 years old in appearance, and I was a maniac, rapist and ruthless killer who perfectly hides this. In my account there are already more than 70 girls. The dream was very long, and I did not feel the fear or dislike of the blood of the lessons and pain of these women, I liked it all, but nothing more, just everything else was very boring.
A woman detective tracked me for several years, trying to catch my hand, but each time I was one step ahead of her. At some point, I even managed to beat everything so that I was attracted to the case as a witness, and I was able to personally work with the detective.
She really fascinated me and now all the other victims were just a way of communicating with her for me.
In a dream, all these chases, adrenaline, deceptive tricks, remarks of tracks, too colorful scenes of violence that I reveled in: all events last about 5 years. And on my 30th birthday, I decide to give it to myself: a detective.
I kill a girl, she’s investigating. The investigation is at an impasse. Like everyone else, but this time my victim was a very close person for a detective, a girlfriend or sister can. There are no names, neither mine, nor victims.

I sat with a friend on a stump, a friend says that some type is watching us, I did not carry it, then I saw an uncle with a hammer, he wanted to kill me, but ... my dog ​​Margot ran out of nowhere. She attacked an uncle with an ax, and an uncle killed my dog ​​and he woke up to me, and as far as I remember it was not even an uncle with an ax, but an uncle with a hammer ... trying to forget it doesn’t work !!

From an early age I dream of a maniac. In different stories. But the man, that is, the same maniac for many years, I remembered him all the signs, and he has not changed in appearance for all years. For the last time, it’s like I’m married to another person (although I’m already married) and my husband seems to divorce me and leaves a big house for me and our two children, daughter and son. And as if my daughter asked me to turn on the light in the room, and I hear a rustle and think of a mouse. And after I hear my daughter cry, I run to her, she says that she saw an uncle in the window. I ask what kind of uncle. She describes me a maniac. I take the armfuls of children and go to the closet under the stairs. I sit shut my mouth to the children with a palm so that they are silent. And then the maniac opens the door. Then I see a crowbar and throw it through it. I go up and knock on it until a proverb is struck.

I was chased by a maniac, walked calmly, I am faster, and he too. I was just talking in a dream on the phone with my best friend. I told him: “Get away from me” (something like this). But he followed me. For some reason I could not run, it is very strange. It’s like some kind of fatigue, I don’t know 🙁

I dreamed that a maniac had started up in our city. He killed every night and every morning the police discovered the body of a guy and a girl, in general, he killed couples in love. I met him, we talked well, but from somewhere I knew that the maniac he was looking for. I was sitting in his car in the back seat, and he was driving. I thought he wanted to kill me and tried in every way to get out of the car, but could not. And then it was, something like Stockholm syndrome, and I fell in love with a maniac, and he too.I confessed to him and said that I would be with him, even though I know that he is a maniac, and he looked at me, then smiled and said: "I can’t wait to kill someone together." And then suddenly I was so disappointed and left, he shouted at me, ran after me, and I left and didn’t even turn around. What kind of nonsense? I would dream that you fell in love with a maniac.

I dreamed: That a young man came to our school to study, he was definitely over 18 years old, but he looked very young, so he forged documents and was accepted. He began to haunt me. Once I went to a clothing store, and he went after me, I was terrified and ran around the store from him, but I ran away. And on the way home, I just walk past the car and another maniac grabs me and tries to push me into the car, I screamed very much, and that was strange, at first it was very hard for me to scream loudly, but they still heard me and the man saved me and ran with all the dope. But then, when I went into the porch there stood an elderly uncle, tall in a leather coat and hat, he looked at me, at first I was scared and was about to leave the porch, but still decided to go home, and now, when I passed by he I was seized, he carried me outside, I screamed, people noticed and he let me go and ran away. And it's all in one dream.

Some guy was trying to kill me. 3 times, I don’t remember the first one, the second one in a nook and cranny, someone helped me, frightened me, led him to a standstill and he had to turn back, and I followed him and hid when he went back, I waited very little , everything was shaking and my voice disappeared from fear, he returned. And he saw me, there was some kind of staircase, I knocked him down, he grabbed me and tried to strangle me, I somehow escaped and ran out into the street and got into the shopping center, where he continued to pursue me, I tried to confuse him, but he always found me. I ran past a pool where there were a lot of girls, asked them to remove their legs so that I could go, and asked in no case to let the person who was chasing me, I described him, and they said, “this is the one that saved the child ? ", I once heard this phrase from him too. I shouted to the girls that yes, this one, but you can’t imagine how many times he tried to kill me. I ran away again, losing sight of it, it seemed even worse than being persecuted, I thought why in such a crowded place I didn’t ask for help, why didn’t I call the police, even though the phone was in my pocket, everything looked like I was interested in this chase, although I still feel fear. The last moment, I noticed him, standing at the top of the stairs, he carefully looked down, apparently suggesting that I would go there, I had some plan, to lure him to the place where I was standing, and really run away downstairs, sort of because there were policemen or something, the guard might, while I looked at him from the side thinking about all this, he noticed me, although it was only the top of my head that I could see, I thought he would run to me, but for some reason he ran down and then I was confused and I woke up because I felt cold.

I dreamed at the end of my dream that I was going with my younger brother from the store with a scooter already getting dark. I go and meet my friends (they are a year or two younger than me) and my grandmother is not very elderly. I am hugging everyone and somewhere in about 5 minutes my grandmother leaves. It remains I, my brother and friends, as friends are so friends. Then a fat man drives up to us in an old car. And begins to talk with us more with me. Talking about a scooter (I still did not know that he was a maniac). Asked to ride a scooter, I politely refused. He didn’t leave anyway. My little brother began to run the other way from home. On the roadway. I ran after him and took the scooter with me. A man ran after me, I was very scared and therefore did not have time to cross the road, then I started to run closer to people. I started screaming (Help save the kill) it seems to me that no one heard me. Because I seemed to scream, but no voice was heard.With lateral vision, I saw that he was pulling something out of his pants. And woke up.

I had a dream in which I was running away from a maniac. It started like a regular school day, when I left school an elderly woman was walking with me. She was nervous and looked around, then went in the opposite direction saying that I had to run, I was confused because I did not know where the maniac was. I ran along the same road on which I was walking. Fortunately for myself, I met my father. We were already running together. I was running slower because of the briefcase, and I decided to drop it with my thoughts: “Nafik I want to live a briefcase. ". Well, in short (there are just too many details) I ran away.

And I dreamed that I was crawling from maniacs through a narrow tunnel of brown clay, from their den to the light, where friends were digging towards me to pull me out and here the maniac grabs me by the chest, like checking it out помогает and helps me, pushing me out of the tunnel , did not have time to say thank you, did not see him, did not want to wake up, where are you, my maniac 🙂

I dreamed that the maniac is my grandfather, he was with an ax and tried to enter the house, I was sitting with friends and he went in, I was scared, took some kind of board and cracked him with all his might. Tell me to kill your grandfather, a maniac in a dream, is that good?

I’ve been dreaming for three days that a normal day, I’m going somewhere or traveling and at the end I’m always a maniac with 4 knives, and I catch or pick up knives from the ground, the maniac hides, the knives are in the chest, and many knives fall out, but the maniac doesn’t never gets into me.

Hello, someone watched at least one part of the film "turn the wrong way." For those who did not watch: in this film cruel cannibals. They brutally killed and ate alive people. I watched this film for a very long time, and this night I dreamed that I, together with my nephews and a girl who either I don’t remember or do not know, ended up in a dark forest, I don’t know where the girl’s nephew and niece disappeared, but I’m hiding in some kind of shed the younger nephew and we are attacked from all sides by cannibals from the movie “turn to the wrong direction”, I see that several cannibals with ax knives are running towards my nephew, I picked up a long sharp ax and hit the cannibals with an ax one after another, blood cannibals and body parts fly from these cannibals from blows my ax ohm In horror, frightened, the nephew throws himself into a corner and cries, one of these freaks grabbed him and ran with him to the house laughing terribly, I see and hear my nephew screaming, I run after them to the second floor on an old wooden staircase, I catch up and beat the cannibal with an ax several times on the head and throughout the body, his blood sprinkles on my face from blows with an ax. My nephew snuggled up to me, I thought I saved him and was delighted to think that it was all over. Then suddenly one of the cannibals ran up to me on the right, hit me, he laughed terribly and smiled, looking into my eyes like some kind of beast. The last thing I remember: I see a lot of cannibals in front of me, they cut me alive, eat pieces of skin and meat that are cut off from my body. I died! And immediately woke up in horror.

I found an old maniac bag. Old brown leather bag with a torn place, as if from a rivet. Curiosity took its toll and I looked what was there. The contents showed that the bag was many years old. There were terrible photos of his savagery, I really woke up. Thought that I was no longer impressed. Studying the rest of the contents (yes, the continuation of sleep), I saw some other sheets, forms with blank data. Then, for some reason, the second part of the dream, where I and my friend are leaving the policemen in a high-rise building ... In my life the other day I met a man who can help me with apartment renovation, but I know him little through another friend. I think this is somehow connected. He’s not a maniac, but I just don’t trust him.

For the third day in a row one and the same dream. The main roles are played by me, an invented sister and our father - a maniac, also invented in a dream. The Sadjug is still the same. On the first day, we watched as she cut with her beloved shovel everything that could be done by some young man.Then we drive in a car, first he stabs me, then my sister (I don’t have a sister, apparently I decided to create a dream for her. I also don’t have such a father, the image was invented in a dream). On the second day, I dreamed that he was at home stabbing his sister in the back with an ax, and she was lying and writhed in pain, but did not scream, but tried to remain silent. This night I dreamed how, at first, “daddy” came with us in the autumn to help some grandparents to plant bushes and dig holes. I tried to strike them with a shovel, but failed, they fled. Then my sister and I are sitting in the car, I propose either to escape, but she is afraid and refuses. Our father sits in the car, angry, with a crazy spark literally. Gives me two huge cleats, black, ceramic. He says, “today I couldn’t even kill them, my shovel slid! Let's play at home. Well, are we going to try new knives? ”And I say with simulated enthusiasm:“ Yes, Dad! ”I wake up like this, the third day in a cold sweat. This is terrible, I have a tantrum.

I dreamed that I was walking with my father. But then the car started to knock me down and I ended up on its hood. He circled for a long time and tried to leave with me. Then he went out and began to pester, cut, undress and all that. I screamed like a shred. As a result, I scratched his whole face and beat him, then I wanted to run away, but dad took my hand and walked, not rushing to say that everything was fine, he would not catch up with us.

I dreamed that a man with two knives was walking behind, and I was in high heels and could not escape, and he sharply threw the knives to the ground, laughed and said that he was joking. A moronic dream.

I dreamed that I was a maniac, but at the same time, I’m a detective who catches a maniac. One is killing, the other is walking and hunting. But both of these people are I.

And I had it like that. My girlfriend and I returned home late at night. I was already at home and my brother called me and told me to go home, to which I replied that I was already there. And she couldn’t hang up, our dialogue was repeating and repeating! I told my friend that I had a bad feeling and needed to urgently go home. She said goodbye to her friend at the entrance. I open the door, turn my head to the left, and there he is, a maniac. I screamed loudly and loudly and the siren turned on. I could not run away, I could, but slowly. Woke up in hysteria.

And here I dreamed of Chikatilo himself, in my corridor, I forgot the hat from me, and I remember that I took the hat from him, but I don’t remember what it looked like, and I began to offer him in exchange for the same color caps and a scarf, but he refused, and then he smiled sweetly and left without a hat ... not scared.

The maniac was my neighbor, I knew that it was him, but could not prove. He killed my mother, and when I was on the roof with my girlfriend, she almost fell, but he saved her and then threw her all the same. The next day, he made three elderly people hang themselves on the balcony. Approximately 5.6.7 floors and all in one row. Even in a dream, he saw a burnt bus, one corpse was pulled out and treated negligently, it was a girl of Asian appearance. In general, a terrible bullshit ...

I dreamed that a friend of mine who spoke about his feelings for me wanted to kill me in a dream. He replaced me somewhere, and then I saw his friend in this place. He said: “Well done. I’ve found it well, ”considering some kind of business. There were photographs of bodies that had many scars sewn up, and bloodied hooks hung on the photographs, on which, apparently, they hung their victims. I was very scared, tried to get out, but nothing worked. I remembered my mother’s words, and told them they said, “Mom told me, you’ll play. Do not communicate with everyone. I told this friend that I would begin to meet with him, I would listen to him, I won’t tell anyone anything, to which he replied “I don't give a damn.” Then this dream began anew. I tried to prevent what they wanted to catch me. I did not go to that place, and it was night on the street, as in the first dream. I had the keys to another apartment, I knew where this other apartment was, I ran to the house.At first I made a mistake by the entrance, which helped the criminal to get closer to me. Then it turned out that I had come to a classmate, and I opened his door with my key. Then the maniac kept trying to get into the house, and I couldn’t even call anywhere. And I didn’t specially type my mom, because I was very afraid that she would come to save me. What if something happens to her ?? Pah pah pah. Then the parents of a classmate came and thought that we and our son were doing something. In general, I do not remember how the dream ended. Why such a dream ?? Somehow, my attitude even changed towards that friend who tried to kill in the first dream, and it was in the first, because in the second his friend in a chicken suit was running after me, because he ran straight from work. In general, I began to show more caution to my friend.

I dreamed that I was walking along the street with my young man and they took me somewhere, and when I woke up in a dream, I saw a corpse with a knife in my boyfriend’s chest, I don’t know why ...

I dreamed that my sister and I walked in the evening (it was already dark) and a maniac followed us. I realized that it was a maniac, but for some reason I did not run away. Then I dream (in a dream) that I tell my mother about a maniac and say a strange yes dream, and she says that it was not a dream and that when she was a 19-year-old girl he also pursued her and also said that he was poor and lives in a discarded boiler. Then I dream that he is again chasing me and my sister, but already in the car and we ran away from him. He rode after the nami, and we had small paths between the houses and so we ran along one of them and ran home. Maniac ran after us. We ran into the house, and he, too, and our grandfather, uncle and grandmother sat in the house. I wanted to tell my uncle that he was a maniac, but I could not because I could not breathe and woke up. It was scary to be honest.

I dreamed that a maniac killed me on my way out of school (9th grade, I go to honey. College and often go to school for papers). For some reason, my father could not meet me. And then I go already close to home, and he appears. I immediately recognized him, in my dreams it was always the same maniac (bald, thin, tall, looking 18-24 years old). Swung himself with some kind of wooden mallet. Lying in a cold sweat.

I dreamed that I somehow ended up in a cave, and the cave was the den of a maniac, I hid so that he would not see me, but he saw me, took me by the throat, pressed him against the wall, waved with a knife, but I was not afraid! And some miracle happened, he let me go, and his cops tied me up, but what does that mean?

I dreamed that a maniac or rather some kind of terrorist attacked me and my four friends ... Not the point. He threatened us with a gun and forced us to remove jewelry, outerwear and shoes. After we removed it in a dream, he wanted to kill us. I asked him to be merciful. He let us go. We went to my school, told the principal. I saw this maniac outside the window again, and he saw me. I turned away, he walked away. I followed him. He was heading to our school. We began to call the police - and then I woke up. I can’t explain for sure, help!

I dreamed that I was riding a bus with a maniac and he freed up my seat (then I did not know who he was). Then she somehow recognized and ran away from him, he wanted me! And I could not run away from him, I was running and on the spot! Then a man detained him and people saw me. The maniac was detained, but as if in no way I had been back home.

Dear, please do not slander maniacs, they also have their own lives, like all of us do, so he can also become a victim, to be honest, watch movies less and every nonsense about maniacs, watching a horror movie before going to bed, be sure to watch a comedy or something good and everything will be in openwork.

I dreamed that I was going to my girlfriend past the garages, a maniac pops up, I find myself with him near the store and the 2nd appeared, the first began to cut my hand with a knife, it didn’t hurt, but the scratches were deep, I ran to where I was going, she told everything I bandaged my hand with iodine everything. Louise 12 years 🙂

I dreamed that I was going home (where I would soon move) and a maniac jumped out of the bushes, and grabbed me and we fled somewhere, and I shouted very hard. As a result, 2 people saved me, and the maniac was killed. When I left, I shouted at this maniac.

But I had a dream that I live in the same room as a maniac. Pleasant neighborly relations. I calmly react to his murders ... Such a nice guy, that maniac ...

The dream began with the fact that I visited with a guy in a shopping center. Then he met his friend, and I went outside while he chatted that he would start a car. She approached the parking lot, and there is a guy standing at our car poking me a phone. And there are SMS that I sent to my friend. And before that, she just did not answer me (well, it seems like a feeling in a dream) I asked someone and what a fig and what was with a friend. Then he took out a gun and said cuckoo. My boyfriend came out at me and saw everything, too, took out a gun (xs from where) and fired. I fell to the ground and that man too, but I slipped and he died. Generally woke up in complete hysteria ... In a cold sweat. You need to relax along the way.

I dreamed that it was already almost dark on the street and the maniac was chasing me, obviously very, just to kill, but I was not afraid of him, but anxiously, as if I had escaped, it went on, that it seemed like a day had passed and again he was chasing me. At this time, the black woman wants to kill her as if her "double, clone" or something, but she resists and shoots with a gun killing the maniac. My killer, nevertheless, continues to pursue me, threatening the people around me that if they interfere with him, he will not spare them either. At this time, one of the women surrounding me has a baby in her arms, I apologize for walking around the big way. That's how it is somehow.

Some types tied me and my little brothers, and I saved the little brothers. Then they caught us, and I hit and knocked out.

And I had a dream where I hide from maniacs at home, and they pull people out of the apartments and cut them with a chainsaw right on the street. I turned off the light and lurked, but they still noticed me, stood near the window.

The dream included everything: I was both a witness to the massacre and a victim who ran away and then killed him. So think now.

I dreamed that the maniac wanted to attack the child, and from somewhere I took a large knife and inflicted about 15 blows to the maniac.

In a dream, a maniac chased me, but at first it didn’t work out, there was another person nearby, then I bit him and looked for this maniac with friends to take revenge, beat him, he appeared, but then I was alone and woke up 🙁

In a dream, a maniac chased me in the body of my friend’s grandfather, not being able to produce what he wanted, he was scared and wanted to stab me when I was sleeping, and I was sleeping in a dream. And woke up from his terrible look. I ran away as best I could, my grandfather was like a scan-hand pancake. Now I can’t fall asleep.

I dreamed that together with my friends I was running away from Jason from the movie Friday 13. And when I was running from him, I found a shotgun and an ax, and then the maniac overtook me, I pulled out a gun and shot him in the stomach and then in the head , he fell to the ground, and I rushed to run as fast as I could, but then this maniac overtook me again, well, I grab the ax, and hit him directly in the chest, and leave the ax in his chest. He is dying again, well, I am running as fast as I can, but suddenly he again stood in front of me, pulled an ax out of his chest, and cut me with the same ax.

In a dream, I became a victim of a maniac, could not escape. Maniac was the guise of a famous American actor. I collected my documents. Could not escape. Without end I tried to break out of there. It was my village, but my acquaintances were not there to help.

I dreamed that a maniac attacked my girlfriend and I killed him with a knife, stabbed him several times, then I saw blood in my mirror from the places where the maniac had been beating.

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