What does “hype” mean in youth slang

Hello, dear readers of the Goldbusinessnet.com blog. If you are an active user of the World Wide Web or are going to become one, then, regardless of the type of activity, you just need to be aware of the meaning of a number of special terms, for example, what is outsourcing, what is a transaction, what is CAPTCHA.

In addition, there are words that occur on the Internet as slang (the same IMHO, proof, etc.). There are a lot of them, and they are often used, therefore, without knowing the meaning of a particular expression, you will have to turn to third-party sources over and over for their explanation, which is extremely inconvenient and takes a lot of time that can be used more productively.

Another concept that I want to introduce you today is hype. This word in Cyrillic personifies two English words with completely different meanings, which are interconnected only by the same sound. But more on everything below.

HYIP - what is it in simple words, what does HYIP or HYIP on youth slang mean, as well as differences from Hyip-project

Hello, dear readers of the blog KtoNaNovenkogo.ru. Perhaps you should not chase to understand all the words that the “next” generation uses in communication, but some of them become so popular that they go beyond the framework of the environment where they were born. Earlier, we already discussed similar slang words in publications on the topic of what is cake, what is an Internet meme, what is a signal, what is LOL, hipster and much more.

Today I want to talk about another very commonly used word - hype. What is it, what does it mean in which cases it is used, and what variations of its meaning exist (I must say, the most varied - from the "hype" to the financial pyramid).

This word itself has already become so firmly entrenched in youth slang, and not only in it, that a bunch of words derived from it (hype, hypanut, hype etc.) have appeared, which we will also talk about. But first things first.


Unlike traditional advertising, the main purpose of which was to communicate information about the product, hype, or "over-advertising", the task is not so much informational as stimulating. As a result, the semantic content of such advertising is sharply reduced, and the external form of the advertising message comes to the fore. Hype is characteristic of a consumer society, whose taste preferences are formed due to the excessive flow of information. In capitalist societies in the years after World War II, this type of advertising becomes the main one and turns into a separate highly profitable industry.

Since such advertising is massive, with the advent of modern media, primarily television, in the years after the Second World War its production reached a new level, forming a separate type of industry. The main role is played by advertising agencies, the organization of which has reached the level of industrial production. Another market participant is the advertising units of traditional corporations that perform the same functions as independent advertising agencies, but as part of their organization.

A characteristic feature is the appearance of an oppositely directed financial flow: while the traditional advertising is ordered by the manufacturer - the advertising agency, in the case of hype regarding the press, film, television and radio companies, the advertising agencies themselves become a source of orders and, accordingly, income. This market segment is formed for advertising, and not vice versa.

The social consequences of the new approach to advertising are the shift of public interests to passive consumption, the disappearance of naturally formed mass preferences, the oppression of the ability to analyze independently, spending money on goods and services that are not necessary, including exceeding people's financial capabilities.

At the end of the 20th century, dishonesty, including fraud, of this type of advertising was also noted. To counter such practices, the state uses legislative measures.

What is hype in youth slang?

First, we analyze the meaning of the word, which is popular among young people. Actually, hype (pronounced and written in the Cyrillic alphabet “hype”) in a classic translation into Russian means deception (swindle) or advertising noise.

It is the short word “hype” that personifies howl, hype around any event or person, and has become part of the slang, since using it when communicating on the network is much easier than its counterpart in literary Russian. So, the expression "inflate hype" is very close in meaning to the usual phrase "make a fuss." Hype in a youth environment can also mean an excited emotional state.

This jargon, which is also used as part of complex phrases, is gaining more and more popularity and is constantly overgrown with new semantic nuances.

For example, quite often the hype arises around a person or an inanimate object, which in themselves are unremarkable. For such a case, there is the expression "inexplicable, but hype." In the wake of the popularity of “hype”, its derivatives arose, described by various parts of speech (verbs and adjectives), which I’ll tell you about right now.

Haypit - it means to PR someone or something, to promote, promote, make noise, advertise. At times, this verb is used to mean "hang out," "have fun," "be in trend," or "correspond with fashion trends."

Haypanut - become famous in something yourself, get your share of popularity.

Hype - fashionable, trending, popular. Applies to both a person and various kinds of objects and accessories. Often appearing the expression “hype gear” means fashionable, stylish clothes, and “hype people” is the one who follows modern trends and “is in the subject”.

Well, now for clarity, a few examples and possible scenarios when one or another semantic color is used using the word "hype":

  • the hype around the Pokemon Go game, like the spinners, quickly waned,
  • “raise hype” - an order to the person responsible for stuffing unverified information in the media to gain an advantage in dirty political games,
  • "catch hype" - an experienced user’s advice to a novice user to find their niche and a suitable topic in it that can not only glorify it, but also allow you to earn money,
  • “we begin to hype” - the call of the leader of some gang of fraudsters to the next “money fraud”,
  • “Hi-tech today?” - a question-appeal of a teenager in social networks to his friend to attend an entertainment event.

As a final chord, watch the video of the famous video blogger, who in a short time "was good enough", having gained several million views on YouTube at once:

Hype is a word from youth slang

As I mentioned above, the word “hype” has two different meanings and they are not very strongly connected among themselves. The thing is that two different English words with different spelling in Russian are often pronounced the same way.

  1. Hyip - This is not even a word, but the abbreviation from High Yield Investment Program - a highly profitable and highly risky supposedly investment project.
  2. Hype - hype, hype, flashy advertising, including deception, arousal (emotional), etc. Oh, how great and powerful the Russian language is that there are dozens of different analogues in it for one English word! Yes, and it is also important that hype is bred around something or someone fashionable at the moment.

Despite the fact that I personally much earlier began to associate hype with HYIP (financial pyramids), it is the second option that is now the most popular.

Well, who is interested to know about high-risk ways of earning? To units. But everyone could hear this word from well-known bloggers or even read it in a note on a news site, and he has a legitimate question - “what is it?” Therefore, we start with the meaning of the word “hype”, which is related to youth slang, and for those who are interested in HYIP, a little later, I will devote an entire chapter.

Hype - the closest word to it in Russian (in my opinion) is gwalt (make a noise or scream, yell), but it in itself is probably not understandable to everyone, so I gave explanations in brackets. The expression "inflate hype" is very close in meaning to "raise the bow." It means information noise most often in a positive direction (admiration sometimes reaching hysteria).

The word hype is most often used in relation to some media events covered in the media or on the Internet (usually applied to something or someone fashionable Currently). Does it mean hype or hypewhich is inflated (raised) around an event or person.

Tantrums often arise unjustifiably (from scratch - around an unremarkable object) and it is this situation that the expression "Inexplicably, but hype".

Remember what kind of hype (howling, informational noise, hype) at one time was raised around the game Pokemon Go (at that time, a fashionable hobby from small to large). You can also give an example of hysteria about some new-fangled gadget (such as a spinner), application, game, or some popular personality. Yes, and any other fashion trends can develop into hype (for example, the Internet meme Zhdun).


There are several versions of the origin of the word. According to one of them, hype is short for hyperbola. On the other - from hyper, "in excess of" . According to the Meriam-Webbster Dictionary of Interpretations, the word appeared in verb form around 1931, and was recorded as a noun in 1951. No origin established.

What does HYIP and HYIP mean in simple words

Haypit - PR, actively advertise, promote, increase the popularity of something or someone, promote, inflate, make noise around something (conduct viral marketing). Haypanut - it means to become famous in something and somewhere (make a splash).

Sometimes this word is also used as a synonym for “hanging out”, having fun, annealing (lighting), being in a trend (following current trends), cut on a fashion wave. It already turns out that we ourselves are in this way hype, i.e. make it fashionable (cool), make you talk about yourself, admire, like, etc. In this case, we use the term hi-pozhor, which is discussed in a separate note provided by reference.

The video of the popular video blogger called “Haypan a little bit” gained 13 million views in three months (it’s not weak, it turns out like this):

Hype - this word just develops the second hypostasis of the verb “haypit” (haypanut) and means fashionable, “Being in the subject” (if applied to a person, not to a thing), popular, adored.

For example, the common expression Hype gear means fashionable (cool) things (clothes) that should be in the wardrobe of any hype (next to the current youth fashion) teenager. For example, once Gosha Rubchinsky was hype, now other brands and styles that have ascended to the youth fashion olympic are already noted with this word.

HYIP - a financial project with a predictable end

Well, now consider the term with the pronunciation of “HYIP”, which is essentially an abbreviation of the composite English phrase, which stands for “High Yield Investment Program”. It means highly profitable investment program.

It sounds like solid, but in fact everything is much more prosaic, and behind the screaming HYIP sign hides the most banal financial pyramid (most not without reason considers it a scam), which works according to Ponzi pattern.

The most striking example of such a project offline is MMM, the organizer of which in the 90s of the last century was Sergey Mavrodi, whom millions of unfortunate investors still remember with hatred. Nowadays, with the development of information technology, such a scheme has migrated to the Internet, since it is much easier to organize everything on a global network.

The algorithm of any hype to disgrace is simple and based on the increase in financial resources from new users. Of the finances obtained in this way, payments are made to customers who have previously made investments, all possible expenses are covered (for the content of the project, for employees' salaries, for advertising campaigns, etc.).

The further development of events is not difficult to predict. As long as there is a stream of freshly baked investors, the project has been working successfully and earning whists from those who have already “beat off” investments and “went in for plus” (by the way, some of these “lucky ones” themselves give free hype advertising, presenting positive reviews about it). But, as soon as expenses begin to exceed deposits from customers, the project stops all payments, turning into scam, and eventually closes.

SCUM (translated into Russian as “bastard”) - this is the name of Internet projects that do not pay their members their financial resources.

As you probably guessed, the period of hype activity is short in comparison with serious and credible web projects. Of course, a lot depends on the direction, subjects of such resources, as well as on the level of their profitability. We’ll talk about this now.

What is Hype in youth slang

A fashionable English word from the Internet - hype appeared in our country relatively recently, and immediately became popular in the slang of youth. What is hype in youth slang is resonance, hype, hype around some non-standard news, a person, a blogger, an act. Instantly attracting the attention of a huge audience on yourself, makes this person known in a matter of days and hours. This word in English has two unrelated meanings and translation:

    Нype - hype, hype, public relations, bluffing, cheating. This value is popular among young people. The expression "inflate hype" means raising hype, the noise around something. New semantic features of this word are constantly replenished, verbs and adjectives from HYIP already exist: HYIP, HYIP.

Homeless person

  • HYIP stands for High Yield Investment Program. Here the meaning of the word hype reads like an investment program with high profits. And although this phrase promises high returns on investment, in fact, this abbreviation means a banal financial pyramid - a fraud. Hype, what is it in this case - this is a risky way to make money. In our country, the most famous of the financial pyramids is MMM, created by S. Mavrodi in the 90s of the last century. The creators of the financial pyramids promise gullible investors huge profits from investing their capital, which is completely unjustified, but is an ordinary scam.
  • Meaning of the word hype

    HYIP is a financial project doomed to collapse

    So we got to the second meaning of the word hype, based on the abbreviation HYIP. It stands for High Yield Investment Program, which in translation means highly profitable investment project.

    Let's just say that no investments are made in such projects (in any case, super-high income is not connected with these investments in any way). Although high incomes themselves are possible and a small part of the project participants manages to get them, but only by robbing the rest of the mass of participants, who eventually remain with their noses.

    You can imagine an area of ​​investment where you could pay money to borrowers (project participants) from 1% (and this is already about three, four thousand percent per annum) up to 50% of income daily depending on the type and life of the hype. Only invest in bottled water, but this is already beyond good and evil 🙂

    Almost all HYIP projects are based on the so-called Ponzi pattern. This genius in 1920 organized the world's first financial pyramid, which successfully collapsed in the same year, and its author went to jail. The essence of the Ponzi scheme is quite simple.

    A company (project) is opened, which accepts money from investors at a very high percentage. The main thing in such a scheme create hype - raise hype (here the first meaning of the word is meant) and get a vote of confidence by paying interest to the first depositors at the expense of money received from those who invested in the pyramid later.

    HYIP project closeswhen the influx of money from new investors ceases to cover the costs of paying interest to those who invested in the pyramid earlier. Although, at the request of the organizer, the scheme may be closed earlier in order to hit the jackpot and hide in the bushes in time. Therefore, the average life of a hype mainly depends on the amount of income that the project promises to its investors. The higher the income, the sooner it will crash.

    Catch hype what that means in youth slang

    Young people most often mention the term that came from the English word translated as “Deception”. However, not everything is so simple here, since there is little in common between the original meaning and the modern one.

    If some popular video blogger mentions the word “hype” in his speech, then he means hype, hype. For example, one can often hear such a combination - “Inflate HYIP”. It just means nothing more than “make a fuss”. Usually referring to media events that are covered in the World Wide Web or in the media. If, for example, some kind of online game suddenly became fashionable today, then they immediately say about it that “hype is bloated”. In addition, the hype can rise around any people or events. For example, on YouTube, a video with the participation of a person who interested everyone was suddenly famous. In this case, young people will surely say that “hype” has been “swollen” around the video itself or around the participant of this video.

    To catch hype in the language of youth means to be in a trend or at the peak, in the center of events, etc.

    The main types and types of hype projects

    According to the degree of profitability and, accordingly, life expectancy, such enterprises are divided into three main types:

    • high-interest - the proposed income is over 60% per month from investments, which is just a huge amount. Naturally, such hyps do not live very long (few weeks), but the opportunity to "earn a lot and immediately" attracts a lot of unsuspecting users or "gentlemen of luck" with a high level of adrenaline,
    • medium interest - projects with interest rates ranging from 20% to 60%. This is the largest group of hypes that make up the golden mean. They have the opportunity to implement balanced financial policies and marketing. Their lifespan is several months (and sometimes 1-2 years). It is in such hypes that it is most profitable to invest, if you have already decided to master this risky type of earnings,
    • low interest - HYIPs with a yield of less than 20% that may exist some years. These are the least risky enterprises, on which, as you know, a lot of money will not work. To have a more or less decent income in absolute terms, you need to invest a very large amount, and this is also a risk, and considerable.

    Often, hype disguise as a particular type of entrepreneurial activity, offering users popular types of services with capital investment. The most famous destinations:

    • Forex, binary options, PAMM accounts,
    • Internet projects (startups) that are potentially capable of causing a stir among users,
    • cryptocurrency (what is it?) - it can be, for example, cloud mining services.

    It is understandable the desire of those who want stability, security and reasonable risk in the Internet business to avoid investing their hard-earned money in HYIPs, because at one moment you can lose what you have gained through overwork.

    Hype what is it in simple words in youth slang

    The word HYIP came to the Russian lexicon, as always, from the West and not so long ago, in connection with the development of the Internet. The word hype has several meanings, let's start with the literal translation:

    • - hype (hype) noun: - deception, swindle, intrusive advertising, customer processing (driving on the ears),
    • - hype (hype) verb: - ​​to cheat, fool, inflate, advertise loudly, loudly praise,
    Translation of an expression

    In simple words, the word hype in youth slang got its meaning from the derivative translation of “shouting praise” and English synonyms meaning - PR, trendy, fashionable, hype. That is, the meaning of this concept is defined as - to be fashionable, to be in a trend, known in certain circles, to dress fashionably, to wear stylish branded clothes. The second direction is PR and promotion, creating hype around something. It is often used by video bloggers, SMM specialists, advertisers. Roughly speaking, the creation of hype around something or someone. As an example:

    - Trump election: hype around a certain person.

    - Spinner: trend, fashion thing, etc.

    All this is hype! In the first case, it is a hype around a certain person, and in the second it is a hype around a fashionable, trendy subject. Search and catch Pokimon, also a good example of hype.

    HYIP - in simple terms, it is the abbreviation of "High Yield Investment Program." Translated as - High return investment program. In fact, these are invest projects with exorbitant income based on 100% fraud. In simple words, HYIP is a financial pyramid, a hoax.

    Hypit and hypanut what it means

    What is hyping in modern slang? This expression refers to the following actions:

    • promote or promote
    • aggressively advertise
    • unwind or inflate
    • to increase and increase popularity to someone or something.

    Applying for a social event in non-standard outfits, or creating artificially around some gadget model, or loud and intrusive ads attached to it - that's what it means to hype. In adolescents, youth it is considered very cool to constantly hype, hype, it means to be hype (to be fashionable, popular, in the subject):

    • post provocative selfies, sayings, videos on social networks,
    • possess exclusively trendy gadgets,
    • wear a branded, fashionable gear (fashionable clothes), and hang out only in it.
    Fashion gear

    Hypanut - what does it mean? If you yourself are hype, then it is meant to become the center of hype, launch it, raise the fuss or PR itself, become hype. And if you take part in someone else’s advertising and draw some attention to yourself, it means getting a share from someone else’s hype. Thus, to partially derive your benefit:

    1. A good example of this is the presidential election in 2018. As many politicians and journalists have said, thanks to the election campaign, some presidential candidates have gained great fame - hype, or hypanuli.

    2. The next hype from scratch, or hype was, known to everyone on the Internet, meme Zhdun. He gained popularity in a very short time.

    3. The famous game about Pokemon has become simply a virus of an all-planet scale, having tied to itself millions of people on all continents at the same time.

    4. One of the most popular video bloggers scored more than 13 mil. views in a short time thanks to hype in 2017, and currently views have exceeded 20 mil., see more details here:

    The above examples of hype projects clearly show the essence of hype in action. In a short time, the previously unknown “something” becomes super-popular, but very quickly its popularity may come to naught.

    Old people hype for granddaughter

    Hyip financial project - how not to lose money
    Recently, HYIP financial projects have simply been strewed onto the head of the layman from all sides on the Internet, attracting fabulous incomes from minimal investments. Of course, any such hyip is a pyramid scheme. The main goal of any scam - a project called high yield investment program is to get the greatest financial profit from investing funds of new participants. Those at the bottom of the pyramid contain those at the top of the pyramid. This financial “project” can exist and work up to a certain point, as long as there is cash flow from newly arrived “investors”.

    Important! As soon as the income from newcomers' deposits begins to overlap with the costs of payments to other participants, the project bursts like a soap bubble.

    The main types and types of hype projects
    All hyip financial pyramids are divided into several types according to the type of project profitability:

    1. HYIPs with a low yield of up to 20% per month - can last up to several years in a row and become quite famous and popular. There is no way to make much money in this project, but there is an advantage in that the risks are reduced at times. Although many aspire to get the greatest income and invest a lot of money in the pyramid, thereby exposing themselves to become bankrupt at any time.
    2. With a promise of profitability of up to 60% for each month, the creators of their financial project are well aware that they will not be able to hold out with such promises “afloat” for more than a few months or a year. However, financial projects of this type are the most popular. There is a reason for risk - if you invest at a certain moment and timely withdraw with interest, then it really will be a good profit. But there remains a big risk, since no one knows when this scam will collapse, there will be no one to cover losses.
    3. Projects with high returns of 65% or more per month are just a bluff. This scam will have to be hired for a very short time, up to several weeks. This is comparable to a casino. People are attracted by the promise of huge money for short investment periods.

    In addition to direct investments, there are various projects of Internet business such as:

    • binary options
    • startups
    • cryptocurrency mining.
    Internet business

    Inexplicably but hype

    There is also such a playful expression in the vocabulary of modern youth as “inexplicable, but hype”. It is used if the hype rises around an object that has nothing special.

    Recent events, around which a big hype has been inflated, include the sudden appearance of the fashion for the game “Pokemon Go”, the acquisition of a huge number of people from small to large spinning toys - spinners, the beginning of the massive use of an Internet meme called Zhdun.

    Examples of hype projects - who and how to make money on it all

    Three types of HYIP projects are distinguished by their lifetime:

    1. Fast - incomes are crazy (up to 50% daily with daily payments), but this miracle can die very quickly. The probability of burnout is higher than in roulette, but the prospect of tearing a huge jackpot of many throws into this bottomless pool of deception.
    2. Medium duration - incomes in such a hype are more moderate (up to 3% daily), but such a project can live much longer (six months, less often a year). Investments here are less risky, but also less profitable. Although you can easily lose everything by hitting the bubble at the time of collapse.
    3. Long-playing - in order to survive for a long time, such a HYIP project should offer lower interest rates and increase the payment term from daily to weekly. In this case, according to the law of the pyramid, it can exist much longer (for years) if external forces do not intervene.

    With the development of the Internet, Hype projects are experiencing a second youth. In the offline world, few people are already behaving now, because everyone still has a fresh memory of scammers from MMM, Khoper-Invest, Chara and other hyps of the 90s of the last century (in Russia). But on the Internet, HYIPs are successfully thriving in disguise as cloud mining of cryptocurrencies (what is cryptocurrency?), For various financial games, for PAMMs or for very original schemes.

    For example, several years ago in Russia they implemented a very original HYIP on iPhone delivery from abroad. They offered to get this hype gadget at a price significantly lower than the market. Those who did not believe the happy owners of the latest devices dissuaded (how the gadget differs from the device), bought for ridiculous money.

    Naturally, the difference in price was covered by the money of those who ordered the iPhone later. The scheme lasted until the release of the next version of the iPhone, and when a cloud of money was collected for their purchase (some tens ordered to rely on welding for resale) everything suddenly ended. Hype closed (burst), taking with him the money of thousands of “most cunningly smart” inhabitants of Runet.

    As you understand, do not be in HYIP projects Opportunities to earn (a lot and immediately), there wouldn’t be so many people who want to participate in them. There are people who, knowing in advance about the nature of hype (in fact, this is a scam, in fact), try to profit from them by investing in the early stages in order to manage to jump out in time and collect the money (throwing the rest of the suckers-losers together with the organizers).

    For such “players” there are even special online services where the status of the most popular hype projects is being monitored so that they can quickly get off the train flying into the abyss. Another question is that no one guarantees the real usefulness of such services, but they exist and are used by network "gentlemen" of luck.

    If the topic of high-risk (but also high-yield) investments is still of interest to you, then look towards the blog www.profvest.com - it’s pretty clear what you need to know for beginners about this kind of investment projects and the risks associated with them. IMHO.

    Withdraw money from HYIP Usually carries out through systems like PerfectMoney, Payeer, Payza, OK Pay and, of course, cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoins and others like it (the benefit is now full of cryptocurrency exchangers for virtual and real money). The choice is explained by the possibility of anonymous work with these systems, well, and the fact that others with hyps simply try not to deal with it. Which I wish you too.

    Who makes money on HYIPs

    HYIP projects benefit only the organizers of such schemes themselves and those investors who entered the project on time and managed to withdraw their funds with a profit. The bulk of investors lose all the money invested without real hope of a return.

    By the way, some risky guys, knowing the essence of such enterprises ahead of time, make special contributions at the stage of their inception in order to hit the jackpot and timely get off the bandwagon of a train leaving for oblivion. There are even web resources on the net where the monitoring of hype projectsrelevant to date.

    Therefore, if you suddenly became interested in the topic of earning on high-yield investments, you can visit the IQmonitoring website, where you will find all the information on HYIP projects. But you must be strictly aware that in this case you take all the risks.

    Moreover, the rapidly developing Internet technologies allow you to create HYIPs from scratch based on ready-made scripts for almost anyone in a matter of minutes, you just have to invest the necessary amount in promotion.

    But I give this information for informational purposes only, since the principled position regarding such projects does not allow me to extend this topic.

    And finally, apparently, it should be said about how to withdraw money from highs.Usually, PerfectMoney, Payeer, OK Pay, Payza payment systems are used for this purpose, which enable anonymous work with them.

    Cryptocurrency platforms like Bitcoin (what is it in simple words?) Also do not stand aside in this sense, especially since there is a whole group of cryptocurrency exchangers through which you can exchange digital coins for fiat (standard) money and withdraw them to real life.

    Hypit and hypanut what it means

    The concept of high-tech means to actively promote, advertise, create hype around yourself or someone, or something, in a word, be in a trend. For example, among teenagers in high school, it means to be hype. Hanging out in fashionable clothes, having sophisticated gadgets, poisoning tales about a tusu across Europe and a foreign country (silent about the fact that it was the parents who organized the trip and took the offspring with them). You can drink in social networks spreading hype and hype, posting extravagant selfies, etc.

    Hypanut means starting hype, PR, becoming hype. Get part of someone else’s hype, take part in the hype and draw some attention to yourself or your product. Benefit, profit.

    In the last Russian elections, a number of people gained a certain fame, that is, highpanuli, speaking in youth slang.

    The hallmarks of hyip projects

    In order not to fall on the hype pyramids, you should familiarize yourself with the hallmarks of these projects:

    1. Over tempting offers and conditions. Greater profitability in a short time will not be promised by any respectable bank or even a large industrial corporation.
    2. Inability to track transactions with financial investments. There is no transaction system on the basis of which it can be concluded it is time to withdraw money or you can still wait. And in the event of the collapse of this pyramid, there will be no legal confirmation that the investor has contributed money to this project. It is on this that the entire hype of the creators is based.
    3. Lack of accurate information about the organizing company. Any honest organization - a legal entity, has all the information transparent, it can be easily found on the website of the Federal Tax Service, along with TIN and reporting. Each organization has its own website of the head and separate divisions and representative offices, in other cities, with telephone numbers and addresses.
      An explicit scam is waiting for the contributor if:
    • on the organization’s website there are no contact details, phone numbers for feedback, or they do not respond,
    • copies of all necessary documents, certificates for this type of activity are not laid out,
    • anonymous systems are used to withdraw funds,
    • the company’s website used symbols and abbreviations similar to well-known brands,
    • low quality project site with a minimum of content,
    • There is no information on activities and sources of profit.

    Advice! If the forums about a particular organization have only negative reviews, then you should not invest your money in it.


    Knowing the true meaning of the modern youth word “HYIP”, one can easily guess what the adjective “HYIP” and the verb “HYIPANUT” formed from it mean.

    Hypovy is essentially the one who does not lag behind fashion. Of course, the thing itself, around which the hype has risen, can also be called hype. For example, the same spinner was hype at the time. The same Pokemon Go game was also hype. In addition, bloggers can become hype if their popularity began to increase sharply.

    Well, the verb “haypanut” means - “become famous, become popular.” In other words, the one who made the sensation, highpanul. True, the verb formed from the noun “hype” has a few more meanings. For example, about a person who has a good time, young people may say that he “hung out", "lit up" or "highpan". All these words in this case will be synonyms.

    And such a verb as “hype” means - “actively advertise, promote something”.

    HTML vertical line

    How not to get involved in HYIP

    You can, of course, completely abandon any type of investment in any Internet and offline companies. Then, surely, hype does not threaten us, although the example given with iPhone at a bargain price does not attract the investment project - it’s just a usual household. Therefore, with this approach, there can be no guarantees.

    However, HYIP projects have a number of distinguishing features that a scam can give them. Let me just list them:

      They are very "tasty"too much. The organizers make them too cloying, which can give them away if a person is guided by common sense, and not by the instinct of a fly. HYIPs usually offer very high interest rates, excessive and even prohibitive. Moreover, it is guaranteed to you that in the conditions of the real market it is practically impossible.

    No investment will bring you units, and even more than a few tens of percent of income on invested money per day (not a month or a year, but a day!). Yes, in Forex (what is it?) You can successfully play (showing aggression) and get 10% per day, but you can’t plan to do this daily (this is piece luck that cannot be put on stream). Hyps are very “muddy”. It is unclear who the founder, who the organizer, do not really speak on what they earn. Everything is secret, veiled, exclusive (only we have never used such a miraculous method anywhere, but which one is the secret, because competitors are on the alert) and only the crazy percentage of income that pokes you in the eye on all the pages of the site catches your eye.

    Although, for example, HYIP in the form of cloud mining really talks about what it makes money from - they invest money in computing power for mining (mining) bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies. But it’s easier not to invest in anything, but to build a pyramid according to the Ponzi scheme. Which is happening. But what a wonderful hype (fashionable, thread-based) rationale.

    Typically, real investment projects keep records of their activities, which can be verified (an object has been built, goods have been purchased, a data center has been rented for mining, etc.). If not, then this is an occasion to think.

    It’s also worth considering if the project’s website has a domain name in the wrong zone where its main audience is located (and in general, it’s worth to study the Whois record more closely). The same applies to the place of registration of the company and the hosting where the site is located (you can find out the country by host IP address).

  • Any operations with money (investments) must be properly executed and you must be given an agreement on the acceptance of money from you. In HYIPs, in most cases this is not the case - you entered the money into the system, took off the profit, rejoiced it, re-entered it, removed it again with an even higher margin, and so on until the collapse of the financial pyramid, after which it is impossible to prove that you are someone entrusted.
  • Well, to top it off, I want to bring a video where they compare signs of a real investment project and hype disguised as:

    HYIP Earnings

    Since hype is hype, hype and hype, the concept of viral marketing can safely be attributed to hype. So, by launching a good hype you can not get rich richly and become a hype hypon пон


    Our free lessons have everything you need to run super hype and earn money on the Internet, so after reading the article to the end, do not forget to subscribe at the end. You will receive step-by-step instructions for creating your site. Having your own website will increase your status and hype.

    I will bring one hype money making example. At one of the internet marketing master classes, host and organizer Anton Petrochenkov (CEO of marketing agency Envelope Monster) talked about one interesting and fun hype that they launched on social networks right after Trump won the election.

    I'm not lying to you watch 5 minute video from the webinar Monster Envelope: Harness!

    Hype was as follows:

    - They published an announcement on the social network with the following content: “The Trump administration is looking for an SMM specialist from Russia,” some kind of White House email was screwed to the announcement. The news scattered across the networks in a million copies. Leading Russian media gave denials, even the White House Administration reacted, as it was, since several thousand letters with a resume arrived at the current mail address.

    The story really got comic development. The news was held together by the media, Kommersant even contacted the White House to clarify the information on this announcement. And the administration of the White House suggested that it was the machinations of Russian hackers and special services. Allegedly trying to attack and drop the White House server. Since the resume really came in a lot.

    You probably have a question, but is it legal? I asked the same question personally to Anton, at one of the workshops, where he again told this comedic story. He replied that this does not violate freedom of speech and they did not do anything illegal, and the agency is working and flourishing! If you are interested in Internet marketing, then we recommend the courses “Envelope of Monsters”

    Anton Petrochenkov

    The result of such a viral hype was thousands of visits to the page of the site, with the offer to attend a free webinar on SMM marketing and as a result, selling dozens of training courses at a monster school, and the course costs around 30,000 rubles.

    Here is an example of hype using the site and imagination. See for yourself by running a simple hype, you can pour traffic and make good money.

    Here's another super humorous hype example of advertising a sewing enterprise; a company sews clothing for animals. See not regret it:

    Distinctive features of HYIP projects

    The final chapter of this article will be devoted to how a user with a completely normal level of adrenaline can distinguish hype from a trustworthy project so that it does not have to spend nerve cells to save their capital. There are a number of signs by which you can accurately determine the HYIP.

    1. Unrealistically attractive conditions. An experienced person with adequate thinking may immediately suspect if there is not just a promise, but a guarantee of extra-large incomes, which in modern conditions is simply unrealistic to fulfill.

    Well, any investment project cannot provide several tens of percent of profitability per month, unless, of course, it is built according to the pyramid scheme. Moreover, reputable companies in all respects that accept user investments (for example, the same Forex), not only do not guarantee super-profits, but at every step they warn of possible risks.

    2. Lack of transaction processing. On any more or less authoritative project, it is possible to fix money transactions (what is it in simple words) associated with investing and withdrawing funds, because investment activity is associated with financial risks. If any force majeure occurs, you can provide documentary evidence of the contribution made.

    On hype projects, all reporting is usually absent. You enter and withdraw money without thinking about the possible consequences, and this happens until the collapse of the pyramid. Well, if you managed to return the invested funds, and if not? In the legal sense, you can’t prove anything, and the organizers of the HYIP project are counting on this.

    3. Project Information Blur. In trust companies and investment funds, the user can not only get any data, but also evidence that they are not fake, or it is possible to easily verify their authenticity.

    For example, in the public domain there is a real head office address (if the enterprise is large-scale and has regional branches, then branch addresses), phone numbers, the full staff, email addresses, permits, etc.

    Moreover, on authoritative projects there are usually reporting materials in one form or another on the activities of the company, including details on the forms of cooperation with partners, ways of generating income and the scheme of work with investors. In general, full transparency, unlike HYIP projects, where:

    • are present in incomplete volume or there is no contact information at all,
    • anonymous payment systems are used to withdraw funds,
    • there is no supporting data on the direction of activity and sources of profit,
    • the project’s web resource uses symbols similar to brands of well-known companies,
    • there are photos and surnames of persons who are in no way associated with this project
    • the company’s website’s interface is ugly and contains little content,
    • there is plagiarism of design and grammatical errors,
    • completely missing copies of the necessary permits,
    • there is no support service or it works very badly,

    These are, so to speak, the main signs of unreliable hypes (by the way, the list can be supplemented by you in the comments). However, it cannot be said that immediately after investing in them, customers will lose them. On the contrary, payments will be made, but in how much and how long it will last, depends on what stage and in what type of hype (low, medium or high interest) investments were made.

    Separately, it is worth mentioning the low-interest HYIPs, which, by the way, can have a support service, contact details, and some other signs of a high-quality company. However, for example, the ways they make profits are usually covered in deep secrecy, which is logical.

    In general, low-profitable highs can also be calculated, although this is somewhat more difficult. As I have already noted, their lifespan can be calculated over years, so admins have time to create a noble appearance for them. But still, their end is predictable, not to mention projects with greater profitability. Completes the theme of the video, which will complement the information on differences between a normal investment company and hype resources:

    How not to lose money in hyip

    With all the negative PR hype projects, they still make good money if you manage to remove interest on time, and there is also a demand for them. Currently, there are services for identifying and monitoring hype projects. The following tips are available to minimize the loss of participation in the pyramids:

    • the amount of the contribution must be such that when the pyramid collapses, the monetary loss is not noticeable,
    • on the service of HYIP projects they choose the newest, gaining momentum and invest money,
    • after making a profit, the main contribution is withdrawn, and interest in the form of profit is left in the project for some more time,

    With this method, capital will increase momentum without major costs, and in the event of a collapse, only the money that is spinning in the pyramid is lost.

    How not to lose money

    So, the word hype means viral, screaming, intrusive advertising, created primarily for your personal purposes, as well as meaning that people are in trend, hype. The result of hype is always only one, it is a financial gain, for this specific sites are created and promoted. On the artificially created hype on social networks and with a lot of traffic, money will flow into the pockets of the creator of hype. HYIP projects are also sources of income, subject to the right approach and participation in the pyramids.

    Earnings on HYIP projects

    Attention! It is NOT recommended to invest in hype projects! Remember that every such project was created with one single goal - to raise money and close! It is worth recognizing that most hyipas work and pay money only at the start, thereby showing their “honesty” and solvency. But, if you still decide to take a chance, the information below will help you understand the basic principles of investing in hype.

    The idea of ​​making money quickly came up with every normal person.Invest your own honestly earned money and at the same time make good profit in a short time. For this, all kinds of lotteries have been created in life. But everyone understands that the probability of winning, is next to zero! There are projects on the Internet that offer to earn quickly and a lot - these are the so-called HYIP projects. The most important principle, how not to get burnt in a hype is to pick up your hard-earned money and topple it on time! And who stayed, that ... you understand.

    How not to lose money on hype

    Hype can be confused with HYIP, the financial pyramid. The so-called investment financial project with a large reward, the acronym for which is HYIP.

    The most obvious example in Russia is the pyramid from the 90s by Sergei Mavrodi called "MMM". As always, this type of business came to Russia from overseas. Back in the United States, Charles Ponzi launched such a pyramid in 1920; it collapsed the same year. Bringing Charles more than $ 7,000,000 and five years in prison, with confiscation and seizure of accounts.

    HYIP financial pyramid

    The scheme of such a business is primitive and simple. The acceptance of deposits with a very large increase in interest and increased payments is announced. For example, invest 1000 rubles today and receive 1800 rubles in a month. The principle is simple, you take the money today, and tomorrow you pay yesterday (who has the due date) of the money you deposit today, etc. in a circle. Everything works until money comes all at once. However, a competently debugged scheme can work for years, but it is doomed to failure anyway.

    In fact, you can make good money on such projects. The essence of earnings is to get off in time, that is, to play at the start. At the start, such a project will pay you money, but whether to invest further is up to you.

    Such investment HYIP projects are clearly visible on the network. They offer sky-high payments, hide information about activities, often do not even have a law firm.

    However, there are entire services for tracking and monitoring such HYIP projects. And since there are services, then there is also a demand for such projects, and there is also earnings there. With the development of the HYIP Internet, the pyramids received a second life, a second wind.

    In order to lose a lot of money on HYIP projects, select the amount that you are ready to lose in case of collapse of the project. Next, find a fresh, attractive, trending HYIP project, invest in it. Make a profit, get your money, and run the profit further in this project or find another. So you will spin and grow capital with little or no investment. It is important to correctly select the starting HYIP project.

    Features of the work of hype projects

    The basic principles of operation of such schemes are as follows:

    • ponzi scheme (pyramid),
    • reinvestment.

    The most common earning scheme on the Internet is the first scheme. This is not surprising, because it is the simplest and does not require a lot of intelligence from the creator. For its existence, it is necessary to attract constantly new investors, due to which the first investors or the so-called referrals will receive rewards. If the flow of investment in such a scheme stops or decreases, the project stops. The last contributor always loses.

    The second scheme of earning involves admin skills and knowledge of more profitable sources. It attracts cheaper resources to invest in more profitable destinations. Often, the percentage of profit in such a scheme for an investor will be lower than in the first scheme.

    How to become hype and make a lot of money

    Summing up all that has been said, we note that hype is an expression on youth slang that means a fashion trend, hype, hype, viral marketing, and PR of a loved one. Focused on the ultimate goal - making money and financial well-being.

    To be hype, to hype means to be fashionable, to be in a trend, everyone knows.

    The word hype means fraud and is closely related to the HYIP pyramids. But there you can not earn sour. HYIP projects are a whole niche for earning money, a competent approach is the key to success.

    To become a hype and grab a hype, it is enough to launch your website on the Internet. A link to a personal website in social networks will significantly increase your status in the eyes of friends, fellow students, colleagues, which means you will become more hype. By launching a "bullet" in the social network and pouring tons of traffic on the necessary pages of the site, you can easily get rich. With our FREE lessons you can start the site in 1.5 hours

    Good luck to you hype!

    Perhaps you will be interested in:

    Do you like the article? Help the project - Share with others the link:

    Tactics of working with HYIP projects

    Making money simple and easy is just luck. If, nevertheless, you decide to try to take a chance and get additional income from HYIP projects, then here too you need to apply the ability to think rationally. Observation and proper tactics of behavior and even your own rules will be required. Without a rational approach, work tactics - you can easily lose your money.

    To properly control your money you need tactics. When working with HYIP projects, several types of approach can be distinguished:

    • balanced tactics
    • conservative tactics
    • aggressive tactics.

    Let's take a closer look at how investors behave in order to make money on investments.

    Aggressive HYIP investing tactics

    The main goal of such an investor is to be the first investor in a new project or even in several funds at the same time. Such an investor knows in advance about the launch of a new HYIP project. Such a contributor is not new to making money on the Internet and owns a knowledge base, collects information from several sources, makes his preliminary analysis and conclusion. Based on the information received, makes a contribution or refuses to invest in a specific fund

    Balanced HYIP Investing Tactics

    Work on balanced tactics involves the search for HYIP projects that have already worked for some time and have begun to make payments to participants. You should not look for new ones, but you just need to use the information from the participants who were the first in the project. Such information is often found in relevant forums.

    Conservative tactics of earning on HYIPs

    Using the conservative tactics of investing in HYIP projects, you minimize your risks to the maximum. Also, this involves obtaining a more stable, but at the same time, less profitable type of earnings in comparison with the previously considered tactics. In this case, the work is related to already recommended investment funds. Their main signs:

    • moderate interest rate
    • long working hours.

    But remember - there are no perfect and eternal hypes!

    Rules for working with HYIP projects

    What tactics you choose, it is up to you, on your financial capabilities. Often it depends on the very nature of the person, his essence. But it’s worth recalling the basic rules of working with HYIP projects that will help you avoid a quick failure and engage in earning on the Internet for a long time. Listen to them if you want to start your journey in earning additional income in the world of the Internet, and especially in such a risky direction as investing in HYIP projects.

    1. Do not invest all your accumulated funds in one project. No matter how good he is.
    2. To increase your assets, allocate up to 15% of your savings.
    3. Working on aggressive investment tactics and successfully completing one or two rounds of the project, do not risk continuing to work with it further. Often, highly profitable projects live no more than two to three circles of life.
    4. If you are interested in a project, do a brief analysis and study.
    5. A positive point in the investment fund is the presence of the administration and its constant relationship with investors. Such projects inspire more confidence.
    6. The quality of design. A well-designed project, where maximum information about the project is provided, a convenient interface for work and use - all this implies a long-term operation of the fund and, as a result, the opportunity to earn money on agreed terms.

    All the described rules, especially observations and the described characteristics of HYIP projects, can not always work and, moreover, ensure the stability of an investment fund. Fraudsters often know all the necessary and mandatory requirements for projects and try to adhere to them in order to look prestigious. Therefore, when investing in HYIPs, be extremely careful and careful.

    Watch the video: Hype and Bitcoin already head for in Dictionary (February 2020).