Exercise like a man: morning exercises for all ages

A taut figure is an integral attribute of a self-respecting man. Nobody forces you to become a fan of bodybuilding, but keeping your body in good shape is necessary. Morning exercise for men will help you keep yourself in shape, which also has many other useful properties. All you need for her 10-15 minutes per day and weights in the form of dumbbells. And the advantages that you get in the end are incredibly many.

The benefits of morning exercises for men

Charging for men is not just a formality, we have heard about the need for it since the Soviet era. This is actually an incredibly useful measure, and if implemented correctly, it will give you the opportunity to get the following:

  • Simple exercises strengthen muscle corset and will make the physique attractive. Charging, of course, is not enough to achieve serious results, but this is a good base load to maintain tone.
  • Thanks to charging, you can improve posture and ensure the correct position of the vertebrae, prevent the risk of hernia and many other problems.
  • Cardio loads are a great way strengthen the cardiovascular systemprevent a series of problems with her. Morning physical activity also improves blood circulation.
  • And, of course, morning exercises for men are a great way. wake up in the morning, both physically and mentally. It charges with vivacity and energy, sets the right mood and helps prepare for an active and productive day.

Rules for the effectiveness of male charging

In order for the exercises for morning exercises for men to bring you only benefit, follow a number of recommendations. Better to prepare for it in the evening. The rules will be as follows:

  • Before moving on with the basic exercises with dumbbells, do warm up or stretching. This will help prepare for stress and prevent injury.
  • Most often charging with dumbbells for men. Choose weighting weights depending on your goals. If you want to lose weight, use small weights, if you gain muscle mass - large weighting agents.
  • Alternate exercises to different muscle groups so that the body develops harmoniously.
  • It is recommended to complete the complex with breathing exercises. This will help to saturate the body with oxygen as much as possible, improve metabolism and the breakdown of fats.
  • Dumbbell weights can also vary depending on what the exercise is aimed at.
  • As for the charging rate, it should be moderateso as not to overload the body. You can’t work for wear - the purpose of charging is to charge yourself with vigor, and not to exhaust yourself so that later you have no strength for anything else.

A set of exercises for charging for men and the level of load should be chosen taking into account age. Men over forty who have not previously been involved in sports are allowed to reduce the load by about 10%.


Although the bar seems very simple, not everything is so easy to complete. The plus of the bar is that it helps to train many muscles at once - the press, back, arms, shoulders, chest, hips, so it should be included in the set of exercises for morning exercises for men. You need to rest your elbows on the floor, the body should be stretched, like a string and be a straight line. Try to keep the bar for at least a minute.

Additional exercises

If you want to lose weight, you can add more aerobic exercise to your morning exercises. Keep track of your heart rate. It should be at the level of 110-120 strokes - with such indicators, the body burns fats. To achieve such a pulse, you can jump on a skipping rope or just in place for several minutes. After you can proceed to the following exercises:

  • Walk at a fast pace, raising your knees high.
  • Twist the body in different directions while standing.
  • Perform active bends to the sides.
  • Do twisting on the health disk.
  • Perform forward bends, trying to touch the floor with your hands and not bending your legs.

Gradually increase the number of repetitionsincreasing the load.

A little bit about warming up

The morning exercise complex for men, the video with which you will find below, should begin with a warm-up, as you already said. It should always be done from top to bottom. Turn your head slowly around your neck first. If this exercise causes you discomfort, then you can replace the rotation with clear tilts to the sides.

So that in the process of further exercises, the joints get up correctly, and all the muscles are warmed up, do this warm-up complex:

  • rotate with your hands from you and towards you,
  • rotate your elbows in the opposite and forward direction,
  • proceed to rotate your shoulders in both directions,
  • rotation of the ankle joint from yourself and to yourself,
  • rotate your knees around an imaginary axis and also in the opposite direction.

After warming up, do the exercises.

And some more tips

Now you know how you can do morning exercises for a man, and what are its advantages. Finally, we consider a few more features that need to be remembered in order for the load to be correct and effective:

  • You can wash and brush your teeth before charging, but don’t have breakfast. So the body will spend fat reserves, and it will be easier for you to do.
  • If possible, you can do gymnastics on the balcony or in the yard. You can also simply open the window so that the room is well ventilated.
  • Performing exercises, you should not overheat and supercool.
  • Wear comfortable clothing that will not hamper your movements.
  • Regardless of the selected complex, monitor your breathing. Its pattern is always the same: we breathe evenly and through the nose, the main effort is always performed on the exhale, and relaxation on the inhale.
  • At first, charging should be easy, then you can increase the load. Adjust the number of repetitions yourself so that you can recharge your batteries and not get tired. You can repeat each exercise 8-10 times.

Morning exercises are a great way to wake up easier in the morning and keep your figure toned. Of course, remember that it does not replace full-fledged training aimed at both losing weight and building muscle. Rather, it is a warm-up, a great start to an active day that will help a man maintain mental and physical health. An ideal charging complex does not exist, it all depends on the goals, level of training and personal preferences. You can see what morning exercises for men look like on video, and learn for yourself useful knowledge that will help you develop your ideal program. Those interested can see how to perform boring exercises at work.

The benefits of gymnastics at home in the morning for young and old

Charging has a beneficial effect on the performance of all systems and organs. Let us consider in more detail all the positive properties of physical exercises performed in the morning:

  1. Strengthening the muscle corset and straightening the posture, which in general has a beneficial effect on the appearance of a person. It will not be possible to achieve the relief muscles with one charge, but it is possible to give a more stable position of the vertebrae and prevent the appearance of diseases of the musculoskeletal system.
  2. Strengthening the cardiovascular system. Physical activity in the morning will prevent the occurrence of a number of cardiovascular diseases (vascular atherosclerosis, coronary heart disease, etc.). Charging also improves blood circulation in all organs and their systems.
  3. Stimulating metabolism and improving morale. During exercise, to the pleasant music, the body produces a hormone - endorphin (or the hormone of happiness).

Interesting fact! It is clinically proven that people who regularly experience physical activity are less prone to depression and other mental disorders.

What and how to do the right thing to boost energy, maintain health and shape

The exercises include exercises aimed at working out various muscle groups. The table presents a system that is suitable for both young people and men aged, as well as the rules for its implementation.

Exercise list

Execution technique

Number of repetitions or time

The fingers are clenched into a fist and rotate the hands.

Head rotations in a circle

Initially, the amplitude of movement is reduced and only as the neck muscles are worked out, the radius of the circle is gradually increased. You can put your hands on the area under study to control the amplitude of rotation.

First, rotate the forearms clockwise, then in the opposite direction.

Shoulder rotation

When performing rotations, only the shoulder joints work. It is important that the hands remain stationary.

The legs are shoulder-width apart, hands are placed on the lower back. Rotate the pelvis clockwise and counterclockwise.

Body tilts forward

Starting position, as in the previous complex. The housing is alternately moved back and forth, with each movement increasing the amplitude of the deviations more and more.

15 times each way

Side tilts

Alternate tilts of the body to the left and right side, holding hands on the lower back. You can complicate the complex by performing it with hands clasped in a lock over your head.

15 times each way

Hands straighten in front of you and clasp your palms into the castle. Make turns with the body on the sides.

15 times each way

To work out the muscles of the buttocks and thighs, classic squats are suitable, which are performed from the position of the legs shoulder width apart.

Take a supine position and slowly tear the upper body off the floor.

Important! In this case, make sure that the heart rate is at around 110-120 beats per minute. If dizziness, tinnitus or “flies” appear in front of the eyes, exercise should be stopped immediately.

The list of aerobic exercises include:

  • jumping rope
  • running on the spot
  • step at a fast pace with high knees
  • active tilts of the body to the sides,
  • lunges kicked forward.

The load when losing weight must be constantly increased.

Practicing surgeon. Certified massage master. Two-time vice champion and heavyweight champion of the regional kettlebell lifting competitions.

The benefits of morning exercises

Any person knows that even a little physical activity makes our heart beat in a faster rhythm, and, accordingly, increase blood circulation. This is the meaning of charging. During sleep, the body relaxes, because of which the cells do not need a lot of oxygen and nutrients, and in the morning it is stressed as we begin to move.

Therefore, enhancing blood circulation with a light load, all the necessary substances will get into tissues, cells and the brain much faster, which will improve overall well-being. Also, the warm-up partially triggers oxidative processes, due to which a small fraction of fat is burned.

Where is it best to perform outdoors or at home?

As stated above, the body needs to be saturated with oxygen. It is he who activates all processes, and makes the muscles wake up. Based on this, it is best to do exercises in the fresh air and cool when its density is higher. Low temperature will also allow some tempering, which will increase immunity. An ideal option would be a park or forest, where there is a lot of oxygen.

However, you can also warm up at home. Perhaps it will not be as spectacular as in the air, but you will be able to cheer up. Great if there is a balcony. He will be able to fully replace the street and help warm up after waking up.

Do I need to eat before morning exercise?

Given the fact that physical exercise is performed a couple of minutes after sleep, it is better not to eat food. Otherwise, doing exercises with a full stomach will not be very convenient, and it affects the metabolic processes adversely.

But you need to drink a glass of sweet liquid. It will destroy blood, which will facilitate the work of the heart, and sugar will temporarily provide muscles with energy. An ideal option is hot tea or juice. But after charging, you can eat tightly, without fearing for a tone, since all fat will work out throughout the day.

Conditionally morning exercises can be divided into 3 main types.

  • Classical exercise - does not exceed 7 minutes in time and includes a physical education complex (stretching the neck, pelvis, legs, etc.).
  • Warm up - performed for 15 minutes and covers the basic gymnastic elements (pull-ups, squats, push-ups, etc.).
  • Full charge - requires 30 minutes of time, as well as the presence of shells (dumbbells, weights, treadmills).

Which of these types to choose, everyone decides for himself. The best, of course, is considered a full charge, which works out all the muscles. In this case, you will not only be well-being, but also with a fit body shape.

Rules for morning exercises

Exercise, like any workout, has its own credo, which must be met. Remember the most important thing - from a small load in the early time you need to have fun. That is, if during the execution you do not feel a vigorous state, then you are probably making a mistake in something. Pay attention to the following nuances.

  • Charging is best done outdoors or in a ventilated area.
  • Warm up will be interesting if you do it not alone, but, for example, in the family circle or with friends.
  • Clothing should be comfortable and not interfere.
  • The optimal number of repetitions is considered no more than 10 times.
  • Calm pace of execution.
  • Daily load.

That is, in order to achieve the effect of morning exercises, it is necessary to at least partially comply with these rules, because everything is in vain.

Lesson schedule

In fact, you do not need to follow any special schedule. It is enough to do morning exercises for every day and give it at least 10 minutes. If we talk about time, then we can focus on the following schedule.

  • 5:00 - rise.
  • 5: 00-5: 15 - after waking up, you can lie down for 10-15 minutes in bed to finally wake up.
  • 5: 15-5: 45 - after drinking a glass of water with lemon before exercise, you can thoroughly sweat for half an hour.
  • 6: 00-6: 30 - half an hour to take a shower.
  • 7:00 - it's time to eat tight.

Then you can already build the daily routine at your discretion. But try to devote at least a couple of hours to morning exercises, water procedures and breakfast, so that you can walk with a cheerful head for the rest of the day.


Charging will be much more useful if light physical activity is added to simple physical education. It can be additional shells, weights, rods, etc. However, small dumbbells are the best option. What to do with them and how, you can not really think about it. Just add this shell to your usual complex exercises. For example, with dumbbells it is possible to carry out draft in an inclination, their lifting above themselves, also during a warm-up of a press. Such morning exercises will give an excellent shape to your body.

Exercise intensity

It is important to understand that simple exercise is not a workout, so it should be accompanied by a pulse of no more than 160 beats per minute. This is the state of the body when the back begins to sweat. Increasing the intensity simply does not make sense.Although in the cold season (winter), the pace can be increased, while combining gymnastics with light jogging. The cold will allow the body to be hardened to some extent, which is also necessary for a healthy lifestyle.

Warm up and stretch

Stretching is also considered a health complex and goes well with morning exercise. But this is not for the lazy, because first you need to carry out a full charge and warm up well, and only then stretch. Be prepared for the fact that this procedure will cause discomfort, as you will pull out the tendons, tissues and ligaments, but over time they will become more elastic, and the pain will gradually begin to disappear.

Stretching is useful for the whole body, because it helps strengthen tissues and muscles, which means that the risk of injury is reduced. This is especially true for those involved in professional sports under a certain program.

A set of exercises for charging

For the morning warm-up, there is plenty of exercise. They are difficult, for weight loss, gymnastic, but are classified only in direction. That is, depending on which part of the body is being worked out.

  • For legs - squats on one and two legs, walking on heels and toes, swings.
  • For the back - a boat and lifting of the lower back, lying on the back with bent legs.
  • For the body - rotation of the pelvis, the inclination of the body.
  • For the neck - turns and tilts of the head.
  • For the hands - rotation of the hands, movements of the hands in the elbow and shoulder joints, alternate hand swings.

I want to draw your attention to the fact that these exercises should be performed correctly and slowly to feel every movement. Below is a photo of the most correctly executed.

Up to 30 years

The complex for men under 30 years old should include the basic exercises presented earlier. They are considered as preparation for other types of activities that are more complex in terms of technique and require certain power costs.

The list of additional loads for young people includes:

  1. The bar. During the training, body weight is transferred to the elbows and feet. In this position, stay 1-1.5 minutes. For trained men, you can complicate the exercise, for example, rely on hands and one foot or feet and one arm.
  2. Pull-ups on the bar with wide arms. Pullups will strengthen the muscles of the upper body and make the figure more prominent. Perform 5 pull-ups at a time in 3 repetitions.
  3. Lunges with legs with weights. The number of repetitions is 35 times for each leg.
  4. Push-ups from the floor - 10 times in 2 sets. As you prepare, the exercise is also complicated.

If the young man is in good physical shape, then the basic set of exercises (tilting the body to the sides and forwards, squats, twisting) can be performed using dumbbells or bottles of water as a weighting agent.

For women

The most suitable for women is the following morning exercises complex.

  1. Arms folded in the lock, stretch upward, to the chest and down, without moving the body, stretching to the sides, rotate with your hands, and then with your elbows, alternate swings, push-ups from the table, warm up the biceps with light dumbbells.
  2. Torso - a bar, keeping the legs at an angle of 45 degrees, lying on your back, tilting to the right, left, forward, backward, torsion with a fixed pelvis.
  3. Legs - swings forward, back and to the sides, rotation of the hip joint, squats, knees warm-up.
  4. Neck - primitive inclinations and rotations.

For each exercise, no more than 15 qualitative repetitions are assigned, after which you can make a set of squats in various variations - classic, with legs apart, etc. Since the complex is designed for girls, its action is aimed more at maintaining a figure. Below is a video where they talk about this in detail.

Under 40 years old

Men under 40 can also adhere to the basic, previously presented complex. However, at this age it is necessary to be more careful with weighting agents. People with poor physical fitness should not use dumbbells at first.

To the list of additional exercises included in the complex, you can add:

  1. Walking in place with simultaneous rotation of the hands (1 minute).
  2. Squats with shaking hands or moving your arms to the side (6-10 times in 3 reps).
  3. Running in place with high knees or throwing your feet back.

Basic exercises for men under 40 can be done at a higher pace. This will contribute to the study of various muscle groups, and the loss of excess weight in problem areas.

For men

Since men with a sports part, in most cases, everything is much better, exercises for them should be harder. Conventionally, these are the same movements as in women, but with an additional subsequent load.

  1. Squats are the most primitive, from a standing position, several approaches 20 times.
  2. Emphasis of lying - typical push-ups, 2 sets of 20 times.
  3. Lunges - 3 sets of 15 times.
  4. Twisting - a total of 40 repetitions for 2-3 times.
  5. Leg lift - also 40 times.
  6. Planck - several approaches, lasting 1 minute.

This charge is designed to work on all muscle groups. It will provide a slender, toned body and basic pumping, which is especially important for beginners in sports or for athletes on drying.

50-60 years

After 50 years, men should move away from charging at a fast pace, as this can lead to personal injury and heart problems. At this age, it is allowed to use the basic complex, but all movements in it are done with a small amplitude in slow mode.

Morning exercises for men 50-60 years old include the following set of exercises:

  1. Walking in place with raising hands on inhalation and lowering on exhalation (1 minute).
  2. Half slopes with a slightly raised head and arms apart. The body is parallel to the floor and slightly bent in the lower back. The number of repetitions is 6-8 times.
  3. Smooth springy bends forward while inhaling and straightening the body as you exhale. Legs should be shoulder width apart at the time of warm-up. It is imperative to perform the exercise smoothly. Otherwise, you can get a severe spinal injury or lose consciousness due to impaired cerebral blood flow.
  4. Alternating jumps in place with landing on a pushing leg - 10-12 seconds

Important! Exercise for men aged differs from the complex for young people in that basically all the exercises in it are done according to 1 approach. That is, the complex execution time itself is reduced. More attention is paid to breathing during a warm-up. Breathing should be smooth, inhaling approximately corresponds to the duration of exhalation. After this, it is advisable to perform walking in place until the heart rate is fully restored.

For teens

The morning warm-up of adolescents is similar to a complex for women, but with the addition of a couple of stretching elements (stretch marks).

  1. Turns and circular head movements.
  2. Rotations of the hands and arms in the elbow joint.
  3. Torso
  4. Squats is a universal exercise suitable for both women and men with adolescents.
  5. Circular movements of the knees and pelvis.

For each of these elements, 10 repetitions are enough, after which you can go to stretching. The following exercises will be suitable.

  • "Bicycle" (lying on the back).
  • Lunges on each leg.
  • "Scissors" in a lying position.
  • Bending in the back, standing on all fours (also useful for the spine).
  • Tilts in a standing position (we reach the floor with our palms).

These exercises are suitable for adults, but you need to perform them carefully so as not to get injured. You can also add a gymnastic base to this list, for example, a handstand or pull-ups. But in general, the load on the young organism is not terrible, of course, within reason. To better navigate by the names of the elements, you can use the Internet and see everything in the pictures, where the execution technique will be explained clearly and with a description.

Training result

Morning exercises for men allows you to maintain good shape and not gain extra pounds, even in adulthood. There is another benefit of daily exercise:

  • allow you to strengthen the muscle corset,
  • maintain correct posture and position of the vertebrae,
  • reduce the risk of various diseases, including pathologies of the cardiovascular system, the formation of a hernia,
  • improve performance, improve mood,
  • make the figure fit, embossed,
  • during charging, blood flow improves and the risk of venous disease is reduced.

In addition, effective morning exercises for men make muscle tissue and joints more elastic, and also helps the body to tune in to work. After training, it is recommended to take a contrast shower, naturally, if there are no contraindications. All these measures enhance the effect of physical exertion on the body and internal organs.

Key mistakes while charging

The main mistakes that almost everyone makes are the following:

  • Looping on one exercise.
  • Too big loads, turning the exercise into a full workout.
  • High speed of execution.
  • Hopes for improved fitness.

Certified practicing trainer and blog author

Remember the most important thing: charging in the morning is not a workout! It is not intended for muscle growth, but provides benefits only emotionally. It also facilitates adaptation to the new daily routine, which will save you from ever-tormenting bedding.

An important role is also played by motivation. To help you cope, you can cheer yourself up in a variety of ways. For example, maintain your own schedule of a healthy lifestyle or take photos, and subsequently observe changes. So you will always have a good mood.

Execution Rules

In order not to be injured during power loads, you should perform the manipulations correctly and taking into account simple rules. Professionals recommend preparing a set of exercises for morning exercises for men in the evening. It is very important to determine in advance the exact time of the classes, choose a place and prepare the necessary sports equipment. Power exercises in the morning for men are performed taking into account the following rules:

  • any sporting events should begin with a good warm-up or stretching, otherwise you can cause sprains or tearing of the ligaments from lifting a lot of weight
  • when choosing dumbbells, you need to take into account their purpose, for example, a small, lightweight equipment is intended for weight loss,
  • heavy dumbbells are selected for muscle development and pumping,
  • loads aimed at certain muscle groups, it is necessary to alternate,
  • after each approach, they do a stretch,
  • after doing exercises with dumbbells, they conduct breathing exercises that provide the body with the necessary oxygen,
  • in order not to overload the heart and not cause pain, you need to choose the right pace, you should not perform movements too intensely.

It is also extremely important when choosing a set of physical exercises to take into account the age of the man. This is due to the fact that people over 40 should reduce the load and reduce the number of approaches, especially if before that they did not engage in active sports.

After 60 years

For people over 60, the base complex is partially suitable. At this age, it is allowed to perform rotation with the head, hands, body and pelvis. It is better to abandon the classic squats and replace them with a semi-squat when setting the legs shoulder-width apart.

In old age, breathing exercises, which include coordination exercises, are especially useful for men:

  • walking in a straight line with eyes closed
  • stand on one leg,
  • tilts the body to the right and left, kneeling.

A useful exercise after 60 years is raising your hands with alternating breaths. When lifting the upper limbs take a deep breath, when lowering - exhale.

Practicing surgeon. Certified massage master. Two-time vice champion and heavyweight champion of the regional kettlebell lifting competitions.

A few rules for morning exercises

1. Charge immediately after waking up.

The body and brain can resist, but it is necessary. Wash your face and run to charge. Believe me, after a few exercises, the body will begin to wake up, and the mind will clear up. Gradually, you get used to doing exercises in the morning.

2. Gymnastics should be short.

No need to starve yourself for an hour in the morning, so you won’t wake up, but get tired even more. 15-20 minutes is quite a suitable duration.

3. Charging should meet your goals.

In addition to general warm-up exercises, attention can be paid to problem areas. Want to keep your buttocks in order? So in the morning exercises you should include squats and lunges. If you want to remove your stomach and cubes on your stomach, then press exercises will help you.

The main thing in morning gymnastics is systematic and even when you want to sleep, as never before, you need to get up and do exercises. You will wake up, the body will be in order, and pride in the fact that you got up and started charging, it will just go off scale.

Where to begin

Exercise will benefit your health if you take morning exercises seriously and adopt a few basic rules:

  1. Develop a set of exercises in the morning. In this case, it is necessary to take into account the individual characteristics of the body.
  2. Give the body time to adapt. 7-14 days will be enough to get used to the new daily routine. It’s better to start the alarm half an hour earlier. This will allow you to engage in a calm pace, without being distracted by thoughts of a lack of time.
  3. Do not start exercise immediately after waking up. During sleep, metabolic processes in the body slow down, the volume of circulating blood is reduced, and the heart rate is reduced. You need to help your body wake up. To do this, while lying in bed, you can take several deep breaths and exhalations, stretch, massage your hands and feet.
  4. Do exercises regularly. Over time, morning exercises will become a good habit.
  5. If possible, engage in the fresh air. If the training takes place at home, you must open the window and ventilate the room. The room should not be too cold or hot.
  6. Perform exercises in comfortable clothing that does not constrain movement.
  7. Gradually increase the intensity of your workouts.
  8. Alternate exercises for different muscle groups. Classes will not be boring if you develop several complexes.

Exercise complex

Many males dream of beautiful biceps, abdominal cubes and broad shoulders. For this, a balanced set of physical exercises was created. Experts advise giving each muscle group one workout per week, then the result will come faster, and the effect will be more noticeable.

The movements should be correct, so if you are doing an independent training, it is better to use master classes or see pictures in sports magazines. The list of the most effective exercises is as follows:

  1. Deep squats. Perform 4 sets of 25 times.
  2. Divorce of the upper limbs to the side with dumbbells weighing 6 kg. It will be enough to complete 35 lifts.
  3. Raise your arms with a weight over your head and alternately unbend each limb.
  4. You need to lean your hands on the support in the form of a bench or bed, lower yourself as low as possible and bend your elbow joints. Repeat 20 to 25 times.
  5. French bench press. Do 25 repetitions.
  6. Exercise bar affects almost all muscle groups. To do this, you need to lean on your elbows and socks and try to hold out in this position for as long as possible.
  7. Hands with weights are located along the body. It is necessary to alternately raise each of them to chest level. Exercise allows you to develop biceps.
  8. Alternate lunges with legs, you need to ensure that the foot is directed forward. It is advisable to carry out an exercise with dumbbells in hand. Do 35 repetitions for each leg.
  9. Pushups. It is enough to repeat 20 times.

After the training, you must visit the shower. As for the number of repetitions, the program is selected for each individually, it all depends on the state of the body. If during the exercise, pain occurs in the heart, shortness of breath or malaise, then it is better to give up gymnastics for a while.

Tips and opinions of specialists

Experts recommend sticking to the following tips when doing the morning complex:

  1. Before warming up, do not drink water, it is better to just wash your face.
  2. If possible, engage in a well-ventilated area.
  3. Choose comfortable clothes from “breathing” fabrics for classes that do not constrain and do not interfere with thermoregulation processes.
  4. During warm-up, breathe through the nose and exhale through the mouth.
  5. Start the warm-up with the simplest exercises (rotations with the hands, the pelvis, tilting the body) and gradually move on to more complex ones (squats, pull-ups, push-ups).
  6. Do not burden yourself with excessive physical activity, as this can be dangerous for the heart. Persons suffering from diseases of the cardiovascular system, musculoskeletal system, it is recommended to coordinate a set of exercises with your doctor.

These exercises are not strictly required. They can be replaced by others, after consulting with your doctor or trainer.

The basic complex of morning exercises

The morning gymnastics program is developed taking into account the physiological capabilities, the level of sports training, as well as the age of the man.

A gentle set of exercises is recommended for older men who have not previously been involved in sports. After 40 years, metabolic processes slow down, the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases increases, and the body's protective functions weaken. Intense exercise can trigger a deterioration in health.

During the period of adaptation of the body to physical activity, it is necessary to perform morning exercises for 10-20 minutes, gradually you can increase the time to 20-30 minutes. It is important to apply the principle of load dispersion, that is, to consistently involve various muscle groups in the work.

Exercising in the morning is a set of exercises, which includes a warm-up, the main block of exercises and the final stage of training.

The warm-up exercises include:

  • head tilts
  • brush rotation
  • circular movements of the shoulder joints,
  • torso
  • hand movements
  • pelvic rotation
  • circular motion with the feet.

All exercises from the warm-up complex are performed calmly. Breathing is through the nose. The number of repetitions does not exceed 15-20 times. Light exercises will help warm up the body and allow you to smoothly go to the main complex.

The main block of morning exercises for men includes:

  1. Squats (3 sets of 15 repetitions). Exercise involves the muscles of the legs, lower back, upper back and abdominals. Starting position - standing, feet shoulder width apart. Squat so that the pelvis is below the knees and the back remains straight. Heels should not be torn off the floor.
  2. Push-ups (2 sets of 20 repetitions). Starting position - emphasis lying. It is necessary to bend the arms at the elbows, the body should be parallel to the floor, after which, straining the body, slowly unbend the arms and return to its original position. The back and legs should be in one line.
  3. Side lunges (2-3 sets of 15 repetitions). Legs should be placed as wide as possible, arms extended forward. The back should be straight. Squats on one leg or the other are performed alternately. The toe of the straightened leg should be pointing up.
  4. Classic lunges (2-3 sets of 15 repetitions). Starting position - standing, feet shoulder width apart. Alternately, the legs are set forward. The back is straight, the stomach is pulled in.
  5. Raises the legs (2-3 sets of 10 times). Starting position - lying on your back. On exhalation, both legs rise, on inhalation, they return to their original position.
  6. "Twisting" (3-4 sets of 10 repetitions) is a classic exercise for the abdominals. It is performed lying on your back. Hands are under the neck. The legs are bent at the knees, the feet are pressed against the wall. On exhalation, the back bends so that the shoulders come off the floor. In this case, the lower back should be pressed closer to the floor. On inspiration, it is necessary to return to the starting position.
  7. “Planck” (2 sets of 1 minute each) - an exercise in which the abdominal muscles, back, buttocks and thighs are included in the work. It is necessary to rest on the floor with your palms or elbows (a more complex option). Toes also rest against the floor. The body should be in a straight line from the pelvis to the crown of the head.

An excellent completion of morning exercises will be a jog in pleasant sunny weather.

Basic exercises for the neck and head

  1. Turns the head left and right. The main thing in these exercise is no sudden movements. You need to do it smoothly, even breathing.
  2. Head tilts back and forth. Try to stretch your neck up as far as possible and bend it carefully forward. When tilting back, try not to throw your head back too hard.
  3. A semicircle with your head from left to right.

Each exercise needs to be done 4-5 times in each direction.

Additional classes

When a man plans to get rid of excess weight with the help of morning exercises, aerobics is suitable for him. It is best to carry out gymnastic movements with a pulse reaching 120 beats per minute. It is at this heart rate that fats are most actively broken down. The set of exercises includes:

  1. Steps in place with high knees.
  2. From a standing position, turn the body first one way, and then the other.
  3. Fast and sharp bends to the sides, for the best effect it is recommended to take weighting materials.
  4. Gymnastic movements on a special device - a health disk.
  5. Leans forward, trying to reach the floor with his fingers.

Begin classes with 20 repetitions. When the body adapts, you can increase the amount of exercise. The average daily norm is 60 movements in 2-3 approaches. It is such training that is most beneficial for men's health.

To speed up the process of losing weight, it is recommended to do kettlebell lifting, you can do it yourself at home. Do not strain too much during morning exercises, as you should have enough energy for the whole day, so you should take the choice of program seriously, determine the optimal number of exercises and approaches.

How to eat after charging?

So, with the exercises figured out, now a little about nutrition. Everything will depend on what your goal is. If the priority is charging for weight loss, then it is better to refuse high-calorie food. The fact is that after any load, the body must be replenished with energy, and it, to a greater extent, is a complex carbohydrate that will be processed throughout the day. That is, it is cereals, greens, fruits with vegetables, dairy products, legumes, etc. It is better to eat after a short pause, after 30-40 minutes after the warm-up. By the way, bread with weight loss, according to Cindy Crawford, it is better not to eat.

Pavel Smolyansky - coach of the Russian national track and field athletics team

The task of morning gymnastics is to adapt a person to the stresses that he experiences every day, and to regulate the work of the heart. After warming up, he advises you to take a comfortable posture for relaxation for a short while. The approximate charging time is 25-30 minutes, but if a person is not yet 65 years old, then you can increase this time to 40 minutes per day.

Dumbbell gymnastics

Particular attention should be paid to men over 40 years of age. With age, the production of testosterone decreases, which entails a decrease in muscle tone and rapid weight gain. Exercise in the morning for older men is aimed at normalizing the hormonal background and strengthening the general state of health.

Before doing exercises with dumbbells, you need to do a warm-up.

The main unit of dumbbell gymnastics includes:

  1. Squats with dumbbells on the shoulders. 5 sets of 10-12 repetitions.
  2. Lunges with dumbbells. 3 sets of 5-10 repetitions in different directions.
  3. Tilts to the sides. 4 sets of 5-10 repetitions.
  4. Rises on socks. 3 sets of 10-15 repetitions.
  5. Dumbbell dumbbell pull. 3 sets of 5-10 repetitions.
  6. Chest press. 4 sets of 5-10 repetitions.
  7. Swing dumbbells to the sides in a slope. 3 sets of 10-12 repetitions.

The final stage of gymnastics involves the restoration of calm breathing.

Important! You should not turn morning exercises into a full-fledged workout aimed at building muscle mass and burning excess fat.

A correctly selected set of exercises is the key to good health and excellent physical fitness.

Arms and shoulders

  1. Rotate your shoulders back and forth 5 times in each direction.
  2. To the development of the hands - squeeze your palm into a fist, so that you hide the thumb in the cam. Spread your arms to the sides and rotate your hands 5 times in each direction.
  3. Rotation in the elbow joints - straighten the hands, bend the elbows, rotate the elbow joints 4-5 times in one and the other direction.
  4. Rotation of the shoulder joints - spread the sides on the sides parallel to the floor. Starting with a small amplitude, rotate your hands forward, drawing imaginary circles, gradually increasing the radius. When reaching the largest amplitude, begin to rotate your arms in the opposite direction, reducing the radius to the smallest.

Important: In this exercise, it is important that your arms are tense.

The right workout

The warm-up always starts from the upper body, that is, at first circular movements of the head are made. If discomfort occurs during the exercise, then replace it with slopes. To properly warm the joints, you can use the following complex:

  1. Rotation of the hands in different directions.
  2. Circular motion with the elbows.
  3. Shoulder rotation first in one direction, then in the other.
  4. Knee movements on an imaginary axis.

After the warm-up is completed, proceed to the main complex, aimed at warming up the muscles. Such home exercises can be performed not only for men, but also for women.


Morning exercise is really a lot of benefit. The only problem is how to motivate yourself.

Engaged in workout. As he began to do exercises in the morning, his shoulders stopped hurting.

I get a huge boost of vigor. Yes, and the mood throughout the day is beyond the power of someone to spoil. I advise everyone!

G. Landry - personal trainer, author of weight loss programs

Believes that morning exercises contribute to weight loss in many ways. He notes several reasons why people need to perform a set of exercises in the morning: improving metabolism, getting a charge of vigor for the whole day, stimulating the awakening of the body, maintaining the body in shape, and activating mental activity.

Expert Advice

Any physical exercise, including morning exercises, is performed taking into account a number of features. Experts advise to adhere to the following rules:

  1. Before sporting events, you can hold morning water treatments (washing and brushing your teeth), but breakfast is strictly prohibited. This is due to the fact that fat stores are consumed much faster on an empty stomach, and the manipulations themselves are made easier.
  2. It is best to charge in the fresh air, a street or even an open balcony is ideal for this. You can engage at home, only you need to pre-ventilate the room.
  3. During exercise, the body should not be supercooling or overheating.
  4. For charging, it is better to choose convenient and comfortable clothing designed for sports and not restricting movement.
  5. During sporting events, it is extremely important to monitor your breathing. You need to breathe evenly and through the nose, exhale with effort, and inhale with relaxation.
  6. The first complex consists of light gymnastic movements. After them proceed to power loads.


Exercising in the morning is an excellent guarantee of a healthy lifestyle. Many are tormented by the question of what to do to look good. You don’t need to go far - just start with at least charging. Get up every morning a little early and devote a couple of hours to light exercise. They are useful for both teens and adults.

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Torso Exercises

  1. Tilts left / right to stretch the lateral surface of the body. Stand evenly, feet shoulder-width apart, arms stretch upward (you can put your hands together in a lock), while inhaling, tilt the body to the right, while exhaling, return to the starting position, while inhaling, tilt the body to the left and return as you inhale. Do 5 repetitions in each direction.
  2. The rotation of the pelvis. The initial position of the legs is slightly wider than the shoulders, hands on the belt. We rotate the pelvis clockwise and counterclockwise for 5-6 rotations in each direction.
  3. Exercise "Table". Initial stance - legs shoulder-width apart, arms extended upwards. On exhalation, we tilt the body forward until the upper part is parallel to the floor, in this position we linger for a second. At the entrance we return to the starting position.

Leg charge

  1. Let's start with a simple one. Climb on socks. When climbing toes, it is important not to break apart the ankle joint and keep balance.
  2. Develops a femoral joint. We stand straight, hands on the belt. We bend one leg at the knee and make a hip rotation 5 times in each direction. Total 10 spins per leg.
  3. Squats Squats are done without taking the heels off the floor (as in the photo). 8-10 squats.

Main conclusions

Exercise for men in the morning is a procedure that positively affects the performance of all systems and organs and allows you to maintain a figure in shape. People under 65 can give up to 40 minutes a day without harm to their health, after which it is better to reduce training to 25 minutes.

The list of standard exercises included in the male complex includes rotation with the hands, torso, circular movements of the pelvis, squats, twisting the body, pumping the press.

Persons under 30 are allowed to exercise at a faster pace with an increase in the number of exercise approaches up to 4-5 times.

For men from 30 to 40 years old, strength exercises are recommended in combination with cardio loads after performing the basic complex, which allows you to warm up the body.

After 40 years, it is recommended to exercise at a slow pace and concentrate on the muscle groups being worked out.

Back exercises

All exercises for the back will be done lying on the floor.

  1. Shoulder bridge. This exercise is a kind of back massager. The initial position is lying with your back on the floor, bend your legs at the knees, put your feet on the floor. When you inhale, raise your torso, slightly straining your buttocks, hold on top for a couple of seconds and exhale slowly lower the torso to its original position, rolling each vertebra on the floor. Make 8 climbs.
  2. Exercise “Boat”. This exercise makes not only the lower back work, but also the hips. Starting position lying on the stomach, arms extended forward, legs stretched back. While inhaling, raise your arms and legs at the same time, your chest and hips should be slightly torn off the floor. Hold for a second at the top and exhale, lower to the starting position.
    It is important to remember that in such exercises there should not be sudden movements and jerk.Do not throw your head back; your gaze should tend to the floor so that there is no unnecessary tension in the neck.

These exercises are enough to warm up the body. Further, you can already include exercises for other muscle groups, for example, exercises for the buttocks, a complex for the hips or the press. Also do not forget about push-ups, you can perform 10 push-ups from the knees, and if you have small dumbbells at home, you can work out your hands. As a morning exercise, you can perform some sequences from yoga.

More exercises for morning exercises in the video:

Watch the video: Best 5 Morning Exercises To Do Before Work. Jump Start Your Day With This Quick Fitness Routine. (February 2020).