The main types and techniques of eye makeup

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Today there are so many eye makeup options that it’s hard not to get lost in this variety.

Bright Side I decided to turn to a professional stylist to tell, and most importantly, show what are the main makeup techniques and which one to choose based on the individual characteristics of the eyes and the reason for publication.

Vertical technology

This technique is most suitable for narrow eyes, as it visually makes them wider. With its help, you can create both daytime and evening makeup, depending on the color of the selected shadows and the intensity of their application. In the first case, colors from one color group will be relevant, in the second, contrasting combinations are acceptable to create a vivid image. The outer corner of the eye should be the darkest.

Makeup technique "Strobing"

Strobing instantly transforms the face, makes the skin more healthy and radiant, as if you just left the shower. To complete the technique you will need a highlighter. Apply it to the protruding parts of the face: the middle of the forehead, under the eyebrows, above the cheekbones, the nose, the cupid's fossa above the lip, and the chin. By the way, if there is no highlighter, it can be replaced with a simple lip balm. Only in this case, skip the forehead and chin areas - there the balm will look like dirt, not shine.

Day and evening

It doesn’t matter which schemes you use when it comes to time of day. It is considered bad manners to wear too bright makeup in the morning and afternoon. A similar situation happens if you go to a social event with natural daytime makeup. You are simply lost in the general background.

In daytime makeup, it is important to only slightly emphasize the natural beauty of the eyes and make an even complexion, masking imperfections. Beige, pink, golden hues or pale blue tones may well be present in the eyes. As for lipsticks, it is permissible to wear sparkles, not too bright berry colors and matte nude lipsticks.

In the evening hours you can afford much more. Arrows, smoky eyes, dark colors of lipsticks, a lot of shine and shimmer. The main thing is to know the measure, but in general only your sense of style and format of the event or evening can limit you.

It is important to distinguish between makeup by the seasons. For our country, this is especially true, because their change is visible more than clearly. Everything is simple - leave bright and berry shades for the summer. Cozy red and chocolate, save for autumn. Winter will get a more restrained make-up - at this time of the year it is generally better to think about leaving, and not about beauty. Well, in the spring of joy, use all the most delicate colors in your palettes.

Criteria for choosing the type and technique of makeup

It is advisable to study all types and schemes of eye makeup in order to be able to choose the most suitable for yourself. The choice of certain makeup techniques should be determined by a number of factors extremely important in this contextSo, for example, we are talking about:

about tasksthat make-up must perform, because, you must admit, they are somewhat different from daily daily and competitive makeup,
about the size of the eyes,
about the distance between the eyes,
about the location of the eyes relative to the eye axis,
about clothing style,
about lifestyle etc..

Business card Audrey Hepburn - arrows on the upper eyelid, making the eyes more almond-shaped

Makeup Technique "Contouring"

Thanks to Kardashian, the whole world learned about this old makeup technique. Each can cope with contouring, you just need to choose the tool with which it is most convenient to work. Makeup artists advise beginners to work with liquid and cream textures, as it is possible to easily correct a mistake. It is more difficult with powder ones, because if you draw the line too boldly, it will be very difficult to shade it. In general, the contouring technique is as follows: a visco, under the cheekbone and chin line is applied bronzer (without shimmer) in the form of "3". Then everything is shaded. You can also contour the nose by applying the product to the back and wings of the nose, and add a little bronzer at the hairline on the forehead if your forehead is too high.

Techniques and types of make-up

  • No matter how trite it may sound, but the first is to consider the classic way. There is nothing complicated in it - most likely, you already own it, you simply did not know that it has a name. It is based on only three colors. If you like to buy shadows not by piece, but by pallets, most likely, for you such a basic set will already be formed: light tone, medium and darkest.

The sequence of applying flowers should be as follows: the paler shade is applied as a base on the entire upper eyelid. You can shade it right up to the eyebrow. Further, the center is decorated with a medium tone. With it, you shade the eye and add extra volume. The darkest appearance is applied last and affects only the outer corner of the eye.

So you get a soft color transition from the center to the periphery.

  • The next technique is vertical. It is suitable for ladies who worry about too narrow eyes. Using the right shading vector, you can visually open your eyes.

The technique is contraindicated for owners of round or convex eyes.

Determining the order of application, you should number the zones into which the eye is divided:

  1. First part - This is a site in the corner, closer to the nose.
  2. Second part - a segment whose length is equal to the beginning of the eyebrow and the near edge of the iris when you look directly.
  3. Third section - the entire gap that fits into the size of your iris from edge to edge.
  4. The fourth begins from the second edge of the iris and ends in the corner of the eye.
  5. Fifth begins from the extreme corner of the eye and ends with the eyebrow.

Remember these five parts and arrange the colors in the correct order.

The most pale shade will need to be applied to the area under number 1. It is not necessary to do this with the help of shadows, you can use a white pencil, highlighter or concealer. Next, apply light colors to the second zone. The third section will be transitional - its shade should be darker than the second, but at the same time lighter than the fourth. The fifth zone is the most saturated and bright color.

Similarly, you can apply shadow on the lower eyelid, just allow yourself to skip a couple of zones, otherwise it is quite possible that the makeup will not look very beautiful.

  • The next technique is horizontal. It suits the owners of round eyes, who so want to lengthen. The order of the zones in it changes.

  1. Only the first zone remains in place, which can also be lightened with highlighter or matte light shadows.
  2. Second zone captures the growth line of your eyelashes. It is carefully led by a dark pencil (black, brown, purple or swamp).
  3. Third zone It occupies the entire moving eyelid, and in this segment the shadows should be of a transitional middle hue.
  4. Upper eyelid fold forms the fourth zone, and it needs to be covered with the darkest color that you planned to use.
  5. In free space between the eyelid and the eyebrow, which belongs to the fifth zone, it will be necessary to apply light shades. You can use the same highlighter or find an analog in the palette, but a little darker.

  • Another eye makeup technique is diagonal. From the name it becomes clear that the diagonal is the basis. It should be remembered the division of the eye into zones that were used for vertical technology. In this case, all colors will be applied with a slope to the right - on the right eye, to the left - on the left.

Leave the first zone under the highlighter again. On the second, apply a light tone of shadows, on the third - transitional, on the fourth - the darkest, and paint the fifth again with a medium transitional color.

This technique is used when you need to visually lift the outer corners of the eyes. The main thing is to blend the transitions well so that there are no clear boundaries, only then you will achieve the desired effect.

This is not all eye makeup techniques, although geometric names are already running out.

  • Next technique - as if taking your eyes into a ring, it is called "Banana". Makeup can be done with a pencil or eye shadow. If you are trying to do this for the first time, for a clearer line it is better to pick up a pencil.

Begin by applying the base to the entire area around the eye, including the movable eyelid. From above, the “construction” will need to be powdered with matte shadows that are close in color to your natural skin tone (or slightly lighter). You can also use regular powder.

Next, draw the lower eyelid with a pencil. Start drawing from the middle of the eye. The closer you come to the end, the stronger the shading should be. After that, where you have a deep fold between the moving part of the eyelid and the space above the eyebrow, stroke the same pencil in the shape of an eye. Seamlessly connect the two pencil lines and gently blend them towards the temples.

Next, draw a small loop arrow and add colors along the outer edge of the outline. The shade you choose to your taste.

Such a beautiful shadow game looks very unusual and interesting.

  • The last technique that you learn from the article, the owner of the playful name “Bird". It is excellent when it comes to slightly rounded and closely set eyes. The "bird" acts by visually increasing the distance between them.

Apply the palest color to area number one, and paint over it with the entire part of the moving eyelid. In the middle, add a slightly noticeable smear with a color a couple of tones darker. After that, draw a checkmark exactly in the shape of your beautiful eye with the help of dark shadows, then gently and carefully blend it, moving from the eye to the temples. You should get the Roman numeral V. But this is not the end. In the space above the eyebrow and the upper edge of the checkmark, apply a dark (but not maximum) shade of shadows to achieve a beautiful transition.

Makeup technique "Draining"

Draining is nothing but contouring, but with the help of blush. This technique was incredibly popular in the 40s, and then returned to us in the 80s thanks to Ziggy Stardust (David Bowie). Blush is applied to the apples of the cheeks, cheekbones and whiskey. So the skin looks younger. Especially if you choose the right shade and apply it, as makeup artists say, with a "light hand", that is, quite a bit.

Types and techniques of eye makeup. Basic eye makeup techniques?

This is the simplest technique for applying shadows, which is great for everyday makeup, and, importantly, with the frantic pace of our lives, it does not take much time and effort. It is applied as follows:

On the entire upper eyelid to the eyebrows, the basic, lightest shade of the shadows is applied.

In the center of the eyelid, a medium shade of shadows is applied.

In the outer corner we apply the darkest contrasting shadows.

Classic vertical way?

This method is perfect for narrow eyes, as it will visually make them wider. It is not recommended to use for convex and round eyes: so they will look even rounder. Its peculiarity is that the shadows are applied and shaded vertically. It is carried out as follows:

The first zone is highlighted using a highlighter or a bright concealer.

The lightest shade of shadows is applied to the second zone.

A transitional shade is applied to the third zone, which is somewhat more saturated than the previous one.

The fourth zone uses darker shadows.

The darkest, saturated color is applied to the fifth zone.

If you wish, you can make up using not all five zones, but, for example, four or three?

Classic horizontal way?

This method, on the contrary, is suitable for round eyes, because it visually draws them out. All shadows are applied and shaded horizontally. It is applied as follows:

Zone number 1 is highlighted by a concealer or highlighter.

The eyelash growth line is highlighted with a black or other dark shade of a pencil or liquid eyeliner.

On the moving eyelid, apply shades of medium shade.

In the crease of the upper eyelid we use the darkest shadows.

Apply the lightest shadows under the eyebrow.

A very beautiful technique that is suitable for the eyes of any shape. It is applied as follows:

In the center of the moving eyelid we apply the lightest shadows in the shape of a circle.

On the inner and outer corner of the eye, apply the following color of the shadows.

On the edge of the outer and inner eyelids, as well as in the crease of the eyelid, we put the following shade.

Using the darkest color, we create a visual rounding, applying it to the outer corner of the lower and upper eyelids.

This technique is best used for round or close-set eyes. It is applied as follows:

On the inner corner of the eye we apply the lightest shade of shadows.

The following saturation shadows are applied to the center of the upper eyelid.

A darker shade of shadows is applied to the outer corner of the eye, then it all shades towards the temples.

The darkest color in the outer corner of the upper and lower eyelids draw a checkmark, which should visually resemble the shape of a wing or the English letter V.

This is ideal for evening makeup, which will make expressive eyes of any shape. At the heart are shaded shades with smooth transitions of shades, the eyes are shrouded in a light haze, making the look magical, mysterious and attractive. It must be applied in the following sequence:

We color the upper eyelid with a black pencil, draw a line along the growth of the eyelashes: the main thing is to paint the gaps between the eyelashes well, then blend this line.

Next, apply shadows of a different color or black on the movable upper eyelid, as if driving a color (do not smear, otherwise the shadows may sprinkle, and the makeup will look messy).

We take gray or graphite shades (if we do classic makeup in black) and apply them just above the main black, from the outside corner so that the colors mix, the main thing is that the color smoothly changes from one shade to another.

We take light gray or body shadows, apply them to the fold of the eyelid, while not closing our eyes, and shade well again so that the colors mix and the transition is soft.

We turn to the lower eyelid: with a brush along the growth of eyelashes, draw a line with light gray shadows to the inner corner.

The line under the eyebrow can be lightened with flesh or light matte shadows with flickering, this will revitalize the gas and make it more expressive.

Take a break from the shadows? Try not to shade one day. Many women are amazed at how great their skin looks without paint.


There are many more types of makeup that you can also read about - for example, smoky eyes, cat's eye, baking, Greek makeup and so on. A plus can be a change in the shape of the eyebrow. Many girls want to visually lift their eyelids, open their eyes or make their eyes wider, adjusting eyebrows. You can tame the vegetation with tweezers or a special razor. Look for everything you need on the sites of stores, in the sections of beauty products. Fora, AliExpress and many other sites will be happy to offer you different options.

Now that the application technique is step by step and clearly painted for you in completely different variations, you can easily create the perfect make-up. Come up with new types every day. Experiment with colors, shapes, lines, and shadows. You will be surprised how many-sided and different you can be, using small tricks of makeup.

And most importantly - blend all the layers well, otherwise the make up will look like a child's drawing of a rainbow, not a work of art.

The vertical makeup technique is in the next video.

Classic Eye Makeup Technique

If you are interested in classic evening eye makeup, it is important to choose the right color scheme. Classic technique based on zoning of the eyelid region and applying alternately several shades on them the shadows. They are applied to the entire area: from the eyelash growth line, to the moving eyelid, the area above it and to the eyebrow growth line. When creating a daily image, the upper part is most often painted over with light shades, an average tone is applied to the eyelid, and the whole emphasis is concentrated on the outer corners of the eyes - it is better to highlight them with a rich contrasting color.

The classic technique is equally suitable for both daily everyday and holiday evening make-up

Pencil technique

Using the pencil technique, you can visually adjust the shape of absolutely any eye. Based on individual characteristics, a “skeleton” is applied with a pencil for future shading, which aligns the lines of the eyes. The shading brush should be sufficiently rigid and dense in structure, its surface should be flat. You can darken the mucous membrane of the eye.

Technique and types of makeup for the eyes. Types of eye makeup: basic names and techniques

Just starting to master eye makeup? To take your first steps more confidently, study our guide to the main types and techniques - it will help you choose what suits you

All types and makeup techniques are usually divided into daytime and evening ones; a separate category is art makeup for the catwalk, which demonstrates unusual beauty solutions of makeup artists and is suitable only for social events. It is hardly compatible with ordinary life.

  • Choose the type of makeup that suits you, depending on the case that requires you to create an image.
  • And also pay attention to how this or that technique is “compatible” with your features of appearance - in particular, the shape of the eyes. For example, it is ideal for the impending century, those who need to slightly "stretch out" their eyes should choose.

Having studied the theory, proceed to practice: master those that will help draw attention to your merits.

Horizontal technology

Horizontal eye makeup based on the creation of horizontally elongated light and dark areas that smoothly transition into each other with shading, which contributes to the visual "expansion" of the eyes. This technique is relevant for normal or deep-set eyes. Makeup looks beautiful on convex and round eyes, but this technique is not suitable for eyes of the “Asian type”.

With the help of white shades or concealer, the area of ​​the inner corners of the eyes is highlighted. Eyeliner or dark pencil emphasize the line of eyelash growth. Next, you need to mentally divide the eyelid horizontally into three zones: the movable, the fold of the eyelid and the area under the eyebrow. Shadows are applied to each zone in turn: below is a medium shade, in the middle is dark, on the upper section is the lightest.

Horizontal eye makeup contributes to their visual expansion.

Smoky eyes

Since the basic principle of this technique is to create a smoky eye effect, special attention should be paid to shading, creating smooth transitions of shadows. Smoky eyes has long ceased to be exclusively evening makeup, but to create a daytime one needs to choose pencils with calm, natural tones, and the shadows are not shiny, but matte. Since the emphasis is on the eyes, when choosing lipstick, it is recommended to stop your choice on nude shades.

Makeup without makeup

Those who need to slightly emphasize their eyes need knowledge of the principles. It should be invisible, as if the cosmetics were not used at all. Therefore, shades of soft, natural colors should be used (matte beige or a shade of champagne with a light shimmer is what you need), as well as mascara - brown, not black.

Smokey ice

One option for a more expressive result is smoky makeup, or smoky eyes. It is different: sometimes, to create a smoky effect, dark shadows of one shade are shaded on the eyelid surface, sometimes two or three shades are used to create a transition from light (at the inner corners of the eyes) to dark (at the outer). Due to this, the make-up turns out to be more voluminous, "embossed", adds more depth to the look.

Diagonal technique

The application of shadows is carried out on conventional vertical stripes of the eyelids, but at a slight angle to the side of the temple. Although the diagonal eye makeup technique is positioned as the basic one, but, in essence, it is a kind of vertical eye make-up scheme, and therefore also fitsfor deep-set eyes.

The application pattern is also similar to the vertical one: when moving from internal corners to external, shades range from light to saturated dark. The peculiarity lies in the visual effect: due to the application of shadows at an angle, the outer corners look raised.

Posted by beauty blogger Elizaveta (@ be.beautymood) Sep 21, 2017 at 2:37 pm PDT

With arrows

Ideal graphic or soft, with easy shading? Each chooses according to the features of their appearance, to their own style. But in order to master the drawing of even the simplest arrows, it takes time and patience - the first time to draw a straight line and a neat sharp “tail” is unlikely to succeed.

involves a combination of smokey ice and sharp graphic arrows. They are performed in such a way as to slightly stretch your eyes, "raising" the outer corners of the eyes - and this is the attractive effect of a cat's eye.

Cut crease

A special technique is the accentuation of the folds of the century: a dark shade of shadows is “laid” in it, and then it is shaded, creating a light haze. It turns out a particularly expressive version of Smokey Ice makeup, which, by the way, is especially useful for those who have a problem of the impending century - it is the darkening of the fold that helps to hide the very “overhang”.


The banana makeup technique owes its name a special form of applying shadows on the upper eyelid, reminiscent of a banana. This technique is suitable for women of all types. An exception are ladies with big eyes, who must resort to the banana technique with caution so as not to overdo it. But small eyes can be visually enlargedusing the banana make-up technique.

Execution begins with the central part of the moving eyelid, where shades of the lightest shade from the selected gamut are applied in the form of a circle. To the left and right of the circle, that is, from the center to the inner and outer corners, you need to apply shadows to a darker tone. The corners and crease of the eyelid are painted in the darkest color, all shades are shaded. Finally, with a brush, give the corners of the upper and lower eyelids roundness so that the shape of the shadows resembles a banana. The transitions of colors shade again.


The “bird” makeup technique has another name - “wing”. Both of these names are due to the fact that the shadows applied according to this pattern resemble the open wings of a bird. The technique of "bird" is universal, and therefore suitable for eyes of any type. With this makeup close-set and too round eyes can be adjustedgiving them an almond-shaped shape and lifting the upper corners.

First, the inner corner is lightened with a highlighter, white shadows or other lightest of the selected shades. The central part of the moving eyelid is shaded a little darker. Shadows of an even darker shade are applied to the outer corner. The final stage: with the shadows of the darkest shade from the selected gamut, you should draw the letter V. The base of the letter is on the outer corner of the eye, and its sides form the lines of eyelash growth and the crease of the moving eyelid. All areas are shaded with a brush in the direction of the temples.

"The loop"

Another classic make-up technique is. Using it, they draw a line along the ciliary contour and instead of pulling it outside the outer corner of the eye and getting a pointed arrow, it is rounded towards the crease of the eyelid - a loop is obtained that helps to give expressiveness to the eyes after shading.

Relief technique

This technique is one of the most versatile. Firstly, it helps to emphasize any shape of the eyes, and secondly, it is very easy to learn - no long training is needed to get the perfect result after the first experiments with this type of make-up. This is the creation of haze with the help of multi-layer application of shadows. The effect of volume is the use of several shades of shadows and an emphasis on both the fold of the eyelid and the outer corners of the eyes. Unlike “banana” and “loop”, it is aimed at obtaining a more natural result with soft transitions from one shade to another.

Cat's Eye

The main difference between Cat Eye makeup is eyeliner contour. The arrow drawn up gives the look a certain "slanting", giving it a resemblance to a cat. This technique is suitable for different types of eyes, however, provided that the arrows are correctly selected. Owners of convex eyes are recommended to emphasize only the upper eyelid and do not apply thick lines. But in order to adjust the closely set eyes, it is enough to focus on their outer corners and lengthen the arrows. You can also bring the liner not to the innermost corner, but to interrupt it earlier.

The technique is performed in different variations. The main accents: first, with the help of a small amount of light shadows, they draw the entire upper eyelid, including the area under the eyebrows. A darker shade of shadows is applied to the area of ​​the mobile eyelid. Then, clear arrows on the upper eyelid are drawn with a liquid or gel-like eyeliner: from the inner corner through the entire eyelid, going beyond the outer corner of the eye.

The effect can be enhanced by applying the darkest shadows from the palette to the eyelid fold

Original relief eye makeup technique for all women! (Master Class)

The relief technique replaced the faded schemes “banana”, “butterfly”, “fish”, “loop”, “bird” and others that have long been popular in the post-Soviet space.

Submitting to the general trend towards more natural make-up, the relief technique is distinguished by softer shading, the absence of sharp borders and high contrast. The main task is to emphasize the natural relief of the eye. Eye shadow palette Vice 4 by Urban Decay Vice.

1. On the eyelid prepared with the base for shadows (for example, Urban Decay Anti-Age), apply light shadows with a light brush with a light shimmer in the Bones shade with a flat brush. Fill 2/3 of the eyes, starting from the inner corner. On top of the application area, limit the fold of the upper eyelid (orbital line).

2. With a small flat brush and dark matte shadows in the shade of Delete, emphasize 1/3 of the lower eyelid from the outer corner and extend the line up to the intersection with the orbital line of the eye.

3. With the same shade of Delete fill 1/3 of the upper eyelid to the orbital line, starting from the notch that we made in the previous step, moving to the inner corner of the eye. We try to make shading a little diagonally.

4. With the same brush and dark residuals, outline the fold line of the upper eyelid with the eye open, moving from the outer corner and stopping at 2/3 of the eyes.

5. A matte red-brown shade of Bitter and a fluffy brush soften the border between dark and light color on the upper eyelid.

6. With a fluffy brush, apply the shadows of the same shade into the crease of the upper eyelid and 1/3 of the lower eyelid, gently brushing the borders of dark brown in the skin.

7. Using a small brush, apply a light shade of Bones under the eyebrow and in the inner corner of the eye.

8. With a flat brush, paint 2/3 of the lower eyelid with a Bones shade, starting from the inner corner.

9. Mascara (we used Urban Decay Perversion). Makeup is ready!

On the basis of this eye makeup scheme, you can create hundreds of different images by changing the color of the shadows, making narrower or wider shades, or changing the density of applying shadows. Such makeup will also perfectly complement the arrow, if you need to make a more evening or solemn option.

Eye makeup techniques "petal". Makeup "Elegance"

This light smoky eye makeup is a serious statement for a confident woman!

Using the Applicator-brush for the eyes, apply a shade of “Transparent” Shadow “MK Autograph” on the area under the eyebrow and at the inner corner of the eye along the growth line of the lower eyelashes.

Using the Applicator-brush for the eyes, apply on the eyelid and blend the shade of the Shadows “Light Bordeaux”, softening the border of the transition of Shadows with a shade of “Transparent”.

Using the Eye Brush Applicator again, apply a dark shade of the Onyx Black Duo Shadow onto the upper eyelid to the crease. Gently blend the borders of the transition with a touch of "Light Bordeaux." Then apply “Black Onyx” along the line of growth of the lower eyelashes and blend the transition borders with a shade of “Transparent” and at the outer edge of the eye.

Bring your eyes with the "Gray" Mechanical Pencil for eyes "MK Autograph" and apply Black Mascara "Sensation" on the eyelashes.

Apply Blush "MK Autograph" "Orchid", which gently accentuate the line of the cheekbones of your face.

Circle the lip contour with a True Pink mechanical lip liner.

Use MK Autograph Lipstick Sea Shell.

You will complete the make-up by adding a drop of Lip Gloss “MK Autograph” “Transparent”.

Face makeup techniques. Pro Makeup Techniques

To create an exceptional image, a woman has the opportunity to use different makeup techniques, which can satisfy the tastes of even the most spoiled fashionistas.

Professional make-up by make-up artist

The following types are popular today:

  • Strobe Instantly transforms the face, makes the skin more healthy and radiant. To do this, you need a highlighter (or a simple lip balm), which must be applied to the protruding parts of the face: the middle of the forehead, under the eyebrows, above the cheekbones, the bridge of the nose, in the fossa of the cupid above the lip, chin.
  • Contouring. A bronzer (without a shimmer) in the form of "3" is applied to the temple, under the cheekbones and the line of the chin, then everything is shaded. You can also contour the nose, applying the product on the back and wings. If the forehead is high, you should add a little bronzer at the hairline on the forehead.
  • Draining Contouring with blush. Blush is very slightly applied to the apples of the cheeks, cheekbones and whiskey. So the skin looks much younger.
  • Vertical eye makeup technique. It will require shades of 2, a maximum of 3 shades. Dark ones are applied to the first third and outer corners of the upper eyelid, and light ones to the center. You can also add light shadows to the inner corners of the eyes. Then everything is shaded so that the middle of the century looks highlighted.
  • Smoky Makeup, or Smoky Eyes. Dark shadows of the same color shade along the surface of the eyelid, sometimes 2 or 3 shades are used to create a transition from light (at the inner corners of the eyes) to dark (at the outer).
  • Makeup without makeup, or nude makeup. It should be invisible, as if the cosmetics were not used at all. When it is created, shades of soft, natural colors are used (matte beige or a shade of champagne with a light shimmer), as well as brown mascara. This is enough to create an invisible makeup.


Take note of a few tips that come in handy for you, no matter what makeup technique you prefer.

With any eye makeup you can not do without the use of foundation, with which, for example, you can mask the wrinkles formed in the corners of the eyes. Due to this, the applied make-up visually acquires a more even shape and retains a fresh look longer.
Do not immediately apply a large number of shadows. - it is better to do this in several layers.
If there are noticeable defects or wrinkles on the skin do not use flickering shadows in make-up.
For visual increase the cut of the eyes, use light shades of shadows, and dark shadows, on the contrary, will visually reduce the eyes.
Carry out applying shadow with a brush - then the makeup will lie more evenly.

Now you know enough about the eye make-up to make an informed choice of the most suitable makeup technique that will make your eyes irresistible!

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