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Rituals on the waning moon belong to a special magic category. It is believed that the waning moon is not suitable for witchcraft, because it is flawed and along with the Queen of the Night will decrease, not increase. In fact, this category of rituals is no less effective. But you need to know all the subtleties and features of the rites. There are conspiracies to the waning moon that will help straighten out a variety of spheres of life.

Is it possible to read conspiracies on the waning moon

A conspiracy on a waning moon is not only possible, but also relevant. The growing moon multiplies, and the waning one helps to get rid and cleanse. And many situations of life fall under this category. Therefore, do not be afraid to spoil the situation by making a conspiracy on a waning star.

The opinion that a flawed luminary is not suitable for magic came from those times when it was believed that the moon was growing and increasing what it was. And this increase has affected all areas affecting magical intervention.

What conspiracies do to the waning moon

The main aspect of the waning moon is deliverance. Getting rid of anything. This is an occasion and a chance to get rid of problems that have long hung over a person and did not give rest.

There is a whole range of problems that can be eliminated by plotting on a waning moon:

  • Rites for rejuvenation and getting rid of external flaws.
  • Rituals that help get rid of any kind of addiction.
  • When the night queen decreases, you can lose weight and finally bring the body to perfect condition.
  • Love magic very often resorts to the use of a waning moon: you can return your loved one or get rid of the female sorceress.
  • You can also get rid of financial problems.
  • The damaging queen of the night helps get rid of the negative in the form of envious, evil eye and spoilage.

It can be seen from the list that verified plots and rites for the waning moon exist in large numbers. And do not be afraid of the philistine opinion that the defective moon is not suitable for magical manipulations.

Conspiracies for money on the waning moon

It is generally accepted that rites for money on a waning moon are a combination of incongruous. In fact, this is not so.

The first conspiracy from poverty is read on the waning moon. To carry out the ritual, you will need to pull out all the trifle from the wallet and hold it in your right hand. Of course, the ritual is performed at night and on the waning moon. Conspiracy Words:

“My word is strong, but sticky to me. I give a trifle to the poor, in return I take wealth for myself. No sooner said than done!".

A second conspiracy plot against the waning moon is read over any old subject that can serve as a symbol of poverty. For example, it may be an old leaky bag. It is necessary to light a candle on the table so that moonlight falls on it, then put an old object next to it. You can now cast the spell:

“All my poor and destitute goes into this subject. I’m cleansing everything and choosing a new life. Rich, strong, in abundance. Key. Castle. Tongue".

This thing needs to be thrown out at the crossroads immediately after the sacrament and left without turning around. If we talk about a thing, then it can be anything. The main thing is that the thing is very old and well-worn. It can be any part of the wardrobe or accessories.

Cash rituals on a waning moon are a great chance to get rid of the yoke of poverty.

Rites from debts to the waning moon

This ritual on the waning moon to get rid of debt came from antiquity and requires some preparation. For the ceremony, you will need to go to the forest and find the aspen there. It is necessary to bend one branch and pick the maximum number of leaves from it. The following words are pronounced:

“Now the aspen will pay for me, it will part with its leaves. The answer is from her, keep her! ”

The ritual does not end there, you need to bring the torn leaves home, dry them. After drying, the leaves are put in a bowl and set on fire. But you need to set them on fire carefully so that they smolder. The bowl needs to be put to the window with the waning moon so that the little thoughts flow away in a thin stream. Then they say the words:

“With smoke, I release the bonds of debt, I choose my freedom. All my bonds go and my hands are untied. ”

At this rite is considered completed. The ash from the leaves can be dispelled in the wind. Previously, there was an interpretation of the ritual, which said that in addition to the fact that you need to pick sheets from the tree, it is also desirable to leave something in return and it is better if it is a handful of coins.

Man will also have to make an effort. But to do this with magic will be much easier. All the negativity and all possible obstacles at the level of subtle matters that prevented the implementation of the plan will go away.

Conspiracies to the waning moon to remove the negative

If a person feels that it’s getting hard on his soul, and things don’t stick together, then it’s time to cleanse the aura and biofield of the excess negative that accumulates in any person. This can be done using the ritual on the waning moon.

The first plot is pretty simple. You need to stand at the open window and say the words, looking at the moon:

“A bird flew across the sky, waved my wing. She covered me with a pen and took the load. The soul is light, and the moon is doubly. She took the negative! ”

The second plot is also read by the open window. But there is a nuance. It is necessary to write on a piece of paper all the hardships and tribulations that have been troubling recently. The sheet must be held in hand, standing in front of the open window and pronounce the words:

“Everything is written here, Mother moon. Take everything that is listed, take it on the wings of the night, to the mountain-trouble, lock it up there, and bring me purity and ease! ”

The very morning after the ritual, a person will feel noticeable relief. And this is not self-belief, but a fact. The fact is that the negative is like a disease, and when it accumulates in the upper chakras, it looks like a general malaise. A person has a feeling of heaviness throughout the body, headaches and more. The second ailment is connected with the external part of life, and it looks like failure at work and in personal life. And these failures cannot be explained. It would seem that nothing in life has changed. The same person and the same scenery. But under the same circumstances, all spheres of life do not go according to the planned schedule. This is the accumulation of negativity that needs to be disposed of.

Plots to rival the waning moon

Women often face insidious women-wives in marriage. A plot to the waning moon can help to remove the rival. First of all, you need to get rid of panic. Because the feelings and anger of such a situation are not the best helpers. You need a cold head and a formed desire to get rid of the enemy in the person of a lovebird. Only with this approach can one turn to magic for help.

To conduct it, you need to brew strong tea in a cup, about half a mug. Boiling tea must be put on the window so that the light of the moon falls on it. Next, you need to gradually pour cold water into boiling water and read the plot:

“Tea dilutes cold water and your heart cools. You no longer need it, no love in your heart, no passion in the folds! ”

It is advisable that the husband drink tea. But this is an optional condition. If you can’t get your husband drunk tea with a conspiracy, then you need to pour it at the crossroads. The effect will be the same.

The second ritual to get rid of the lovebird is carried out with an apple. It must be wrapped in red thread, pronouncing the words of the conspiracy:

“Like an apple will rot, like a thread will smolder, so your love will dry and go to nothing. It will become disgusting to you with each other, now and forever! It is said and done, the word is printed! ”

This conspiracy to the waning moon from the rival is considered ancient and came from the time of great-grandmothers. It has been practiced for many years, and more than one generation of women managed to see the effects of witchcraft. The main thing for this rite is to choose the most beautiful apple. It should look like a beautiful and young girl. And such an apple will symbolize the image of a lover.

Plots from Martin to the waning moon

You can also try conspiracies from Martina, the famous Internet sorceress.

One of the conspiracies is pronounced as a complaint when the window is open. A conspiracy can be read in almost any problem, and you just need to substitute the right word in the spell:

“Mother moon, deliver me from (the problem). You shine at night, you are the queen of heaven. Help me tonight. The time has come for you to leave. Go away and take it with you (problem). ”

Rites from alcoholism on the waning moon

During the waning moon, all rituals against alcoholism are carried out without exception. These are strong magical rites, which should be carried out only if a person really suffers from this terrible disease and desperately needs the help of his family and friends, although he himself does not admit it.

A conspiracy from fullness to a waning moon

This conspiracy on the waning moon from fullness is read on a comb that needs to be put between two candles. Next you need to pronounce the words:

“As lice do not live in the head, so do I get rid of fat. As a pig is getting fat, it should be, so it is for me to lose weight and gain a slender body! ”

Reading any conspiracies on the waning moon against fullness, you need to understand that thinness does not come by itself. You will need to eat right, exercise and take care of yourself. You can’t just read the conspiracy and become slender, Magic will only open the necessary chakras, channel energy in the right direction, but magic will not happen.

Envy conspiracies to the waning moon

Envy is a feeling that is familiar to many. But sometimes this human vice leads to disastrous consequences. There are special conspiracies that will help get rid of envious people, they will simply bypass.

One of the plots is carried out using salt. You need to put a little salt in a spoon and read the words:

“Like salt is white, so life is pure. All evil and bad pass by. It burns about me and returns back! ”

Salt after the ritual does not need to be thrown away. On the contrary, saturated with the power of the moon, it can become a powerful defense and amulet. It is necessary to pour salt into a bag of natural fabric, tie it tightly and always carry it with you.

For the next conspiracy will not require special paraphernalia. It is enough to light a candle on the window and read the words:

“Mother moon, the candle burns, burns out. You are shining in heaven, but it's time to leave. Take evil tongues and bad messages with you. Let them not envy me, garden and protect me! ”

Conspiracies for good luck on the waning moon

Everyone wants to attract luck and grab it by the tail. Much depends on luck, and it cannot be said that only effort is enough. People often try, but do not receive any response from fate. In this case, you can use the plot for luck, which is read on the waning moon.

For the first ritual you will need a towel and it should be new. The towel should be put on the window in front of the star and say the words:

“Moon, you should wipe your face with a towel, and I’ll be lucky in life!”

The plot is very short, but effective. The fact is that the moon refers to the female sex in the magical hierarchy. And the female attribute for beauty will become a kind of presentation. And in gratitude, she will fulfill the request and bring luck to life.

The second conspiracy can be done with a pin, this is an old way that even people who have little to do with magic know. And here, not even a conspiracy is needed, just put a pin on the window and whisper words on it that will personify desires.

Conspiracies for a guy on a waning moon

These few conspiracies will help to cause the guy longing and strong sympathy.This is not a love spell, but only a pushing maneuver towards the waning moon.

It is believed that all love magic should be performed on the growing moon. But a waning moon can also help.

The first conspiracy must be read in the photograph; it is placed in front of an open window. The picture should only show the beloved man without strangers.

“The sky loves the moon, and the moon the sky. So you dissolve with your doubts. Only your love multiplies. Neither will you know neither sleep nor peace without me, the fish of God (name). ”

The second rite is also performed on the crippled moon. The girl should go to the shower and take with her a photograph of her beloved man. After leaving the shower you need to put a photograph in front of the window. Speaking the words of the conspiracy, the girl should stand naked at the window:

“My thoughts are pure, I stand naked, like the goddess Hecate. I ask you, mother of heaven, for support. Take my love and carry on the wings of night into his hearts. Sink and leave there forever and ever. Key. Castle. Tongue".

After the spell is cast, the girl must dress and hide the photo under the pillow.

The rules of the rites on the waning moon

In magic, every item and every attribute comes to life. The moon as a magical attribute is of great importance. That is why when conducting rituals, you need to treat her with respect and honor. In the literal sense, the moon should be revitalized.

Among experienced magicians there is debate about the power of the flawed and young moon. In fact, the flawed luminary also has tremendous power. She can carry a lot of problems with her.

But, choosing a ritual, you need to relate to the phase of the moon very carefully. If you mix up the cycle and perform the ritual, then it can turn into deplorable consequences.

Magic is not creativity and self-will, but a huge set of rules that must not be violated. Otherwise, at least nothing will be fulfilled, but as a maximum, the action of the sacraments can greatly surprise the conjuring side.

A person may not have hereditary magic roots, but if he decided on a particular rite, you need to be prepared for large energy losses. Any ritual will require a large amount of energy and fortitude.

Another main condition is the mystery of what is happening. You can’t share your desire to conjure even with very close people. There will be an acute desire to tell, but you need to stay away from such an urge. Magic does not forgive mistakes and mistakes even to novice magicians. The smallest thing that can happen is that the conspiracy will not be fulfilled and will lose its power. But besides this, for excessive talkativeness, you can pay the trouble that will happen in punishment.

Silence is another important attribute. In the room where the ritual is held, there should be perfect silence. There should be no extraneous sounds. It is necessary to turn off all communications and remove pets from the premises.

Another rule is an intermittent rite. If during the sacrament something strange was noticed, then the rite must be stopped. Weirdnesses include fading candles, extraneous noise, gusts of wind, etc.

Another golden rule of magic is faith. You can’t start a ceremony with doubts that it will not come true. If there is even a small fraction of doubt, then it is better not to turn to magic for help. In addition to faith, a rich imagination is needed.

Before you start reading the conspiracy, you need to vividly and very vividly imagine a picture of the result, which is ideal, according to the caster. This should be not just a picture, but a real film with dialogs and plot. And even though it looks like a fantasy, in fact it is precisely this approach that helps to make the ritual work and work.

You also need to correctly calculate the time for the ritual. Midnight is considered ideal. But also ceremonies can be carried out until three in the morning. It is not advisable to begin magical manipulations either earlier or later.

Another important point. Magic does not tolerate ridicule. Very often women commit this sin.They begin to regard the ritual as entertainment and something funny. It is unacceptable.

The next rule is sequence and sequence. You can not swap the words of the conspiracy, you can not replace the attributes. In fact, you cannot do anything other than what is described in the ritual itself. If in the conspiracy and the sacrament itself there are ancient attributes that are difficult to get in modern conditions, then it is better to turn to experienced magicians for advice.

In fact, this cannot be said to be a complex set of rules. In fact, it looks like faith, consistency, visualization, and a clear plan. It sounds like a technical process guide, but it's about magic. And this is something that everyone should remember, who believes that magic is a fun and laid-back magic.


There are conspiracies to the waning moon, which have been around for centuries. From ancient times people turned to the moon and the sun for help in magical affairs. Contemporaries have the same opportunity. The main thing is to choose the right goals and realize them, based on the conditions of the ritual. Damaged moon - not a very beautiful name, which hides power. And it will help get rid of material problems, negativity, attract love, correct health ailments. The main thing is to believe and treat magic with respect.

The rules of the rituals

Astrologers believe that each phase of the moon in its own way affects energy and human health. For example, at a time when the moon is full, a person can subtly feel the presence of otherworldly forces, alien energy. And at a time when the moon is waning, the energy is very intense and vibrant. The waning moon is great for carrying out powerful conspiracies. Strong rituals will help get rid of everything superfluous and unnecessary. What conspiracies read on the waning moon:

  1. Conspiracies and prayers for diseases.
  2. Conspiracy from poverty, conspiracy to trade.
  3. Rituals for good luck in business and in trade.
  4. For mutual love.
  5. Conspiracy from the rival to the waning moon.
  6. Conspiracy of fullness.
  7. Conspiracies for rejuvenation.
  8. On luck and luck on the waning moon, on luck and money.
  9. Conspiracy from the enemies.
  10. Conspiracy from treason.

All rituals are effective and reliable helpers. They must be performed at night, when the moon begins to wane. To achieve efficiency during the rites, you must adhere to certain recommendations:

  • perform actions only on a moonlit clear night,
  • do not tell anyone about your manipulations,
  • prepare in advance, all the things and objects necessary for the rite should be near so as not to be distracted,
  • candles and needles are bought independently by the person for whom magical actions are intended, you also need to collect holy water yourself in a temple or in a church,
  • things and objects for the procedure should not be given to anyone,
  • visualize the end result, a positive attitude is very important,
  • it’s better to memorize the texts, but if it doesn’t work (for example, it is too long or specific), read from the sheet, but do not get distracted, change nothing or add,
  • nothing should interfere or distract, this applies to family members, pets, the noise of household appliances.

Only if all the above rules are observed, will the rituals be effective and act quickly.

For money

A conspiracy for money on a waning moon will help get rid of poverty. Read the money-less plot with a coin. You can take a five-penny coin, speak with these words:

“I am going to a merchant bidding, and I come back rich. I have a lot of good, gold-silver. May success be with me in everything, accompany all affairs and undertakings. May it be so".

Put a coin in your wallet, carry exactly one month with you. After a month, repeat the ritual. A month later, spend the old coin, and speak a new one. Such a talisman will help for money transactions, in trade and in a career.

To love

What conspiracies can be read on the waning moon on a man? A love conspiracy on a waning moon is recommended at the very beginning of the relationship. You can also read it if you notice that the feelings of a loved one have cooled off a bit. The same ceremony can be performed on the love of a married man. It is necessary to take new church candles and a skein of red threads. Wait until midnight, the sky should be well lit by moonlight. It is better if the ritual on the waning moon for the love of a man will be held on women's days, and the plot on the love of a girl - on men's days.

Before you make love spells with the help of the moon, you need to cleanse the body and soul. To do this, take a shower, read the prayer of our Father. Light candles, imagine the image of a loved one. Take a skein of thread, wind a thread on your finger, while saying:

“My love for the servant of God (name) is very strong. It is deep in my heart and soul. But I don’t know his feelings. I am calling you, queen of the night, become my assistant in my work. Let her beloved be attacked, she will not be able to live without me. He will be bored and homesick, constantly thinking about me. Let his paths come to me. May my boyfriend suffer without my love. A plot for a man’s longing will return him and bind him. I tie it with this thread, love will become bright and fiery, passion is raging. May my beloved become a lawful husband. May it be so".

Remove the wound thread from your finger, burn it in a candle flame, while saying:

“I will close, I urge love. May it be so".

This conspiracy to love men recommends white magic. After carrying out the white ritual, the female and rivals will not stand in your way, you can return your beloved to the family, neutralize his connection with the female lover. Along with the waning of the moon, actions can be taken to return love to your life, to return the beloved. The moon will lead the returned man to you. With this simple action, you will be happy again.

To the rival

You can also read magic words from a rival at home. A plot against a rival will turn away from her husband the one who wants to lead him out of the family. At the divorce of the homeowner and the spouse, a rite is held at midnight. Take a few candles, a large apple and threads - black and white. Knit threads, light candles. Apple divided into two halves. Light the threads from a candle flame, put the ashes between the halves of the apple and connect them. Then say:

“There is a bright fire here, let it become an assistant for me in my difficult business. I will share two doves, let each go their own way. Amen".

Disconnect the halves of the apple, throw them into the street in different directions. Having done the work, be sure that the husband will return to you, so you can remove the opponent from your path.

From diseases

To get rid of any disease, it is necessary to conduct a ritual. It is performed by a close relative of the patient or the sick person himself. For the ceremony, you need the following attributes: a paper bag, a blue marker, a homemade chicken egg. Take off your clothes, lie on the bed. Start with the head rolling out an egg (it will be more convenient if another person does it). If a specific organ or part of the body hurts, this particular area rolls out. It is very important to clearly imagine the end result, visualize how you are healed and become healthy.

After such a procedure, take a marker, write the following words on the egg:

“Ailments go, I am healed. I am completely healthy. "

Put the egg in the bag and take it outside. Throw in the trash so that it does not break. A readable plot from fibroids on a waning moon or from another disease will help to heal quickly.


You can read the plots on the waning moon in order to get rid of the hated extra pounds. It is this period that is suitable for throwing out all that is unnecessary from your life. Take a glass of holy water, read the prayer above it to our Father.Then cross the container three times and say:

“The powers of heaven, I am calling you to me, become my faithful helpers. Let me, servants of God (name), all excess fat go away, dissolve, melt. Let me stay healthy at the same time, but the fullness will go away once and for all. Chur her. "

Drink the charmed water in several stages, each time overshadowing itself with a cross. At the same time, it is important to believe that the ritual will work and you will soon become slim.

From drunkenness

A read text read in the full moon or during the waning moon will help get rid of the addiction. Its advantage is that it can be performed at a distance, a person may not even realize that he was cured with the help of magic. To carry out the ritual, you will need a piece of white cloth, it is better to get a terry cloth. Pick up a cloth, stand near an open window, the moon should illuminate both the cloth and you. Then read these words:

“I’ll read secret words, treasured words, let this fabric absorb all the bright energy of the moon. God’s servant (name) will wipe himself with this cloth, she will take away from him all cravings for intoxicating drinks, he will no longer use alcohol. May my strong words help turn away the servant of God (name) from addiction, will he not drink alcohol now and forever. Amen".

Next, you need to give the person who is abusing alcohol, a charmed thing. Let him use this fabric as a towel. Seven days later, secretly pick up a towel, take it to a deserted place. Dig a hole and bury the thing. All this must be done so that no one sees. If you are afraid that someone will be able to dig a charmed towel, you can burn it at the stake. Choose any method, but it is very important that no one else ever uses a thing.

Not only a blood relative, but also a friend, a person who sincerely worries about drinking and wants to help, can perform conspiracies and rites on the waning moon. For the ceremony will need holy water. The text is read on it. Pour holy water into a transparent container, bend over it, read 33 times in a row, without losing the following text:

“You are pure, holy water, take all the negativity from the servant of God (name of man). May his body and soul be cleansed by you. Help him cope with a serious and fatal illness. Heal him. Yes, his body will reject vodka and any alcohol once and for all. Amen".

After reading, give the alcoholic a drink of the charmed liquid. You can also add a small amount of water to alcohol. So the effect will come faster.

Another embodiment of the ritual with water. You will need clean water from the spring. Put it in a container and read the plot:

“As the servant of God (the name of the victim) swallows this water first, so immediately his dependence will go away. He will be cleansed of drunkenness and will cease to forever desire alcohol. Amen".

It is better to carry out such a ritual on Friday night, the sky should be necessarily lunar. Put the charmed liquid on the windowsill, let it absorb the lunar energy. In the morning, add water to any food and drink of an alcoholic.

To save a spouse from a addiction, you can conduct the following ritual. Take the husband’s engagement ring, do it unnoticed. Dip the ring into a glass of holy water. Lean over him and whisper:

“Pure and holy voditsa, help my narrowed drunkenness overcome. Let all his organs, joints and blood be cleaned of alcohol. Let the ring become for him the most powerful amulet from adversity. While he wears, he will not drink. Amen".

Next, return the ring to her husband, but so that he does not notice. This rite is very strong, its action will manifest itself after seven days.

Other ceremonies

During the waning moon, you can read a conspiracy to sell things, which will help to sell faster and more profitably. Trade conspiracies to be read in this phase of the moon are efficient and quick.The one who sells must read the text himself:

“Calling you, higher powers, I ask for help. Let what I no longer need go to another owner. And I will have a profit. Let these read words act quickly. May it be so".

Waning moon in human life

Today, even scientists confirm the fact that the phases of the moon have different effects on human life and health. For example, the full moon is a time when a person feels the subtle world especially sharply.

During this period, the number of heart attacks and strokes increases, in psychiatric hospitals and patients significant excitement is observed, and paranoia is manifested.

The waning moon is a period of purification and liberation.

Try at some time during this time to carry out a general cleaning in your house, and you will feel how all the negative energy, together with dirt and dust, is leaving your home, resentment and evil are leaving, there is a desire to breathe and live. But on the waning moon, you need to clean not only your apartment, but also yourself.

At this time, you can cleanse the body of toxins and toxins, cleanse the intestines, kidneys and all other internal organs. All this can be done both with the help of traditional methods of treatment, and through special magical rites on the waning moon.

Varieties of rites and conspiracies

The damaging moon - in the first place, the period when black magic reigns - this is especially true of the last two lunar days preceding the new moon. These days, the night star in the sky is not visible at all. Many witches and black sorcerers take this opportunity and do their insidious dark deeds, which often lead to the most tragic consequences.

However, the magic of light forces was not left aside. Over many centuries, its representatives have learned to use the negative lunar energy of this phase for the benefit of humanity. In the days of the waning moon, the following rituals are actively practiced in white magic:

  • all kinds of magical effects aimed at getting rid of bodily and mental illnesses. Moreover, it can be a simple conspiracy, or a complex ritual,
  • readable with the aim of losing weight, getting rid of excess fat. They are especially relevant after repeated but unsuccessful attempts to fight a person with overweight,
  • rituals and conspiracies used to eliminate lack of money, bad luck, other financial and life problems,
  • sacraments aimed at removing negative magical influence (damage, evil eye), cool and lapel rituals.

Magic is an extraordinary and unpredictable phenomenon. You need to be careful with her, so it is better to entrust the practitioner with the performance of the rites. And if white magic is considered relatively safe, then black magic is a sphere where it is better for inexperienced and ignorant people who do not have magical knowledge to meditate in order not to expose themselves and their loved ones to risk and danger.

In what rites the waning moon is most effective

The two-week period when the Moon in our vision is waning, the witchcraft brethren use to conduct powerful rituals aimed at ridding and eliminating anything that prevents us from living happily and calmly. After all, the waning phase itself implies that all sorts of life troubles and troubles will go away along with the outgoing lunar cycle.

A mocker of black magic and a terrible witchcraft tool, the defective Moon is considered because of the so-called Hecate days - Satanic days - which marked the last couple of days on the eve of the new moon.

This is a dark and mysterious period when the Moon is completely hidden in the sky, and it is these days that many warlocks and witches choose to create the most insidious and threatening tragic consequences rituals.

However, white magicians have adapted to wrap the negative magical energy that rages in space in the days of Hecate, for the benefit of humanity, accumulating it in the strongest protective spells when creating amulets.

What rituals on a waning moon can come in handy:

  1. All the sacraments associated with healing from diseases (mental and physical ailments). It can be either simple folk conspiracies or complex multi-level rites, which should be carried out in stages.
  2. A variety of actions aimed at eliminating magical influence (rituals to remove damage, negativity and evil eye, cool conspiracies, lapels).
  3. Prayers and conspiracies for weight loss, when a person for a long time unsuccessfully fights with excessively gained kilograms.
  4. Rituals aimed at getting rid of financial problems, from lack of money, capable of transforming a black strip of fate into white.

Of course, such an extraordinary way to eliminate sore problems should be entrusted to professionals. Subsequently, when the moon begins to grow, it will be necessary to consolidate the result by staging protection and rituals to attract success and good luck - this path will be offered to you by any experienced magician whom you call yourself to help.

Self-reading plots

What to do if there is no opportunity to turn to a competent magician, and in life you have overcome problems that a person cannot cope with? In this case, in magic there are a number of white conspiracies suitable for independent use. They will not lead to negative consequences if, when applied by the contractor, the following conditions are met:

  • waning moon,
  • strict adherence to all requirements specified in the instructions,
  • belief in a positive result,
  • keeping your actions secret from strangers

To get rid of problems and failures

At night, when the defective moon can be clearly seen in the sky, go outside. Turn to face the night luminary, spread your arms wide, as if opening your arms to the moon. Mentally start complaining to her about all your problems that are bothering you at the moment, then go to a whisper. When listing all your adversities, say the text:

After reading the plot, go home and go to bed. Waking up in the morning, you will feel a charge of vivacity and activity. Vital relief will come with the next new moon.

For attractiveness and weight loss

This conspiracy can be used by girls and women who want to become slimmer and more beautiful. On the first day of the waning nightlight, in the morning, rising from bed, the performer should wash herself with cold water, pronouncing the spell:

This conspiracy is necessary to pronounce the entire remaining period of the defective moon, before the new moon.

For healing from ailments

For the plot you need to buy a new white towel. One of the relatives of a sick person should read the words, it is best if it is a woman. At night you need to get up with a towel in your hands at the open window, from which the moon is clearly visible - so that moonlight falls on the performer. Then it is read three times:

A charmed towel should be given to the patient so that he wipes it with them for 7 consecutive days. Other people should not use this towel. After a week, the towel must be picked up and buried in a deserted and remote place (preferably in a vacant lot). If this is not possible, the towel needs to be burned.

Conspiracies to the waning moon: husband's lapel from his mistress

A waning moon will also help get rid of an annoying rival if she has bewitched your husband or boyfriend with a love spell. But you can only carry out the ritual if you are sure that your husband was bewitched, and this is not his free will to leave for another woman.

For the ritual you will need to take the land that you need to dig near the church, a church candle and 9 new needles.

Go to the waning moon in the forest. Dig a small hole under an old dry tree and stick all 9 needles into it. Put a lit candle nearby. Fill the hole with needles with church ground. While you fall asleep, read the words of the conspiracy three times:

Leave the candle to burn out, and leave the forest yourself and do not look back. Do not tell anyone about the magic, otherwise you will get a strong rollback.

Rites from alcoholism on the waning moon

During the waning moon, all rituals against alcoholism are carried out without exception. These are strong magical rites, which should be carried out only if a person really suffers from this terrible disease and desperately needs the help of his family and friends, although he himself does not admit it.

What rituals are suitable, and which ones should be abandoned?

In the waning period of the moon, proven rites will be suitable to get rid of:

  • debts and financial difficulties,
  • diseases of the body and soul,
  • addictions,
  • detractors
  • bad luck
  • longing.

In the phase of the waning moon, it is better to abandon magic rituals on:

  • attracting the perfect partner,
  • health,
  • beauty
  • marriage,
  • pregnancy.

Rules for reading conspiracies and rituals

Rules for reading conspiracies and conducting effective rituals on the waning moon:

  • the text must be read in a good mood, but you can’t laugh,
  • pronounce magic words usually at a time when the moon has already appeared in the sky,
  • when reading, you need to face east,
  • there must necessarily be a belief that all conspiracies read are working and effective,
  • if the magic text is short, it is advisable to pronounce it in one go,
  • to carry out any rituals is better on an empty stomach.

White towel ritual

This ceremony is carried out with a new, white towel, which no one has ever used. At night you need to open the window, stand under the rays of moonlight and read the words of the conspiracy three times:

Now you need to give the charmed towel to the alcoholic, while only one person should use it for seven days. After this period, you need to pick up a towel and bury in a deserted place where people rarely appear, if there is no way to go to the wasteland. The towel can just be burned.

The most effective conspiracies and rites

The most effective are conspiracies and ceremonies:

  • for weight loss
  • for love
  • for money
  • from illness
  • from enemies
  • from a rival
  • to trade
  • from drinking,
  • for good luck
  • to get rid of the negative.

From illness

In order for a person to be healed of the disease at home, there is such an effective way as rolling out an egg.

The algorithm of actions is as follows:

  1. Left at home alone, you need to undress and lie on the floor. The egg (preferably rustic) should be in the right hand.
  2. Now you need to calm down, drop all thoughts and start rolling out counterclockwise in the direction from head to toe. Places of pain or discomfort are given special attention.
  3. At the end of the “procedure”, the egg is thrown away from the house into a ravine or river. It is important that it remains intact while it is next to a person who is recovering from a disease.

So that the husband does not drink

To conduct this effective magic ritual, you will need a husband’s engagement ring (it’s best that he don’t even know that you are taking this ring, not to mention the goal). So, you need to throw the ring into a faceted glass with holy water and read the words of the conspiracy three times:

Read the text as close to water as possible to get information

After you need to remove the ring from the glass, let it dry and quietly return it to your husband.

From enemies

A conspiracy from enemies is read when they want to get powerful protection from ill-wishers even at a great distance. It must be pronounced at sunset three times. You can perform the rite on the waning moon, or on the full moon.

The text of the plot is as follows:

“I’ll call Saint Elijah to remove misfortune and misfortune from me. Heavenly army, earthly and aquatic forces, tell me how to get rid of an envious person. I’m leading the Guardian Angel to the battle, all his strength of the evil adversary will punish. Help, heavenly army, to cope with an unpleasant person. Whoever thinks unkind - stop, who gets rid of me - warn. Evil power will be defeated. Amen".

Rite with water

Any water can be used in this conspiracy, but experienced magicians recommend clean, preferably spring water.You need to collect liquid in a small vessel and pronounce the words of the conspiracy:

After pronouncing the conspiracy, the vessel must be placed on the windowsill with an open (or ajar window) and left there all night. Now daily add a few drops of charmed water to any liquid that a drunkard will drink, except for alcoholic beverages. The ritual cannot be interrupted until the alcoholic drinks all the charmed water.

Holy Water Alcoholism Ritual

In order to save a loved one from alcohol dependence, you need to talk taken in holy water. Words are read thirty and three times:

To free yourself from alcoholism, you need spring water.

“Holy water, you, healing water, help God’s slave (name) to cope with his illness, with a heavy addiction, with a harmful habit. Let his body not take vodka, let any alcohol be rejected from this day and for the rest of his life. As seven days pass, so the thirst for alcohol with the servant of God (name) will forever go away. Amen. Amen. Amen. "

Now you need to add a few drops of charmed water to any alcohol that drinks the target of the magic rite.

From rival

A ritual from a rival will help when a woman needs to get rid of a lovebird, but at the same time there is not a single photograph of her. And with all this, there is no opportunity to drink or feed her and her husband. The ritual is most effective 6 days after the full moon.

To conduct it, you should prepare:

  • ritual (new) knife,
  • egg,
  • a cup filled with water
  • red paint
  • a candle
  • thin brush.

  1. On one side of the egg you must write the name of the man, on the other - the name of the rival.
  2. Wait for the sunset, light a candle, put a knife and an egg on the table, put a bowl of water.
  3. Break the egg with a knife so that the names appear on separate halves of the shell.
  4. Pour the contents into a cup, put the shell aside and read the plot.
  5. What remains in the tank must be poured into the toilet bowl, bury the shell halves in the ground in different places. All this must be done before the sun rises.

The text of the conspiracy on the waning moon:

“The shell can’t be overgrown, it’s impossible for me to be with a stranger, like a chicken not to be born, so he doesn’t like it, between two sharp knife, (name of husband) to (name of mistress) now I do not enter. Split, crashed, spread, spilled. Slaves (name of husband and lover) are now apart. ”

That the husband did not drink

To conduct this effective magical ritual, you will need a husband’s engagement ring (it’s best that he don’t even know that you are taking this ring, not to mention the goal). So, you need to throw the ring into a faceted glass with holy water and read the words of the conspiracy three times:

“You are holy water, you heal my husband, a servant of God (name), cure you from drunkenness, drive away the disease so that you leave and never return. While my husband will wear this ring, until then it will protect him from alcohol and hard drinking. As said, it will come true. Amen".

After you need to remove the ring from the glass, let it dry and quietly return it to your husband.

Rites for healing and purification

As already mentioned, the waning moon is the best time to conduct magical rites aimed at healing, cleansing, getting rid of everything unnecessary and bad. There are a great many such rituals in magic, some of them are universal, that is, they help “from everything”, others are aimed at solving only one problem.

Good luck rituals to the moon

Most rituals to attract good luck should be carried out on the growing moon, since it is the young month that symbolizes the emergence of something new in life. Rites on the waning moon are intended, rather, not to attract good luck in life, but to get rid of failure and constant problems. Be that as it may, such rituals are not inferior in effectiveness to those performed at the beginning of the lunar cycle.

To cleanse the body and the energy of youth

During the waning moon, this conspiracy will help you get rid of all the accumulated negative energy, it will cleanse you of everything unnecessary and evil, give you strength, and heal the body. It is necessary to conduct this ceremony away from everyday hustle and bustle, therefore it is better to travel outside the city or go to a deserted park. When you are in place, lay any fabric on the ground and lie on it.

First lie still, look at the sky, at the trees above you, then roll a bit on the ground and stop when you lie on your stomach. In this position, you need to cuddle to the ground with your whole body and not move for the next few minutes, then roll onto your back and read in a whisper:

Neutral working methods are suitable for absolutely everyone.

In the process of pronouncing words, you need to imagine how your body is filled with the forces emanating from the earth, how your body is getting younger and is cleansed of everything badly, it is healed of diseases. The ideal time for this magical rite is the end of spring and the beginning of summer, since during this period the earth is well warmed up, it is gaining strength after the winter period and can share these forces with a person.

Ritual of failure

As soon as the moon appears in the sky after sunset, you need to go outside (or stand at the open window), raise your hands to the night luminary and tell about all the failures and problems that you want to solve. After we read the words of the conspiracy:

“The moon is bright, the moon is made of pure silver, the moon is waning, the moon is taking away all my hardships and difficulties with itself. As the moon in a dark night dissolves, so in me a new hope and new luck will be born. Amen".

After pronouncing the conspiracy, go home and go to bed, imagining that in the morning all your problems will go away by themselves, that there will be a way out of all difficult situations, and good luck will come to you in all matters.

Effective Healing Rite

To carry out this ritual, you will need: - one chicken egg (preferably not bought from the village), - a small paper bag (can be replaced with cellophane), - a blue marker.

  1. We leave the egg in the dark empty room for an hour and a half, then we go into the room, take off all our clothes and go to bed.
  2. You need to take a comfortable pose, then take the egg and carefully roll it over your body, starting from the foot, ending with the head (if you want to completely cleanse the body).

If you need to get rid of a certain disease, you need to roll the egg where it hurts. At this time, you need to imagine that all diseases leave your body, you are freed from all the bad and unnecessary.

Now take the marker and write the following words on the egg:

After that, you need to put the egg in the prepared bag and take it to the trash, which is located as far as possible from your place of residence. When you throw the bag, try harder to hit the egg so that it breaks.

If in life has come a streak of bad luck

This is a very strong magical rite, which can be used no more than once a year. For the ritual, you will need fresh spring water. Pour the liquid into a small bowl and place it in the evening near an open window. Now we take one sip from the bowl, and wash the face, neck and shoulders with the rest of the water. After that read the plot:

This magical rite can only be used once a year.

“Mother, you, water, are clean and cold, like gold you are valuable, like silver you are precious. As water washes mountains, spreads over wide expanses, so from me the servant of God (name) she will wash away all bad luck, all failures and evil slander.

From a clean body, impurities will be washed away, from a white body, from all one hundred joints, from oncoming transverse anger, from a black sorcerer, from a dark witch, from an old white man, and from an old woman, from evil eyes, and from vain speeches.

Big beluga, you’re a friend’s pure water, you sharpened your teeth on stones, you kept your tin eyes, you swam in all the waters of the oceans, help me, drive away all evil, bring to life a good servant of God (name).May it be so. In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen. Amen. Amen".

Rites for purification and healing

As already mentioned, the waning moon is the best time to conduct magical rites aimed at healing, cleansing, getting rid of everything unnecessary and bad. There are a great many such rituals in magic, some of them are universal, that is, they help “from everything”, others are aimed at solving only one problem.

How to improve your health

Rituals with conspiracies to the waning moon can significantly improve human health. The most powerful and versatile rituals that improve health and energy are gathered in one list below.

  • How to eliminate negative energy from the body? Rejuvenation of the human body and body is possible only when it is cleared of negativity. A waning moon will help to do this and give man strength for new achievements. Before the ritual, you need to go out of town or find any deserted place. There it is recommended to lie on the ground, but you can also lay a rug. At the beginning, just lie down, enjoying nature, try to appreciate the beauty of the environment. After that, press your body against the soil and freeze for a few minutes. Start talking in a whisper: “I want to be strong, young and healthy, like Mother Earth. She enriches everything with power, rewards me with beauty. The land of animals gives birth - it transforms me again. Words are strong, like soil, they will be fulfilled in an instant. I believe in you, mother Earth. Amen (three times). ” Having finished reading, do not leave immediately. Enjoy nature, think about the strength of your body, health, and a good future. It is better to do the ceremony in May or June.
  • How to heal the body in a rite? So, conspiracy to rejuvenation is best read on the waning moon. The same applies to the complete healing of the body and body. For the next ritual we need: an egg, a bag of paper and a blue marker. Follow these steps: leave the egg in the apartment, where there are no people, for several hours. Go into the room, undress and lie down on the bed. Take a comfortable pose and start rolling the egg all over your body from head to toe. If the purpose of the rite is to heal from a specific disease, then roll the egg only at the source of the pain. Write with a marker these words: “Health comes to me, but adversity goes away. I am full of energy. Diseases, as it was not. Amen". Place the egg in the bag and discard. Throw away with maximum force in order to break the egg.
  • How to get rid of fullness? The slimming moon plot is waning for every person and is simple. Enough liter bottle of oil and earth. Write the word FAT on the bottle and start saying: "Fatty oil, vegetable oil, take my fat, fix my harmony." Then, for two weeks, water the earth with oil and say: “I drive out the grease, I oil the clean land with oil. The soil of my suffering eliminates, forever free from overeating. " Before the new moon pour out the thought and discard the remains of the earth and the bottle.
  • Conspiracy on clean skin on a waning moon. If you or your loved one is tired of skin problems, it is recommended to resort to the next conspiracy, which is suitable for eliminating warts, acne and spots. For its execution, you do not even need to leave the house. You need to spend it at midnight. Take the mirror and sit near the open window. Looking at the moon, one must say: “The skin is white, the skin is velvety, reward me with your presence. How pure my soul is, so pure my appearance. I'm tired of ridicule, I have so little beauty. I look in the mirror, I am no longer ashamed of myself. There were no problems. Amen". Repeat these words for two weeks.

To cleanse the body and return the energy of youth

During the waning moon, this conspiracy will help you get rid of all the accumulated negative energy, it will cleanse you of everything unnecessary and evil, give you strength, and heal the body.It is necessary to conduct this ceremony away from everyday hustle and bustle, therefore it is better to travel outside the city or go to a deserted park. When you are in place, lay any fabric on the ground and lie on it.

First lie still, look at the sky, at the trees above you, then roll a bit on the ground and stop when you lie on your stomach. In this position, you need to cuddle to the ground with your whole body and not move for the next few minutes, then roll onto your back and read in a whisper:

“As the earth is eternally strong, young and healthy, so will I, a servant of God (name), be healthy and strong. Just as the earth gives strength to all living things, just as all plants and animals are born from the earth, so I will gain strength, I will cleanse everything unnecessary. My words are strong, how strong is Mother Earth, as I said, she will do so. Amen".

In the process of pronouncing words, you need to imagine how your body is filled with the forces emanating from the earth, how your body is getting younger and is cleansed of everything badly, it is healed of diseases. The ideal time for this magical rite is the end of spring and the beginning of summer, since during this period the earth is well warmed up, it is gaining strength after the winter period and can share these forces with a person.

To get rid of warts

To speak a wart, you need to wait for your day on the waning moon. For a woman these days are: Wednesday, Friday, Saturday. For a man, this is Monday, Tuesday, Thursday. You can’t perform a ritual on the growing moon so that the number of warts does not increase.

After waiting for your day on the waning moon, pluck a bunch of old grass. Do this with your left hand. Pull out the longest stem. Poke them with warts and pronounce the text of the conspiracy:

If there is no dry grass, then grab an apple that has fallen from a tree. Cut it into 3 parts, while touching the warts, and read the plot:

After the ritual, bury each part of the apple in a separate place.

A conspiracy to help get rid of warts is an ancient magic that was used by our distant ancestors. With the help of special ceremonies, you can quickly and easily get rid of such a scourge.

And here is the text of another simple but powerful conspiracy that will help get rid of warts and moles. You need to circle the knot counterclockwise to say:

Conspiracy on the waning moon to lose weight.

To lose weight, special weight loss plots are used. You need to read the plot on the first day of the waning moon. Take a candle, a white envelope and your photo. Light a candle and, looking at your photo, say the words of the conspiracy:

“As the moon goes down, so does my fullness go down. "I lock fat on seven locks, on seven shackles, I can’t be full."

After these words, put the photo in an envelope and seal it with candle wax. To do this, drop wax on the envelope seven times.

From longing

Sometimes it happens that a loved one forgets about you, but magic comes to the rescue. To do this, there are conspiracies to longing, they are easier than a love spell and do not bear serious consequences.

To fulfill the plot, you will need a candle, preferably black, paper, pen or pencil, utensils for burning. At midnight a candle is lit, the name and date of birth of the person to whom the plot is intended is written on paper. Now you should concentrate on desire. Then burn the paper, pronouncing the words.

When doing the ritual, it’s important to know that you really want this person’s presence nearby and don’t change your mind.

Rite on the waning moon of failures and problems.

Wait for the evening when the moon comes out to the sky. You need to go out and open your arms towards the moon. Standing this way, mentally or whisper, tell her all your troubles, sorrows, problems, failures - all that you want to get rid of. When all your thoughts on this have ended, say the conspiracy:

“The moon of pure silver is waning, it takes away all my hardships when it dissolves in the night, a new hope will be born in me.”

After that, go home and go to bed. The next morning you will feel free from problems, and good luck in business will come to you when the waning moon disappears.

Magic money ritual on a waning moon.

To drive money away, you need to wait 15 lunar days. Stand so that you can see the moon, it should not be hidden by clouds or buildings. Standing with your back to the moon and holding a mirror in which it should be reflected, say three times:

"Mother Moon, please take away poverty and lack of money from me."

This ritual will not create money from nothing, but life will provide you with dozens of opportunities for honestly receiving money, profit, and earnings. You will receive advantageous offers and your task is not to lie on the couch, hoping for magic, but to use its effect, respond to offers and act! This is the essence of monetary magic. It opens channels through which money will go to you, and it is important for you to see them and use them.

Corruption Removal Ritual

In order to get rid of the negativity, on a waning moon, type a bath of warm water and put in it as many tablespoons of common rock salt as you were full years old. Sentence at the same time:

“Mother Earth, help: remove the evil, black. May it be so".

Lie down in the bath. Try to place the body as horizontally as possible, and then with the index finger of your right hand draw an Orthodox cross above you in a horizontal plane.

Get up, take a shower, dry yourself and, taking out the cork, say three times:

“He will twist someone else’s, wrap a dashing one, take it to himself, will not return it back. May it be so!"

On a white cloth

This rite is designed to bring prosperity and wealth to the house. Buy a large white tablecloth, spread it on the table, put a glass of clean water in the center. Take all the little things out of the wallet, drop a coin into a glass and say:

I am the mistress in my house, I am his guardian and protector.
I give my strength to my house. I give everyone peace to anyone who comes to me.
I attract wealth, create joy and coziness. I take coins, I lower them in clean water.
Silver and gold, that our life was rich.

Put the coins back in your wallet, and water your favorite flower in the house with water.

Waning moon - powerful magic period

Moon phases play an important role in human life. Surely among your friends there are people who are keenly reacting to the full moon. It was during this period that they did not sleep well, were annoyed by trifles, and complained of poor health.

In addition to the full moon, there are 2 more important phases of the moon: growing and waning.

The waning phase is two weeks after the full moon, during which you can see how the celestial body decreases.

If you do not have a lunar calendar, it is very simple to understand what phase the moon is in: draw a straight line at its horns. Did you get the letter "p"? No, is she upside down? So in the sky it is the moon that is waning.

In the ancients, the waning moon was associated with a period of dying. Do not look depressively at this phase. It is only necessary to use it wisely.

The luminary that is decreasing is an excellent period for:

  • liberation from all useless
  • cleansing your body and home,
  • treatment of diseases and addictions.

You can deal with negativity both more traditionally, for example, by general cleaning or visiting a doctor, or by magic.

Just learn what kind of conspiracies are held specifically on the waning moon and what rules you need to follow in order for them to work.

To trade

To conduct a trading ritual that will help you succeed in business, you need to prepare an unnecessary key and an old rag in advance. First, a dry cloth should wipe the dust on the desktop, and then wrap the key in it.

After doing this, read the spell:

“It is famously bargainless, famously impoverished, famously unprofitable, do not touch me, the servant of God (name), swim away on the water, do not call me with you. Holding the crawfish crab, the tick-worm fool, lie under the snag.So that I don’t have rags, I’ll never be poor forever, so that I can sell goods and don’t accumulate rags. I send poverty away, I close the key words. The key is in the water, and the castle is in the company! ”

It remains to throw the bundle into the river, or into the lake and wait for the fulfillment of their desires.

Wanga's slimming plot

Wang was considered a successful healer and diviner. Therefore, its rituals are still used today.

  1. To read the plot, a glass of water is taken and held in hand.
  2. You need to sit in front of the window.
  3. It is important that at this time there are no clouds in the sky, and that the night light is clearly visible.
  4. Thoughts need to focus on the desire to lose weight.
  5. During the ritual, distracting factors must be eliminated and it is desirable that there are no other people nearby. Looking at the moon, they say:

Drink water from a glass and go to bed immediately.

The ritual of the expulsion of poverty (remove damage to lack of money).

On the waning moon before noon, you need to go to church and pray in front of those icons that somehow attracted you with their energy. When you leave, donate as many dimes for the needs of the church as you were years old on this day. Say:

“In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Forgive, forgive, forgive! Today, tomorrow, forever. The Lord Himself is now your Judge. May it be so! Amen!".

And in order to continue to protect the house from poverty, it is necessary somewhere in the kitchen to place the root of cane calamus.

The next day you need to visit three churches on the same day. There file for the rest of lack of money. And put a candle for the rest of lack of money. When you return home, in no case look back and do not talk with anyone until you cross the threshold of your home. When you enter the house, take a white tablecloth and lay a table on it, put a bowl of water on the table, and light four church candles in the corners and read the plot seven times:

“Lack of money and poverty, went away outside the gate, give me, the servant of God (the baptized name), not to know you, not to suffer from poverty. Take the water, take the money, take it to a pure field. In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, so be it! Amen, amen, amen! ”

After that, wash this water over the basin and pour water into the sewer.

Features of the conspiracy of love during the waning moon

Even in the ancient era, it was noticed that the moon changes in a certain cycle. Its different phases exist: growth, full moon and decrease. Today, both magicians and scientists confirm their influence on human health and destiny.

  • Unlike the full moon, which causes excitement, the waning moon is a time of purification and liberation.
  • During this period, it is advised to cleanse the body of harmful substances, get rid of longing and negative thoughts, and even do house cleaning. It lasts two weeks.

In the waning period of the moon, invisible channels open that help a person deal with many problems. The main thing is not to miss the time while the channels are open.

Get rid of an obsessive fan

This magical action should be performed by that girl who wants to get rid of too obsessive fan. To do this, she needs to ask him to give her some trifle, a small item. In the evening twilight, during the period of the waning moon, she should go to an uninhabited place, bury the donated object in the ground, after having previously read the plot over it:

“I will go out, the maiden (name) is red, as the stars appear in the sky, I bow to them, cross myself, turn away from the house and go into a pure field where there is a great-mighty Alatyr-stone. I will put under that stone I (name), the love for me of the good fellow (name). I pray, I will be baptized, but tossing and turning home. I toss and turn, and the love for me of the good fellow (name) under that stone will remain forever. Amen".

After this, during the week try not to communicate with the fan, even by phone and in writing. Gradually, his love for you will begin to fade.

Also read the rituals and conspiracies on the waning moon in our group in OK.Join us, we have a lot of useful and interesting!

Into the water

Early in the morning, draw clean spring water. When the sun sets, pour the water into a transparent vessel and place it on the windowsill. Say:

“Good water, you are clean and cold. I appreciate you more than silver and gold, with you I am strong and rich. As water washes the earth, cleans stones, so let me wash away disease and misfortune. From a clean body, impurities will be washed away, from a white body, from all one hundred joints, from oncoming transverse anger, from a black sorcerer, from a dark witch, from an old white man, and from an old woman, from evil eyes, and from vain speeches. In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen".

Then take three sips, wash with the rest of the water and wash your hands in it.

On a towel

This rite is carried out in order to get rid of the disease. You can conduct it yourself or, if you have no strength, ask a loved one to spend it for you. For this ritual you need to purchase a new white towel. At night, go outside so that the moonlight falls on a towel, and whisper:

As the Servant of God (name) wipes himself with this towel, so (the name of the disease) will decrease.
The twig will leave from (name), everything will go over in a towel.
As seven days pass, so (name) will be vigorous, strong and healthy.
Hard is my word. May it be so.

The patient should wipe himself with this towel all week. On the eighth day, the towel should be buried in a deserted place or burned.

Conspiracy Rules

To achieve the desired result, it is necessary to fulfill the important conditions:

  1. The performer must get all the items for the ritual himself.
  2. They can not be given into the hands of other people.
  3. The text of the conspiracy on the waning moon is better to read by heart, but it is allowed to do this from the sheet.
  4. You need to speak clearly, quietly and without hesitation.
  5. The moon should be clearly visible. Weather at night should be clear.
  6. The ritual is carried out in complete solitude.

The main rule of any rite is a strong faith in their actions. A man must imagine how his life will change for the better, to believe that a conspiracy on a waning moon will work.

What conspiracies are read on the waning moon

It is believed that the vanishing moon is the time for black magic, as it is associated with death. It was during this period that black sorcerers inflict damage, which can even lead to the death of a person.

But white magicians have long learned to use the negative energy of the moon in order to benefit people. There are a number of bright rites that are held only during the waning month.

Conspiracies that are held on the melting moon:

  1. Healing. If you have health problems and being overweight, then it is during this period that you need to read conspiracies to improve your health. Your illnesses and excess weight will disappear like the moon in the sky.
  2. Amorous. If a rival tries to get into your life with your husband, moreover, she does this with the help of love spells, use the power of a decreasing month to cool her witchcraft.
  3. Psychological. Are you tormented by longing and depression? Was the failure period too long? It is the moon that wanes that will help you get rid of many troubles in life.

And other types of conspiracies can also be practiced in the phase of the melting moon. Just remember the main rule: if you want to get rid of something bad, wait until the month begins to decrease after the full moon.

Successful Trading Conspiracy

Few people know that the waning moon helps to get rid of financial problems and financial difficulties, and also contributes to the successful sale of goods. The ritual is performed on Wednesday or Saturday. On this day, you should come early to the place of trade (store, office, trading tent) and read the conspiracy for money on the waning moon:

Slimming plots on the waning moon of Stepanova

Every second girl on Earth is looking for a way to lose weight and how to clean her stomach without surgery and diets. There is one little-known but very good ancient magical method after the ceremony, the correction of the figure will go much faster.In the old days, sorceress girls who knew the magic rituals that governed the physical body were beautiful and slender and these are facts.

If you are tired of effective diets, and exercise takes a lot of time and energy, try to remove the tummy in this proven way, especially since it will take much less time than visiting a fitness club.

For the magic ritual, we need the most ordinary potato. I want to warn you right away that this is Voodoo magic, but don't be scared. Even the conspiracies to lose weight Stepanova possessing power are not as effective and quick as the magic of Voodoo. A ceremony that helps to lose weight and adjust the stomach and figure in problem areas is done only on the waning moon.

Everything that contains water is controlled by the moon and has the properties of protection. Many magicians of the world use fruits and vegetables in their ceremonies, in Russia it is customary to use the most ordinary potatoes for weight loss and getting rid of fat in problem areas.

The ceremony for weight loss begins on the waning moon with the fact that a new knife should clean the largest potato in the house. Further, with the same knife with the words of the conspiracy to lose weight:

Cut the number on the potato by how many kilograms you need to lose weight. Put the potato in a dark place for a day so that it starts to dry out, after which it needs to be thrown out. Immediately the next morning, the conspiracy to lose weight will begin to work and on the scales you will see the first results of weight loss.

For sale home

The sale of a house can be accelerated if you resort to the help of higher powers and conduct a special magical ceremony. The rituals carried out in these cases have a unique impact on the outside world, the seller of real estate, as well as on other people.

The damaging Moon, as a symbol of the end of a certain segment of a life's journey and distance from anything, is an ideal period for reading conspiracies for the quick sale of a home.

Using water and a rag

Features of the ritual

  1. Take a bucket of water and a rag.
  2. Wash the floors in the room you intend to sell (always wash with your hands).
  3. At the end of the cleaning session, squat over a bucket of dirty water and read the plot.

The plot will accelerate the deal.

Dirty water should be poured into the yard at night. The main thing is that no one sees you in this activity.

Using rice

The following rite will help to sell the house faster:

  • Take 1/2 cup of rice, the same amount of salt and sugar.
  • Combine all bulk products in a separate container and mix.
  • Insert a new pin into the center of the mixture with the tip down,
    read the plot:

After reading the plot, you can not regret the home being sold, otherwise the sale procedure, which has already been activated, will cease to be valid. A mixture of rice, salt, sugar and a pin is placed at the entrance to the house, in a place invisible to outsiders.

When the transaction for the sale of housing takes place, you need to give alms to 6 beggars. The container in which the pin and bulk products are located is buried in a deserted place.

Holy water ritual

In order to save a loved one from alcohol addiction, you need to speak the holy water taken in the church. Words are read thirty and three times:

To free yourself from alcoholism, you need spring water (if there is no spring water ... you can buy it in a store)

Now you need to add a few drops of charmed water to any alcohol that drinks the target of the magic rite.

Wedding ring ritual

To conduct this effective magic ritual, you will need a husband’s engagement ring (it’s best that he don’t even know that you are taking this ring, not to mention the goal). So, you need to throw the ring into a faceted glass with holy water and read the words of the conspiracy three times:

After you need to remove the ring from the glass, let it dry and quietly return it to your husband.

If a black stripe comes

There are magic spells that have a very powerful effect.Such conspiracies can be read only once during the year.

Take a bowl, fill it with water (preferably spring or melt), and put a silver thing at the bottom. The container should stand on the window during the night. Then read the following plot into the water:

If you find it difficult to read the text of the spell in Latin, then you can use the Russian translation:

But better try to read the spell in the original. You need to wash your face with charmed water, and pour the rest of the liquid onto the ground. Never drink this water! She takes in all the energy negativity. In this way, the induced damage can be reduced.

Conspiracy from debts to the waning moon

The main feature of conspiracies to the waning moon is that magical words help create an aura around you that crowds out all flows of poverty and helps you easily repay debts, increasing wealth. Getting rid of debt tails is a must, because they drag down, making prisoners a financial hole.

As long as you owe something to someone, you cannot achieve material well-being. This is how universal laws work. The poverty complex is a dangerous factor that prevents a person from living a full life.

To get rid of debts once and for all and return the money that they owe you, esotericists recommend turning to a conspiracy on the waning moon. You need water for the ritual. It is believed that this element due to its special natural energy is able to carry away material problems. It will be great if you conduct a ceremony near a river or stream. If this is not possible, then an ordinary tap with running water, which is in every house, will do. Look at the water and whisper:

A waning moon will help you get rid of debts, poverty and worries about this, but old problems can always be replaced by new ones. To achieve success in the financial sector, you need to learn how to set feasible tasks, work and attract good luck and cash flow into your life, which will bring more money.

Wedding rite

This conspiracy is carried out if the spouse’s feelings for you have cooled and he made a mistress. At midnight, lower your wedding ring into a vessel of clean water and say aloud:

I, the Servant of God (name), lower my wedding ring into clean water, I attract my husband's love to me.
As the blessed water will wash my ring, so let my husband, the Servant of God (husband's name) remember me, yearn for me and return to my house forever.
She will not be able to live without me, she will forget about another instantly. Amen.

From failures and against bad luck

If there is a black streak in your life, try to read the plot from bad luck on the waning moon. To do this, in the evening, when the moon appears in the sky, you need to go outside, get up or sit down so that you can see it, and express all insults and tell about all the bad events.

Then say the words:

The moon is pure, made of gold and silver. We don’t know where the moon goes, but we give all the misfortune - let it take it with us, it saves me from them.
With the new moon, I have fun, learn the happiness, luck baptized. Amen.

After that, go home and go to bed. Be sure that your problems will be solved by themselves, and there will be a way out of any situation.

Rite of Rejuvenation

To carry out this ritual, take a blanket or a large towel and in the evening come to the forest or park. Spread the fabric on the ground, lay down on it and try to relax. Think of the good. Then roll on the ground to relax your body even more. Stay on your stomach, push yourself to the ground with your whole body and say:

As Mother Earth has been strong, young and healthy for centuries, so I, God's servant (name) will be healthy and strong.
As the earth feeds all, it gives strength to all living things, so I will gain strength, I will be cleansed of all evil.
My words are strong, how strong the earth is, as I ask, it will be so. Amen.

Remain in this position for a few more minutes, imagining how your body is filled with the energy of youth and health.

Rules for reading conspiracies on the waning moon

What you need to know about conspiracies on the waning moon:

A thorough preliminary preparation is required:

  • purchase of all components
  • cleansing your body with fasting,
  • energy storage through abstinence from sex, etc.
  • The text of the conspiracy is best learned by heart. You cannot concentrate on what you are doing and at the same time read the text. Therefore, it is better to memorize it so that it bounces off the teeth.
  • Your physical and psychological condition should be impeccable. If you feel bad, if you are tired at work or irritated with something, it is better to postpone the ceremony. A mage who does not feel within himself the power to conduct a ceremony cannot do anything worthwhile.
  • Believe in what you do. The power of magic largely depends on the confidence of the magician himself. If you yourself do not believe that the rite will work, then how can higher powers help you?
  • Keep everything secret. Do not talk left and right that you are about to perform a ritual. Do not boast that the plot helped you. All this destroys magic, because it belongs to the category of hidden things that cannot be told to the uninitiated.
  • Cleansing and energizing the body

    At midnight, sit by the open window so that the moonlight shines on you. Pick up a mirror and, looking at your reflection, say:

    The hair is silk, the body is healthy, young, the skin is velvety, reward me with your presence.
    How pure my soul is, so pure my appearance. I'm tired of ridicule, I have so little beauty.
    I look in the mirror, I am no longer ashamed of myself. There were no problems. Amen.

    A conspiracy to lose weight on a waning moon and eliminating diseases

    Fat on the body, health problems, bad habits that can not be overcome, tortured? You can help yourself with the help of magic.

    Here are a number of conspiracies that are held precisely for the waning month:

      For weight loss. Of course, if you eat everything and do not do sports at all, any spell will be powerless in the fight against excess weight.

    But if you are doing everything in order to lose weight, but the fat is still leaving slowly, help it melt with the help of such a conspiracy.

    On the first day of the waning moon in the morning, only when you wake up, wash yourself with well water, uttering a conspiracy:

    Perform this ritual every morning while the moon is waning.

    Women who have already conducted a similar rite claim: after it became not only thinner, but also more attractive in the eyes of the opposite sex.

    Bring the egg into a dark room and lay it on the window so that the light of the moon hits it.

    After 2 hours, enter the same room, take the egg, lie on the bed (you can on the sofa or just on the mattress on the floor, the main thing is that you lie by the window).

    Roll the egg through your body, paying particular attention to painful places, and imagine how all diseases flow into the egg.

    When you feel that the job is done, write on the egg with a felt-tip pen: “All ailments disappear, health comes.”

    Put the egg in the bag and take it to the trash or landfill. Throw the egg away so that it breaks in the bag. From alcoholism. Magicians treat alcoholics precisely on the waning moon. There are many conspiracies to help cope with bad habits. But you can start here with this - it is simple, but at the same time effective.

    Buy a white towel. Wait for the night, light a church candle on the windowsill. Look at the moon, holding a towel in your hands, read the plot:

    As soon as my dear (name) begins to wipe himself with a towel, the desire for alcohol will disappear. We will get rid of drunkenness together, we will direct all the dirt in a towel, we will stop the disease. We will wait seven days, and the slave (name) will finally become clean and healthy. The moon helps my word, so be it as I wish. Amen

    In the morning, give a towel to a person suffering from alcohol addiction, and let him use it for a week. After this period, take a towel and burn it in a vacant lot.

    Next month, the rite can be repeated to consolidate the result using the same candle.

    The best day for the ritual is Thursday.

    Overweight plot

    This plot is read daily throughout the waning moon. It will be better if you read it by the open window. The words are:

    In the ocean, the sea sleeps hunger at shutter. Three pikes, three crucian carp and three whales do not let him out.
    Starve my hunger, dissolve in the morning light. The moon sets in the ocean, the feeling of hunger leaves.
    Eyes are sleeping, they are not looking at food. It is said in the night: Hunger, be silent! Amen!

    Conspiracy on the waning moon on longing and failure

    There are simply unlucky people who have to overcome many obstacles in order to achieve what they want.

    In such a situation, anyone will conquer from longing.

    To improve your mood and get rid of a series of setbacks, try using spells.

    2 conspiracies to get rid of the bad in your life:

      On melancholy. If you are overwhelmed by longing and despondency - it doesn’t matter for what reason, try to improve your mood with this rite.

    It gives a quick, but powerful and lasting effect.

    Sow the flowers you like in the pot. While caring for them, each time read this spell:

    Sparrows claim that already with the advent of sprouts, longing will begin to recede. And when the plants bloom, you will feel good at all. To failure. The ritual is very simple, but the main condition: it must be carried out in a deserted place so that no one sees and does not hear you.

    Go out at night into the light of the waning month Spread your arms to the sides as if you were going to hug the moon. Begin in an undertone to complain to her about all her hardships and failures.

    When listing all the problems you want to get rid of, say the plot:

    Like a full moon waning with silver, so it takes away all my troubles, sorrows and adversities. And when the moon in the dark night dissolves, in my heart a light ray of hope will arise!

    Go home right away and go to bed. If on the way home you will not meet anyone and do not speak to anyone, the lunar ceremony will certainly work and a series of failures will be left behind.

    Conspiracy on the waning moon from financial turmoil

    Lapel rite with needles

    Used when you want to free yourself or your loved one from an unwanted connection. For this ritual, buy nine sewing needles and a church candle. At night, go to a deserted place, dig a shallow hole. Insert the needles into it, imagining how the connection weakens and the attraction of the people you want to separate decreases. Then dig a hole, stand on it and whisper the words of the conspiracy:

    As needles do not exist together, do not become one, so do you, the servant of God (name) and the servant of God (name) cannot be.
    Needles will never grow together, lovers will not live together, never converge. Truly so.

    Light a candle and place it on top of a hole with needles. Leave without turning around.

    Conspiracy on the waning moon from a rival and unnecessary love

    The melting moon is a great time to eliminate your rival from your life, get rid of the love spell that was put on you or someone close to you, to cool the ardor of an annoying fan.

    Despite the fact that love magic refers more to the dark side, these ceremonies can be practiced, because your goal is not to subjugate the will of another person, but rather save him from rash acts.

    3 love plots on the waning moon:

      From the rival. Buy poppy seeds. Sprinkle them in front of the rival’s house (ideally if she lives in a private house) with the words:

    After this rite, the husband will return to the family.

    It is important not to wish anything bad to your rival, despite the fact that she is trying to break up your family. Wish her all the best, but only away from you.

    The ritual will be considered white only if the opponent is trying to steal your legal spouse. If you just fight with another girl for the love of one man, resorting to magic is dangerous and unreasonable. Lapel.If you know for sure that some woman has bewitched your loved one, try this lapel with needles.

    Buy 9 needles, a taper in the church. At night, go to a deserted place, taking with you needles, a candle, a small shovel and matches.

    Make sure no one is watching you. Dig a shallow hole in the ground. Start one at a time to stick needles into it at a distance from each other, imagining how with each injection a close person gets rid of addiction.

    Now bury the needles and read the plot:

    Light a candle in place of buried needles and go away. Just make sure that the candle does not cause a fire. Ostuda for a guy. Love hurts if it is not mutual. If a guy whose feelings you cannot answer has been showing signs of attention for a long time, try to cool his love for himself.

    This can be done using nettles. It is best to use fresh nettle during its flowering period - it is the strongest. But dry leaves purchased at a pharmacy are also suitable.

    When the moon is just beginning to wane, pour boiling water into a bowl at midnight and drop the nettles there. Read the plot:

    Nettle grew, nettle bloomed and burned the servant of God (name), he thought about her and dried up on it day after day. There was a downpour, wet the nettle, cooled the memory of the servant of God (name) to the servant of God (name). The leaves withered, and itching and aches passed. The pain is gone and the love is gone

    Repeat the ritual for 7 consecutive nights.

    The rite will intensify if all this time you avoid meeting a young man who is pestering you.

    These and other conspiracies to the waning moon will certainly help you, if you adhere to the rules of their conduct, sincerely believe in the power of magic, but at the same time you will not become lazy to work on yourself and your life.

    From a grumpy wife

    At night, when the wife is sleeping, go to the head of the bed, three times overshadow the spouse with the sign of the Cross and say:

    How do you now quietly sleep peacefully, do not get angry, do not grumble, do not sin.
    So do not swear in the afternoon, do not grieve, love me, your husband.
    The night will pass, your rage will go away. Amen!

    Then go to bed next to her.

    At the beginning of a relationship

    At midnight, take a photo of your lover, light a candle in front of you and say:

    Servant of God (name), you still do not love me, but soon you will forget all for my sake.
    Mother Luna helps me, your heart gives me.
    As I cannot be happy without him, so he will not be without me forever.
    Nobody will be nice to him, let him dream of me alone.
    Let your love for me grow as moonlight fills the earth.
    It will be so, my word is strong. Amen.

    Using candles

    This rite is used to get rid of the old negative experience and attract new love. At midnight, light seven taper candles and say:

    I'm waiting for love, I'm full of love! Unspoken, plagued. My heart is waiting for love, my soul is open and pure!
    I will accept love with joy, I will take care of it, I will be filled with a new feeling. May it be so!

    Wait until the candles burn out and go to bed.

    Conspiracy from the Enemies

    Buy three church candles. At midnight, light them in front of the icon, forgive “Our Father,” and then a prayer from the enemies:

    My Lord, the Son of God Jesus Christ, grant me your cover and protection,
    Save my house from the evil eye and all evil.
    Save your children, my friends, my loved ones.
    Save from illnesses and misfortunes, give delicious bread,
    Clean water, and good sleep. Amen!

    This conspiracy is valid even if you do not know who the negative energy comes from.

    These rites are very simple, but at the same time, very strong. While reading these conspiracies, you should direct your energy to get what you want. It is important to believe in yourself and the strength of your actions. That's when success awaits you!

    Good luck

    This strong ritual of luck belongs to the category of instant ones, since dreams of success come true soon.

    To attract fortune you need:

    1. Prepare fresh spring water in advance.
    2. This water should fill a small bowl and expose it after sunset on the windowsill. The window should be open.
    3. They take a sip, spend the remaining water, washing their face, neck and shoulders.
    4. At the end of the ritual, a conspiracy is read.

    “Mother, you, water, are clean and cold, like gold you are valuable, like silver you are precious. As water washes mountains, spreads over wide expanses, so from me the servant of God (name) she will wash away all bad luck, all failures and evil slander. From a clean body, impurities will be washed away, from a white body, from all one hundred joints, from oncoming transverse anger, from a black sorcerer, from a dark witch, from an old white man, and from an old woman, from evil eyes, and from vain speeches. Big beluga, you’re a friend’s pure water, you sharpened your teeth on stones, you kept your tin eyes, you swam in all the waters of the oceans, help me, drive away all evil, bring to life a good servant of God (name). May it be so. In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen. Amen. Amen."

    Exemption from the negative

    An effective rite of liberation from negativity will help a person whom they constantly envy or intentionally harm.

    The algorithm of actions is as follows:

    1. Secluded in the room. No one should distract you in the process of witchcraft.
    2. Light a candle and write on paper all the negative events and troubles that need to be eliminated.
    3. Reread everything and burn on fire from a candle. At the same time, imagine that all the problems that bothered before are gradually being transformed into ashes.
    4. Ashes themselves are best taken away from home, but flushing it in the toilet is also allowed.

    The performance of this rite must be kept secret.

    Features of the magic on the waning moon

    It is possible to conduct ceremonies on the waning moon when you feel good. The only exceptions are those cases when your conspiracy is aimed at eliminating weakness and / or illness.

    If the ritual is performed indoors, it is necessary to clean up and fumigate the room with herbs and incense. Or hold another purification rite .

    Obstacle Removal: Conspiracy for Beauty

    Removing obstacles is a serious step towards achieving a goal. For example, if skin rashes spoil your beauty, you can use a special conspiracy.

    To carry out the ritual, 2 white candles, pure spring water are needed (you can also use holy water or infusion of a series). The ceremony is carried out at night on the waning moon. Ideal if moonlight enters the room. In summer, you can leave the window open.

    The conspiracy is pronounced in solitude, you can speak quietly or whisper, but pronounce all the words clearly. The text is pronounced three times.

    Light candles, between them put a container of water prepared by you. When washing your face, say the following owl:

    As the moon melts in the sky, so my misfortune goes away

    Like a night light, so beautiful is my face

    As water drains from the skin, the rash disappears forever.

    When you finish the ritual, say, "Amen, amen, amen."

    Put out the candles and go to bed without talking to anyone.

    In the morning, remove the candles, and pour the water on the street, under the roots of trees or shrubs.

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