Poems about him

You are my man, my passion
You are mine without too much talk!
I'm not afraid to fall with you
After all, you, dear, my support!

Falling in love with you every day
I'm stronger and stronger!
When the two of us are with you
There is nothing more important in the world!

I'm all happy moments
I only want to share together!
You are my man, no doubt
And we can do everything!

I love when you touch
My hands are tender
When i smile
Eyes serene

When you kiss affectionately
And hug carefully.
I am very happy with you
I am every moment.

Darling, I love you!
I really need you.
I won’t live without you
You are the best for me!

I have the best
Kind, affectionate and gentle.
And no better than that day
Than a day, our first meeting.

I adore you my dear!
I live with you every day.
You are in my heart, dear!
I can not live without you.

Everything is filled with you -
My days and nights.
I admit, my love,
You are very dear to me.

My dreams about you
All thoughts about you.
Ray of happiness is you
In a crazy life.

I am so grateful to fate
For the fact that I have you!
For always and everywhere
Love warms me

You're near - and the sun is in the soul
I love - and spring is in my heart!
And we will not be parted
Nobody, never, never!

My love, kissing you
I forget about everything.
In these minutes I understand
How good it is with you alone.

How dear is your smile
How dear your gaze is radiant
And your hands touch
And such an affectionate voice.

When you hug me
Ready heart to freeze
From happiness wings grow
And I want my soul to sing!

We met kind of by chance,
But nothing happens in life
And let the future be covered in mystery
I really know in the present that I love you.
I feel good when you're just around.
So good that no more is needed.

I remember perfectly a beautiful day,
When in the middle of gray weekdays
You appeared like a clear ray
Piercing all the blackness of the shadows.

I met your eyes
And trembling piercing arrow
I flashed across my skin
Disturbing peace of mind.

I realized that I met
The one whom I have been waiting for my whole life.
“My love!” - the soul cried out,
And in my heart, joy came to life.

My love for you is immense
I am given to you forever.
I will be loving and faithful
My most important person!

You entered my life so firmly
And I thank fate
After all, I can easily and accurately
To say that I love you!

My dear, my dear, my good,
I love you very much,
My angel is wondrous, bright, clear,
How cool you are.

I feel good with you
Listen to you and your gaze
So enjoy it. I love you.
I love it forever.

I am given to you forever.
I'm happy and you are the reason
My closest man
And my only man!

How much I love you!
How glad I am that you are with me.
Thank you for everything.
My dear, I am always with you!

I love you and I repeat
That you are all life, you are my meaning!
I only trust you in my heart
The man is cute and dear!

I want every moment
With me, my love, shared!
You are the best, no doubt
And know that you are my ideal!

Darling, how are you dear to me
You are not like anyone.
I love our conversations
There is nobody besides you

Who would also understand me
Supported, encouraged.
You let me be weak.
Thanks to your hands

I forget quiet happiness
My Sweet and Tender Beast.
You have adorned my life with you.
I appreciate, love, you only believe.

It's easy and easy with you
You always understand me.
I can tell you everything
Helping your heart open.

And I just want to be with you.
There is no brighter smile.
And I'm happy that I love.
And the meeting was not a mistake.

Hello, love! How are you, work?
You do not miss, an hour, without me?
And I want to snuggle up to you!
Madly missing me for you!

I’m even scared how much I love you!
The feeling of this seems to have no boundaries.
I think I could pee
You have a lot of pages with verses.

Poems about him

I miss your eyes so much
By the look, by your tender smile.
You just ask, I will give everything to you.
I will become the wind. Morning and fresh.
To touch your skin sometimes
To wake you up, kiss you
And touch your lips carefully
“I love you.” Whisper softly.
I will become the sun. Bright and playful.
To play with the rays in your hair
Touch the eyelashes. Slowly, playfully.
To wake up with you. Fall asleep.
I will become a secret. Unsolved by you.
So you think of me at night
To always carry me with him.
And that I was always yours.
I will become the warm flame of a candle.
So that you can always keep warm with me.
No words. You just shut up.
Listen to how your heart beats.
I'll become
by someone. Something. And sometime.
I will give you happiness in the palms.
You are my dear, beloved and. desired.
So hopeless. Painfully. I like.

Soul poems about love for a man to tears

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Poems about love for a guy

My dear, I love you so much!
Besides you, I don’t notice others.
I catch your every look and every sigh
I miss and dream only of you.

And spend a quiet evening with you
With you alone, alone I want.
I'm all yours and I know that you are mine
And every day I love you more.

Do not mind the warm, gentle words
Me for a beloved man.
I know you're always ready
Hug me for no reason.

I look at the stars with you
And I will make a wish again.
I repeat to you again
What to be with you is my calling.

And he turned a rainbow in my heart
And not suspecting even himself
My heart was received with love ...
I am very grateful to heaven

For the angel that is next to me.
I know there are no more in the sky ...
And the heart for two is now one
And we have enough rainbows for two ...

Once you came to me
I have been waiting for you for a century!
Came unexpectedly, like in a dream,
My most important person!

And the feeling that Shakespeare sang,
Connected us with you
I fell in love with this world
For what is in it, you, dear!

I want to confess now
I want to tell you a secret -
You're the best in the whole world
I like to be with you!

With you my soul is calm
And all the problems on the shoulder
I will say quietly, carefully
What a lot I love you!

I love you.
I know everyone closer
All is better. All deeper.
So I see you
What no one has ever seen.
I see the past and the future
Through separation, quarrels, years ...
I alone know you that way
what you really are.
I alone own your heart
more than all owners
own it!
'Cause you have it like a sworn treasure
don't come near -
monsters, chasms, demons ...
I squeezed my eyes shut.
I went at random.
In the black thickets strayed
climbed steep steep
how many times was ready to retreat
how many times could it have crashed onto rocks ...
I love you.
I can not help but love.
I can not give in!
I found you!

Love is not just tender words
And describing it can be difficult.
But her head is spinning
And the soul is a little anxious.

To my beloved man I write
The fact that I love him immensely.
Feel you breathing alone
You are alone for me in the whole Universe!

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I love, but you ... do not love

I love, but you ... do not love.
I burn to the ground.
And from the ashes you will not awaken
You won’t get warm.

I love and quietly smolder
And you stomp the sparks again
I don’t know how otherwise!
You kill love ...

I like. Loved maybe?
I better forget you.
Only feeling it gnaws
How to finish me loving?

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