2019 year of which animal according to the eastern calendar

Our distant ancestors lived according to the Slavic calendar in harmony with nature and each year endowed their totem animals. Slavic "New Year" falls on the day of the vernal equinox, March 21.
According to the Slavic or Aryan horoscope, the Soaring Eagle will become the patron of 2019. A strong, courageous and noble bird will replace the Curled Hedgehog and we are waiting for a change. The eagle is the king of birds, is a symbol of freedom. Ever since ancient Rome, the eagle has been used in the heraldic system of many peoples, a two-headed eagle is depicted on the national emblem of the Russian Federation.
Soaring Eagle will rule wisely and fairly, will have a positive impact on all areas of life. The totem qualities of the Eagle will give strength to remain unperturbed in any situation of the coming year, will help you look beyond the edge of the world and see the spiritual component in all events. The tree of this bird is considered an oak, any thing from this tree will be your amulet.
According to the eastern calendar, 2019 will be the year of the Yellow (earthen) Pig, but we are descendants of the Slavs and our totem animals help us. Copy or draw an eagle for yourself and make an assistant out of it for 2019. To do this, hold the drawing for a couple of hours on the sunny windowsill, and then press it to your chest and say: “The soaring eagle share with me strength, luck and courage! Take with you to the shining heights! With you, my talisman, I’ll take you high, I won’t miss the rich booty, let everything be on my shoulder! So be it! ”Hang the talisman at the entrance to the house or carry it with you. GOOD LUCK!

Slavic horoscope for 2019
Dark Sokh (Elk) 1912 1928 1944 1960 1976 1992 2008
Dark Sokh is the discoverer leading others along with the protection of the Higher Forces. The totem of a fidget, impetuous and proud, not stopping at the peak reached, often incomprehensible and incomprehensible to his close circle. The less he thinks, the more he can give the world.
Dark Sokh rarely finds like-minded people, and only the Soaring Eagle can appreciate its bold character. In the year of the Eagle, he can achieve much if he makes efforts and overcome his doubts.

Stinging Hornet (Wasp) 1913 1929 1945 1961 1977 1993 2009
Stinging Hornet - people born in this period are very active, fuss a lot and like to make noise, have strong intuition and determination, do not wrap themselves up with morality, have an excellent memory, are frugal and jealous. Leaders by nature, like to put others in their place, using causticity.
All those who were born under the auspices of the Hornet, in the year of the Eagle, can count on promotion and good luck in financial matters. However, it should be noted that their causticity and severity can become a hindrance.

Lurking Lute (Wolf) 1914 1930 1946 1962 1978 1994 2010
Lurking Lute (element Earth) - people of great strength, natural grace and the ability to find a way out of a difficult situation. They have cat habits, with external softness, they can show themselves very sharply and instantly show their claws. Possessing generosity, patience and kindness of character, but they will not let you sit on your neck, for them there are only those frameworks that they themselves have set. A distinctive feature of character is their ability to quickly concentrate and stand up for themselves.
In 2019, the wolf will succeed in business, provided that he will not be too demanding on others.

Fiery Veksha (Squirrel) 1915 1931 1947 1963 1979 1995 2011
Fiery Veksha is a sign of a person who has the Highest Protection. Those born this year are extremely agile and agile, they grasp everything on the fly and instantly delve into the situation, finding the best way out. The character is nervous, prone to mood swings. In life, they rely only on themselves.
Born in the years of Squirrel in 2019, when Eagle is the patron saint, they can achieve promotion if they make efforts and are calm about failures.

Pearl Pike 1916 1932 1948 1964 1980 1996 2012
Pearl Pike - people born this year are under the auspices of their dead ancestors. These are conservatives and Orthodox, endowed with inner peace and confidence in their rightness, in communication they are direct and frank.
In 2019, all Pike will enjoy prosperity and stability. Bachelors can have a strong family.

Bearded Toad 1917 1933 1949 1965 1981 1997 2013
Bearded Toad - a person with natural wisdom, appreciates that he has a very economic, thrifty, modest and neat. A wonderful family man, not pretentious to his environment, a conservative who does not love change, adores his “swamp”, and clearly knows what he wants from life
In the year of the Eagle, the Bearded Toad can get anything he wants.

Wild Boar (Boar) 1918 1934 1950 1966 1982 1998 2014
The Wild Boar is fearless people who are ready to fight back all who are considered an enemy, strive for primacy in any business. In their calm state, Boar is very reasonable. People of this type usually ask for a long time and swing, gaining inertia, rush to the goal, sweeping away everything in its path.
Those born in the year of the Boar in 2019 will be able to achieve stunning results if they set the goal correctly.

White Owl 1919 1935 1951 1967 1983 1999 2015
White Eagle Owl - these people live according to their own regime, prefer a closed lifestyle, are suspicious and superstitious, have extrasensory talents. In a friendly environment, able to roll mountains.
Born in the year of the Eagle Owl in 2019, there are many surprises.

Hissing Already 1920 1936 1952 1968 1984 2000 2016
Hissing Already - these are people who have the gift of harmonizing the space around them. They have a philosophical mindset, do not like to talk a lot, are practical, efficient, economical, they go to the goal persistently, when obstacles arise, they change their skin.
In the coming year, born in the year, Uzha will be successful in any endeavors, if they act according to the previously abandoned plan.

Crouching Fox 1921 1937 1953 1969 1985 2001 2017
Crouching Foxes are people of mysterious fate and an adventurous life. They are dexterous, inventive, mocking, cunning, mocking, careful and prudent, preferring to do everything stealthily. They are skilled intriguers, serious about life and able to achieve their goals.
Cunning and crafty are inherent in the Crouching Fox, these qualities in 2019 can do much harm.

Curled Hedgehog 1922 1938 1954 1970 1986 2002 2018
Curled Hedgehog - unpredictable, spiky, fussy, noisy, have excellent memory and pedantry, reliable friends and faithful spouses.
Hedgehog under the auspices of the Eagle will be able to succeed in love.

Soaring Eagle 1923 1939 1955 1971 1987 2003 2019
The Soaring Eagle is missionaries and reformers obsessed with ideals and ideas. They have a bold, changeable and proud character, do not tolerate manipulation and dictate, live by their own laws, are aristocratic, scrupulous, faithful in friendship and love. They can predict impending troubles.
Born in the years of the Soaring Eagle, in the year of their totem, luck will accompany everything, they will be the favorites of the year.

Spinning Misgir (Spider) 1924 1940 1956 1972 1988 2004 2020
The upcoming Mizgir is a clan man; he needs the support of his family and friends like air. They know how to unite groups of people and create organizations, are power-hungry, sensitive, achieve their goals. These are keepers of traditions, a reliable support of the family and society.
Born in the year of the Spider, they do not like loneliness. In the year of the Soaring Eagle, they can achieve promotion if they do not refuse help

Screaming Rooster 1925 1941 1957 1973 1989 2005 2021
Screaming Rooster - people born in this period are harsh and hasty in their judgments and actions, they are very active, fearless, try to be visible and have their own original opinion, they love their home and children.
Born in the year of the Rooster in 2019, there are many pleasant surprises.
If they are not guided by emotions, but will be guided by good advice, they will be able to realize their wildest plans.

Golden-domed Tour (Bull) 1926 1942 1958 1974 1990 2006 2022
Golden-horned Tour - people this year harmoniously combine good nature and rage in their character, like to patronize the weak, hardy, stubborn, patient, and in case of danger they show courage and aggression.
In 2019, the Tour will receive a reward if he manages to compromise.

Firemane Horse 1927 1943 1959 1975 1991 2007 2023
Firemane Horse - this year of active and brave, honest and executive people. They are very talented, romantic, hardy and purposeful. Horses love travel and extreme sports, they are always in a hurry somewhere.
Firemane Horse in 2019 is waiting for success in all matters.

Symbol of the new year 2019 - earth pig

2019 and a little 2020 will be under the rule of the Yellow Earth Pig (Boar). The symbol of the coming year is the personification of calm, patience, peace and prudence. The animal throughout the reign will seek adventure and new vivid impressions. Therefore, astrologers strongly recommend not to overwork, to find more free time for spontaneous trips and communication with their friends and relatives.

The Yellow Earth Pig will take over on February 5, 2019 and will remain in office until January 24, 2020. This period will correspond to the elements of the Earth. But what 2019 will bring is worth figuring out. The always contented wild boar is often personified with the peculiar laughing Buddha of the oriental zodiac signs. A cheerful animal sincerely rejoices in everything that happens around him, the natural environment brings him true pleasure.

Extremely generous and condescending, because of which he will often experience difficulties in trying to control his emotions. The wild boar always admits his mistakes and mistakes that happen on his life path, as in each of us. Sometimes it is chaotic and too messy, which interferes in situations where you need to be more balanced and balanced.

Love of aesthetics and freedom will make the Yellow Earth Pig move forward and achieve more. The tireless optimist with the motto “Don’t worry, be happy”! According to the predictions of oriental astrologers, financial welfare will accompany not only those born in the year of the Boar, but also other 11 patron animals.

Particular success will be expected by those whose work is related to agriculture and farming. Cashiers, accountants, financiers and bankers in the coming year expects peace and tranquility. In 2019, lonely hearts are expected to meet their fate and build strong and lasting relationships. So that everyone who is in search has excellent opportunities to create their own family.

Characteristics of the Yellow Earthen Pig

The main patron of 2019 will be the Yellow Earth Pig. Astrologers assured that under the influence of this animal, many will be able to find financial prosperity, strengthen family relationships and change their lives. The Pig itself is the personification of kindness and homeliness. Her sociability and ability to make contacts will help you to establish relationships with loved ones, restore harmony to family relationships, make new useful contacts.

According to the eastern horoscope, the Pig is a symbol of wealth and prosperity. At first glance, this animal seems lazy, but in fact, the new patron is distinguished by hard work and resourcefulness. With it, it will be much easier for many of you to start new undertakings and realize your goals. The pig has good intuition, and in the coming year, inner voice prompts will help you avoid problems and predict in advance the upcoming events.

However, in addition to the positive qualities, the new patron also has negative character traits. First of all, they include an unbridled craving for fun and entertainment, which can lead to troubles and financial difficulties. Over the next twelve months, astrologers advise against temptation and less expensive purchases. Despite the fact that the patron will contribute to improving the financial situation, financial losses are inevitable.

Slavic calendar

Svarozh circle or summer (year) was divided into 16 halls (months), each in turn was divided into 9 halls. In one room there were 9 tables, 72 benches for women and men, which fit 760 seats. A certain place in the Swarozhy Circle was influenced by celestial bodies, which had a special influence, illuminating them with radiant light.

Thus, every day and every year they had their patron — an animal totem whose character is strengthened or weakened depending on the location of the Star, Sun, Earth, or Moon that dominate this period. As a result of the movement of celestial bodies, the symbols of patrons in certain years can affect the fate of people in different ways.

According to the calculations of the Slavic calendar, 2019 will be held under the auspices of the strong and wise Soaring Eagle. It will become especially successful for people born in his year: 1939, 1955, 1971, 1987, 2003 and 2019. He will become the main totem for the coming summer - from the day of the spring equinox on March 21-22 to March 15-16 next year. Next is the period between InterTimes, which is not affected by a single totem.

Other patrons in 2019

In 2019, the reins will cross the Yellow Earth Pig, but three more assistants will remain in power. To find a common language with them, we recommend that you find out their characteristics and features.

Rabbit (cat). It is not surprising that the main assistant to the Pig is the same domestic and good-natured Rabbit. Despite the innocuous appearance, this animal has a character and will never give itself to the mind of even more powerful enemies. Its persistence and determination will help you overcome any obstacles, but only if your goals are not selfish. Under his influence, you will be able to strengthen family relationships and resolve conflicts with loved ones. By the way, Rabbit doesn’t accept it when family people all too often find out relationships and quarrel over trifles. In this case, you risk incurring the wrath of the patron saint of the year.

Dog. Although the Dog will soon be forced to abandon his possessions, in 2019, the patron will provide assistance to the Yellow Earth Pig. For many, the outgoing year was stressful, but do not hold a grudge against the good-natured Dog. In the near future, the patron of 2018 will try to live up to expectations and help you get rid of troubles and problems. Recall that the main positive qualities of this patron animal are devotion and kindness. With their help, you can establish harmony in the house, expand the circle of friends and make profitable business contacts. However, laziness and idleness are unacceptable for the Dog, therefore, in order to achieve success in the new year, it is necessary to work at full strength.

Goat (Sheep). The pig and goat are a strong tandem. While the carefree Piglet will have fun, the Goat will begin to provide the necessary support and look for a solution to your problems. However, do not forget that this animal is very stubborn and capricious, so if she doesn’t like your actions, you should not count on her favor. Sometimes a goat is too emotional, and any failure can deprive her of confidence. To maintain self-confidence, you need to make informed decisions and avoid unaware risks.

A change of patrons will affect all areas of life, but not everyone can succeed. According to the eastern horoscope, it is these Signs that are lucky in 2019. We wish you happiness and good luck, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

Patron Totem Characteristic

The soaring Eagle is the king of birds, with a solid bold character and tremendous willpower. He personifies courage, insight and freedom.It is believed that only an eagle can soar high to the sun itself, therefore, often all the qualities of this celestial body are attributed to him. However, it should be noted that the eagle is not only majestic and noble, but also a wonderful hunter, mercilessly attacking his prey. Anyone who gets in his way is in mortal danger.

All the qualities that this strong bold bird possesses have a huge impact on people born under his auspices. They are good and faithful friends, ready for any action for the sake of love. The character is slightly changeable, proud, in some cases it can be sharp. Such people cannot be manipulated, they are not amenable to persuasion and especially do not like dictates from the outside. Their foresight allows them to sometimes predict the future and avoid impending troubles.

In business, they are usually collected and purposeful, and often achieve career heights. They are distinguished by hard work and perseverance, are ready to make considerable efforts to achieve the desired. Barriers that can prevent them from achieving their goals do not exist. Among them are many pioneers and military, surgeons and scientists. They are good-natured and friendly, which does not prevent them from showing their leading qualities.

Forecast for 2019

Eagle - a wise and kind bird who is ready to help everyone in need. The patron gives additional strength and decisiveness in any actions to everyone born in his year, as well as other signs. He will always come to the rescue or, without hesitation, will punish the offense. Those who were born under the auspices of other totems will face many changes:

  • People born in 1912, 1928, 1944, 1960, 1976, 1992 and 2008 are under the protection of Dark Sokh (Elk). They are distinguished by a strong and bold character. They are curious and constantly moving forward. An excellent alliance with the Eagle, if their goals coincide. Dark Sokh rarely finds like-minded people, and only the Soaring Eagle can appreciate its bold character. In the year of the Eagle, he can achieve much if he makes an effort to overcome his doubts.
  • Stinging hornet - active and curious people. They have excellent memory and intuition. Always willingly take up any new business and are ready to go to any tricks in order to succeed. All those who were born under the auspices of the Hornets (1929-1945-1961-1977-1993) in the year of the Eagle can count on promotion and good luck in all financial matters. However, it should be noted that the stinginess and severity inherent in them from birth can become a hindrance.
  • Lurking Lute (element Earth) is the patron saint of people born in 1930-1946-1962-1978-1994. Representatives of this sign are distinguished by strength and fearlessness, while they have a soft and secretive character. They skillfully pretend and may not show their true temper for a long time. If this happens, they are cutting and do not give anyone a descent. A distinctive feature of character is their ability to quickly concentrate and stand up for themselves. In the year of the Eagle, they will succeed in business, provided that they are not too demanding of others.
  • Fiery Veksha (Squirrel) - crafty, always relying only on herself. People born in 1931-1947-1963-1979-1995 can instantly concentrate and find a way out of a difficult situation. A weak feature is mood swings, often leading to depression. In 2019, when Eagle is the patron, they can achieve promotion if they make efforts and are more relaxed about failures.
  • Pearl Pike - Patron of all people who were born in 1931-1947-1963-1979-1995. They rarely get into embarrassing situations. They have a calm, balanced character, are always frank in communication and do not hide anything. One of the most conservative signs. In 2019, all Pike will enjoy prosperity and stability. Bachelors can have a strong family.
  • Bearded Toad is the patron saint of nature-wise and neat people born in 1933-1949-1965-1981-1997. They differ in thrift and accuracy. The most hospitable hosts who will welcome any guest. A distinctive feature of the character is the desire for stability, not the desire for change and love for one's own comfort. They always know what they want from life, and in the year of the Eagle they can easily do it.

  • Wild (Boar) Boar - a totem for fearless and intelligent people who were born in 1934-1950-1966-1982-1998. They are always ready to help and repulse the enemy. If interested, ready to achieve great success in business and career. The most suitable professions are: military science and medicine. In the year of the Eagle, they will be able to achieve stunning results if they set the goal correctly.
  • White Owl (air element, years: 1935-1951-1967-1983-1999). People of this sign prefer to lead a nocturnal lifestyle. Out of them come excellent journalists and writers, as well as those who prefer a free work schedule. The eagle owl is calm and reserved, often possesses extrasensory abilities. With the help of a strong assistant and a loyal reliable friend will be able to achieve good results. In the year of the Eagle, many surprises await them.
  • Hissing Already knows and owns the mystery of world harmony. That is why people born in 1936-1952-1968-1984-2000 have an analytical mindset. This year, they will succeed in any endeavors, if they do not relax and act according to the previously abandoned plan.
  • Crouching fox - people born 1937-1953-1969-1985-2001. In the year of the Eagle will be able to achieve the goal, if he abandons his habit of weaving intrigue. The cunning and cunning inherent in this sign can do much harm.
  • Curled hedgehog - a faithful and reliable friend. Under the auspices of the Eagle will be able to succeed in love. Despite the noisy and fussy nature, people born in 1938-1954-1970-1986-2002 are very kind to any business they undertake, and always bring it to the end.
  • Spinning (Evil Spider) misgir. Born in 1940-1956-1972-1988-2004, do not like loneliness. In the year of the Soaring Eagle, they can achieve promotion if they do not refuse help.
  • Screaming cock patronizes people born in 1941-1957-1973-1989-2005. A sharp, fussy and hasty character does not prevent them from occupying leadership positions and achieving career successes. They love children and always consider their family to be the main value. This year they will find many pleasant surprises. If they are not guided by emotions, but take good advice from a loved one, they will be able to realize their most daring plan.
  • Golden-Horned Bull (Tour) - a sign of those who were lucky to be born in 1942-1958-1974-1990-2006. Kind and bright people in whom the romantic and the sharp, dangerous pragmatist coexist harmoniously. In 2019, the Tour will receive a reward if he manages to compromise.
  • Firemane Horse patronizes in 1943-1959-1975-1991-2007 Very brave, brave and active people. They like to take the best from life. Among them are many travelers and athletes, brave rescuers and firefighters. Under the sign of the Eagle, they can finally achieve the goal that they have been going for a long time.

In general, 2019 promises to be calm and does not promise any drastic changes. A soaring eagle will be favorable to all who move forward. It's time to fulfill your most incredible dreams, even if it takes a lot of effort.

We offer you a selection of New Year's signs:

  • “Full” holiday table - to a full life,
  • mutual understanding and goodwill are the motto of this holiday,
  • when opening champagne, pay attention to where the cork will fall: if the table is a good year, and if it’s close, relatives and friends will often gather in your house,
  • if one of those present starts sneezing at the table, it means that everyone will be lucky
  • accidentally broken Christmas toys - to the birth of a child.

The following rules will help attract money to your home:

  • On December 31, write a small letter to yourself and do not forget to put a banknote in an envelope. January 1 - read it, and carry the bill in your wallet, as a talisman of prosperity and financial stability,
  • try to buy a new outfit and do not forget to “send” a bill into your pocket,
  • try to repay all debts, but you should not do this on the last day of the outgoing year,
  • January 1, do not rush to wash the dishes and clean - wait until noon,
  • when the chimes begin to beat, take a coin and hold it in the palm of your hand with the words “I have a lot of money,” then drop it into a glass of champagne and drink it to the bottom. After that, put this coin in your wallet and in no case spend it.

Christmas-tree decorations to attract success and prosperity:

  • round-shaped Christmas toys - a great option for decorating a forest beauty,
  • yellow, green, brown and pink toys are perfect,
  • put on the top first and remove last
  • a broken toy - good luck! Before you send her into the bin - make a wish.

When the year of the Yellow Earth Pig comes on the eastern calendar

We are used to thinking that the new year begins on January 1, however, this is not entirely true. The Chinese New Year comes to us on the second new moon after December 21, the day of the winter solstice. So, due to the correspondence with the lunar calendar, the celebration date is always in the range from January 21 to February 20, but every year it is different.

In 2019, the Pig will replace the Dog on February 5. At the same time, the celebration of the new year in China begins, which lasts for two weeks!

Color and element of the symbol of the year

In fact, the whole of 2019, and until January 2020, we will be under the auspices of the Yellow Earth Pig (Boar). There are 12 animals in the Chinese horoscope: Rat, Bull, Tiger, Rabbit (or Cat), Dragon, Snake, Horse, Sheep (Goat), Monkey, Rooster, Dog and Pig (Boar). Each of them has unique characteristics and features.

There are many legends about the emergence of the eastern calendar. According to one of them, in exactly this order, one after another, these animals came to the Jade Emperor, Lord of Heaven, when he called them to him. As a reward for the fact that they crossed a wide river on their way, he gave each of them a year of management.

In addition to animals, the basis of the Eastern horoscope there are five elements: Earth, Wood, Fire, Metal and Water. According to ancient Chinese traditions, it is precisely from them that all living beings and objects in this world consist.

The number of animals is multiplied by the number of elements and we get a 60-year calendar cycle. The current cycle started in 1984, and the Wooden Rat was its symbol. This cycle will end in 2043 under the sign of Water Boar.

Each element has its own color. Earth has yellow or brown, which symbolizes reliability and permanence. Fire - red, personifies dynamics and energy. Water - blue, blue (black), speaks of wisdom and creativity. The metal is white, it is responsible for balance and justice. The tree is green, it means the origin of everything that exists.

Also, the animals of the Eastern horoscope have masculine, active principle Yang or feminine, passive Yin. Male signs include: Rat, Tiger, Dragon, Horse, Monkey, Dog. Female signs are: Rabbit, Snake, Sheep (Goat), Rooster, Pig (Boar).

As you already understood, 2019 is based on a feminine beginning, which means it will bring with it a tendency to preservation and creation. The wild boar will patronize honest, reliable, thorough, persistent and hardworking people.

What the upcoming year promises to be

The upcoming new year 2019 is the time when you need to stop endlessly reflecting and looking for the meaning of life. Just enjoy every new day. This year of the Pig promises prosperity and stability, so everything that you create this year will remain for a long time. If you are thinking about changing jobs, creating a family, moving to another apartment, city or even a country, then the year of the Boar is the most favorable time for this. The same applies to other areas of life. For example, you can safely lose weight, get in shape, start a repair. Do not hesitate, success in any business awaits you! The year is rich in travel, but rather not on tourist, but on business trips.

In general, the symbol of the coming year is a very calm, kind, curious, sociable, hardworking animal and has a practical outlook on everything that happens. Therefore, 2019 promises to be very productive for all zodiac signs. If they make enough efforts towards the goal, they will be able to achieve success and career growth. When you fully show persistence, initiative and determination, the Boar will patronize you. Also, the totem supports collective problem solving. Accordingly, if you need help at work, try to interest colleagues and work together to achieve the best result.

In family relations, harmony is expected, because the Pig is quite a peaceful animal and will not allow conflicts. And those who have not yet found their soul mate will definitely meet her. Also, the symbol of the year is quite hard to get to know and converge with new people, therefore it values ​​its friends very much, treats them with special trepidation and respect.

A wild boar is a gullible animal that believes in selfless kindness and can fall into the tricks of scammers, especially in the financial sector, so be careful to reduce the likelihood of cheating. Despite the fact that the symbol of the year is smart, it is easy to confuse with cunning, since he himself is not inclined to such qualities, but rather is always fair and honest with others. Therefore, astrologers recommend with all sincerity to ask for forgiveness from their loved ones, if there are grievances.

Calendar of the ancient Slavs

First of all, a calendar is needed to measure time. Among the ancient Slavs, he had a special interpretation of the reckoning, helped to determine patterns, streamlined the life of people. The calendar was built on a month and was divided into 12 periods in connection with weather conditions and natural gifts, work and holidays adopted for this period. In Slavic culture, important natural signs were noted, by which they judged what should be expected. Years combined in 16-year cycles. It was believed that each year has an animal patron, which has a direct impact on the coming period. Knowing whose year the Slavic calendar will be next, you can predict the future in advance.

Each new year among the ancient Slavs began on March 20, the day of the vernal equinox. It was a great Slavic holiday - Komoeditsa, dedicated to the god of spring and the vitality of the Sun-Yaril.

Born in 1939, 1955, 1971, 1987, 2003 and 2019, according to Slavic beliefs, the strong and wise Soaring Eagle protects.

Which animal will be the symbol

According to the Slavic calendar, the Soaring Eagle will become the patron of 2019. A strong, courageous and noble bird will replace the prickly curled hedgehog, which means that changes are coming, especially for those born under this sign.

The eagle is the king of birds, an unsurpassed predator with extreme eyesight, diving silently and mercilessly attacking prey. Its appearance makes an indelible impression: impressive size, massive body with well-developed muscles, long, wide wings, sharp claws and a strong, bent beak. The eagle is a solar symbol of majesty, courage and inexhaustible freedom.

It was believed that the representative of the hawk family, thanks to powerful wings, can fly very high up to the Sun and look at it without blinding. Therefore, the eagle often became the personification of the solar deity. Even the name of the bird came from the Old Slavonic root "Ohr", which meant - light. Although you need to consider that the eagle manages to achieve incredible heights, thanks to constant training, strength and perseverance.

No wonder the Slavs treated this bird with special respect. In addition, from the time of Ancient Rome, the eagle has been used in the heraldic system of many states and cities.The double-headed eagle is depicted on the state emblem of the Russian Federation.

Sign Characteristic

Under this sign, talented people with an extremely strong and proud character are born. They are ambitious, self-confident, obsessed with ideas and at all costs achieve their goals. People-eagles are innovators and reformers who are not afraid to go to the most seemingly insane experiments, although decisions are always made carefully. As a result, they clearly know what they want to receive and never miss the opportunities that life gives them.

Although the eagle is freedom-loving, the family always remains in first place. Indeed, in nature, eagle pairs remain faithful for many years and only death separates them. They will never refuse to help relatives. Often, human eagles have the ability to foresee.

What awaits in 2019

All year, the Soaring Eagle will rule wisely and fairly. Its influence will have a favorable effect on all spheres of life, especially on business and personal ones. Many may feel a desire to move forward, despite obstacles. If the forces are correctly distributed, then maximum benefit can be derived, and many doors will surely open before the most motivated and hardworking. This period is favorable for creating a family and fulfilling the most cherished desires.

Of course, the eagle's totem can only patronize - indicate the path, tell what to watch out for, give an opportunity to prove ourselves, but how 2019 will turn out depends only on ourselves.

How to celebrate the Year of the Pig so that luck smiles at you

Probably every housewife wonders how to decorate the New Year's table in 2019 to attract good luck. Our simple tips will help please the symbol of the year!

A pig is a domestic animal. Therefore, the most relevant option for celebrating the new year will be home gatherings with family, friends and neighbors. The boar will certainly appreciate your hospitality and you will be counted in the future.

Do not save on delicacies and the number of treats. The symbol of the year is characterized by generosity, so try not to deprive guests of dishes. You can cook a lot of dishes, but in small quantities, the main thing is that enough for all guests. You can cook anything: vegetables, fruits, salads, snacks, desserts. Also, in order to interest the symbol of the year, there should be cereals and nuts on the table. You can also cook meat dishes, but not from pork!

New Year's outfit 2019 is better to choose in the colors of the year. Since the symbol of the coming year is the Yellow Earth Pig, the priority is yellow, as well as brown, green and many other natural shades. In addition, the Boar loves magnificence and luxury. No wonder it is the Pig that serves as the prototype of the famous piggy bank! Therefore, add glitter to the image, for example, wear voluminous, luxurious gold jewelry.

These same tips can be attributed to the place of celebration. Everything should be bright and fun: hang garlands, decorations, get confetti and other holiday attributes. Try to make your home look as chic as possible!

What does the eastern horoscope promise children born in 2019

Under the auspices of the Boar there will be children who are born from February 5, 2019 to January 24, 2020. These will be creative individuals who are characterized by a desire for knowledge of the world. Confident, persistent and inventive in achieving goals. Together with this, they remain human, helpful and always ready to come to the aid of those who need it.

Of the negative qualities, we can only distinguish that they tend to abandon what they started halfway, not finishing the job.

Children who are born in 2019 are sociable and non-conflict, but are keenly experiencing any injustice. They can achieve success in learning, as they like to study, but at the same time they are not inclined to go deep into the subject. Well, you can always bring up the leadership qualities of a child!

People born in the year of the Boar succeed in those professions where precision is needed and important, work on details, manifestation of individuality and creativity. One of the suitable professions are: doctor, lawyer, as well as those related to the social sphere. They will prove themselves well in business, especially if it is associated with creativity.


People born in the year of the Rat, waiting for financial luck and success in business. The pig will not bring major changes to the life of the Rat. Therefore, you can relax and just go with the flow without waiting for serious pitfalls.

In the professional activity of the Bulls, only favorable changes await. In the field of personal relations there will also be pleasant changes. If the Bull decides to marry this year, then the union will certainly be filled with love and romance.

A very successful Year of the Pig will be for those born in the year of the Tiger. Luck will accompany both in career and in personal life. But do not forget: Boar patronizes only hardworking, so do not be lazy.

The Dragon

For the Dragon, the Year of the Pig will not be simple, but at the same time it will become interesting and favorable for self-development. Starting a new business, try to consider all the nuances and plan everything to the smallest detail.

The snake should be careful and not take anything risky. But you should not completely abandon ambitions, since in 2019, Snakes can have career growth.

Boar or Pig

This is your year, which means everything will be given without much effort. It is only necessary to follow the main standards of the symbol of the year: hard work, honesty, generosity.

The coming year of the Pig promises us many happy family unions, raising the level of childbearing, financial well-being. Observe the laws of the Boar, be generous, honest and hardworking. And then luck, happiness and prosperity will always be with you!

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