How to make soap bubbles

All children love soap bubbles. Even the most capricious child begins to smile at the sight of transparent balls bursting on the move. In addition, this fun is also to the liking of adults. After all, starting a series of flying rainbow bubbles, we return to childhood. They are great for photo shoots, fun children's parties and just to decorate the usual gray everyday life.

The best part is that this entertainment will not take you a lot of money. Because a small bubble with soap bubbles is quite cheap. And for even more fun and endless happiness, it is enough to make a solution for the bubbles yourself in any quantity. In addition, homemade bubble blanks can be easily prepared in advance and stored later in the refrigerator for any occasion.

Secrets of making successful soap bubbles

Making soap bubbles at home is quite simple. But in order not to spend a lot of time on trial and error, it is worth knowing all the secrets and subtleties in advance.

  • For the manufacture of high-quality bubbles that will not burst in the first second and will have a good film, you need to use only distilled or boiled water. The fact is that ordinary tap water contains a lot of salts and impurities, which significantly worsens the composition of the solution and the bubbles themselves.
  • The density and strength of soap bubbles can be increased by adding glycerin to a solution previously dissolved in warm water.
  • For the smallest “blowers” ​​of bubbles, it is better to prepare a not very dense solution, diluting it with plenty of water.
  • Always check if you have a good solution. To do this, you need to inflate the bubble, and then touch it with your finger soaked in foam. If it bursts, then add soap or glycerin for density.
  • Do not rush to use a freshly prepared solution. Holding it in the refrigerator during the day noticeably improves soap bubbles. Because just during this time the foam completely settles.

Home Bubble Recipes

Although they are called “soapy”, in reality, it’s quite easy to make bubbles from such improvised products as shampoo, glycerin and dishwashing gels.

Below we consider the simplest and most effective recipes for preparing large and small bubbles from various compositions.

With laundry soap (for large bubbles)

  • 1 cup grated laundry soap,
  • 5 glasses of water
  • 1 tablespoon of glycerin.

Laundry soap is finely grated finely and mixed with hot water. Then add glycerin to this solution. Then dilute the soap mixture with water to the required density. For small bubbles, it is enough to reduce the amount of ingredients by half.

  • 1 cup shampoo
  • 2 glasses of water
  • 3 tablespoons of glycerin.

Mix all the ingredients together. Water should be slightly warm to better dissolve glycerol. Such a mixture should be insisted for about a day.

With bath foam

  • 0.5 cups of water
  • 200 ml of bath foam.

Such fragrant bubble bath bubbles should infuse after mixing the components. For complete subsidence of the foam, the solution must be refrigerated for 12-24 hours.

With detergent (for large bubbles)

  • 0.5 cups of detergent
  • 5 glasses of water
  • 1 tablespoon of glycerin.

To prepare such a solution, warm water is also used. First, dissolve glycerin in it, and then add the detergent. Such bubbles are great for running outdoors.

  • 0.5 cups of liquid soap,
  • 2 tablespoons of water,
  • 1 teaspoon of glycerin.

First you need to mix the soap with warm distilled or boiled water. In this case, a lot of foam will form, leave the solution in a cold place for 3 hours so that it settles. Then add glycerin, and infuse the solution for another 10 hours in the refrigerator.

With sugar (for the largest bubbles)

  • 5 tablespoons of glycerin,
  • 1 cup dishwashing detergent,
  • 3 tablespoons of sugar
  • 2.5 cups of water.

Pre-dissolve sugar in a small amount of hot boiled water. Then add and stir glycerin in the same mixture. Dilute everything with water and pour in dishwashing liquid. Soak the solution for at least 12 hours in the refrigerator. With the help of these bubbles you can even build shapes on any flat surface, and you can also make large bubbles that are great for fun children's parties. After all, they do not even have to blow out, but just enough to swing a curly stick in the air.

How to inflate soap bubbles

In the purchased options for soap bubbles, there are ready-made curly sticks for inflation. But when the preparation of the solution takes place at home, there are a lot of options for devices for blowing bubbles. It all depends on your imagination and on the available tools that are in the house.

  • A tube for cocktails (it must be cut at the end into three equal parts),
  • Plastic bottle with cut off bottom for large bubbles,
  • Curly frame made of wire,
  • Long pasta
  • Funnel plastic or made of paper.

Blowing bubbles, especially large ones, is an exciting and magical sight. And with the addition of dyes or various effects, you are able to create your own fascinating soap bubble show.

It is interesting

We will not consider how professional masters use bubbles in their activities. They have skill and special equipment. We are interested in how to make soap bubbles on your own at home. It turns out that the solution is prepared simply and in any volume. The main components for the preparation of the solution can be found in every home, but it is important to adhere to a few recommendations. The latter will be described in detail in the recipes below.

Valuable tips for making soap bubbles at home

The main advantage of soap balls is durability. The longer the figure is held, the more delight it causes among others. If you get down to business on your own, then you should adhere to several basic rules:

  • to prepare the solution, you must use boiled, distilled or bottled water, purchased at the store,
  • natural soap or detergent on a natural basis ensure the reliability of the ball (in comparison with the used perfumed products),
  • glycerin in combination with sugar dissolved in warm water also provides good film quality,
  • it is recommended to withstand the solution a day,
  • if there is wind on the street, then inflation of balls should be transferred to the room,
  • mix for babies should be prepared exclusively from products intended for children,
  • try to avoid the formation of foam on the surface, as it contributes to the rapid rupture of the ball,
  • if you add a little food coloring to the mix, you can get balls of all colors of the rainbow,
  • if glycerin was not at hand, then you can use a mixture of sugar and gelatin in an equal combination,
  • during use no need to shake the solution.

Recipe number 1 - the easiest and therefore beloved by many parents

  • 50 ml dishwashing detergent.
  • 200 ml of boiled water, better distilled.
  • 10 mg of sugar or powdered sugar. The latter option is preferred, as it dissolves faster.

After mixing all the constituents, the soap bubbles are ready for use. You probably have a question about how to use the solution. It is poured into a large shallow plate, and then the usual kitchen funnel is lowered into it with a wide part. It is enough to dip the edges of the product to form a large ball when blowing. If there is no funnel at hand, then you can use the usual plastic bottle. The bottom of the bottle is neatly trimmed (the edges can be aligned with a match). Depending on the choice of the bottle, you can get balls of various diameters.

Recipe number 2 - in case of a children's holiday

  • Shampoo or any other baby detergent - 200 ml.
  • Distilled water - 40 ml.
  • Glycerin - no more than 3 tablespoons (otherwise it is difficult for children to blow out balls).

Mix all the ingredients thoroughly. The solution is poured into small bottles so that children can comfortably hold them. The recipe is ideal for activities in which the kids participate, as it is absolutely safe. Plastic straws of various diameters are lowered into the bottles. With their help, balls of small shape are blown out. It is recommended that you first chop the tip of the straw on one side. If the kids want to blow several balls at once, then fasten the tubes together (the number does not matter). If there are no juice tubes at hand, you can use a ballpoint pen after removing the stem.

Recipe number 3 - the oldest way to cook

  • 100 g of laundry soap, grated on a fine grater. You should not take ordinary toilet soap, it has a lot of fragrances and essential oils.
  • 50 ml of cold boiled water. Previously used melt or rainwater.
  • Glycerin 1/3 of the volume of the solution. Glycerin gives the ball strength and high density, which affect the duration of the flight.

The components are mixed, but not much (soap lumps remain). If you bring the solution to a homogeneous mass, then the bubbles will burst quickly.

How to make soap bubbles at home

To make small and large soap bubbles at home, you will need water, soap, sugar, glycerin and some other components, depending on the recipe. Almost all of them are sold in the store, unless glycerin needs to be purchased at the pharmacy. This component is a fixing component, as with it, the walls of the balls will be more durable. With proper preparation and optimal composition, they will even bounce off the fingers.

In addition to glycerin, sugar syrup or gelatin can be used as a fixing agent. Professionals who organize soap shows recommend using detergent with ammonia or polyvinyl alcohol to prepare the composition. It should be emphasized that home-made soap bubbles with glycerin will be more durable than those that can be purchased at the store.

Recommendations and Tips

Having decided to surprise your child on a holiday or on any ordinary day and make him a solution for soap bubbles, first prepare suitable water. To prepare the composition, it is better to use bottled or boiled water, i.e. tap for this purpose is not suitable. A good option is distilled still water. To make a high-quality solution from which you can blow long non-bursting balls of different volumes, you need to take into account other recommendations:

  • When choosing soap, dishwashing detergent or powder, pay attention to the composition of the product. The fewer perfume additives and dyes in the product, the more high-quality soap balls will be.
  • Glycerin, like sugar, affects the density of the product and the strength of the balls blown. For this reason, do not abuse this component, otherwise the solution will be too dense and it will become difficult to blow bubbles.
  • Soap balls, which are obtained from a less dense solution, are not durable (i.e. they burst faster), but they are much easier to blow. This composition is most suitable for babies.
  • Use warm or hot water, but not boiling water.
  • In the process of preparation, the components must be mixed with moderate intensity so that the foam is at a minimum. This rule is the key to the success of preparing the composition of the house.
  • If possible, cool and hold the finished composition in the refrigerators for 1-2 days.
  • The finished mixture must be insisted to appear on the surface of a solid soap film without bubbles and foam. The latter can be removed independently or wait until it disappears by itself. Cooling a liquid is the easiest way to get rid of unnecessary foam.
  • You can make multi-colored bubbles if you dissolve food coloring in the base of soap. To simultaneously spin the balls of several colors, it is recommended to divide the foam into different bottles and add to each of its colors.
  • Blowing soap balls is recommended slowly and evenly, otherwise the film will tear quickly.
  • Wind and dust in the air adversely affect soap bubbles. An assistant for them is high humidity.

What determines the quality of the bubbles

To get high-quality and long-lasting soap balls, you need to use only proven components. For example, in almost all recipes, a detergent such as Fairy is used as the basis - it has been tested in practice. You can use any other suitable products. Of particular importance is the degree of mixing, which determines the amount of foam produced - it should be as small as possible. The quality of the bubbles even depends on the tools used to blow them.

The basic recipe for homemade soap bubbles

  • 1 glass of water
  • 1 tablespoon of dishwashing liquid.

How to make soap bubbles: Mix water and dishwashing liquid in a cup or bottle. Stir carefully and thoroughly. Dip a bubble wand into the solution and get to work!

Sugar Soap Bubble Recipe

  • 4 cups of warm water
  • 1/2 cup sugar
  • 1/2 cup dishwashing liquid.

How to make soap bubbles: Combine sugar and warm water. Stir until sugar is completely dissolved. Add dishwashing liquid and mix again. Store in an airtight container.

Glycerin Soap Bubble Recipe

  • 1 cup of warm water
  • 2 tablespoons of liquid soap or washing powder,
  • 1 tablespoon of glycerin,
  • 1 teaspoon of white sugar.

How to make soap bubbles: Gently mix all the ingredients together and store in an airtight container. You will get very strong soap bubbles! If you do it right, they will be so strong that you can just lose sight of them before they burst!

Jelly soap bubbles

  • 1 part dishwashing liquid,
  • 1 part gelatin or jelly powder
  • 8-10 parts of warm water.

How to make soap bubbles: Carefully combine all three components. Avoid creating foam by mixing too vigorously. If you take a bright fruit mix for jelly, then you get unusual colored soap bubbles. They are better to inflate on the street.

Colored soap bubbles (with food coloring)

  • 1/3 cup dishwashing liquid,
  • 1 1/4 cup water
  • 2 teaspoons of sugar
  • 1 drop of food coloring.

How to make soap bubbles: Mix all ingredients in a jar or other resealable container. Use them only outdoors to avoid colorful prints on your walls, carpets, and upholstery.

Eco soap bubbles

  • 1/4 cup eco biodegradable dishwashing detergent,
  • 1 glass of water
  • 1 teaspoon of glycerin.

How to make soap bubbles: Mix all ingredients in a resealable container. Let stand overnight for best results.

Now you know so many different options, how to make a soap bubble solution with glycerin and without glycerin at home, which will be something to keep the children busy until the end of summer!

Laundry soap

To find out how to make a soap bubble solution, use a simple laundry soap. In addition to soap, additional components are needed:

· Glycerin or household was without chemical additives (25 g),

· Glycerin (1 tablespoon).

Glycerin can be purchased at any pharmacy. Sold without a prescription.

1. The first step is to grind the soap. To do this, use a board and knife or grater.

2. Pour the crumbs into preheated water and mix until the liquid becomes homogeneous.

3. If pieces of soap still float in the container, place it on the stove and stir until dissolved (no boiling is necessary).

4. To improve the quality of the final product, pass through a colander. After that, add a tablespoon of glycerin.

It is advisable to wait for the mixture to cool and you can decorate any children's holiday.

With glycerin

The composition consists in a higher glycerol content. An important ingredient is Fairy Detergent. To get soap bubbles, take the following ingredients:

Fairy dishwashing detergent (50 ml),

To prepare, take a large bowl. To get the solution, follow the instructions:

1. Pour the heated water into a container.

2. Add the fairies and glycerin, and mix gently so that the composition does not foam.

3. Stir everything for a couple of minutes. Put the bowl in the cold for 3-4 hours.

If you pour more water than indicated in the recipe, then increase the remaining ingredients in the same proportion as water.

Check before use. Blow some balls and make sure they are strong enough.

Dishwashing liquid

More often it is prepared for inflating large bubbles on the street, but by reducing the number of components several times, you can blow small balls in the house.

To get the solution, you will need:

· Pure or boiled water (200 ml),

Dishwashing detergent (60 g),

1. Take purified water, if there is none at home, then ordinary boiled water will do. Before cooking, let the water settle so that no rain remains.

2. Use a quality detergent. Otherwise, the balls will be small and will burst very quickly.

3. In the cooled water, add the correct amount of dishwashing detergent and mix the liquid thoroughly until smooth.

4. Then gradually add glycerin, also stirring.

5. If the resulting bubbles are not strong enough, add more glycerin.

Try the quality of the balls, if necessary, add the desired component.

Huge bubbles

The secret to huge home-made soap bubbles is gelatin.

Dishwashing liquid or shampoo (200 ml),

Glycerin (150 ml),

· 1 pack of gelatin.

1. Initially, fill the gelatin with slightly warm water. How much water needs to be filled is indicated in the instructions on the package. Gelatin remains to swell for 10-15 minutes.

2. Next, pour in the swollen gelatin granulated sugar previously dissolved in water.

3. If lumps swim, it makes sense to strain everything through a sieve (when using expensive gelatin, there are no lumps left).

4. At the end, add everything that remains in the list and stir.

For dishes for large balls, take a basin. It is convenient to cook in it and in the future to collect liquid on a blowing device. A great place to inflate huge bubbles is the yard or street.

Every child, and sometimes an adult, wants to have fun with soap bubbles. The game process is long and vibrant. Therefore, to prepare bubbles at home, do not spare time and effort.

The most durable bubbles in the world! Secret ingredient

Intrigued? Believe me, it's worth it! And better not believe it, but check.

So what we need:

  • Water - 300ml
  • Detergent (liquid) - 100ml,
  • Glycerin - 50ml.

In order for everything to work out perfectly with us, we will take into account one moment. Water must be purified. If there is no way to filter it well, then it will be enough to boil. But we need water at room temperature, not hot.

Guessed? The secret is glycerin. We need him to make the soap balls especially durable, non-bursting. But it also provides long-term storage of the product itself. It can be done in advance. It will not lose its properties in a few days.

We stir all the ingredients, but not up to the foam, it is enough to simply combine them. All! You and your little one are ready to meet a warm day with balls shimmering in the sun!

Gigantic bubbles

According to this recipe, giant bubbles are also obtained. You can choose the size yourself, knead the mixture immediately in a bucket or basin where your bubble structure will fit.

One condition - the weather must be calm, otherwise the wind will immediately burst all the bubbles.

With a short rope we tie the ends to the ends of the sticks, with the long piece of rope we do the same, after putting the nut on it like a bead. It turns out a triangle.

We lower the sticks with the rope into the bucket, carefully slowly take them out folded, and slowly raise the sticks. More details in the video, it is in English, but there everything is clear:

The easiest and most affordable bubble solution

Now the promised secret from childhood without glycerin. It is made in a couple of minutes, and gives impressions for the whole day.

What is needed for him:

  • Water - 150ml
  • Liquid detergent, medium - 2 tsp,
  • Sugar - 1 tsp.

Prepare soap bubbles at home recipe:

  • Detergent mixed with sugar.
  • Add water and mix again until smooth.

The very strength that glycerol provided in the first case now helps us get sugar.

Innovative tool

And one more surprise for my friends! A new way to make a solution. In addition to water, sugar and detergent, for it you will need:

  • Washing powder
  • Shaving foam.

Everything is taken in equal proportions.

But besides the solution itself, I will share some tricks that help to make a lot of balls at a time, inflate big bubbles or how to get around if you don’t have a special ring for inflation.

Lifehacks to launch soap bubbles

How to replace the ring. A suitable size loop can be twisted from wire. Or, disassemble the old handle and blow bubbles from the plastic rod.

A lot at the same time. With a rubber band, tie the cocktail tubes (with the cut corrugated part) together. To make the structure strong, tie them on both sides.

Especially large. So that the balls do not burst ahead of time, and they can be inflated very large, double strength is needed. To do this, add sugar and glycerin to the solution. And now we’ll build a tool with which we get these bubbles.
We will need:

  • 2 wooden skewers,
  • 2 cocktail tubes
  • Meter of yarn.

  • Pass the yarn through the tubes.
  • We tie the ends of the thread. Cut the ends.
  • Spread the tubes to get a rectangle.
  • We insert skewers inside each tube to strengthen the structure. Before this, each skewer is coated with glue.

Soap bubble generator

How do you like this idea? Why strain and pout, you can have a whole party with soap bubbles, a good idea for a children's birthday.

Here is the design with a motor:

That's it! The secret of my glorious childhood is revealed! I hope he will serve you well, and with his help you will give happiness to your children. If you know how else you can make the solution, write. And also, tell us about the results, if you took my advice. For some reason, I thought now that in this way your little ones will make a real sensation in the yard. And their parents will ask what is the secret of eternal bubbles. Tell them about the site, let them come in and find out about everything in the world, which makes us better and happier! And do not forget to subscribe yourself so as not to miss new articles.

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