A plot to quickly find the right amount of money

After reading a magic plot and a spell, you will have the opportunity to find money on the street in literally 1 hour. You don’t have to do anything complicated. Go for it!

By reading this publication, you warrant that you will not decide to make money fraudulently.

I forbid you to violate the laws of the Russian Federation.

After practicing the black spell, the money should be found on the road, and not be misappropriated by you.

If someone accidentally drops a wallet, please be so kind as to give it to someone who does not know about it.

Exactly at 1 am, stay alone with yourself.

As a deduction, attach a coin of 10 rubles.

With a black felt-tip pen (pen) on a white sheet of paper write a spell and a conspiracy.

Before you should be a leaflet.

Transfer your consciousness to crowded squares, train stations, territories near large shops, ticket offices of platforms and other places where it is likely to find money on the street.

Do not imagine a trifle, but draw images in which you find a large amount.

Mutter feverishly and angrily a strong magical plot and a black spell that allows you to find ownerless money in 1 hour.

Let the hand of the hurry tremble
I find his money promising.
I conjure all the places where I am
I don’t tear a purse from the hands of strangers.

I’ll go around the streets, squares in an hour,
And I will find a purse with money without measure.
If I find out who lost him,
I’ll return everything that I myself have been looking for so long.

Let it be so commanded! Three times done!
Locked with a key! Amen! Amen! Amen!

Like black wealth, chic and prosperity,
I am sending a coin like a hell of a deposit.
O Universal Mind, do so
To find me at least an iron nickel.

Near the streets, squares, very crowded,
Lost money is extremely foul.
I'll find a purse, put it in my pocket,
Only the owner will tell you everything honestly.
May it be so. Amen! Amen! Amen!

I hope you understand that the spell and the magic conspiracy are formulated so that the money you have found is pledged to be returned to the owner who noticed you with his personal thing.

If someone else’s documents are inside the wallet, you do not have the right to appropriate them.

I repeat once again that this publication does not agitate you to commit unlawful acts.

Personally, I never pick up someone’s dropped money and someone else’s wallet lying alone on the road.

And there, do as conscience tells.

How does money magic work?

In order to find money you should stock up on some paraphernalia, faith and patience. All rituals and conspiracies have great magical power, but they are based on great faith. This applies to people who have turned to them for millennia, their energy and your faith will do their job. Usually, all rituals act quickly, but mood plays a big role.

Conspiracies to find money on the street

Few people know, but crossroads have powerful power. Before the advent of machines, they served as a symbol of the merging of good and evil - this is an energetically powerful space that can give and can take. They love someone else's wealth, people who count banknotes at crossroads will certainly lose them.


To find money on the street, you will need a green candle, which brings prosperity to the house. At the beginning of the first hour of the night, or as this time is also called: at the hour of dark power, go to the intersection. For security reasons, you need to go to the intersection of non-main roads, it is good if it is located in the countryside. Light a candle and read the following words:

“At the crossroads, in the middle of the roads,
Find me a money bag
The one who once dropped the income,
He decided to make me happy.
The powers of heaven will help me
Happy find money il in the moonlight
Amen! Amen! Amen. "

Leave the light exactly in the middle and leave, mentally imagining how the specific amount is.


To find money on your way through spells, you need to buy a small magnet. In the countryside, at the intersection of earth roads, at night bury it exactly in the center and say these words:

“Between the two roads lies a magnet,
Let on my doorstep, order money to get,
Let them fall into my hands
and those who have lost, may not be found! ”

In order for the crossroads not to hurt you, you need to do the following: in the church, take a bottle of holy water, go to the middle, sprinkling water ahead of you and reading the words: “Yes, the evil that dwells here will not touch me!” Return along the same path, sprinkling again steps ahead. You can also read the Angel:

"The Guardian Angel is mine, you are ahead, I am behind you, you are behind, I am ahead, we should go with you."

After the ritual at home, you must definitely take a shower or even better wash yourself in the bathhouse, removing all the bad things.

Ritual in the bathhouse

All the sacraments performed in the bathhouse are very effective. From time immemorial, this place was magical, carried a function that did not clear all layers of being.

To find money on the road, you will need to buy 7 green, not very thick candles, one ordinary, but it must be wax, church. Take holy water, a small bill and red braid. At midnight, take a steam bath in the bath, washing everything off, read the plot:

“As all the dirt is washed away from me, so is all thinness and lack of money.”

Run lips on the hand, collecting water from the mouth (pulling in), then spit it in the corners with the words:

Repeat 7 times. Wash with holy water, slightly spray hands, body, legs. Then you should be extremely careful, for the further procedure, you need to wrap yourself with a sheet and open the door of the bathhouse so that it is not stuffy. On a shelf in the steam room put candles around, in the center of the wax, light and turn off the light. Before you put a bowl of holy water, notes tied with red braid. Gather the candles with your hands to the center and raise the armful. Clockwise drive candles over a bill and water and pronounce the following words:

“I am new-found, clean, healthy, waiting for my turn to wealth to come in my way! Wherever I step, they call me their strength. Amen!".

Allow the fire to burn to the end, then sprinkled with holy water. Pour the remnants on yourself, sprinkle money. Hide the cinder in a place that is rightfully considered only yours. Put a note with a braid in a purse.

Church conspiracy

The phrase “I want to find money” can be interpreted in different ways: someone will win the lottery, someone will find a job, someone will be repaid, and someone will actually find it under their feet on the street.

You can ask for a find through the church. Order about your health 14 morning prayers, as much as the moon grows. Buy a large, thick candle, light it. At dawn, a prayer will be read in the cathedral, and at night, read your prayer to the growing moon, starting with a thin month. The words are:

“As the moon grows, gaining its great power, so will my wallet grow from day to day. Wealth sticks to me, I find it everywhere: on earth, on the road. All the money lost is now mine! ”

Prayer for money in the church

In order to gain something, you need to give something. On Sunday morning, go to church and give out trifles, food, sweets, extra things to those who are on the porch, saying (you can say to yourself) the words:

“May my riches triple forever and ever!” Yes, triple what I gave! Yes, money will come to my house! Amen!". Then buy candles in the church and put them at rest for all my departed loved ones, with the words: I remember you, and you do not forget me, take care of my wealth and prosperity. ”

Next, put about your health to each saint, saying:

“Do not forget about the need of my saints! I pray to your kindness, may your strength come with me, may your kindness not leave me! Amen".

Leaving the church, to scatter or distribute a trifle already behind the fence:

“May riches in triple form come back to me. Amen!".

This is a good prayer that does not require purification by water or fire.

What to do if I find a wallet or money on the street?

If you find a lost wallet, you should try to return it, especially if you have not thought about such a find. The wallet can have credit cards or owner contacts. If you can’t return it, you should know that the find has its own energy. It is often said that you lose more than you find, is it? No matter how offensive it sounds - this is so, but there is a way out of the situation.

  • Firstly, for each bill found, you must thank its former owner.
  • Secondly, so that money can be used without consequences, they must be shared. From the amount found, you need to take the fourth part and distribute it to the porch, put it to charity, help people (you can your relatives). Go to church with the money, light it, then the money will be "clean" for you.

When and how will money conspiracies work?

The more faith in what you do, the closer you want. Strong magic spells, usually performed within two weeks. Bole are weak, they last a little longer: a month, and sometimes two. Of course, the easiest and most desirable option is to find funds on the road.

But, the result of turning to such forces does not always mean discovering wealth underfoot. This may be a new highly paid job, inheritance, gift, winnings. Therefore, you should be very careful in your desires. Can you take advantage of this now? After all, you can’t get a second chance.


The first conspiracy. Take 3 coins of the same denomination, 3 green candles, a piece of paper, paper money and a thread. Candles are attached to coins. On paper, they schematically draw themselves and lay out money around the portrait. Stack it with money in the form of a bag and tie it with green thread.

They put it in the center and read certain words. You will find them below. The spell is cast three times. When they light candles, when they light a bag and while the paper burns. You can’t tell anyone about the ritual.

The second plot. This is a ritual of water. It is done an hour before leaving the house, before sunset. They fill a wooden container with water, put three coins there. Need a new towel. Get up under the shower and pronounce the words 12 times. They are wiped with a towel and put it in a bag. You need to carry a towel with you for a month.

Nevertheless, it is worth a hundred times to think before performing such rituals, as there can be more negative consequences than positive ones. Further more on this topic.

How does the magic of money

Experts in the field of esotericism say that you should not abuse magic to achieve all your desired goals. Also, there will be no effect from the rituals if a person does not work anywhere, does nothing profitable, but only sits at home and holds prayers and conspiracies to find money.

The magic formula for success is that you can quickly find money, but only if the person is sincere in his motives, works for the good of the family, pure in heart and does not want to be enriched only by chance finding.

Magical rituals will help only a pure soul

So, most often with the help of simple conspiracies you can find a certain amount of money for those people who did not receive a salary on time, they simply do not have the means to live. The magic of money success spells is one of the most sought-after ways among esoteric clients.

Signs about coins and notes found by chance

There are a large number of positive and negative signs associated with finance. According to legend, to find money on the road to luck in the material sphere, to lure it for a long time, it is worth making a talisman from the find. A coin amulet can be hung around the neck, and paper money can best be put in a special bag. Those who find a bill in the middle of the road need to pay attention to friends and relatives - some of them need help.

Banknotes or coins caught on the street must be taken regardless of their amount. If you leave the find where it lies, luck may turn away for a long time, and the financial situation will deteriorate sharply.

There is a special sign for men going on a date: if on the way they came across bills or coins, the meeting will be successful. The value is also influenced by the days of the week and the weather. If the rubles were found in the rain, profits should soon be expected, in the snowfall - to success in current affairs. Monday promises changes in the field of finance, Tuesday means getting to know the patron, Wednesday means successful work, Thursday and Friday promise profits and gifts, and Saturday and Sunday offer profitable purchases and meeting rich people. It is worth remembering and negative signs:

  1. A large number of small coins at intersections are usually left as farms. You can’t pick up that kind of money.
  2. An empty wallet is a very bad sign, you do not need to take it so as not to bring about failure and poverty.
  3. Money found in the full moon is not kept with you. She is given to the poor or as a donation to the church. Coins or pieces of paper that were found during the waning moon spend only on food.
  4. An old sign says that no money can be taken from the earth on an empty stomach.

What else is needed for the ritual?

Activate magic immediately before leaving the house. Ideally, when tying shoelaces, so that energy conspiracy guided you. You don’t need to look around specifically during a walk, behave as usual. Magic will work in any case, if you have invested a sufficient amount of energy in the ritual.

Conspiracy to find a monetary find

With these rituals, you can increase the chances of finding several times. Here are presented to your attention, only verified and working texts.

You do not have enough salary, then use the magic. Not everyone has a desire to change their favorite profession or job. Use the plot and find a large amount of money. Then you can stay in your favorite place and forget about material difficulties. Succeeding in such a field as magic is quite simple. Especially if you act for the good, and not to the detriment.

To attract a large amount of money, it is enough to carry out magical actions and ask for help. To do this, buy three white candles and paint, paint them green. Moreover, each should be darker than the previous one.

We prepare three coins of one hired and fasten green candles on them. This is done simply, you need to melt the bottom of the candle and then press down a coin. On a piece of paper we draw our image (it is not necessary to be an artist), and around us are coins and banknotes. We construct a bag from it and tie it with a green thread. Put in the middle between the three candles.

The spell is cast three times:

  1. When we light
  2. While setting fire to a bag of three candles,
  3. While the paper is burning.

“Greenery in your pocket, poverty from the yard. I’ll go along the road, I’ll find a lot of money. ”

After the ritual, do not tell anyone, otherwise waste your energy.

Is it possible to read a conspiracy to find money on the street every day?

Yes, if after the ritual you don’t feel weak. However, most practitioners do not even notice a slight loss of strength, which they pay for luck. In general, this state of affairs for magic is normal. The universe always strives for balance, so it is logical that you need to pay for a gift.

Conspiracy to find money on the road

The magic of money is always different from all other types. As soon as you feel a lack of funds, for existence, love and tenderness disappear, only irritation and anxiety arise. A conspiracy to find unexpected money on the road saves in all emergency situations. It is recommended to conduct it every month, since it only works when it is urgently necessary to correct your finances. Reading takes place on the new moon, with the window open.

Days of the moon: from third to fifth. It is desirable that the night luminary is clearly visible in the sky. In the right hand we take a glass with milk. On the left are 5 coins of the same denomination.

We look at the night sky and cast a spell:

“A month horn, a silver barrel. I beg your mercy, I call luck. On roads, on paths I go, I want to find gold gold. Gold, silver my way. Any money will be found for salvation. "

“One - for me, two - for you, three, four - my pocket is wider. Five on the road does not lie cheating. A month helps, leaves bills on the road. "

Milk stays on the window. In the morning he drinks, and the little thing develops into a secluded corner.

Plots for guaranteed money

You can learn to find money lost by someone by chance with the help of special money conspiracies, rites and rituals. Any conspiracy that helps to find money on the street is aimed at attracting finance and works at the expense of energy that can concentrate on who wants to get rich. Below are the most popular rituals that anyone can perform.

Conspiracy to urgently find money on the street

Rites for finding money can be read out daily. Unfortunately, this does not guarantee daily finds, but you can earn income without doing anything, just walking around the city. It is enough to buy new scissors that no one has used and will not use. Leaving a house or apartment, you need to either cut the air in front of you.

At the same time, the spell for finding money is pronounced:

“I cut the veil, I cut the oblivion. So that all the precious things that were hidden, lost, lost, go to me, show, find. Someone is losing, but I find, and so be it. And my word is strong and stucco. "

Conspiracy to find hidden wealth

The healers claim that this conspiracy will help to find the hidden money. And not only ours, but also those that relatives left in their own courtyard. It is possible that the ritual will help in the search for artifacts. We prepare the necessary:

  1. Honey (thick)
  2. Natural wax
  3. Green candle
  4. Plain sheet of paper,
  5. Pen or pencil (green).

The time is midnight or noon on the growing moon. Gather yourself and tune in to the ceremony. Light a candle with matches, write your desire (to find a lost antiquity, a large amount of money hidden by a person or a relative, etc.).

In the process of reading the hex: drown the honey and pour on the written, then wax. Smear well on offer with both hands. Immediately make a lump and set fire in the middle. The text is pronounced no more than seven times, but no less than three:

“Like bees for honey, money fly in, they don’t come off your feet, they’ll get on your eyes. I confirm my desire with wax, as I seal it with a seal. I close with the fiery key. Neither open, nor unlock, but be with me. ”

Put the remnants of ash in the pocket of your outer clothing, which you often wear.

Conspiracy for the return of lost money

Beyond the bustle of days and workdays, it is not always possible to remember where to put the deferred money. It happens with everyone and you can’t avoid it even if you really want to. Use a conspiracy, and finding lost money at home will not be difficult. Conducted at any time convenient for a person. Indeed, the loss can be found on any day. Waiting for a certain phase of the moon is a waste of time.

There are several methods for searching: using a handkerchief, and with an appeal to the house. Who else but him should know what is happening in the house. A scarf, only cotton should be tied on the leg of a chair or table. But be sure on the left away from the eyes with the words:

“Damn played and gave me everything. You can’t take it anymore, because you have tied a beard. ”

Until the loss is found, the handkerchief is not removed. It will take as long as possible to search up to three days. As for the request to the house, it is not only oral, but also with the use of the hotel. We put a container of water in the left corner on the kitchen cabinet, next to it is a small piece of bread and sugar. We look into this corner and pronounce:

“The master of my house is for you, I give a present to the assistant in everything. Eat, drink, seize with sweetness, but I’ll lose to help me find. ”

Plot on a tool to find a treasure

The search for treasures is one of the most profitable activities in our time. A simple magical action will help to find a cash treasure. It is aimed at the item that will be used to search for the treasure. It can be a shovel, a metal detector, or another necessary tool.

He speaks three days before the moment of the campaign. Take this in both hands, look at the subject and speak the spell quickly and clearly:

“At dawn I go out, I walk with the moon, I’m looking for a treasure, gold, and silver from all the heavenly bodies I ask for help. (Name of the instrument) I’ll speak as an assistant in search of him. He is with me on a hike, in search of. The sun illuminates the path, the moon paves the road. The wind is blowing in the direction I need, but the water does not interfere, the thunder and lightning does not block the path. Swamp lights lead, not lure. The devils departed from the road, and the ancestors brought good luck. It is said, done, verified by all. ”

The faster you hit the road, the better for you, but keep in mind that the body cross must be on you. It serves as a protection against evil spirits and devils, which always protect treasures.

Treasure Conspiracy

There isn’t much luck when searching for treasures.

And you can’t name a ritual for finding treasures. This process will not only speed up the search, but also provide protection. And the jewelry and money found will bring good luck. Carrying out the ceremony requires a responsible attitude. We lay out before us everything that is needed: a tool, a map, products, clothes and other things that will be taken with us on the road.

It is sorted out in a circle, we look and say to ourselves:

“Everything I take smells of luck and profit. It’s not for me, but for joy. Enough is enough, and still will be. And I’m going home as quickly as possible, with treasure and treasure. ”

Gently fold and get ready for the dawn. Crossing the threshold of his house to cross himself and say a spell:

“I will leave the house, asking the apostles and saints for permission. A guardian angel is walking nearby, and things spellbound bring good luck. I’ll return not with an empty bag, but with a full one, without dashing and beast, without a bad word. ”

Please note that a few days before departure, you can’t swear with anyone. On the road, if necessary, to help everyone and not to refuse assistance to anyone.

  1. How to quickly become a rich person.
  2. How to get credit using magic.

Conspiracy for a cash find

You can take advantage of magical help with a lack of money, if you do not want to strain in work, change its profile. Spells will help not to recall material problems for a long time, you just have to ask and stick to the sequence of the ritual correctly.

For conspiracy, use the following attributes:

If green candles are hard to find, white can be painted green. Fasten them to coins. On paper, draw a graphic image of a person (yours) and lay out money around him. Fold it, with the money together in the form of a bag and tie with a prepared green thread. Put between the candles in the center and read the plot:

“Greenery in your pocket, poverty from the yard. I’ll go along the road, I’ll find a lot of money. ”

Spell cast three times: while lighting candles, burning a bag, and while paper is burning.

Do not tell anyone about the ritual. Secret will speed up the plot.

Find Street Spell

Money magic is strong and different from its other types. Lack of money affects life, life, feelings between people. There is irritation and anger, if necessary, to constantly save and get out.

To find money on the street in 5 minutes, for good luck, they conduct simple home conspiracies, for the new moon and with the window open.

As attributes use:

From 3 to 5 lunar days such an easy ritual is held. In the left hand, take coins of the same denomination, and in the right glass with milk. The moon should be clearly visible. Look at the sky and say:

“A month horn, a silver barrel. I beg your mercy, I call luck. On roads, on paths I go, I want to find gold gold. Gold, silver my way. Any money will be found for salvation. "

At the end of the spell, put one coin into a glass of milk and say in a low voice:

“One - for me, two - for you, three, four - my pocket is wider. Five on the road does not lie cheating. A month helps, leaves bills on the road. "

Leave a glass with coins and milk on the windowsill. In the morning, after the sun illuminates the glass, drink milk, and hide the trifle in a secluded place.

Conspiracy of how to find money in an hour

There is nothing difficult in the plot to find a large amount on the street, no. With it, they find from 1 to 300,000 rubles per hour, quite legally, without any crime. The ritual is carried out alone at exactly 01.00.

On the table, put 10 rubles, as a repayment from magical powers. On a white sheet or napkin write the words of the conspiracy. Mentally transported to a busy crowded place, where there is a high probability of finding (station, square, store, etc.). The picture should be bright, colorful with details and it should contain the presence of large bills, a wallet full of currency, etc. The clearer you draw your images, the more successful the money will be. Read the plot in a firm, confident voice:

“Let the hand of the hurry tremble,

I find his money promising.

I conjure all the places where I am

I don’t tear a purse from the hands of strangers.

I’ll go around the streets, squares in an hour,

And I will find a purse with money without measure.

If I find out who lost him,

I’ll return everything that I myself have been looking for so long.

Let it be so commanded! Three times done!

Locked with a key! Amen! Amen! Amen!

Like black wealth, chic and prosperity,

I am sending a coin like a hell of a deposit.

O Universal Mind, do so

To find me at least an iron nickel.

Near the streets, squares, very crowded,

Lost money - extremely foul.

I'll find a purse, put it in my pocket,

Only the owner will tell you everything honestly.

May it be so. Amen! Amen! Amen".

In the morning, go to the place that was in your thoughts and the find will definitely happen. Such a conspiracy stipulates that if the owner of the lost funds, having noticed the one who finds them, he should return everything. Otherwise, be in trouble. If the owner is not nearby, quickly put the find in your pocket and leave.

Conspiracy with a scarf

Men more often than women lose money or hide from their wives. After the bustle of the working week, they can’t remember where they put the stash. A woman, in order to find the money lost by her husband, should use a simple conspiracy with a scarf.

It is carried out at home, at any convenient time. The phase of the moon does not affect the search in this case. A chintz is attached to the table leg, on the left side of the place where they usually sit. And say:

“Damn played and gave me everything. You can’t take it anymore, because you have tied a beard. ”

Do not remove the scarf from the leg until the missing one is found. It takes up to 3 days, no more.

Brownie plot

It happens that it is impossible to find the wallet of a husband who recently lay in a permanent place. The husband assures that he did not hide anything. In this case, a conspiracy involving a brownie will help. This creature lives in the house and hears and knows everything. If you coax it, it will definitely help.

In the kitchen on the cabinet in the far left corner, put a cup of water, next to a saucer put a few pieces of sugar or candy and bread. Look into the corner of the room and say:

“The master of my house is for you, I give a present to the assistant in everything. Eat, drink, seize with sweetness, but I’ll lose to help me find. ”

Home will definitely respond to the request and help you find the money hidden by your husband.

Remove bad luck in finances

The evil eye or spoilage is the reason for the constant lack of money, debts and quarrels on this basis in the family. Urgently get rid of lack of money and easily and often find money on the street, helps to remove these black spells.

To do this, the youngest member of the family exchanges a certain amount for small coins. He takes them to the first intersection that comes across, throws them to the ground and says:

“The pedestrians passed here, they drove by cars here, they took my money with them. You take these coins, and with them take away troubles (name the problem). So be it, Amen. ”

The performer reads the words three times. The reasons are different for each reading. After each time, you should spit over your left shoulder three times. Once it's over, leave the intersection without turning around, and not responding if someone calls from behind.

A cemetery plot for money

Periodic difficulties with money are solved independently, before the memorial day, in the cemetery. Take such things with you:

Kutia is replaced with eggs, bread or other funeral food.

For the ritual use an abandoned, groomed grave. They clean it, put it in order, clean it of garbage, weeds, plant the brought seedlings of flowers, straighten and paint the monument and the fence.

During work, they talk with the deceased, as with a living loved one. After completing all the work, read the plot three times:

"To the servant (servant) of God (the name of the deceased) the kingdom of heaven and eternal rest."

Now urgently go home. Walking through the cemetery, read the words of the conspiracy:

“(Name of the deceased), servant of God, I told you my troubles, I cleaned your last house. Help me (name of the deceased), remember my troubles for the repose, take them with you, let them lie with you, and not come back for me. Amen. Amen. Amen".

Over the next three days, put candles in the church for the repose, a person in the grave, and pray for him.

How to deal with found wealth

An honest man, finding a purse on the street with banknotes, is tormented by what to do next, whether it will be right to keep it.

There are several rules that work without fail. Found on the side of the wallet, without documents and contact information, leave yourself without a twinge of conscience. It is not possible to return to its owner. Part of the money from there should be given to the poor and spent on gifts to loved ones, otherwise luck and luck in the future will turn away and there will be no such finds.

If coins are lying in the way, you should not pick them up. They will not improve their financial situation, but they can bring someone else's misfortune, poverty, poverty or disease into the home. This is farmed out and it is intended for higher powers. Hands such things can not be taken.


To find money on the street or hidden finances by your husband, you should not only cast a spell and make a ceremony, you must firmly believe in the effectiveness of the ritual and spoken words. They will acquire the energy of man and will be realized, materialize. After the conspiracy, the money will come in the form of a winning lottery, gift, inheritance or treasure found.

Brownie help

There are situations when it is impossible to find money, a piggy bank or a wallet in a house. In this case, it is better to contact the house, who lives in the room and knows everything about its residents. You can appease it by treating it with sweets or pieces of sugar. They are placed in the far left corner of the kitchen, there they put a cup of water. Then you need to look into this corner and say a conspiracy: “I give you, the owner of my home, a treat. Eat it and drink it, and then I’ll lose to help me find it. ” Soon the brownie will hear the request and help you quickly find the money that was lost.

Graveyard ritual

Sometimes financial problems are not resolved over time. To improve the situation, you can conduct a simple ritual in the cemetery before any memorial day. To do this, you will need a shovel, a broom, artificial or natural flowers, a wreath, kutia and paint. The ceremony is carried out only on an abandoned and groomed grave, which needs to be put in order, clean the litter, plant seedlings of flowers, fix the monument and paint the fence. In the process of working with the deceased, they talk as if it is a living and close person.

When the work is completed, they say three times: "The servant (name of the deceased) is eternal peace and kingdom in heaven."After that, they immediately go home. On the way back on the way from the cemetery, the words say out loud: “God's servant (name of the deceased), I told you about my misfortunes, I cleared your last refuge. Help me (name), remember all the troubles and take them to yourself, let them lie on your grave and do not return. Amen (thrice). " Then for three days they light candles in the church of the deceased and read prayers for him.

Bath ritual

It has long been known that the bathhouse is a place with special strength and magical properties. To find 5000 rubles every day with magic, you can do a simple ritual with candles. On the way to the bathhouse, 7 green candles and one church wax are purchased, as well as holy water, paper money of the minimum denomination and a scarlet ribbon. In the bath you need to bathe at midnight, reading the words: "As the dirt went off me, so did the lack of money and thinness." Then they hold lips along the arm, collect drops of water from it and spit it in the corners, saying seven times: "Go away, thinness and poor."

After that, they wash themselves with holy water, spray their hands, feet and body with it, put candles on a shelf around, place a church in the center, light and turn off the light. Before you need to put a bowl of water, put a bill tied with a ribbon. Candles are gathered together and driven clockwise above the water, saying: “I regained health and purity, now it's my turn to get rich. Wherever I go, I’ll always find money there. ” The fire should burn out, then it is extinguished with holy water, and its remains are poured onto themselves.

With a scarf

This quick rite is performed by those who have lost money at home or cannot find hidden bills. For him, you need a regular scarf, which is tied to the table leg to the left of the place where they sit down. Then they say: “Damn played and returned it back to me. Do not take it anymore, for your beard is now tied. ” The scarf can not be untied for three days until the loss is found. Usually the rite works as quickly as possible.

To get what you want in an hour

There is a special spell that is read to urgently find a certain amount within an hour. This rite must be carried out exactly at one in the morning alone. They put 10 rubles on the floor as a farmer, then they write magic words on a sheet of white paper or a napkin and mentally transfer them to a place where you can quickly find bills. The picture in the head is brighter and more realistic, then the words are read aloud:

“Let the hand of the hurrying one shudder, and I will pick up his money. I remember all the places where I go, I don’t take away wallets from anyone. In an hour I’ll go out into the streets, go into the public gardens, I’ll find someone else’s wallet, and if I find out who has lost, I will return it to the one who was looking. Let it happen, as ordered, I lock it with a key, Amen I say. " Then they go to a place that has surfaced in the form of a picture in thoughts, it will be there that is lost. If the owner of the wallet or money notices the one who takes them, the loss must be returned in order not to attract trouble.

On a big bill

Many people choose a separate large bill, which will become an amulet and begin to attract money. This money will need to be folded by triangles at the edges, and then bent in half. A banknote is taken in hand when the moon appears in the night sky, then they say: “The sea attracts rivers, and rivers attract streams, day attracts night, and night attracts day, let you attract your sisters and brothers.” The money is lowered into the wallet and kept there for at least 3 months. During this period, opportunities to find money on the street increase.

How to increase the chances of success

Finding money on the street or indoors in 5 minutes is not always easy, but you can increase the chances of success if you follow the rules. It must be remembered that the bills will come across to those who really need money, and not to those who want to receive financial assistance, not wanting to work. Seeking help from higher powers will indicate exactly where to look for money, and you need to set yourself up well in advance. It is important to correctly manage the money found, not try to cheat fate, and follow the rules:

  1. It is important to set yourself up for success through affirmations and visualizations, presenting a large amount.
  2. During the search, you should listen to your feelings and trust intuition.
  3. In the process of searching, they walk slowly, carefully inspect roads and roadsides.
  4. Do not be distracted, it is better to concentrate on the main thing and present not the bills themselves, but what you want to buy for them.

How to choose a place to search

Success will depend on the right place, but even then you should not expect that the money will be found in 5 minutes. To do this, you need to make an effort, but it is better to identify potential "money" places in advance. Banknotes can lie where people often pay for purchases, for example, in shops and shopping centers, at stops, markets, in parks and squares.

Sometimes coins and notes are left in places where people make wishes, for example, near various fountains and reservoirs. Money is most often lost in a hurry, so the chances of finding it increase in the morning, evening and on weekends. You will need to show care and dexterity, otherwise the find may go to another person.

The use of visualizations and affirmations

Before any ceremony in about a day, you need to properly configure yourself so that the result is successful. To do this, you need to mentally convince yourself that the necessary amount will be found, as well as present pictures of successful purchases. You can pronounce the necessary words out loud before pronouncing conspiracies, read clues in a dream. This method always works, since positive thoughts tend to materialize. In any case, you should believe in a positive result and not doubt it.

Why a ritual may not produce results

Any rite to attract a monetary find attracts higher forces to the person asking for help, who give him the necessary amount. In order for it to work, you will need to strictly follow the indicated recommendations and tune in advance for a successful outcome. Finds can come across under various circumstances and in different equivalents. Do not take coins left at intersections, as this is a buy-out for the dark forces, which will not help to establish a financial position. A purse with money and documents is better to return to their rightful owners, so as not to bring about failure.

In other cases, the money found will help its new owner if he spends part of it for good purposes, for example, makes gifts to friends or relatives. Sometimes after rituals, cash assistance comes in the form of an unexpected gain, topping up an account, raising a salary. A find on the street can help those who are in dire need of money, it is in such cases that it is advisable to carry out rituals to find money.

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